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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Monday Night Raw
Kansas Coliseum, Wichita, Kansas
21st December 2009

The Raw entrance video plays, and the camera soon cuts to the arena, where massive fireworks explode across the stage. The camera sweeps across the Wichita crowd, who are cheering mildly (must be a slow start for them this evening), before we cut to ringside, where we see the cheery sight of a smiling Michael Cole and Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler. Cole is wearing a suit, King is more casually dressed, wearing a t-shirt of his own design. King’s crown sits on the desk.

Cole: Good evening, and welcome to Monday Night Raw! We are live in the Kansas Coliseum in beautiful Wichita, Kansas – with me as always, WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler. Good evening, King.

King: A pleasure as always, Michael.

Cole: Well, we are six days away from that Pepsi Center, in Denver, Colorado, where WWE and Monday Night Raw will present Armageddon, which will feature seven blockbuster matches. We’ll be going through those later, King.

King: We sure will, Michael! Four different titles will be on the line, two No Disqualification matches, and a Battle Royal! Every match means something to every man on the Raw roster!

Cole: It will be an amazing event, for sure. You can buy it on pay-per-view, of course – we’ll be broadcasting in over 60 countries, in all 50 states of the United States of America. You can be sure, that the world will be watching.







Pyrotechnics fire off from the stage, and the music begins...


The crowd boos intensely as Chris Jericho wanders out, smirking. The bell rings.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Manhasset, New York, weighing in at 231 pounds... he is one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions... Chris Jericho!

Jericho starts to walk down the ramp, holding his titles over his shoulders, and looking in disgust at the fans at ringside.

Cole: Well, we don’t know how long he’ll still be holding those Unified Tag Team Championships, but as of right now, he is one half of the Champions. Chris Jericho, ladies and gentlemen.

King: Jericho’s on the worst form of his life, Michael. He’s been losing week after week on Raw, and he lost on Friday, too – a loss against the World’s Strongest Man here would effectively ruin all chances he had of retaining his titles on Sunday, I think.

Jericho gets into the ring, tosses his titles to ringside, and awaits his opponent.

The music of Mark Henry starts up, and the World’s Strongest Man storms out, wearing his contagious smile, and accompanied by his partner MVP.

Roberts: And his opponent! Accompanied by Montel Vontavious Porter... from Silsbee, Texas, weighing in at 418 pounds... the World’s Strongest Man... Mark Henry!

The crowd cheers for Henry, who slaps the hands of the fans at ringside, before getting in the ring, and facing up to the disapproving Jericho.

Cole: The World’s Strongest Man can capture the Tag Team Titles this Sunday, should he and MVP have a good night...

King: I don’t think it’s about having a good night, Michael. It’s about the performance. And the talent. Which Mark Henry and MVP sure have, so I’d say they have a good chance.

Henry's music subsides. The referee checks both men, and kicks this one off.

Match 1
Chris Jericho vs Mark Henry

Henry pleased the crowd early with some big power moves to Jericho, but Jericho eventually evened the score by clipping Henry’s left knee, and brutally targeting it from then on. This ranged from basic stomps, to slamming the knee against the steel ring post, an action which didn’t exactly endeavour Jericho to the referee. As we join as the match is six minutes in, Jericho has Henry grounded, and in a headlock. Henry fights his way up, with the fans’ support, and puts his elbow to Jericho’s gut... and breaks the hold! ...but Jericho hammers his boot into the back of Henry’s knee, and the World’s Strongest Man falls back to his knees again! The crowd boos Jericho’s tactics, but naturally, he doesn’t care. Jericho bounces off the ropes... and looks to put his boot to Henry’s face, but the World’s Strongest Man catches Jericho’s boot, and flings him to the side! Jericho rolls as he hits the mat, a bit surprised, but charges straight back at Henry – who flattens him with a Shoulder Block! Jericho runs into a metaphorical brick wall, and goes down, stunned. Henry picks him up from the mat, and lifts him up into an Oklahoma position... the World’s Strongest Man’s legs are wobbly, and he can’t hold Jericho for long... but he manages to drive him to the mat with a Running Powerslam! Henry covers... 1-2- but Jericho powers out.

