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Re: Diva Chaos

OOC: I'm trying a new layout, with shorting the match results and giving recaps instead of play by play. Please give me feedback if you prefer the new or old way of writing you. Ethier way hope you enjoy!

Volume 57

Nora: Welcome to Diva Chaos! What an event Guilty Pleasure was! In the main event Mickie James retained the World Title over her former friend and mentor Trish Stratus! But even more, with that victory she might have driven the stake through the heart of the Candian Connection! But if there is anyone is possible more upset then Trish about Mickie leaving Guilty Pleasure as champ, it's our GM Kelly Kelly! Who is standing in the ring right now!

Kelly: Ladies and Genetlemen, I've got to where I am today through a series of plans, plans that having always been successful. But at guilty pleasure I acted on a plan, that didn't work, so get your cameras out, because for the first time you will here me admit, I was wrong. I was wrong to put my hopes in the hands of someone else. I trusted Trish Stratus and the Canadian Connection to deliver me the World Title and they failed me! So that's why tonight I plan on finding a new #1 contender, someone who can give me what I want, and that's Mickie James no longer as World Champion! So tonight...

"It's time to Rock and Roll" plays as Trish Stratus makes her way down the ramp with a look of dissapointment on her face as the fans boo. Trish enters the ring and stares at Kelly and asks for a microphone.

Trish: First Kelly, allow me to apologize, I would like to say sorry, at Guilty Pleasure I let you down, and I let all of these people down! I should of ended Mickie's reign as World Champion! But Kelly, I promise you it Kelly, Mickie James got lucky, and if you give me one more shot, I will bring the World Title back to you and give you a champion that this company can be proud of you. I'm begging you Kelly...give me one more shot! I can defeat Mickie James and...

"Pour Qoi" plays as Maryse makes her way out on to the stage with a mic in her hand as Trish and Kelly look on.

Maryse: Excuse me Kelly Kelly, but you see I would like to set the record straight, The Canadian Connection, did not let you down, it was that woman, Trish Stratus who let you down! She let you down, she let Canada down, and she let me down! She had her shot at Mickie James and the World Title, and she blew it! It's time for a new challenger, it's my time! I want Mickie James tonight! Kelly, unlike Trish, I can beat Mickie James!

Trish: You see Maryse that's your problems, if you were as good at wrestling in a big match, as you were talking about a big match, you'd already be a world champion! But I'm the one with the experience, I deserve the title match! You see Maryse, I've accomplished more then you ever have or ever will so I can see why your so jealous but...

Maryse: Jealous? There is no one in this world that I am jealous of, and that's because I am better then everyone else! You see Trish your the one who is jealous. Because a few years ago everyone use to compare me to you, they use to say that I reminded them of a young Trish Stratus. But now, when people see you, they say you remind me of an older Maryse!

Kelly: Enough you two! I'll tell you what, I'm willing to give The Candian Connection, or whats left of it, one last shot! But only one of you will get to face Mickie James for the World Title, so tonight for the first time ever it will be Maryse Vs Trish Stratus one-on-one and the winner will be the new #1 contender! I don't care which one of you wins, but whoever does, you better not let me down!

Kelly walks out of the ring as Maryse flips her hair towards Trish who taunts Maryse from the ring.

Nora: The Canadian Connection has continued to implode, but what a main event we have tonight! It's Trish Vs Maryse and the winner will be the new #1 contender!

*Cut To Commercial*

The Bellas were still looked as underdogs heading into the match up despite holding two straight victories over The Ninjas. Early on it was The Bellas surprising the Ninjas with their speed and picking up a series of nearfalls. However as the match progressed The Ninjas were able to cut the ring off and keep Nikki away from her sister Brie. Portia and Nicole worked over Nikki with hard hitting moves and a series of double team attacks. However it was Nikki catching Portia's superkick and spinning her around and then hitting a facebuster that seemed to turn the tides. Nikki inched towards her sister Brie, but at the last moment Brie was pulled off the apron by Nicole Matthews! Nicole delivered a knee to the midsection and then delivered a brainbuster to Brie Bella on the arena floor! As Nikki looked on in horror, she was hit from behind by Portia Perez and knocked out of the ring. As the ref held Portia back, Nicole picked up the unconcious Brie Bella and threw her into the ring. With the ref unable to tell the difference between the two Bellas, Portia made the cover on the illegal Brie Bella to get the three. This week it was the Ninjas using the switcharoo against the Bellas to finally pick up a win.

