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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Hey guys. Again, thanks to RatedRKO31, amrocky25, and FlyinStyles for the feedback they provided, as well as HarlemHeat for his comments, I always appreciate it. I’ll have a quick run-through of the points you made, guys.

Jericho talking crossed my mind, but I figured I’d save it for SmackDown – whether I’m writing it in full or not, he doesn’t have to speak all of the time I guess, and I figured there was no point in throwing in a few ‘parasite’ comments for the sake of it. MVP should have been at ringside, yes, but Show, no, because Show and Jericho are enemies now, as I’ve mentioned before. Jericho winning was down to the fact that he’d taken three pinfalls over the last three weeks, and a victory, albeit a dirty one, over the World’s Strongest Man would keep him looking partially credible.

Bourne/Masters is similar to Bourne/Sheamus, but this one won’t be ending with an epic, kick-ass Street Fight, RatedRKO31.

I apologise for the length of Noble/McAllister. It was meant to be essentially a squash, and it carried on for too long, so accept my apologies on that one. Robbie was chosen because it meant Noble was shown beating a guy bigger than him, showing that he can damn well do it on Sunday, too.

Oh dear, Stylesy. I’ll just clear this up, one last time, cause it’s been asked a couple of times in this thread. Carlito is not a heel. He is a face. He returned the same Raw when he verbally abused Cena irl (i.e heel), instead returning to cost the Miz his match with Evan Bourne in this BTB (i.e face). He then hit the Miz with a Backstabber on Carlito’s Cabana, and has been consistently cheered by the crowd since. He is a firm face.

I would point out, not that ANYBODY would be able to figure this out from my vague writing, that I don’t plan to make a massive Masters/Bourne feud from here. I could, but I don’t want to. It’ll end at Armageddon, in that Battle Royal. Essentially, it’s been all Bourne, but that’s more down to the fact that Bourne is going places, and Masters isn’t.

My favourite Cena promo I’ve written so far, tbh. Not too long, but it meant something, it wasn’t just needless waffling. Very pleased you guys liked it.

Glad to see I’m making these hard to predict.

Swagger not going to break up the pinfall was a mistake when I look back. I wanted to have Swagger and Cena looking straight at each other as Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment, but I realise now I could’ve still done that with Swagger being knocked from the apron or something. Apologies.

Yes, I’m doing a predictions contest. It’ll be up in a couple of days, following SmackDown. I’ll piggyback it on to the PPV Preview, as is the style around these parts.

Anyhow, here’s ECW. I’m afraid I’ve made a pretty massive mistake. I was under the assumption that I had made the Rhyno vs Yoshi Tatsu match from a couple of weeks ago a Royal Rumble Qualifier – as I clearly didn’t, that makes this week’s Tatsu/Manu match NOT a ‘last chance’ qualifier, as Yoshi never lost a qualifier in the first place. To correct this, as I’ve already written the show as if Tatsu lost that match, and Rhyno qualified for the Rumble, I’ve effectively changed the format of that match. I’m sorry for this, but having already written the show as such, it makes it a bit difficult on me. Sorry, fellas. From this point, count Rhyno in that Rumble as if he’d won his spot three weeks ago, in that match against Yoshi Tatsu.


Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, Nebraska
22th December 2009

The ECW video package plays, and the camera cuts to the arena, where fireworks hammer across the stage, and the crowd roars. We cut to ringside, where Josh Matthews is sat alongside Matt Striker.

Matthews: Good evening, and welcome to ECW! I’m Josh Matthews, alongside your teacher, Matt Striker, and we have a big night of surprises ahead!

Striker: Hi Josh. You’re right, it’s gonna be an amazing show. We’re only three shows away from ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is sure to be a cracker! Might we get some matches announced for that event tonight? We’ll have to wait and see.

The music of Tommy Dreamer lights up the Omaha Civic Auditorium, and the ECW faithful roars! Dreamer wanders out, wearing his usual ECW t-shirt, and points out at the crowd with a smile, before starting down the ramp.

Mayhew: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... Tommy Dreamer!

A massive cheer goes up for the Heart and Soul of ECW, who slaps the hands of the fans at ringside.

Matthews: This man is E... C... W... personified, ladies and gentlemen.

Striker: Tommy Dreamer eats, sleeps, and breathes ECW, Josh. Three weeks ago, he was brutally attacked by young Zack Ryder, and I don’t think Tommy’s forgotten about it.

Dreamer rolls under the bottom rope, and collects a mic from ringside. He waits for the ‘ECW!’ chants to die down, then speaks.

Dreamer: Man is it good to be back!

A big cheer goes up, and Dreamer smiles.

Dreamer: Ya’know, I’ve really missed you guys. You guys are the air I breathe.

Another massive cheer.

