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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Raw Review:

Your getting everything up fast so lets kick it with another review!!!!

Jericho/Henry: Good thing that Jericho started off Raw, however I'm surprised he didn't have anything to say before hand. Not very confident I guess? Anyway the match result was the best you can do and while I don't expect JeriShow to retain it gives them some momentum okay maybe it would be a longshot for them to win, but at least Jericho picks up the dirty win.

Master's/Maryse/Bourne: Well Master's has no luck getting to Maryse, and the interaction between him and Bourne is pretty good. Two wins Bourne has over him (sounds like my Bourne/Sheamus feud lol). Anyway good way to hype a match later on and the match at Armageddon to see who will be challenging for the US Title.

Noble/Rory(or whatever the hell his name is): : Vintage Noble out of Michael Cole, I'm glad Noble won with the Dragon Sleeper a possible way to stop Sheamus.... well speaking of Sheamus there he is for the attack afterwards. Perfect way to build steam for one of the matches that I cannot wait for. Armageddon hurry up already lol.

Chavo Promo: Eh pretty good, hyped up the US Battle Royal, I still don't take him seriously maybe because the WWE damaged his rep in real life.

Maryse vs Gail: Obvious win for the challenger Maryse. Suprised by no hair pulling or anything afterwards, but a staredown is equally as good.

Evan Bourne vs. Masters: Another huge win for Bourne and I know you said no predictions yet, but Bourne is my favorite to win the Rumble at Armageddon. You have used him very well. As for Master's hopefully he can look strong in the Battle Royal.

Cena: Perfect in character promo from Cena. Tough to call this one, however really looking foward to their match at Armageddon.

Carlito v. Chavo: Fnatastic finish to end the match. Would love to see that in real life, and like Sheamus did earlier Miz is there to interfere which is fine to build himself some momentum, and this is another match I'm split on, so I'm glad I do get some extra time to predict.

Kofi promo: It was very good with the whole respect lines and such. Do I think he has a realalistic shot hell no. Kingston has done really good and you have hyped him really well. This has been a good feud and to me it will end at Armageddon but like IRL in the words of Orton "Stupid". Don't get me wrong I love everything you have been doing with Kofi, but I can't see you putting him over Orton especially with the Rumble coming up faster and faster.

Main Event: Very good main event as the endings all the heels got finishers from their face rivals which is good. Swagger not getting the FU, very surprised by but also smart, because Swagger does not look weak (although now thinking about it he can look weak not trying to break the pin) Either way the ending was fine and the result was good.

Overall: Very good show, getting everyone involved. I don't know the Noble match maybe sub Rory for Santino since Santino is in a match for Armageddon, but other than that it was flawless. Can't wait for Armageddon. Great graphics, and some tough choices, so I will be pondering a few matches. Anyway good luck Melvisboy trying to bang out the last two then with Armageddon. I will be reviewing of course.

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