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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Hey guys. This is the ECW preview - it's a stacked show in terms of promos, not so much on the matches side of things. I will run through the feedback as usual before the actual show instead of the preview, but RatedRKO31, amrocky25, and FlyinStyles, you are all fantastic. Really. You can each expect feedback on the next show you each post, count on it.

I think I also owe an apology to Les Turrey too, who's given me two reviews, and I've barely skim-read his thread/shows. So, I apologise, man, because I haven't had a chance, and reviewing your show could be a bit more difficult for me, because I didn't start watching wrestling until WAY after your thread is set. I'll try my hardest when I get a chance, though.

ECW is about half-done. I was hesitant to post the preview because I wasn't sure this card was the one I wanted, but I'm sure on it now. If not, I'll just edit it, but I doubt that I'll need to very much. Enjoy this taster, it'll be up in a couple of days or so, I'd imagine.


Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, Nebraska
22th December 2009

An Incoming Invasion
After tonight, there’s only three ECW shows until ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event, and it is highly tipped that we’ll see some matches for that 90 minute pay-per-view announced on tonight’s edition of ECW. To cap off a big night on ECW tonight, ECW Champion Christian is to announce, with words taken from the mouth of ECW General Manager Tiffany, what part he and his No. 1 Contenders, Paul Burchill and Shelton Benjamin, will play at the event.

Bringing Back the Extreme
Tommy Dreamer made an emphatic return to ECW last week, nearly putting Zack Ryder through a table. This week, Dreamer will open up the show on the mic – what could Dreamer have in mind for the man who so brutally attacked him three weeks ago? What might he have in store for Ryder, and what will he have to say about what he plans to do next? There’s one way to find out.

Big Men Collide
William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov – the British Brawler and the Moscow Mauler have been at the throat of Ezekiel Jackson, after the New Yorker left the Ruthless Roundtable, unhappy with his standing in the faction. Regal has got one over on Jackson for two weeks in a row now, and this week, in ECW’s Main Event, Ezekiel Jackson takes to the ring against Vladimir Kozlov, one-on-one. With all the bad blood between these two, and with William Regal sure to be at ringside to support the big Russian, we’re sure to be in for a heated contest.

The Mastodon Under New Control
Last week, Abraham Washington led Big Daddy V to attack Tiffany’s new Executive Consultant Tony Atlas, before claiming that, alongside the Mastodon, he would be taking over ECW, and no-one could stop him. This week, Big Daddy V faces Goldust in a battle which seems to be quite strongly in the Mastodon’s favour – will Washington speak, and what will happen when the Bizarre One meets the 500 pounder in combat?

Last Chance
Two men who have failed to make it to the Royal Rumble match in recent weeks, Manu and Yoshi Tatsu, will face off tonight – the winner earns a spot in the Royal Rumble... the loser gets nothing. This is the last chance for both men, and if they want to be in with a shot at that Wrestlemania World Title match, they need the win tonight. Both men have been feuding recently, Yoshi alongside Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms, and Manu with the Man Beast, Rhyno. A win tonight would very much aid their cause in beating their rivals in this ever-running contest.

Announced for ECW

Christian has an announcement about ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event
Tommy Dreamer to kick off the show
Ezekiel Jackson vs Vladimir Kozlov
Big Daddy V vs Goldust
Royal Rumble Qualifier
Yoshi Tatsu vs Manu
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