Kelly Kelly is in her office with Velvet Sky as Lauren Brooke comes into the office

Lauren: Excuse me, but you wanted to see me Kelly?

Kelly: That's right, I wanted to talk you about what happend at Guilty Pleasure.

Lauren: Good, me to, I think Gail should be suspended for what she did. She attacked Eve and then assaulted me.

Kelly: Suspend Gail Kim? Is that a joke! I'm expecting you to issue an apology to Gail Kim tonight!

Lauren: Apologize? Did you see what she did to me?

Kelly: I did, and what I also saw was you physically try to pull Gail off of Eve Torres, so since you laid your hands on Gail Kim, what I saw was Gail simply defending herself! You see Lauren, Eve Torres got what she had coming to her, and besides Gail Kim is one of this company's brightest stars, and you're just an announcer! But not anymore, because you see Lauren tonight you're going to have your first ever match! It's going to be you and Eve Torres taking on the team of Gail Kim, and the New International Champion Velvet Sky! Now you get out of my office!

Lauren: Kelly, you can't do this! I'm not a wrestler! I can't...

Kelly: I said get our of my office and you should probaly go get ready!

Lauren leaves looking worried as Kelly and Velvet Sky smile.

Torrie was looking to continue her winning streak after picking up a win over Michelle Mccool at Guilty Pleasure. However, the determined Layla was ready to start a winning streak of her own. As the match began Torrie had the momentum but it was a rake to the eyes and then a ddt that helped Layla gain the advantage. Layla dominated the majority of the matchup, working over the right ankle of Torrie Wilson. However Torrie showed the same heart and resillance that allowed her to defeat Mccool. Layla went for a back body drop but Torrie countered with a kick to the chest and then took Layla down with a closeline. Layla continued to get up but Torrie continues to take her right back down with closelines and then a swining neckbreaker. Torrie attempted to throw Layla into the corner but it was counted and Torrie hit the turnbuckles. Layla charged in but got a boot to the face. Torrie then connected with a tornado ddt but it was only able to get a 2 count! Torrie looked to finish Layla off but Michelle Mccool made her way down the ramp getting the attention of Torrie. As Torrie starred on at her former best friend, Layla snuck up from behind and rolled Torrie up in a school girl with a handful of tights but still only got a two count! A frustrated Layla charged Torrie but got met with a kick and then taken down with a facebuster! Torrie then made the cover to pick up the three count for the victory!

Torrie gets to her feet and stares down Michelle Mccool and invites her into the ring

Nora: Michelle has to be upset after losing to Torrie at Guilty Pleasure, but if she wants another shot, Torrie is willing to give it to her right now.

Michelle climbs up on the apron and stares Torrie down, but from behind Layla delivers a chop block to the back of the knee. Michelle enters the ring and quickly stomps on Torrie with an assist from Layla. Michelle then locks Torrie in the heel hook and Torrie taps out as Michelle twists on the ankle. Michelle releases the hold as Torrie graps at her ankle, Michelle and Layla then leave the ring together to a chorus of boos.

*Cut to commercial*

Eve was basically in a handicap match with her partner Lauren having no in ring experience or training as they took on Gail Kim and the International Champion Velvet Sky. Eve and Sky started the match off and Eve quickly tried to pick up the victory with a series of rollups and backslides but Sky was able to just kick out. Sky went after Eve but Eve was ready and had a counter for everything Sky attempted. Eve worked over Sky until a distraction from Gail Kim allowed Sky to rake the eyes and then take control of the matchup for her team. Sky then made the tag to Gail Kim, who threw Eve into the corner and worked ovr Eve with a series of hard forearms and kicks, before taking Eve down to the mat and streched Eve out. Gail worked Eve over, taunting Lauren to get into the ring. Eve rallied and surprised Gail with a spinning head scissors. Eve nearly put Gail down with a ddt! Eve climbed to the top rope and went for a high cross body but Gail moves out of the way. Gail quickly capitalized and hit Eve with the eat defeat and made the cover to pick up victory for her team.