Dreamer: Sorry I was away... but you guys all know why.

Boos begin to fill the arena.

Dreamer: Zack Ryder.

The boos peak.

Dreamer: Ryder attacked me while I was on the floor. He brutalised me with a steel chair and a Singapore cane. He went too far.

Ok... now, the boos peak.

Dreamer: He put me in a hospital bed. But I’m back, baby. I... am... back!

A big cheer goes up. Dreamer looks totally pumped.

Dreamer: I did not lie down and let Zack Ryder tread on me – I am the Innovator of Violence! The Heart and Soul of ECW! Hell, I ate more Extreme at breakfast than Zack Ryder’s experienced his entire life!

Another big cheer.

Dreamer: But that doesn’t mean I’m not out for revenge. Cause I am.

The crowd starts to chant Tommy’s name. Dreamer starts to pace.

Dreamer: I’m gonna bring the side of Extreme to Zack Ryder’s monkey ass! I’m gonna put him through an Extreme experience, courtesy of the man who put that damn ‘E’ in E... C... W!

Another massive roar.

Dreamer: Zack Ryder disrespected me, and he disrespected ECW. Every since I’ve been gone, he’s been strutting round like he owns the damn place.


Dreamer: But boy, I’m gonna humble you. I’m gonna show you that this old timer’s still got fight in him... I’m gonna introduce Zack Ryder to the real Land of the Extreme!

A massive pop for Dreamer, who is really getting into this.

Dreamer: So! I’ve got a challenge for you, Zack. I know you’re back there, so listen up, kid.

Dreamer turns to the ramp.

Dreamer: In just over three weeks, we’re gonna be in Philadelphia for the ECW-only event, Saturday Night’s Main Event – Ryder, I want you, then, in an Extreme Rules match, so I can give you exactly what you deserve... respect for me, and respect for ECW.

The crowd cheers, and Dreamer clenches his teeth briefly.

Dreamer: So, Ryder... Why don’t you get down here and accept my challenge like a man?

There’s a massive pause. Dreamer stands, waiting impatiently.


The crowd howls with boos, and out comes Zack Ryder, smirking, in his usual attire, complete with shades and headband. He already has a mic, and he speaks from the stage – he pauses to let the heat rain down, then speaks, loudly and brashly.

Ryder: Tommy! A pleasure, really.

Boos for Ryder’s sarcasm.

Ryder: Didn’t I get the message across three weeks ago? No? Shame. It would’ve made this whole affair so... much... easier.

Dreamer glares at Ryder, who paces on the stage.

Ryder: I’ve already said, Tommy. We are in the middle of my epic journey... to end the career of the last ECW Original... which apparently, is an achievement to some people.


Ryder: Me? Well, to me, you’re not much of a challenge, so I don’t see why people make such a big deal out of it, really...

Ryder chuckles to himself.

Ryder: I’ll more than happily put you out of your misery, Tommy... really, I’m that kind. But you know what? I want something else.

Tommy raises an eyebrow.

Ryder: Yeah, that’s right. Tommy, I’ll take you on at Saturday Night’s Main Event...

The crowd cheers, but-

Ryder: But! If I win... when I win... your career? It’s done.

The crowd boos intensely, and Ryder smirks. Dreamer steps back and looks to be thinking.

Ryder: Huh? What’s the matter, Tommy? Wanna talk it through with your wife and kids, huh? Wow, how the mighty... have fallen. Well, how... you have fallen.

Dreamer clenches his teeth, and the crowd chants his name. Ryder uses air quotes...

Ryder: Not exactly the... uh, bravado that made you, uh, famous, huh, Tommy? What’s the matter? Why prolong the suffering of these so-called fans of yours, huh? No-one wants you any more, Tommy... no-one wants to see you lose week after week... nobody’s interested in the so-called Heart and Soul of ECW!

Massive boos, and Dreamer looks like he has some sort of emotional strife.

Ryder: We are living in the new era! Ryder’s Era! Where old timers like you don’t bother the high and mighty like me, Tommy! Where youth reigns over experience every single day! Where you... don’t... exist! Answer me, Tommy! C’MON! Show these fans, these pathetic fans, just how much of a man you are!

Dreamer’s had enough. He turns to the stage, where Ryder is standing, and roars into the mic:

Dreamer: YOU’RE ON!

THE NOISE IS INCREDIBLE INSIDE THE ARENA! Ryder’s eyes go wide – he obviously wasn’t expecting Dreamer to take him on!

Matthews: OH MY GOD! It’s gonna be Tommy Dreamer with his career on the line against Zack Ryder in three and a half weeks’ time! I can’t believe this!

