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Re: Diva Chaos

Volume 58

Nora: What a night we have in store, as the World Tag Team Titles will be on the line as The Pink Ladies defend against Trish Stratus and Natalya! But speaking of The Canadian Connection, last week Maryse defeated Trish Stratus to become the new #1 Contender for Mickie James World Title, and we're about to have the contract signing right now!

Kelly Kelly is standing in the ring that is set up with tables and chairs for the contract signing

Kelly: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announcer that in two weeks at Volume 60: Bad Blood we will see the end of Mickie James reign as World Champion! Why I am so sure of it, because of her opponent! Allow me to introduce you to the challenger, she is the most talented and beautiful woman the country of Canada has to offer, she is the French Femme Fetale, she is Maryse!

"Pour Qui" plays as Maryse makes her way down the stage with a confidental smirk on her face as the fans boo. Maryse enters the ring as Kelly applauds, Maryse walks over to the ropes and snaps her hair back and laughs before shaking Kelly's hand and takes a seat at the table.

Nora: You may not like Maryse's attitude but no one can deny that deserves a World Title shot.

Kelly: Now let me introduce you to the ingrate, and the soon to be FORMER Women's World Champion, Mickie James.

"Obsession" plays as the fans erupt and Mickie James comes out on to the stage holding her World Title high in the air. Mickie runs down the ramp and slides into the ring and stares down Maryse and then points to the fans and holds the title high up in the air. Mickie stares down Kelly and Maryse and takes a seat.

Kelly: Alright ladies, it's time make this offical. Maryse if you would put your name on the contract.

Maryse: You know Mickie, you can't deny that I deserve this. That for far to long I have been over looked. Since I came to Diva Chaos, I have been one of the most dominant women in this company, but when you've been World Champion, on both occassions you never gave me a shot! You've been ducking me for way to long Mickie James! But, you can duck me no longer! The Canadian Connection formed with one goal in mind and that was to take the World Title off your waist, and where Natalya and Trish Stratus failed I will not! If by some miracle you beat me Mickie James, The Canadain Connection will disband! But that is none of my concern, because to be honest I only care about me! All I want Mickie is that World Title! After Bad Blood, there will be a NEW World Champion and her name will be Maryse!

Maryse signs the contract with a smile on her face

Kelly: Alright now if we could have the champions signature.

Mickie: You know Maryse, I never gave you a title shot, not because I was ducking you, but you never earned it! Because Maryse you never won the "big" match! As good as you are, you've never been good enough to earn a shot at the World Title! Until now, I will give you credit, when you defeated Trish Stratus, well that was impressive! But Maryse that's something I've done before, I've defeated Trish Stratus and I defeated Natalya, and at Bad Blood I will defeat you! You always talk about your beauty, and I know why Maryse, it's just so you can ignore the fact, that no matter how attractive you are, or how good you think you are, it pains you that you've never been World Champion! Let's face it Maryse...you're jealous of me! You're jealous of how these fans chant my name, you're jealous of my ability, you're jealous of my World Title! You can be bitter, because at Bad Blood I'm leaving with my World Title!

Mickie signs the contract

Kelly: Alright it is offical at Bad Blood it will be Mickie James Vs Maryse for the World Title!

Maryse gets up and Mickie gets up from her chair as well.

Maryse: Let me get this straight you think I'm jealous of you? Look at me and look at you? My long beautiful blonde hair, my sexy body that make men and women drool, and look at you, your dirty brunette hair, and you look like a like a little piggy!

Mickie leaps over the table and takes Maryse down with a lou thesz press and unloads with hard right hands!

Nora: I think Maryse crossed the line! Mickie is taking it to Maryse!

Maryse pushes Mickie off and rolls out of the ring as Kelly takes off to and Mickie begins to destroy the table and throws the chairs out of the ring.

Kelly: I'm glad to see you want a fight Mickie! Because I got a surprise for you, you will be in action tonight! In a non title match and your opponent, well that's the surprise! I will tell you this Mickie James, your opponent has never appeared in Diva Chaos ever! Good luck!

Kelly and Maryse walk backwards up the ramp as Mickie stares on

Nora: Mickie James will be in action tonight, but who will opponent be? We'll find out later tonight!

