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Exclamation Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

We came to Miami, Florida for the 1st ever WIWA PPV and 19364 people jammed the DC American Airlines Arena for what was to be a sensational opening PPV.

First off Paul Heyman entered right after the fireworks to announce the matches for tonights show. He didnt dissapoint the fans either as they errupted when he announced that Hulk Hogan,Sting,Ultimate Warrior,Diesel,Edge,Eddie Guerrero,Chris Benoit,HBK,Randy Savage and Randy Orton would compete in a 10 Man Gauntlet match to crown the 1st ever WIWA Heavyweight champion. Also Razor Ramon would face Y2J,RVD and Christian in a Fatal 4 Way for the International Championship. The tag team titles would be on the line when DX2000's Road Dogg & Syxx Pac meet the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz in a 3 Way Ladder Match. A Hardcore Title Invatational would also happen where anyone willing to compete in it will enter. And last but not least the WIWA Lightweight title would be on the line when Chavo Guerrero,Paul London,CM Punk,Blitzkrieg,La Parka,Psicosis,Amazing Red and Rey Mysterio go at it in an 8 Man Top rope battle royal!

Then we were taken backstage to Road Dogg,Syxx Pac,Billy Gunn and Konnans locker room as Billy and Konnan revved their boys up for the tag team ladder match. Billy then said he would represent DX2000 in the hardcore title invatational

1st Match: Lightweight Championship Battle Royal
Participants: Chavo Guerrero,Paul London,CM Punk,Bitzkrieg,La Parka,Psicosis,Amazing Red and Rey Mysterio.

All 8 men recieved pops when they entered but the crowd was clearly behind CM Punk and Rey Mysterio. The bell rang and Blitzkrieg charged at Chavo but Chavo dodged and sent Blitzkrieg over the top rope!
Everyone paired off while Chavo stood there taunting Blitzkrieg. CM Punk chants from all over the building. Psicosis went for a high flying manouver but was attacked from behind by Chavo and pushed to the floor to eliminate Psicosis from the Battle.
Blitzkrieg was now back up on the apron and shouting abuse at Chavo.
Chavo came over and socked Blitzkrieg when from behind La Parka lifted Chavo over the top rope and eliminated him!
This sparked a brawl between Chavo and Blitzkrieg with the fans clearly behind Chavo. They poured out into the back before being seperated from each other by security.
Back in the ring Mysterio nailed the bronco buster on La Parka as CM Punk and Paul London were trying to get rid of Amazing Red who kept ahold of the ropes and eventually London and Punk turned on each other. La Parka whipped Mysterio to the ropes and went for a wheelbarrow suplex which was countered into an unbelievable bulldog. Mysterio went for Punk but Punk knocked him down with a superkick. Paul London dropkicked Punk and Punk stumbled over the top rope but managed to hold on. London turned around and Amazing Red nailed a hurricanrana on him. Everyone but Red was down and Red dragged La Parka to the corner were he then signaled for the Infa-Red!
Red nailed it and then London picked up an unconscious La Parka to eliminate him from the match.
There were now 4 left, London,Red,Punk and Mysterio. They all stared each other down before pairing off. While Punk hammered Mysterio in the corner London gave Red a DDT then mounted the top rope looking to hit the 450 splash but Red rolled out of the way and London crashed THROUGH the ring!
This counted as an elimination and had the whole crowd chanting HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!. As the medic team came out to stretcher London to the back, Mysterio and Red nailed a double dropkick on CM Punk and then took each other down with clotheslines. Punk was first to his feet and picked up Red and went to throw him out when Mysterio came from behind and lifted Punk over the ropes to eliminate both Punk and Red and be crowned the FIRST WIWA Lightweight champion. The crowd were on their feet cheering and clapping as Punk and Red returned to the ring and shook hands with Mysterio as all three got amazing reactions from the fans.

Match Time: 16m 34s
Order of Elimination: Blitzkrieg,Psicosis,Chavo Guerrero,La Parka,Paul London,Amazing Red,CM Punk
WINNER: Rey Mysterio

The maintenance crew come down and repair the whole in the ring before the next match starts.

We were then taken backstage were Razor and Diesel were talking about their matches tonight when Christian walked up and told them that they were old, used and past their prime stars while Christian will rise to the top soon and see the Kliq fall to the bottom. Razor had enough and socked Christian with a right hand. Diesel and Razor walked off leaving Christian with a foul taste in his mouth.