Dreamer starts beating his chest out of pure adrenaline, and the crowd roars ‘TOMMY! TOMMY! TOMMY!’ Ryder curls his lip, and bares his teeth from the top of the stage, fired up. The camera switches between Dreamer and Ryder, and ECW fades away to a break.


As ECW returns, we’re at ringside.

Matthews: Welcome back to ECW, where there’s just been a monster announcement regarding ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event – it’ll be Tommy Dreamer versus Zack Ryder in an Extreme Rules match, and if Ryder wins, the Heart and Soul of ECW must retire.

Striker: Yep, Josh. Tommy Dreamer putting his career on the line to teach Zack Ryder a lesson he’ll never forget in respect – well, every ECW fan is fully behind Tommy in this one.

The arena turns gold, and out comes Goldust to his usual theme and TitanTron. The crowd gives a mild cheer for the veteran, who raises his arms, and starts down the ramp. The bell rings.

Mayhew: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Hollywood, California, weighing in at 242 pounds... Goldust!

Matthews: The Bizarre One hasn’t been in the best form of late, and I certainly don’t like his chances in this one, Matt.

Striker: I’m with you there, Josh.

Goldust gets into the ring, and throws his wig to the side. His music subsides, and is replaced by that of Big Daddy V, prompting heavy boos from the crowd. The big man arrives, with a smirking Abraham Washington at his side.

Mayhew: And his opponent! From Harlem, New York, weighing in at 500 pounds... Big Daddy V!

The crowd groans as always at the weight announcement, and V starts to stride down the ramp, frowning as usual.

Matthews: The 500 pound Mastodon, ladies and gentlemen. Last week, the big man attacked ECW’s new Executive Consultant, Tony Atlas, backstage.

Striker: Under the instruction of Abraham Washington, who said he plans to ‘take over’ ECW, Josh. As of right now, I can’t really see how anybody plans to stop Big Daddy V.

The Mastodon takes the steps to the ring, and gets in the ring. Washington stands on the outside, not looking impressed by the miserable opponent they have to face. The referee checks both men, and kicks it off.

Match 1
Goldust vs Big Daddy V

I’ll just write from the start, this one doesn’t last long. As soon as the bell chimes, the Bizarre One fires a ton of punches at the mid-section of the Mastodon, who totally no-sells it, and pushes Goldust away – the Bizarre One bounces off the ropes, and attempts a Shoulder Block, but Big Daddy V barely moves with the impact! The Mastodon grabs Goldust round the neck... and drives him into the mat with a Chokeslam! Goldust groans on the mat, and the crowd boos... the Mastodon bounces off the ropes, and runs () back to the middle of the ring, dropping a nasty Elbow Drop to the heart of Goldust! The Bizarre One yells out, and V picks him back to his feet, whips him to the turnbuckle... and nails a giant Corner Splash to Goldust, crushing his body against the turnbuckle! The Bizarre One looks totally broken already, and the Mastodon pulls him into the centre of the ring, hoists him up into an Oklahoma position... and hammers him with a brutal Powerslam! V doesn’t cover, instead standing, for one last killer move... Goldust struggles to his feet, totally in pieces... and he is grabbed by the Mastodon, yanked up into a Fireman’s Carry... and nailed with the Ghetto Drop! The Samoan Drop breaks Goldust completely, and the Mastodon makes the academic cover... 1-2-3! That was just brutal.

Winner: Big Daddy V

Match Time: 1:09

Big Daddy V scowls at the referee, who doesn’t bother trying to raise his arm, and just leaves. Washington gets into the ring, annoyed, and looks at the Mastodon with a frustrated look, which the big man returns. Washington gets a mic from ringside, and the Mastodon’s music cuts. Washington looks down at Goldust with disgust.

Washington: Um... are ya kidding me? Is this serious?

The crowd boos.

Washington: We came here tonight to start our takeover of this brand. And what do we get? This... see, I don’t even know what this guy is, but he ain’t up to our standard. Yo V, get this freak out of my ring.

The crowd boos louder, and the Mastodon picks Goldust up with ease, before tossing him over the top rope! Goldust clatters to the outside floor, and the crowd groans, before going back to the boos.

Washington: Now, listen up, Tiffany. I told you I was taking over. And I am. So you better get out here, and hand your position as General Manager over... before things get ugly.

The crowd boos again. Washington smirks, and looks towards the ramp. Tiffany’s music hits, and the crowd cheers for the young General Manager comes out, not her usual smiley self. She stands on the stage, stony-faced, and holding a mic.

Tiffany: Abraham... last week, you did something awful. You and Big Daddy V attacked Tony Atlas.


Tiffany: But if you think I’m going to give up my position as General Manager of ECW to YOU, you’re very much mistaken.

Washington frowns, and the crowd cheers.