*Cut To Commercial*

After being seperated from her former cilent, Melina, Mercedes laid her out with a fisherman buster, and now looks to go out on her own. But her first challenge will be taking on the massive Awesome Kong! Martinez and Kong meet face to face in the middle of the ring and Martinez drills Kong with a series of hard right hands. But Kong comes back with a series of hard rights of her own, Mercedes catches Kong with a knee to the midsection. Martinez runs off the ropes and runs into Kong but Kong stays on her feet, Mercedes tries again but can't take Kong down. Mercedes runs off the ropes a third time and Kong swings with a big right but Martinez ducks it and bounces off the ropes and comes back with a diving shoulder tackle that knocks Kong down! Martinez goes for the cover but only gets a one count, Martinez goes for an irish whip but Kong counters and sends Martinez into the ropes, Kong puts her head down and Martinez attempts a sunset flip but cant take Kong over, Kong jumps up and squashes Martinez with her backside! Martinez gasps for air as Kong runs off the ropes and connects with a big splash! Kong makes the cover but only gets two. Kong picks Martinez up and delivers a knee to the midsection and then sets her up for the implant buster and it connects! Kong makes the cover but again only gets a two. Kong picks Martinez up and delivers two rapid right and then goes for the swinging backfist but Martinez ducks it and then delivers a massive kick to the chest! Kong stumbles to her feet and Martinez lifts her off the ground and takes her down with a bodyslam! Martinez prepares to spear Kong but Melina comes walking down the ramp and gets the attention of Martinez, Mercedes and Melina exchange words which allows Kong to charge in and smash Martinez in the corner! Kong picks Mercedes up and lifts her up for the Awesome Bomb, but Mercedes counters in midair and takes Kong out with a sitout facebuster! Martinez stares at Melina as she picks Kong up off the mat, Mercedes points and then lifts Kong up and drops her with a fisherman buster! Martinez hooks the leg and gets the three! Mercedes taunts Melina as Melina walks off in a huff after Martinez picks up a big win on her own.

*Cut To Backstage*

Ashley Lane is shown backstage talking to a crew member when a set of hands start giving her a neck rub and Ashley turns around confused and then backs away when she sees it Velvet Sky

Sky: Sorry, you looked a little stressed out. You've been going hard lately, that's why I asked Kelly to give you the night off. So go get some rest, we need our star pupil in top form! Have a good night.

Sky blows a kiss to Lane and walks away as Lane looks on confused.

*Cut To Ringside*

Michelle and Ashley meet face to face in the middle of the ring and Michelle shoves Ashley, but Ashley shoves Michelle right back. Mccool goes for a right hand but Ashley ducks it and fires off a series of hard forearms to the side of the head. Ashley throws Michelle into the corner and takes her out with a monkey flip and goes for a cover but only gets a one count. Ashley was in control but went to the 2nd rope and was caught by Michelle who whipped her hard off the middle rope by her arm and then followed up with a leg drop across the arm. Michelle continued her calculated attack on Ashley working over the right leg as drapes Ashley's knee over the bottom rope, and then driving her backside into the knee of Ashley. Michelle seemed to be toying with Ashley as she delivered the punishment, but as Michelle went to finish Ashley off, Massaro countered with a small package and got a long two count. Michelle tried to regain control but Ashley caught her with a crucfix and got another 2 count. Michelle blasted Ashley with a knee to the midsection and sent her into the ropes but Ashley came back with a spinning headscissors! Ashley followed up with a swinging neckbreaker and got another two count. Michelle stumbled to her feet as Ashley charged and attempted a hurricanrana but Michelle countered and countered it into the Faith Breaker! Michelle rolled Ashley over but instead of going for the cover, locked Ashley in the heel hook! Ashley screamed in pain and tried to hold on but was forced to tap out to Michelle!

Nora: When Michelle Mccool is this motivated, I believe that no one can beat her!

Michelle Mccool walk around the ring as Ashley lays on the mat holding her ankle. Michelle then asks for the microphone.

Michelle: Everywhere I go, I hear the same question over and over, when will you leave poor Torrie Wilson alone? Well I can't answer that, only Torrie can. It's up to you Torrie, all you have to is ask me to stop, actually all you have to do is BEG me to stop! I want to you scream, that you can't take anymore, I want to see you tap! That's why at Bad Blood we're going to face off again, but this time it's going to be a submission match! I can't wait to grab your ankle and as i twist and I can only hope to hear your screams over the sound of your bones snapping! Torrie it's not going to stop until you quit, so everything I do between now and then, is your fault! Including this...

