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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Raw Review

Match 1 – Jericho vs. Henry
-A good first match that builds more for the Tag Team Title match at the PPV. Jericho wins which is fine, but I don’t think he needed to cheat to win. Henry hurt his knee which Jericho should’ve taken advantage of and been able to win cleanly. Having the injury keeps Henry strong still but whatever not a big deal. Now the question is will Henry make it to the PPV?

Backstage – Masters, Maryse, & Bourne
-Masters getting rejected was great but I have a feeling you’re going to end up having them be a couple which is good. But for now the failed attempts are great. Bourne goes right up to Masters and gets in his face. I like to see the smaller guys showing they can’t be pushed around. It looks like this could be a potential big feud in the future, maybe even for the U.S. Title if one of them wins at the PPV and then the U.S. Title in their title match.

Match 2 – Robbie vs. Noble
-Robbie? Why? I wasn’t expecting to see him. Oh well it doesn’t matter. I’m surprised this was a long match. I thought this would be a nice squash match to build up Noble. Well at least Noble gets the win, but then…Sheamus takes out Noble! I’m a Sheamus fan so I like this. And I like the “put the dog down” line referring to Noble’s nickname.

Backstage – Chavo & Shane
-Good promo and accomplished what it needed to. Lots of “esse” use in there haha. Chavo opens his mouth and of course it gets him a match that he didn’t want.

Match 3 – Maryse vs. Gail
-An obvious win for Maryse but a good match that built momentum for her towards Sunday. I liked the stare down at the end between Maryse and Melina. Always enjoy a stare down before a championship match.

Match 4 – Bourne vs. Masters
-Good, I’m glad to see Bourne win this match. Masters isn’t going to be happy about that one. Bourne has Masters number and is in his head. I’m curious to see how Masters reacts to this.

Promo – Cena
-Nice promo by Cena setting up for the title match against Swagger. Cena seemed to be in character and did sort of a normal “Cena promo” but without the screaming which is fine by me.

Match 5 – Carlito vs. Chavo
-Wow really nice finish, especially for a Raw match against Chavo. Carlito winning was necessary seeing as he has a title match in 6 days, but a nice competitive match between the two. Miz attacking Carlito was great. The only thing missing was “I’m Awesome!” which I would’ve loved even more but that’s ok. Good job on this.

Promo – Kofi
-Good promo by Kofi, getting the mentality of the high flier as he gets set for a huge Steel Cage match in 6 days. Should be a good match.

Match 6 – Cena, Kofi, & DX vs. Swagger, Orton, & Legacy
-A good way to start things off showing that they all can’t wait until this Sunday. Good match and the ending with all the different finishers going off and everyone brawling was good. Cena wins the match which is fine, but I’m surprised Swagger didn’t go in and break it up. I understand not wanting to be involved in the brawl but that made him look like he just gave up which wasn’t great in my opinion. The good guys stand tall at the end of the night which is fine.

*Notes: Good Raw. Just a few things. The main event was really stacked but I guess it was so you could get them all used and showcase the mid to lower card guys as well. Build up for the PPV was good. My only problem was that you didn’t have all the teams from the Tag Team match interact but I guess it’s been building up long enough and it would’ve been too much especially with that main event so that’s ok. Other than that, good job and I look forward to Armageddon.

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