Tiffany: I’m not going to back down on this one, Abraham, and I don’t deal in blackmail. I will NEVER give you ECW, and you don’t scare me, nor anyone else on this brand.

The crowd cheers again, and Washington shrugs.

Washington: Looks like you still need a bit of convincin’, then, huh? V, do it.

The Mastodon immediately leaves the ring – Tiffany and the crowd are confused... but all becomes clear, as the big man heads for the announce table – and GRABS JOSH MATTHEWS BY THE HEAD! The crowd boos intensely, and the Mastodon yanks Matthews up from his seat, flinging him into the ring! Tiffany looks stunned, and V gets in the ring, hauling the terrified Matthews to his feet! The crowd boos the hell out of the Mastodon, who lifts Matthews into a Gorilla Press, way above his head! Matthews yells in shock, and Washington continues to look at Tiffany, before coldly nodding to the Mastodon, signalling for him to drop Matthews. Big Daddy V does just that... and Matthews clatters into the mat with massive force! The crowd boos even louder, and Washington smirks. Tiffany’s eyes are wide.

Washington: Still not budging, huh?

Washington nods again, and the Mastodon picks Matthews back to his feet – Striker says ‘Oh, no’ and V grasps Matthews by the throat... before tossing the commentator into the air, and driving him into the mat with a transitioning Falling Powerslam! The crowd erupts with more boos, and V looks to Washington, awaiting permission to carry on. Washington gives the approval, and the Mastodon presses Matthews on his back with his boot, before heading for the ropes, running... and nailing a beastly 500 pound Running Splash to Matthews’ fragile frame! The crowd boos all over Washington and Big Daddy V, who stand tall above Matthews, who is broken on the mat. Tiffany looks totally shocked on the stage, speechless. Washington smirks, and raises his mic.

Washington: This is just the beginning, Tiffany! I told you – no-one can stop us! And either I get this brand, or I tear it to pieces! You hear me?

Washington throws the mic to the side and raises his arms – V looks at him for a moment, and then raises a single arm. The crowd boos intensely, and a speechless Tiffany stands on the ramp, dumbfounded. A host of referees and medical staff rush to tend to Matthews, who is in pieces on the floor. ECW goes to a break.


As ECW returns, we are at ringside, where a black man is sat by Matt Striker. It’s only Byron Saxton!

Saxton: Welcome back to ECW, I’m Byron Saxton, filling in for Josh Matthews after that horrific attack we just saw on him moments ago, by Big Daddy V.

Striker: It wasn’t pretty, Byron. Still, life goes on...

Saxton: We’ll have to wait and see on how long it’ll be before Josh Matthews is back again after that one.

We cut backstage. Ezekiel Jackson is walking down the corridor, and the crowd cheers. Suddenly, William Regal appears, with Vladimir Kozlov behind him, prompting boos from the crowd.

Regal: Well Vladimir, if it isn’t the traitor.

Kozlov grunts with a smirk, and the crowd boos.

Regal: I’m amazed you’re still in the building, Ezekiel. I would’ve imagined you’d have run away from the prospect of facing Vladimir – he always was more talented than you.

Jackson frowns, and the boos continue.

Regal: Oh, I shall enjoy sitting at ringside when Vladimir destroys you tonight. It will be a pleasure.

Jackson scowls and retorts, growling his words.

Jackson: Will... Vlad... you guys treated me like crap when we were in the Roundtable together... something went wrong, it was ME who had to take the fall!

More boos.

Jackson: I’m stronger on my own, Will. The fans cheering for me is ten times better than fighting with you two!

The crowd roars for Big Zeke, who takes a step forward into Regal’s face, stares him down for a moment, and then turns to walk away down the corridor. Regal yells after him:

Regal: Wait just a minute, sunshine! You and I are gonna go at it in that ring sometime, and when we do – I’m gonna show you just how much of a mistake it was when you betrayed the Ruthless Roundtable!

Jackson turns his head to watch Regal as he yells, and then turns away, walking down the corridor, and out of shot. The camera swings back towards Regal, showing his fuming face.

The camera cuts back to the arena, where the bell rings.

Mayhew: The following contest is a last chance Royal Rumble Qualifier!

The peppy, cliché music of Yoshi Tatsu begins over the speakers, and the crowd cheers wildly for the young Japanese superstar as he charges out on to the ramp, pumping his arms. Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms wanders out beside him, smiling, and ready to egg his friend on, to join the match he’s already in.

Mayhew: Introducing first... accompanied by Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms... from Japan, weighing in at 220 pounds... Yoshi Tatsu!

Tatsu jogs down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside. Helms follows him with a smile.