Michelle drops the mic and grabs Ashley by the hair and begins unloading with hard right hands! Michelle picks Ashley up and deliver another faithbreaker! Michelle grabs Ashley and goes to lock in the heel hook but Torrie Wilson comes running down the ring and takes down Michelle and unloads with right hands. Michelle gets to her feet but Torrie unloads with rights, but from out of nowhere comes Layla who hits Torrie from behind and takes her down with a neckbreaker!

Nora: This was a trap! Michelle attacked Ashley, knowing Torrie would come to her rescue, allowing Layla to get Torrie from behind!

Michelle stomps on the ankle of Torrie and locks in the heel hook, Torrie begins to tap as Michelle twists on the ankle! Michelle releases the hold and gets down in Torrie's face as the fans boo. Michelle and Layla leave the ring together as officals come to check on Torrie.

*Cut To Backstage*

Lauren Brooke is standing in a hallway when Gail Kim approaches her

Gail: I hope you learned your lesson last week, you better never lay your hands on me again, and you better stay out of my bussiness from now on.

Lauren: You know Gail, I use to respect you. You use to be such a good person, but now your nothing but a bully.

Gail: You're right, I WAS a good person, and what did that get me. Nothing. I sat on the sidelines for months with a big smile on my face, and the moment I threw that fireball in Stephanie Mcmahon's face...my life changed forever! It won't be long until I'll be the World Champion!

Lauren: So that's how you get to be World Champion, beating on people when they are defenseless and kissing Kelly Kelly's ass?

Gail grabs Lauren by the throat

Gail: You need to watch yourself!

Gail pushes Lauren back into the wall.

Lauren: You know I'm not a wrestler...but I do have my pride...

Lauren leans back and slaps Gail across the face! Lauren realizes what she had done and runs away as Gail chases her through the halls. Gail comes around a corner behind Lauren but gets laid out by a steel chair! Eve then comes from around the corner!

Eve: How does it feel to be a victim of a sneak attack for once!

Eve and Lauren walk away together with a smile on their face as Gail lays laid out.

*Cut To Commercial*

Alicia Fox is standing in the ring with a microphone in her hand

Fox: Last week Kelly gave an emotional and inspiration speech to the locker room, about proving that you want to be here! Kelly your words have inspired me to be the best wrestler that I can be! That's why tonight I'm issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back to face me one-on-one! As I dedicate this match in honor of our GM Kelly Kelly!

The music of Sara Del Rey plays as she makes her way out on to the stage and Fox gets a look of fear on her face.

Nora: I think Alicia Fox is instantly regretting her decision to make a challenge to ANYONE!

Del Rey makes her way down the ramp and steps into the ring and stares down Fox.

Fox stares down Del Rey and slowly begs off but out of nowhere blasts Del Rey in the side of the head with the microphone! Fox delivers a series of kicks to the midsection and then runs off the ropes but Del Rey catches her with a massive closeline. Del Rey picks Fox up by her throat and hoists her up in the air and then throws her down hard to the mat. Del Rey delivers a running kick to the ribs and then picks Fox up by her hair and then quickly hits the royal butterfly! Del Rey makes the cover and gets the easy three count!

*Cut To Backstage*

Eve and Lauren are shown talking and enjoying themselves when Velvet Sky comes running into the picture

Sky: I hope you two are proud of yourselves...Gail Kim offically has a concussion!

Lauren: Gail got what she deserved!

Sky: Look at you, you have one match and suddenly your a tough girl! Let me remind you that you're a pitiful announcer and I have a break news story for you! Tonight I'm going to make the first ever defense of my International Title and my opponent will be...you! Also if you're friend Eve Torres gets involved, you want be an announcer or a wrestler, you'll be fired! I'll see you in the ring later!

Sky walks off as Lauren looks worried as Eve tries to calm her down.