Gail and Velvet Sky continue to attack Eve Torres after the match

Nora: This is so unfair! This was basically a glorified handicap match as Eve had to take on both Gail and Sky, because Lauren is not a wrestler. Now they are still are not done with Eve!

Sky taunts Lauren and then stomps on Eve, but Lauren steps into the ring and tackles Sky from behind! Lauren climbs on top of Sky and unloads with slaps and right hands but Gail pulls Lauren up and delivers a kick to the midsection!

Nora: Lauren tried to stand up for her friend, but she might of just got herself in big trouble!

Gail holds Lauren up by her arms as Sky grabs Lauren by the face and slaps her! Suddenly Christy Hemme comes running down the rampway with a steel chair and runs off both Sky and Gail who bail out of the ring.

Nora: Thank goodness for Hemme, she has to be upset after losing her International Title to Velvet Sky at Guilty Pleasure!

Sky: That's enough Hemme! You want a fight! Well you got one! Stay right there because your going to be in action next! Oh and your opponent will be...Sara Del Rey!

Nora: Oh come on! Del Rey could break Hemme in half! Del Rey takes on Christy Hemme next!

*Cut To Commercial*

Christy showed great bravery and charged Del Rey as she entered the ring and unloaded with quick forearms but Del Rey pushed Hemme away. Christy came back and delivered a series of kicks and then ran off the ropes but got caught with a massive boot to the chest by Del Rey! Sara quickly picked Christy up by her hair and delivered the royal butterfly! Del Rey then made the cover picking up the victory over the former International Champion in a just a series of moments! Hemme laid on the mat in pain as Del Rey left the ring, showing no emotion as Sky looked on from the top of the ramp with approval.

In Kelly Kelly's office there are several women including Traci Brooks, Katie Lea, ODB, Mschif, Taylor Wilde, Serena Deeb, Lisa Marie Varon and Jillian Hall as Kelly Kelly walks in.

Kelly: Do you want to know why I called you in here? Because I'm looking at 8 very talented women, who have lost their spark! Do you know how many people want to be in your position? How many calls a day I get by women asking to be in this company? You get to compete in the greatest women's wrestling company and history! But what have any of you dont lately! You all have become to complacent with your jobs! So if you all don't step it up and prove to me that you want to be here, well I will gladly give your spot away to someone who wanrs to be here! So all of you better turn it around, or be prepared to stand in the unemployment line! Have I made myself clear!

The women walk out of Kelly's office together as Kelly looks on.

*Cut To Commercial*

Melissa was ready to make the first defense of her newly won Hardcore Title against the former World Champion Melina who was accompined by her bodygaurd, Mercedes Martinez! Melissa and Melina exchanged hard blows to start the match off, Melissa got the early advantage and worked Melina over in the corner with rapid boxing like rights and lefts as Melina tried to cover up. However it was a distraction by Martinez that allowed Melina to take control and catch Melissa with a facebuster! Melina worked over Melissa and then asked for a chair, Mercedes supplied Melina with a chair, however when Melina charged Melissa she got caught with a samoan drop! Melissa set Melina up for the curb stomp but Mercedes came to the rescue and blasted Melissa in the back of the head with a kendo stick. The match quickly became a handicap match with Mercedes and Melina working over Melissa. Mercedes picked Melissa up and delivered a sidewalk slam on a trashcan! Melina made the cover but it was not enough to keep Melissa down. Melina barked out orders to Martinez who picked Melissa up for the fisherman buster but somehow Melissa countered in mid air delivering a knee to the head of Martinez. Melissa then dropped Mercedes with a ddt, and then caught Melina with another samoan drop! Melissa grabbed a kendo stick and unloaded with blows to the body of Melina. Melissa then picked Melina up but from behind Mercedes charged with a chair, however Melissa moved and Martinez laid out Melina! Melissa closelined Mercedes over the top rope, and finally with it just being Melina and Melissa in the ring, Cheerleader Melissa delivered a kudo driver to Melina to pick up the victory and retain the Hardcore Title!

Melissa walked up the ramp celebrating her victory as a Mercedes helped Melina to her feet but Melina shoved her away.

Nora: Melina does not look happy!