Saxton: Well, the multi-talented Yoshi Tatsu lost his first Royal Rumble Qualifier a couple of weeks back, to the Man Beast, Rhyno. That night, Rhyno hit Tatsu with an amplified Gore with extra force from the ropes, giving Tatsu no chance for a place in the Rumble, but tonight, Yoshi has one final chance at making it to that 30-Man match, where the winner earns a chance to main event Wrestlemania, fighting for the World Title of their choice.

Striker: But remember, Bryon, if he loses tonight, that’s it. Yoshi doesn’t get another chance. And the same goes for Manu tonight.

Tatsu charges into the ring, pumping his arms as usual, and Helms finds a spot by the apron to watch the action unfold. The Samoan music of Manu strikes up, and the big man strides out, with Rhyno at his side.

Mayhew: And his opponent! Accompanied by Rhyno... from Samoa, weighing in at 280 pounds... Manu!

Saxton: Well, since Manu returned to the WWE, he hasn’t actually won a match, Matt.

Striker: It’s not like he hasn’t got the skill, Byron – but he’s been on bad form over recent weeks, no doubt about it.

Manu storms down the ramp, staring straight at Yoshi Tatsu, who looks just as ready to go. Rhyno looks about the arena, an animalistic look on his face. Manu gets into the ring, while the Man Beast takes up a spot by the apron – the referee checks both Tatsu and Manu are ready to go, then calls for the bell to start the match.

Match 2
Yoshi Tatsu vs Manu

After five minutes, Manu is in control, stomping on Tatsu’s abdomen repeatedly. Tatsu rolls away to avoid further punishment, and gets up. He lashes out with a kick to Manu’s mid-section, but the big Samoan no-sells it, pushes Tatsu to the ropes... and feeds him a Big Boot to the mouth on his return! Tatsu goes down, clutching his face, and Manu covers... 1-2—but Tatsu gets a shoulder up! Manu yanks Tatsu back to his feet, and whips him to the corner – he charges, attempting to squash Tatsu against the turnbuckle... but Tatsu spins away, leaving Manu to hammer into the turnbuckle face-first! Manu falls away a little, and Tatsu steps on to the apron, springboarding... and connecting with a big Diving Spinning Heel Kick! Manu is totally taken out by the big move, and the Samoan lies on the mat, dazed. Tatsu hooks a leg... 1-2—but Manu flings him off at the last second! Both men get up, a bit tired, and Tatsu fires a few punches, but Manu grunts, and pushes him away – Tatsu comes back again... but Manu floors him with a Clothesline! Tatsu goes down, and Manu waits for him to rise again... he does, and the Samoan puts him in a Fireman’s Carry, ready for the Samoan Drop... but Tatsu struggles free, landing on his feet – AND WHEN MANU TURNS ROUND, HE GETS HAMMERED WITH THE BUZZSAW KICK! The crowd roars, and Rhyno facepalms on the outside... Tatsu will shoot the half... 1-2-3! Yoshi Tatsu is headed for the Rumble!

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

Match Time: 6:33

Tatsu has his arm raised, and Helms joins him in the ring to celebrate. Manu rolls to the outside, where Rhyno berates him. The Man Beast shakes his head and looks to the duo in the ring, knowing that he’ll be in the Rumble with them both.

Saxton: And there you have it, it’ll be Yoshi Tatsu in the Royal Rumble, and you can see just how happy he is about that in the expression on his face.

Striker: A hard-fought win, Byron.

Tatsu and Helms celebrating is the last thing we see before ECW goes to a break.


As ECW returns, we are backstage. Savannah is standing with a mic.

Savannah: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... the Ripper, Paul Burchill!

The crowd boos as Paul Burchill appears in the shot.

Savannah: Paul, what are your thoughts on what happened last week on ECW, when both you and Shelton Benjamin went tumbling through a table?

Burchill smirks.

Burchill: Savannah, when I attacked Shelton Benjamin last week, I proved to the whole of ECW, that I am the most opportunistic, and most intelligent superstar on this brand.

Boos for Burchill.

Burchill: Throw in my natural skill and power... you might as well just give me the ECW Championship to me now.

More boos.

Burchill: So, some people might not approve of my tactics, but I couldn’t care less. I guess some people just can’t cope with guys who just have more natural talent...

Obviously, the boos continue. Burchill smirks again.

Burchill: As for the table... I felt nothing. Shelton Benjamin isn’t half as tough as I am. I can take pain. I am indestructible. One of my many skills which will guide me to victory at Royal Rumble.


Savannah: What about ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event?

Burchill goes to answer, then looks around, confused.

Burchill: Wait a second... where the hell is Katie Lea?

Speak of the devil, Katie Lea walks into shot, frowning – she’s obviously thinking about something. Burchill frowns, but out of annoyance.

Burchill: Hey! Where have you been, huh?

Katie Lea bites her lip and thinks for a second.