Each team has picked up a win over the other and in each victory it was Brie and Nikki's identical likeness working both for and against them but this time the rubber match would earn the winning team a shot at the World Tag Team Titles! Portia started the match off for her team going against Brie Bella and Brie surprised Portia with a quick arm drag and then a dropkick. Brie then caught Portia in a backslide but only got a one count, Portia went for a closeline but Brie ducked and then rolled Portia up in school girl but only got a count of two. Brie used her quickness but Portia finally got ahold of Brie and dropped her with a devestating backbreaker! Portia continued the attack, unloading with a series of flowing snap suplexes and made a cover but only got a two. Portia then tagged in Nicole Matthews, Nicole entered the ring and caught Brie with another suplex of her own and then followed up with a sidewalk slam. Nicole draped Brie throat first over the middle rope and began to choke Brie out by driving her knee into the back of Brie Bella. As the ref admonished Nicole, Portia took advantage and delivered a kick to the side of the head! Nicole made the cover on Brie but Nikki broke it up at the count of two. Nicole slapped Brie around as she lifted Brie up and set her up for a brainbuster but Brie rolled Nicole up in a small package but only got a two count. Nicole went for a closeline but Brie ducked it and then caught Nicole with a neckbreaker! Brie crawled to her corner as Nicole tagged in Portia, Brie made the hot tag to her sister Nikki! Nikki entered the ring and caught Portia with a series of closelines, and then followed up with a running snapmare! Nikki hit Portia with a facebuster and then climbed to the top rope and came off with a high cross body that connected! Nikki hooked the leg but it was broken up by Nicole. Nicole pouned on Nikki until Brie came to her sister's aid and unloaded on Nicole with right hands. Brie charged Nicole but was back body dropped over the top rope! Nikki was left alone in the ring with both Ninjas who double teamed Nikki, Nicole grabbed Nikki from behind as they prepared to hit their trademark superkick/german suplex combo, but from the outside Brie grabbed Nicole by her foot and dragged her out of the ring and unloaded with rights! Portia went for the superkick but Nikki caught her foot and then rolled her in a school girl and got the three count to earn the Bellas a future title shot!

*Cut To Backstage*

So Cal Val is shown standing with Lacey, Rain, and Jetta.

Val: Lacey, you have to be upset after losing last week, that clearly derailed your quest to getting a World Title shot. What are your...

Lacey: Do you think it's funny Val? I deserve a World Title shot, but I've been over looked time after time. But whats a real tragedy is standing next to me is the greatest tag team in wrestling, Jetta and Rain, but who are the new #1 contenders...The Bella Twins! Is this some type of joke? Two dumb bimbo models are going to get a shot at the Tag Team Titles before we do? We're tired of just standing by and waiting to get what we deserve, it's time to start taking it for ourselves. So we don't care if The Bellas, The Canadians, The Pink Ladies, we want a shot at the Tag Team Titles, and we're going to get it!

The IHWC walks off as Val looks on.

Velvet Sky gets in Lauren's face and tries to intimidate her and pokes her in the chest but Lauren slaps Sky across the face! Sky takes a step back and lunges after Lauren but Lauren sidesteps her and rolls Sky up in a school girl and gets a two count! Both ladies get to their feet and Sky kicks Lauren in the midsection and then throws Lauren down by the back of her hair. Sky drops to her knees and chokes Lauren with both hands and then picks Lauren up by her hair. Sky slaps Lauren across the face and then turns her around and delivers the beautymark! Sky makes the cover and gets the three count to retain her title.

Nora: Well Velvet Sky defeats Lauren, how can she be proud of herself, Lauren is just an announcer!

Velvet Sky grabs Lauren and picks her up and delivers another beautymark! Sky exits the ring and grabs a paper bag from under the ring with her face on it and slides back into the ring. Sky sits Lauren up and puts the paperbag over her face.

Nora: Come on hasn't Lauren been through enough already, now Velvet Sky has to humilate her.

Christy Hemme comes running down the rampway and Velvet Sky quickly bails out of the ring. Hemme checks on Lauren and then asks for a microphone.

Christy: Velvet Sky, you little bitch! Does it feel good, beating up a helpless announcer? Why don't you defend your International Title against a real challenger?! I want my rematch, and I want it tonight! Come on!

Sky looks around and then grabs a mic with a smirk on her face

Velvet: How dare you Christy Hemme? I've already beaten you, and I proved that you don't even belong in the same ring with me! But if you want a title match, then you're on!

Nora: Alright Velvet Sky Vs Christy Hemme for the International Title, tonight!

Velvet: But, Christy it's not going to be the International Title, oh no! You will be facing the Hardcore Champion Cheerleader Melissa, and it's next! I hope Melissa breaks your face!

Nora: Oh come on! Sky is ducking, Christy Hemme! But at least we will see what will be sure one hell of a match as Melissa defends her title against Christy Hemme and it's next!