2nd Match: 3 Way Tag Team Championship Ladder Match
Participants: Road Dogg & Syxx Pac vs Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz

The crowd went nuts for the reunion of the Hardy Boyz who are the masters of the ladder. They also went nuts when Road Dogg and Syxx came down to DX music and did the 4 crotch chop SuckIt! with the X pyro. The Dudley Boyz came down to no reaction but throughout the match there were constant WE WANT TABLES chants.
The match started and no-one made any sudden oves. The three teams just caustiously observed their foes. It was the Hardyz that made the first move when they went for the Dudleyz and started pummeling them in the corners as Dogg and Syxx just stood there waiting till the Hardyz sent the Dudleyz out of the ring. Dogg knocked down Jeff then teamed up with Syxx to nail a double suplex. Then DX went for the ladder only to creamed with chair shots from the Dudleyz. Bubba then went for the ladder but Matt cut him off and sent Bubba into the steps before D-Von hit him in the back with the chair. D-Von realised a chance to grab the belts so he set up the ladder only to have Jeff climb up the other side and pummel him with right hands. D-Von then blocked a right hand and superplexed Jeff from the top of the ladder to the mat below. That got some more HOLY SHIT! chants going around. As D-Von went back up for the belt Syxx nudged the ladder and D-Von landed stradling the top rope, gasping for air as he may have damaged his testicular area. Syxx then dropkicked D-Von off the ropes to the floor.
Dogg then cut Bubba off with a pumphandle slam and then DX did a mockery of the GET THE TABLES! thingy the Dudleyz do. They set up two tables next to each other on the outside but the Matt came around and took Dogg away into the barricade. Syxx turned around and Jeff Came running around the barricade and splashed into Syxx.
Back in the ring Bubba brought another table in and positioned it in the corner only to have Matt attack him from behind and knock him out of the ring. D-Von then got up on the apron and gave Matt a stunner like manouver on the ropes which had Matt gasping for air. D-Von got halfway up the ladder when Dogg came back in and powerbombed D-Von off the ladder! Jeff took Dogg down and dropped a leg into his balls. Syxx then hit the X-Factor on Jeff. Bubba was dazed on the outside as Syxx looked to the crowd to see if they wanted him to jump. Of course they said yes and when Syxx went for a top rope flip, Bubba moved and Syxx crashed through the Spanish announcers table!
Bubba got back in the ring but Dogg knocked him down with a Shake Rattle and Roll combo. D-Von then gave Dogg the Saving Grace and started to climb the ladder with Jeff on the other side. But Matt, not realising Jeff was on the ladder, got up and pushed the ladder over, sending D-Von and Jeff crashing through the two tables set up by DX earlier!
Lots of HOLY SHIT and ECW chants going around
Dogg brought a second ladder into the ring and set it up. Dogg,Bubba and Matt where the only men left moving. They all started to climb when from his pants Dogg produced a miniature hammer and cracked Bubba over the head with it. Bubba wobbled and eventually fell backwards crashing through the table in the corner. Matt and Dogg then exchanged right hands. Then from no-where Maven and Christian ran down and pushed the two ladders over, sending Dogg all the way to the outside and Matt crashing into the turnbuckle.
Maven and Christian then climbed the ladders and took the belts!!!
The whole arena was confused as Maven and Christian walked back up the ramp. But before they could get away Razor Ramon and Rhyno knocked them down and left the belts in the ring.
Paul Heyman came down and said he had a plan on Friday Night Explosion with what to do with the vacant titles.
As the teams went back to the dressing room they recieved huge ovations from the fans, acknowledging all the pain and suffering they went through in that match.

Match time: 19m 21s
WINNERS: None (vacated by Paul Heyman for future plans)

Then ring anouncer Roger Walker informed us of a dark match coming up between Val Venis and Ron "H20" Waterman.

Match 3: Singles Dark Matchup
Val Venis vs Ron "H20" Waterman

Pretty basic stuff here.Venis won with the Money Shot

Match time: 4min 48s
WINNER: Val Venis

We now are in the presence of Paul Heymans office and he is talking on the phone. As soon as he hangs up, DX, the Hardyz and the Dudleyz barge into his office demanding to know what is going on with the tag team titles. Heyman calmed all three teams down and said that on Friday Night Explosion it would be DX vs Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz vs Maven & Christian in a four corners match for the tag titles. None of the teams were pleased but as Heyman said "Thats the way it is".

Match 4: Hardcore Title 10 Minute Battle Royal
Participants: Billy Gunn,Rhyno,Hardcore Holly,Maven,Perry Saturn,Jerry Lynn,Low-Ki,Crowbar,New Jack,Tommy Dreamer,Cactus Jack,Raven,8-Ball,Buff Bagwell,AJ Styles,Michael Shane,D-Lo Brown,Tony Mamaluke,King Kong Bundy.

