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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Raw Review

* Nice little opening match, that clearly sets up the heels for the title match at Armageddon. Hopefully Legacy get the win here, the title's dont really do anything for the other make-shift teams.
* Chris Masters/Maryse angle could go well with a top face... an interesting love triangle for say WM?
* Like the Noble push, and that its realistic i.e. him beating a jobber rather than another mid-carder
* Not a big fan of Bourne that probably explains why I'm not convinced of him beating Masters
* Sheamus v Noble, should be interesting
* Like the Guerrero/McMahon dialogue, hopefully Guerrero wins the battle royal
* Nice promo's for Cena and Kingston both further setting up and putting over their respective PPV matches
* Not a big fan of women's wrestling but one decent match putting over Maryse is better than having 6-8-10-12 person tags they do in real life. Much rather see Maryse be the champion at the end of Armageddon
* I like how you really show the pecking order in the mid-card. The Miz > Carlito > Other people in battle royal, wise booking
* I'll be honest I hate the main event. Letting a majority of your faces hit their finishes and establish dominance, I wouldn't bother ordering the PPV. Chaos, brawing etc. really set the scene for a PPV, rather than the generic faces celebrate in the ring. Also I don't like the big tag team matches, it makes no sense putting all 3 feuds into one match imo. Maybe because I hate the match type or the outcome, but I think it weakens what was a great last Raw before a pay per view.

ECW Review
* Now I understand with the SNME where all these feuds are going, I quite like the idea. Its very original and would defintely be a huge talking point due to the great build so far.
* Dreamer promo is just epic. Clearly gives us a reason why we are cheering him and the emotions and passion gets the fans behind him. Also putting his career on the line, is a classy way to make this match a 'must-watch', at the same time putting Ryder over. Really top stuff here.
* Washington invading ECW? Brilliant idea with his henchman Big Daddy V doing the dirty-work, classical villian stuff. Taking out Josh Matthews thank god! Please get rid off, the blonde bimbo!
* I'll be honest I don't really care much for Yoshi or Manu, they do nothing for me. You need to find a way for Yoshi to get over, rather than "kick-out of nowhere upset win". He could be a great comedy act, get him a translator or something. Manu just looks overall weak... very weak. Rhyno should be doing more! He should be main-eventing, not in the mid-card.
* What's up with Katie-Lea im very interested. Will she cost her brother the title?
* The Roundtable breakdown has been done good, I think Jackson needs to find a way off ECW regardless of him winning or losing against Regal. He's not going anywhere fact, unless his involved with Katie-Lea. Solid Regal promo as usual, nice build for their match
* Good ending between the 3 of them, with good dialogue and action at the end. You would think Birchill would make the first move, instead of being jumped but good ending with the champ left standing tall.

Overall 5 solid angles in just an hour. Your ECW thus far is much better than Raw. Overall good solid writing, keep it up!
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