*Cut To Commercial*

Melissa and Hemme have great respect for each other but both want to leave with the Hardcore Title and Melissa delivers a knee to the midsection of Christy and delivers a series of hard right hands. But Hemme fought back with a kick to the midsection and tackles Melissa through the ropes and to the arena floor. Christy rammed Melissa back into the gaurdrail and then irish whipped Melissa into the steel ring stairs! Melissa got to her feet as Hemme charged her, but Melissa countered with a drop toe hold and Hemme's face smashed into the steel ring stairs! Melissa then went to work on Christy Hemme and delivered a brutal curb stomp on the arena floor! Melissa made a cover but Christy kicked out after two! Melissa tried to use a steel chair but Christy drop kicked the chair back in Melissa's face! Christy then blasted Melissa with the steel chair and made the cover but only got a two count. Hemme rolled Melissa into the ring and followed in with a trashcan and threw it down to the mat. Melissa staggered to her feet and Christy delivered a kick to the midsection and then ddt Melissa on the chair and made the cover but again only got a two count. Christy picked Melissa up and went for the reverse twist of fate but Melissa countered mid move and grabbed Hemme from behind and lifted her up and delivered the kudo driver on the trashcan! Melissa made the cover on Hemme and got the three to retain the Hardcore Title!

Nora: What a match! Christy gave it her all, but Melissa was just to much tonight and with a terrific counter out of nowhere to put Christy away!

Melissa walks around the ring holding her Hardcore Title as Velvet Sky comes walking down the ramp applauding and steps into the ring and stands over Christy taunting her as Melissa stares. Sky then catches Melissa staring at her and begins to applaud her and then picks up a steel chair and hands it to Melissa. Velvet Sky then points to Christy and signals for Melissa to hit her with the chair. Melissa begins to walk away but Sky grabs her by the arm.

Nora: I wouldn't lay my hands on Melissa if I was Velvet Sky. Melissa just came out here to do a job and defend her title, she doesn't care about Sky's problems with Christy.

Sky: Do you know who I am? Do you know who my friends are? I'm telling you...no i'm ordering you to hit Christy with that chair!

Melissa tries to walk away again Sky turns her around and slaps Melissa across the face! Melissa looks like shes about to explode. Melissa leans back and then smashes the chair over Velvet Sky's head!

Nora: Melissa just laid out Velvet Sky and the International Champion is not moving! Finally Sky's arrogance has got the best of her!

Melissa throws the chair down and leaves the ring holding her Hardcore Title in the air as both Christy and Sky lay motionless i nthe ring.

*Cut To Commercial*

Trish and Natalya looked to do something that The Canadian Connection came up just short at Guilty Pleasure and that's defeat The Pink Ladies for the World Tag Team Titles. However it would be no easy task as Madison Eagles started off for her team against The Canadian Powerhouse Natalya. Natalya locked up with Madison and backed her into the corner. Natalya flexed her muscles at Madison trying to intimidate her but Madison locked up again with Natalya but this time took her down with an armdrag and locked Natalya in armbar and then switched into a front facelock. Natalya got to her feet and back Madison into the corner again, forcing Madison to release her hold. Natalya attempted a wild right hand but Madison dodged it and unloaded with a series of right hands of her own and then hip toss Natalya out of the corner. Madison then charged and took Natalya down with a big boot! Madison locked Natalya in a wristlock and then tagged in Jessie Mckay, Jessie climbed to the top rope and came off with a double axe handle across the arm. Jessie unloaded with a series of forearms and then ran off the ropes but Natalya caught her with a huge powerslam. Natalya stomped on Jessie and then delivered a backbreaker! Natalya lifted Jessie Mckay above her head with a gorilla press slam and slammed her down to the mat. Natalya smirked as she grabbed Jessie by the legs and locked in the sharpshooter but Madison kicked Natalya in the back, forcing her to break the hold. The ref forced Madison out of the ring as Natalya tagged in Trish and held Jessie up as Trish drilled her with a hard right forearm! Trish made the cover but only got a two count. Trish delivered a running kick to the ribs of Mckay. Trish taunted Mckay as she picked her up and threw her in the corner and unloaded with a series of chops. Trish grabbed Mckay and delivered a bulldog out of the corner! Trish made the cover and got a two count before Madison made the save again. Trish picked Mckay and went for the irish whip but Mckay sent Trish into the ropes and caught her with a massive kick to the face! Jessie crawled to her corner as Trish laid on the mat dazed. Jessie made the tag to Madison who leaps into the ring and charges Trish and catches her with a massive boot to the chest! Madison picked Trish up by her hair and delivered a sitout powerbomb! Madison made the cover but Natalya made the save at 2. Natalya picked Madison up and threw her into the corner, Natalya charged in with her shoulder down but Madison moved and Natalya collided with the ring post! Madison threw Natalya out of the ring, Natalya stumbles to her feet but Jessie ran off the apron and took Natalya out with a cross body off the ring apron. In the ring Madison set her sights on Trish and grabbed her for a chokeslam, Madison lifted Trish up but Trish escaped and landed on her feet, Madison turned around and Trish went for the chick kick but Madison ducked and rolled Trish up in a backslide and got the three count to retain the titles! Madison and Jessie celebrate on the outside as Trish stands in the ring in total disbelief and yells at Madison. Madison celebrates after picking up the biggest win of her career!