Katie Lea: Oh... uh, you know... just seeing the sights... you know, Omaha’s an interesting place, lots of sights to see...

Burchill frowns again.

Burchill: What are you talking about? This place is a craphole.

Massive heat falls on Paul Burchill, who looks at Katie Lea like she’s stupid. Katie Lea mumbles an apology.

Burchill: Just don’t let it happen again. Not that I need you. I’ll be winning the ECW Championship at Royal Rumble with you or not.

Katie Lea looks hurt. Burchill frowns at her.

Burchill: Hey, get your head together, for god’s sake. What’s the matter with you?

Katie Lea straightens up, and nods her head.

Katie Lea: I’m sorry. I... must have been somewhere else. I’m right behind you.

Burchill looks at her for a second, then decides to forget about it, and leaves – Katie Lea scurries after him. The camera cuts to the ring, where the bell rings.

Mayhew: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Russian whispers fly from the speakers, before the full music of Vladimir Kozlov starts, and the Moscow Mauler arrives to boos, accompanied by William Regal.

Mayhew: Introducing first! Accompanied by William Regal... from Moscow, Russia, weighing in at 302 pounds... Vladimir Kozlov!

Saxton: The Moscow Mauler – the big Russian has claimed many a pinfall victory in the past, including that terrifying undefeated run he went on back when he first debuted in the WWE.

Striker: William Regal was wise to attempt to team with Kozlov, Byron – the Moscow Mauler is a great man to have on your side in a brawl.

Kozlov storms down the ramp and gets in the ring, grumpy as always. William Regal wanders to ringside and hovers. Ezekiel Jackson’s music starts up, and the crowd, who get more behind him every week, cheer. Jackson wanders out on to the stage, glaring at Kozlov. His trunks are black instead of red again this week.

Mayhew: And his opponent, from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 309 pounds... Ezekiel Jackson!

Jackson starts the journey down the ramp to the ring.

Saxton: Ezekiel Jackson has embroiled himself in this war with his old comrades in recent weeks, and I don’t doubt that Jackson will want to unleash some built-up anger in this one.

Striker: I bet Kozlov will want to, too.

Jackson gets into the ring, and immediately gets in Kozlov’s face – the Russian takes a few steps back. The referee checks both men, and kicks off the Main Event.

Match 3
Vladimir Kozlov vs Ezekiel Jackson

We’re seven minutes in, after an evenly-matched contest filled with a lot of massive punches. As we join the action, the pair are exchanging said blows in the middle of the ring, trying to get one up on their opponent. When Jackson hits a punch, the crowd roars, and when Kozlov connects, the crowd boos. Jackson lashes out with a big right hand, sending Kozlov staggering back, but the Russian comes back with a massive blow of his own – Jackson falls away, bounces off the ropes... AND PUTS HIS MASSIVE FIST TO KOZLOV’S NOSE! The crowd roars, and Kozlov collapses, totally stunned! Jackson bounces off the adjacent ropes... and lands a huge Knee Drop to Kozlov’s face! The crowd cheers again, and Jackson lets out a huge roar – he waits for the Moscow Mauler to get up, and puts his arm around him, looking for the Uranage... but Kozlov pushes him away! Jackson comes back off the ropes, and Kozlov tries for the Battering Ram, but Jackson sidesteps the move... and LIFTS KOZLOV INTO THE AIR, DROPPING HIM WITH A 300 POUND POWERSLAM!

The crowd roars, and Jackson hooks a leg... 1-2—BUT KOZLOV KICKS OUT! Jackson stands, stunned, and grabs Kozlov, lifting him back up, but Kozlov punches him in the gut, spins him, and puts him in an inverted facelock straight away... Reverse DDT from Kozlov! The Moscow Mauler covers... 1-2- but Jackson was too near to the ropes, and he sticks a leg on the bottom one! Kozlov gets up, frustrated – Jackson struggles back to his feet, and Kozlov whips him to the corner, before charging – but he gets Jackson’s elbow to his already damaged nose, and the Russian reels back – he turns around... and Jackson hammers him with a Big Boot to the nose again! Kozlov goes down, his nose bent a little, and he grunts in pain on the mat – Jackson lifts him back to his feet – and drops the Russian with a massive Impaler DDT, on to his nose rather than his head! The crowd roars, and Matt Striker notes Jackson’s ring IQ, deliberately altering the move to target Kozlov’s weakened nose. Speaking of which – the Moscow Mauler’s nose looks in bad shape, and as he gets up, touching it tenderly, he gets grabbed by Big Zeke... AND PLANTED WITH THE URA-NAGE! Jackson roars, and throws himself on top of Kozlov... the referee counts... 1-2-3!

