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re: Official Puro Match/DVD Discussion Thread (NO SPOILERS)

Stan Hansen vs. Misawa (AJPW 8/22/92) ****1/2
Slightly better than their previous match. Same formula with a lot of restholds and once in a while high impact moves. Hansen worked on the arm of Misawa, because the elbows came always out of nowhere and he had a lot of trouble with that weapon. Same goes for Misawa, he worked on the arm of Hansen because of the Lariat (enough said). Like always they built to a climax where Misawa did a desperation elbow. Hansen sold it like Misawa's arm was made or iron. Against my odds, he got the pin after a very slow cover. Hansen did everything right but this new superman was born. Misawa could take an insane amount of punishment and his elbows were too much in the end.

Misawa/Akiyama vs. Kawada/Taue (AJPW 12/6/96) *****
Five-star match number 18 is a fact. It's not like I'm pushing my ratings, but this is just one of the greatest matches I've ever seen. Even without Kobashi. Akiyama proved he was one tough SOB. I mean he took a nodowa form the apron, a nodowa/backdrop combo (sickest thing there is) and the most vicous backdrop ever at the hands of Kawada. Taue feds Misawa to Kawada and just like in the 6/9/95 match he finishes him, although once again not one-on-one. Fantastic match. Not only the end which I just described, but everyone was on tonight. The Misawa/Kawada parts are just so special...aah just watch this shit!

Puroresu FTW!

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