Melina grabs a microphone and stares down Mercedes

Melina: I brought you to this company, to protect me! But since you've came here, I've been attacked by Ashley Lane and then lost a strecher match to her! Now tonight, you hit me with a chair and cost me the Hardcore Title! You are pathetic! What kind of bodygaurd are you? You know what, I've had enough of your incompetence! I don't need you! You're fired! Now get out of my ring!

Melina stares at Mercedes but Martinez refuses to leave the ring, Melina then slaps Mercedes across the face! Martinez delivers a boot to the face of Melina and then picks her up off the mat and delivers a fisherman buster! Mercedes stands over Melina as the fans cheer, Mercedes then grabs the mic.

Mercedes: You can't fire me! Because I QUIT!

Martinez walks out of the ring with a smile on her face as Melina lays motionless.

Nora: It doesn't matter if she was fired or if she quit, Mercedes just laid out Melina! Melina said she didn't Martinez, but it doesn't look Martinez needs Melina ethier!

*Cut To Commercial*

Guilty Pleasure was a good night for both teams as Jetta and Rain helped Lacey finally defeat her long time rival Daizee Haze in a table match, Ashley Lane got revenge against Melina, and The Pink Ladies made another successful defense of their titles over Maryse and Natalya. Jetta started the match off for her team as The Punisher Madison Eagles started out for her team. The always confident Jetta surpried Madison with an arm drag, but as she taunted Madison, Madison responded with a boot to the face. Madison then delivered a sidewalk slam to Jetta and then made the tag to her partner Jessie Mckay. Mckay came off the top rope with a cross body on Jetta. Mckay followed up on the offense but as she ran off the ropes she got a knee to the back by Rain, which allowed Jetta to take Mckay down with a powerslam! Jetta made the tag to Rain, who worked over Mckay with a series of stomps and followed up with a snap suplex. As the match progressed the experince for the IHWC took over as they utilized double team moves and underhanded tactics to take control of the matchup. With Jessie in desperate trouble she caught Rain with an enziguri and then slowly crawled to her corner, Rain made the tag to Lacey, as Jessie tagged in Ashley Lane! Lane caught Lacey with a series of dropkicks and closelines. Lane took the offense to Lacey and caught with a pump kick to the chest and nearly had the cover but it was broken up by Jetta. Quickly all 6 women were going at it in the ring, but it was The Pink Ladies driving Rain and Jetta to the outside after Madison caught Jetta with a huge chokeslam and Jessie hit a superkick on Rain! The Pink Ladies battled Jetta and Rain on the otuside, as Lacey and Ashley went at it in the ring. Lane tried to hit the reverse STO but Lacey escaped with a series of back elbows to the side of the head and then caught Ashley with a spinning heel kick! Lacey made the cover but only got a two count, Lacey picked Lane up and set her up for the implant ddt, but out of nowhere Lane shortarmed Lacey right into the reverse STO! Lane then made the cover to pick up the three and lead her team to victory!

*Cut To Commercial*

Ashley Lane is walking backstage when So Cal Val comes running up with a mic in her hand

Val: Ashley a word! Since you began focusing on your singles career, you have been on a roll, picking up victories over the likes of Christy Hemme, Mercedes Martinez, Melina, and now tonight leading your team to victory by pinning Lacey! What do you have store next?

Ashley: Well Val, I have one goal on my mind, and that's to capture singles gold! I know what it likes to be a tag team champion, but to be a singles champion, means I did it all on my own!

Velvet Sky walks into the picture with her IN title around her waist

Sky: Ashley, you've been looking good both in and out of the ring, and I think you'd look even better with gold around your waist. Almost as good as this International Title looks on me, me and Kelly Kelly were watching you out there. If you keep this up, I promise you'll be line for a title match sooner then you know it! So like I said at Guilty Pleasure we'll be watching.

Sky gets close to Lane's face and blows a kiss before walking away with a smile on her face as Lane looks on confused.