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

Match Time: 8:52

Jackson’s arm goes straight up in the air, supported by the referee. William Regal looks incensed on the outside, infuriated that his Russian associate couldn’t get the job done. Kozlov rolls from the ring, clutching his damaged nose, and Regal blasts him verbally – Kozlov ignores him, more interested in his nose. Jackson smirks, knowing he’s finally got one over on Regal and Kozlov.

Saxton: Well, looks like Ezekiel Jackson finally put one of his demons to bed with that one.

Striker: He sure did, Byron. I’m still waiting for when we get to see him take on William Regal, one-on-one.

Regal stops lambasting Kozlov, and grabs a mic from ringside. Jackson’s music cuts.

Regal: Ok, that’s it – just because Vladimir can’t get the job done, doesn’t mean I can’t, Ezekiel!

Jackson glares at Regal from the ring, and the crowd boos.

Regal: So, in three and a half weeks’ time – Saturday Night’s Main Event... you, versus, me!

The crowd roars their approval, and Jackson gets passed a mic by someone at ringside.

Jackson: Ya’know, Will... I was hopin’ you ask me that... I ACCEPT!

Jackson throws his mic from the ring, and the fuming Regal smirks a little. Saxton and Striker go wild on the outside – Jackson grins inside the ring, and ECW cuts to a break.



As ECW returns, the arena turns gold, and out comes the ECW Champion, grinning.

Mayhew: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... the ECW Champion, Christian!

The crowd roars for Captain Charisma, who strides down the ramp, title round his waist.

Saxton: Well, before the break, we found out that it’ll be William Regal versus Ezekiel Jackson at Saturday Night’s Main Event, but we’re just about to find out what part Christian will play at that event, as well as Paul Burchill and Shelton Benjamin.

Striker: And who better to announce the match they’ll be in than the ECW Champion himself?

Christian rolls into the ring, and grabs a mic from ringside. His music fades away. He smiles, and the crowd chants his name. The ECW Champion waits a second, then speaks.

Christian: Hey to all my peeps in Omaha!

A big cheer goes up, and Christian smiles.

Christian: Ok, guys – Tiffany asked me to come out here tonight, to announce the match that Shelton Benjamin, Paul Burchill, and myself will be in at ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event in three and half weeks’ time.

Christian pauses.

Christian: Now, only 15 days after that event... is Royal Rumble.

A small cheer comes from the crowd.

Christian: At Royal Rumble, I’ll be defending this precious little guy...

Christian slaps the platinum title around his waist.

Christian: ...in a Triple Threat match. I’m gonna win it, of course, and I know that’s what all my peeps are hoping for!

Christian smiles as a big cheer goes up.

Christian: And I plan to win at Saturday Night’s Main Event, too. And if Shelton and Paul would be kind enough to join me, I can announce this match to their faces!

Christian turns towards the ramp – within moments, the stage turns bright gold:


Fireworks shoot from the stage, and Shelton Benjamin appears, smiling. The crowd cheers for the Gold Standard as he walks down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside. Benjamin strides up the steel steps, and gets in the ring. Shelton leans against one of the turnbuckles, and collects a mic while he waits for Burchill.

The Englishman’s music starts up, and the crowd boos as Paul Burchill arrives on the scene, smirking. Katie Lea is at his side, though her mind seems elsewhere. The Ripper storms down the ramp, and gets in the ring, followed by his sister. He stares at both men, then collects a mic from ringside. He takes his place at one side of the ring, creating a triangle between the three men who will compete at Royal Rumble. Burchill is the first to speak after his music dies down.

Burchill: So... you gonna tell us what we’re gonna be doing or what?

Christian rolls his eyes at Burchill’s impatience.

Christian: Ok, guys. I’ll put you out of your misery.

Christian pauses for a moment to make sure both Burchill and Benjamin are watching him.

Christian: At ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event, there’s gonna be Triple Threat, Tag Team match – you, versus you, versus me...

Christian points to each of his opponents, then himself.

Christian: But! Each of us, will have a partner. Who can be anybody of our choosing! Anybody at all!

The crowd cheers the announcement, and Benjamin and Burchill look intrigued. Burchill is the first to speak.

Burchill: Wait a second... so only 15 days before our ECW Championship match, you guys are gonna get in the ring with me? What are you, stupid?

Christian and Shelton frown.

Burchill: Cause... let’s face it. You both know, that I have the skill to flatten you guys, right?

The crowd boos.

Burchill: And letting me have a partner of my choice?

Burchill chuckles evilly.

Burchill: We’re gonna tear you two and your pathetic little partners to shreds in front of the world!

The boos continue.

Burchill: You guys won’t even make it to Royal Rumble...

Burchill chuckles again and drops the mic away from his mouth as the crowd continues to boo Burchill heavily. Shelton pipes up...

