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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

ECW Review

Opening promo: I'm glad you reminded us as readers what happen to Dreamer because I completly forgot. Anyway the back and forth between Dreamer and Ryder was awesome. I love the intensity out of Ryder, and I am really looking foward to the match at SNME... which btw I love the idea behind SNME. Its a good start so far man.

Big Daddy V Terror: Obivous squash match but attack Matthews ever was quite interesting. I was a bit surprised but at the same time I thought it was a good idea. Washington is a great manger for V, however I really don't want him to become GM. Anyway is Striker, doing the whole broadcast on his own?

Yoshi v. Manu: Well first good idea getting Saxton in there. Good combo to me. Now this is the fued I least like for some reason. You have wrote it well, so I'm not knocking your skills. I think I just base it to much on real life and how I hate three out of the four guys. Anyway Rhino seemed to be a bit angry, maybe seperate these two soon, or it can just be the fact that Helms and Yoshi will be gunning him for the rumble.

Burchill promo: Well it was interesting because you added another element to this promo with Katie Lea not being there for a second. Maybe a secret love affair with Benjamin or Christian possibly I don't know. I love Burchill calling Omaha a craphole.

Jackson v. Kozlov: I was pretty interested that Jackson worked on the nose of Kozlov. I know Kozlov has a big nose maybe that is why you chose it but I really can't picture a impaler DDT targeting the nose, only possible bad thing about the match. The Regal challenge was good, but now we have to wait three weeks for that. I think that is way to long if anything I would of maybe announced it at a later time on a ECW.

Promo: Interesting concept with the triple threat tag match. I might of stressed out a bit further when you said anyone can it be from a different brand and such, or not. Thats the thing I don't know or is it limited to ECW, since it is an ECW event. Anyway once again Katie is caught off guard so I have no idea what that was about. Christian standing tall at the end was good and makes him look strong. My only problem with this is its like two triple threa title matches in 2 weeks, but that is why you probably added the element of tag partners.

Overall it was a spectacular event. Dreamer v. Ryder should have some good hype. Anyway the only feud I'm not liking is Tatsu/Helms v. Manu/Rhyno however you have booked it very well. Anyway SD! then Armageddon preview..... I can't wait.

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