*Cut To Commercial*

With her challenger, Maryse sitting ringside, World Champion Mickie James had to face the debuting Hamada! Mickie locks up with Hamada and tries a feeling out process of the newcomer but Hamada catches Mickie with a series of rapid kicks and punches and then takes her down with an armdrag. Hamada throws Mickie into the corner and catches her with a huge closeline and then takes her out with a bulldog! Hamada works over Mickie but Mickie fights back with a series of forearms and then hits the ropes but Hamada catches her with a titl a whirl backbreaker! Hamada has had an answer for everything Mickie has attempted and works Mickie over and follows up with a top rope legdrop! Hamada goes for a cover but Mickie kicks out at two. Hamada went for the Hamada driver but Mickie slipped over Hamada's shoulder and delivered a neckbreaker! Mickie crawled to the corner and used the ropes to pull herself up, Hamada charged in but got caught and Mickie delivered a head scissors out of the corner! A fired up Mickie ran off the ropes and delivered a low drop kick to the side of the head of Hamada! Mickie went for the cover but only got a two count. Mickie followed up by coming off the top rope with a lou thesz press that connected and got Mickie another two count! Mickie James grabs Hamada and pulls her in for the Mickie-DT, Mickie elevates but Hamada pushes her off in midair! Hamada grabs Mickie up off the mat and drills her with the Hamada Driver! Hamada hooks the leg but Mickie kicks out at two! Hamada drags Mickie over to the corner and climbs to the top rope. Hamada goes for a top rope moonsault but Mickie moves out of the way! Hamada crashes into the mat and rolls around gasping for air, Mickie stumbles to her feet as Hamada stands up. Mickie delivers a kick to the midsection and then plants Hamada with the Mickie-DT! Mickie makes the cover and gets the three count!

Nora: What an impressive victory for Mickie James defeating Hamada! But you also had to be impressed by Hamada who took the fight to the champion!

Mickie stands up but instantly is from behind by Maryse! Maryse pounds on Mickie James and stomps away, Maryse picks Mickie up and delivers a sidewalk slam into a backbreaker! Maryse picks Mickie up and sets her up for the French Kiss! However, Hamada spins Maryse around and delivers a series of uppercuts! Maryse rakes the eyes of Hamada and then goes for the French TKO but Hamada ducks it! Hamada delivers a kick then a spinning wheel kick! Maryse quickly rolls out of the ring as Hamada stares her down.

Nora: That is not what Maryse had in mind, luckily for Mickie James, Hamada came to her rescue.

Hamada helps Mickie James to her feet, Hamada grabs Mickie by her hands and then bows in a show of respect and Mickie bows back.

Nora: Tonight Mickie James and Hamada earn each others respect, but I don't think Maryse is respected by ethier one of these women! However that could all change if Maryse leaves Bad Blood as the new World Champion!

Hamada and Mickie stare down Maryse as she backs up the ramp yelling at them in French. Mickie holds the World Title up in the air and points at Maryse as the fans cheer.

*End Of Show*

Quick Results

World Champion Mickie James defeated Hamada by pinfall

World Tag Team Titles
Tag Team Champions The Pink Ladies defeated Trish Stratus and Natalya to retain the titles when Madison pinned Trish

Hardcore Title
Champion Cheerleader Melissa defeated Christy Hemme by pinfall to retain the title

International Title
International Champion Velvet Sky defeated Lauren Brooke by pinfall to retain the title

#1 Contenders For The Tag Team Titles
The Bella Twins defeated The Canadian Ninjas when Nikki pinned Portia Perez

Sara Del Rey defeated Alicia Fox by pinfall

Michelle Mccool defeated Ashley Massaro by submission

Mercedes Martinez defeated Awesome Kong by pinfall

Volume 60: Bad Blood

Women's World Title
Champion Mickie James Vs Maryse

Submission Match
Michelle Mccool Vs Torrie Wilson

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