Notes: Everyone started after Bundy from the bell, but Bundys large size managed to knock everyone away. Immediatley the brawl spilled out all over the arena; the ring,the crowd,backstage,up the ramp,at ringside. Billy Gunn went right for Maven and pummeled him for a while before he was sandwiched by Bundys into the guard railing. Bundy went for a pin but it was broken up by Rhyno. Bundy got to his feet but was GORED into the ring steps!
HOLY SHIT chants ringing around the DC arena. Rhyno should have gone for the pin but instead turned around and was creamed by Maven with a chair.
Buff Bagwell was dominating Holly in the corner but Holly nailed Bagwell with the Alabamaslam to become the Hardcore champ for about 5 seconds.
Instantly 8-Ball smashed a letterbox over Hollys head from the top rope and 8-Ball became Hardcore champ.
Saturn was clearing out everyone with a stop sign before he had himself knocked out by Raven who got the pin and was the champ
6 minutes left. Action all over the place. Most of the men were bleeding. Raven grabbed a framed painting and crashed it over the head of Michael Shane. Bagwell in the mean time was powerbombed through the french announcers table by Bundy and Bundy became the champ. Everyone ganged up on Bundy and eventually Crowbar pinned him after Cactus Jack,Billy Gunn,Low-Ki and AJ Styles had demolished Bundy. Tony Mamaluke got the StylesClash on the steel rampway and Styles was the new champ.
2 minutes remaining. We were taken backstage were Tommy Dreamer and New Jack were brawling much to the delight of the fans back there. Tommy Dreamer drove New Jacks head through a popcorn machines front and pinned New jack to become the champ. 30 seconds left and Dreamer was hiding out in the mens room counting down. Billy Gunn gave Rhyno a Fame-Asser but the timer ran out before the ref could get the 3 count.

Match Time: 10m 2s
WINNER: Tommy Dreamer

Match 5: Fatal 4 Way International Championship Matchup
Participants: Razor Ramon,Rob Van Dam,Chris Jericho,Chrisitan

It was a fairly average matchup. There were HUGE RAZOR chants going around which put off RVD and Y2J who were also used to crowd support. So many near falls but after RVD had been given the Unprettier and Y2J was tied up in between the ropes Razor seemed poised to get the 3 after a Razors Edge to Christian but Tatanka came in and hit Razor with the chair. Y2J untangled himself from the ropes and crawled over Razor and covered him for the 3. After the match Tatanka stood on the ramp smirking at Razor who was bleeding pretty badly.

Match Time: 9m 53s
WINNER: Y2J Chris Jericho

We were then announced that the Championship match was up next. The crowd roared.

Match 6: 10 Man Gauntlet Match for the WIWA Heavyweight Championship
Participants in Order: 1.Hulk Hogan, 2.Edge, 3.Randy Savage, 4.Diesel, 5.Sting, 6.Chris Benoit, 7.HBK, 8.Randy Orton, 9.Ultimate Warrior, 10.Eddie Guerrero