The two blonde bombshells from Canada went at it as the World Champion Mickie James helped call the action as she waited to see who would be the next #1 contender for the World Title. Maryse and Trish locked up in the middle of the ring and Maryse surprised Trish with a back heel trip. Maryse then celebrated and taunted Trish, but the veteran Trish took advantage and drilled Maryse with a series of forearms and then rolled Maryse up but only got a 2 count. Trish worked Maryse over in the corner and then launched her across the ring by her hair. Trish showed Maryse little respect as she taunted her and delivered a series of stomps. Trish was in control, until Maryse delivered a knee to the midsection and took Trish down with a sidewalk slam into a backbreaker combo! With Maryse in control, she began to taunt Trish as she stomped away and then locked Stratus in a camel clutch. Maryse relased the hold and then dropped Trish with another backrbeaker. Maryse feeling over confident, climed to the top rope, something she is not known for, however Stratus made her made as she shook the ropes and crotched Maryse up on the top rope! Trish followed up with the stratusphere! With Maryse dazed Trish picked picked her spot and drilled Maryse with a chick kick! Trish made the cover but Maryse got her foot on the bottom rope at the count of two. Trish picked Maryse up and set her up for the stratusfaction, Trish ran to the ropes and bounced off but Maryse countered, however Trish flipped over Maryse's shoulder and landed on her feet. Maryse turned around and Trish went for another chick kick but Maryse ducked it and caught Trish with the french tko! Maryse made the cover but only got a two count! Marsye picked Trish up and went for the french kiss but Trish countered and shortarmed Maryse into a kick to the midsection. Trish pulled Maryse in for another stratusfaction but Maryse shoved her way out of it. Trish charged in but Maryse delivered a kick to the midsection and pulled Trish in and hit the french kiss! Maryse quickly climbed on top of Trish as the ref counted the 3! Allowing Maryse to pick up the upset and become the new #1 contender for the World Title!

Maryse got to her feet and celebrated her victory as Mickie stared on from the announce table.

Nora: Well Mickie there she is, the new number one contender for the World Title, Maryse!

Mickie: I don't like Maryse, but I will admit that she earned herself a shot at the title after defeating Trish! But I've beaten Natalya, I've beaten Trish, and I promise you I will defeat Maryse!

Maryse exits the ring and heads over to the announce table as Mickie gets to her feet, Maryse gets in Mickie's face and flicks her hair. Maryse smiles and then shoves Mickie, Mickie comes back and takes Maryse down with a lou thesz press! Mickie unloads with hard right hands until Maryse pushes her away. Maryse gets to her feet and Mickie hits her from behind and throws her into the ring.

Nora: Maryse should have never laid her hands on the champion!

Mickie drops Maryse with a closeline, Mickie picks Maryse up and sets her up for the Mickie-DT, but out of nowhere Natalya blasts Mickie from behind! Natalya pounds on Mickie James but Mickie fights back with a series of forearms on Natalya. Maryse hits Mickie from behind, and spins her around and then drop Mickie with the french kiss! Maryse climbs on top of Mickie and taunts her and then pushes her face into the mat. Natalya raises Maryse's arm as Trish gets to her feet and looks on. Trish stares at Maryse at Maryse as she holds her head and Maryse stares back with a smile. Natalya stands between the two of them.

Natalya: What was the goal? It was to take over this company and to capture the World Title! This is out last shot, so we need to be on the same page! You two end this and shake hands!

Trish and Maryse stare at each other as Natalya encourages them, Trish then extends her hand to Maryse, and Maryse then shakes it. Trish then raises Maryse's arm in the air and then raises Natalya's arm as they stand over Mickie James.

Nora: I thought that tonight might be the end for The Canadian Connection, but unfortuntley for Mickie James they may be stronger then ever! Will Maryse be the one to bring home the gold for the Canadians?

The Canadian Connection continue to celebrate to end the show.

Quick Results

#1 Contender For The World Title
Maryse defeated Trish Stratus by pinfall

6 Woman Tag Match
World Tag Team Champions The Pink Ladies and Ashley Lane defeated Lacey, Rain, and Jetta when Lane pinned Lacey

Hardcore Title
Hardcore Champion Cheerleader Melissa defeated Melina by pinfall to retain the title

Sara Del Rey defeated Christy Hemme

International Champion Velvet Sky and Gail Kim defeated Eve Torres and Lauren Brooke when Gail pinned Eve

Torrie Wilson defeated Layla

The Canadian Ninjas defeated The Bella Twins when Portia pinned Brie Bella

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