Benjamin: Well, I guess we’ll find out... but I’m not living in the future, Paul. I’m living right here, right now.

The crowd cheers. Benjamin is looking straight at Burchill, but he looks over at Christian, too.

Benjamin: Now you listen to me, Burchill. You attacked me last week. And then you mocked me this week.


Benjamin: But believe you me, I’m not gonna stand around and take it. And I don’t intend to wait until Saturday Night’s Main Event before I get my revenge.

A big cheer goes up and Burchill scoffs.

Burchill: Are you serious? You want to live in the present, Shelton? I could floor you in this very ring at this very moment, in front of all of your pathetic fans – is that what you want, Shelton? Is it?


Burchill: I’ll do it. Oh yeah, I’ll do it. Just like last week, when I destroyed you after you couldn’t even beat that joke, Zack Ryder.

Shelton frowns – it was a disqualification, after all.

Burchill: Face it, I’m the best on this brand. I’m the most talented, the most skilled... the most powerful. Isn’t that right, Katie?

Burchill doesn’t even look at Katie Lea as he holds out his mic. Katie Lea, however, is in a different world, not paying attention. Paul looks over at her after he gets no response-

Burchill: Katie!

Katie looks straight back at him, suddenly aware of where she is.

Katie Lea: Sorry, sorry... yes, yes, you’re the best.

She regains her composure.

Katie Lea: Uh... My fabulous brother will be winning the ECW Title at Royal Rumble, no matter what happens in three and a half weeks’ time. So I’d listen to him... because you’ll be wishing you had when you’re lying on your backs...

Yes, everyone should listen to him, Katie. Oh, the irony. The crowd boos, and Christian smirks, looking at her. Captain Charisma raises his mic, and walks further into the fray, having been resting against the turnbuckle since his announcement.

Christian: All right, all right... Burchill, I’ve had enough of you. Shelton and I have both had our fair share of you blindsiding us – if he’s not sick of it, I sure am.

The crowd cheers, and Christian waits for a second, thinking – suddenly, he looks like he has an idea.

Christian: In fact... why wait for three weeks’ time, huh?

Christian drops the mic – but Shelton Benjamin is way ahead of him, charging across the ring – and looking for Paydirt on Burchill... but the Ripper flings the Gold Standard over the top rope mid-move, and sends him hurtling to the outside! Burchill snarls with pleasure, and then turns round... into a boot to the gut from Captain Charisma – and the crowd roars as the ECW Champion hooks the arms... AND DRIVES PAUL BURCHILL INTO THE MAT WITH THE KILLSWITCH!

The crowd goes wild, and Christian stands tall, looking pretty damn pleased with himself! Katie Lea stands by her brother, looking distressed – and then she gets up in the face of Christian! The crowd is going nuts with all sorts of noise, heat and pops alike, and Christian looks bemused – Katie Lea starts yelling straight to the ECW Champion’s face, and the crowd screams for Christian to clock her one... and Christian starts arguing back, yelling incomprehensible nonsense straight back at her! With no mics, no-one can make out what they’re saying above the noise, but they’re clearly not happy – AND KATIE LEA PUSHES CHRISTIAN! The ECW Champion barely takes a step back under the force, but he’s nevertheless insulted, taking a step forward, and getting right in Katie Lea’s face... and the English Diva turns around, and hastily leaves the ring, joining her brother, who’d rolled from the ring. Christian watches her leave and check on her brother with an angry expression.

Saxton: Well, what a show we’ve had tonight! I didn’t even expect to be here calling the action, but my, my, am I glad I am!

Striker: No doubt about it, it’s been a heated edition of ECW, Byron!

Saxton: Well, that’s all the time we have! From me, Byron Saxton, and your teacher, Matt Striker, we wish you all a good night! We’ll see you next week, on ECW on SyFy!

ECW fades away, with Christian looking at the Burchills being the last thing we see.


Quick Results

Big Daddy V bts. Goldust
Yoshi Tatsu bt. Manu
Ezekiel Jackson bts. Vladimir Kozlov


Royal Rumble
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City
Date: 31st January, 2010

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio

ECW Championship
Christian (c) vs Shelton Benjamin vs Paul Burchill

Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs Mickie James

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
CM Punk vs David Hart Smith vs Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms vs John Morrison vs Matt Hardy vs Rhyno vs The Brian Kendrick vs Tyson Kidd vs William Regal vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Zack Ryder vs 19 Other Superstars


ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event
Location: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date: 16th January, 2010

Christian and ??? vs Shelton Benjamin and ??? vs Paul Burchill and ???

Zack Ryder vs Tommy Dreamer
Extreme Rules Career Threatening Match
If Tommy Dreamer loses, he must retire

William Regal vs Ezekiel Jackson
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