The crowd was electirc from the very start. Hogan and Edge were good buddies before this match, although throughout the opening two minutes Edge constantly mocked Hogan. Both men couldnt get a foothold on each other. Just before the third man entered both men knocked each other down with clotheslines.
Enter Randy Savage.
Savage came down to almost a bigger pop than Hogan and went to work on both men with clothesline and elbow smashes. Savage slammed Edge and delivered the elbow drop although Edge kicked out to the shock of Savage. Hogan got back up and suplexed Savage from behind then went for the leg drop but Savage rolled away. Hogan got up but Edge speared him down.
Enter Diesel.
The crowd went nuts when the Horn of Diesel sounded and Big Daddy Cool charged towards the ring destroying all three men. Diesel gave Savage a sidewalk slam, clotheslined Hogan to the outside hen drove elbow after elbow into Edge in the corner. Diesel then told Edge to SuckIt but Edge came out and speared Diesel down, hammering him with right hands. Hogan got back in and pulled Edge off Diesel. Hogan body slammed Edge but Savage came from the top rope with a double axe handle onto the back of Hogan. Edge got up and speared Savage. Then as he taunted Diesel got up and Jacknifed Edge and pinned him for 3!
Edge is eliminated
Enter Sting.
Sting enters from the rafters above and clobbers Diesel with the baseball bat but Diesel kicks out at two. Hogan is hulking up on Savage and pummels him with right hand after right hand. Hogan whips Savage to the ropes and gives him the boot but before he could get the leg drop in Sting whacks the bat on the head of Hogan, who rolls to the outside and bleeds badly. Edge wakes up and is furious. He lurks around ringside kicking and cursing as Diesel demolishes Savage and Sting in the ring. Diesel signals for the Jacknife on Savage but Edge comes in and spears Diesel! Sting rolls over and pins Diesel for 3 as Edge smirks and glares evily at an unconscious Diesel.
Diesel is eliminated
Everyone is down in the ring as Diesel chases Edge to the back
Enter Benoit
Benoit enters to a huge pop like everyone else but Edge. He immediatley latches the Crossface on Savage and Savage taps out!
Randy Savage is eliminated
Benoit then tries to latch the Crossface on a bloodied Hogan who fights back with a big boot and the leg drop. Sting covers Benoit but Benoit kicks out.
Hogan is looking in a bad way, he can barely stand up straight as Sting gives him the stingers splash in the corner. Sting then stomps away on Hogan before Benoit comes from behind and chops Sting repeatedly until Stings chest goes red raw. Benoit then tries to put the sharpshooter on Sting but Sting counters into a small package for another close call for Benoit.
Enter HBK
The females go nuts as HBK goes down towards the ring. Huge HBK chants sounding around the arena, followed by chants for Sting, Hogan and Benoit. HBK gives Hogan Sweet Chin Music before Benoit knocks HBK down with an attack. Sting then puts the sharpshooter on Hogan but Hogan refuses to tap. Benoit then puts the Crossface on Hogan and now Hogan is screaming but still holds off the sharpshooter and the Crossface. Then HBK grabs Hogans spare arm and puts him in a fujiwara armbar! Hogan tries to hold off but the three submissions get the better of him and he finally faints out.
Hogan is eliminated
The crowd give Hogan a standing ovation as he is helped to the back by two referees
Enter Randy Orton
Orton enters and the crowd go nuts, especially the females. He hits anything in sight before going after HBK and clotheslining him over the top rope. Orton then gets HBK and whips him hard into the stairs. In the ring Sting and Benoit trade chops and right hands before they both knock each other down. Stings chest is charred red raw from all the chops he has recieved tonight. Orton goes to slam HBK on the floor but HBK counters and catapults Orton into the ringpost. Orton starts bleeding badly. HBk gets back in the ring and starts to tune up the band for Sweet Chin Music on Benoit. Benoit blocks and puts HBK in a modified STF but HBK wont tap. Benoit lets go and goes for the sharpshooter but Hbk kicks Benoit through the ropes to the outside.
Enter Ultimate Warrior
Another Huge pop this time for Ultimate Warrior who charges down to the ring and gives Sting a headbutt and HBK a powerslam. Gets back up on the apron but Warrior knocks him off into the barricade. Warrior then slams Sting and gives him the running splash and got the 3 count on Sting.
Sting is eliminated
Warrior still is in control of HBK and Benoit but Orton gets back in the ring and hits Warrior with the RKO! Warrior just kicks out to the shock of Orton.
Orton gets a steel chair and brings it in the ring only to have HBK Sweet Chin Music the chair into Orton. HBK pins a bloodied Orton for 3.
Randy Orton is eliminated
Benoit then tries to put the Crossface on Warrior who counters and gives Benoit a sideslam.
Enter Eddie Guerrero
Eddie enters and the crowd chants EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE!
He puts the Lasso from El Passo on HBK and HBK taps!
HBK is eliminated
Its now down to Eddie, Warrior and Benoit. Eddie and Benoit start to double team Warrior but Warrior comes back with a double DDT. All three men are down. The crowd claps everyone back to their feet. Warrior takes a wild swing at Benoit who gives Warrior a trifecta of german suplexes. Benoit pins Warrior on the third one but Warrior again kicks out. We were then informed that the winner will face Bret Hart on Friday Night Explosion for the title! Eddie and Benoit share chops but fatigue starts to take its toll on Benoit who been in there for a while. Eddie gives Benoit the three amigos suplexes then mounts the top rope for the Frog Splash but Warrior hits Eddie with a dropkick and Eddie crashes off the apron to the outside. Warrior taunts and the crowd reacts with a huge cheer. Then from no-where Benoit puts the Crossface on Warrior and after almost a minute in the Crossface Warrior taps out!
Ultimate Warrior is eliminated
Eddie crawls back in the ring and Eddie and Benoit stare each other down while the crowd are confused and cannot choose which superstar to go for.
Back and forth action for over five minutes before Benoit gives Eddie a german and signals for the headbutt. Benoit jumps but Eddie moves and Benoit smacks into the mat. Eddie then gets up on top and nails a Frog Splash and gets the 3 to become the first ever WIWA Heavyweight Champion!
Benoit is eliminated

Match Time: 32m 48s
Order of elimination: 1.Edge,2.Diesel,3.Savage,4.Hogan,5.Sting,6.Orton,7.HBK,8.Warrior,9.Benoit
WINNER: Eddie Guerrero
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