Henry gets up, flexing out his knee as he does – Jericho’s done a real good job on it, and it’s looking pretty wobbly. Lawler comments at ringside on Jericho’s ring strategy, as if Jericho needs telling. Jericho gets up, immediately kicking Henry in the knee as he does, causing the World’s Strongest Man to reel back, before feeding the big man a leg... and striking with a nasty Enzuigiri to the head! Henry tumbles to the mat on his back, and Jericho heads for the ropes, springboarding... Lionsault connects! Jericho yells out in adrenaline, gaining some heavy boos, and covers... 1-2—but Henry powers out with authority! The big man isn’t done yet! The crowd egg Henry on, and as Jericho gets up, the big guy lays him out with the Big Boot! Henry drops to a cover... 1-2—kickout from Jericho! Henry stands, wincing as he puts weight on his knee... Jericho gets up, and Henry whips him to the turnbuckle... but Jericho clambers up it, and is on the top rope! Jericho soars off, looking for a quick Crossbody... but he gets caught in prime position by Mark Henry! The crowd roars with excitement... but Henry’s knee gives way, and the big man collapses, dropping Jericho! Henry rests on one knee, pained, and Jericho selfishly takes advantage, putting his boot to Henry’s face! Jericho covers... AND PUTS HIS LEGS ON THE ROPES FOR EXTRA LEVERAGE... 1-2-3! Jericho cheats to win, the ref never saw it!

Winner: Chris Jericho

Match Time: 8:33

Jericho has his hand raised in tainted victory, and the crowd boos profusely. Jericho smirks, looking down at Henry with a mocking look. He leaves the ring, content that his work is done. MVP slides into the ring to check on Henry, whose knee is in a bad way.

Cole: Chris Jericho cheats to win, but it’s worth pointing out – that’s his first victory on Raw for a while.

King: Jericho was smart to keep targeting the knee... shame he had to taint such a classic match.

A graphic appears, showing Fixer’s ‘Tell No One’ EP. The song itself plays.

Cole: Well, those two will be part of the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship match this Sunday at Armageddon, and we’d like to thank Fixer for supplying us with our excellent theme song for the event, ‘Tell No One.’

King: It’s quite catchy, Michael.

Cole: Sure is, King. Well, that match wasn’t all the action we have in store for tonight, let’s not forget, we have a blockbuster Main Event tonight – John Cena teams with Kofi Kingston and DX to take on Jack Swagger, Randy Orton, and Legacy. We’ll see you after the break.

Raw goes to a break.


As Raw returns, we are backstage. Chris Masters is leaning up against a wall, in street clothes, while Maryse is standing nearby, in her ring gear, but wearing a coat over the top. Both get fairly heavy boos. Maryse is clearly trying to ignore Masters, while the Masterpiece is clearly trying to get her attention.

Masters: Hey, look, I know we got off on the wrong foot the other week, but hey... I’m the Masterpiece! Face it, you can’t do better.

Maryse turns to face him, unimpressed.

Masters: And I showed last week, that I don’t let little punks get the better of me. So why don’t you gimme a try, huh? I’m a lot better than any of the losers you’ll find around here...

Maryse raises an eyebrow.

Maryse: And ‘ave I not told you? Two weeks ago, I zought I said you were pazetic, no? So, maybe you should take a hint, no? Because I am, ze sexiest of ze sexy... you cannot keep up with moi...

Maryse wanders off slowly, leaving Masters to curse by himself. From nowhere comes Evan Bourne, who is raging. Masters swears under his breath – after being rejected again, he obviously doesn’t feel like paying for his actions.

Bourne: I knew I’d find you somewhere, Masters. What, you think cause I’m smaller than you, I won’t damn hunt you down?

Masters looks at the fuming Bourne with a nonchalant look. Bourne continues.

Bourne: Last week, you cost me my United States Championship opportunity in front of my hometown fans, and my friends and family in St. Louis. What makes you think you have that right, huh?

Masters continues to look like he doesn’t care.

Bourne: So what. You were jealous I knocked your lights out two weeks ago. Embarrassed, huh? I pinned you. Not once.

Bourne holds up one finger.

Bourne: But twice.

Bourne flicks up a second finger.

Bourne: I made you look like a fool, huh? So you thought you’d repay the favour. Well, lemme tell ya something, Masters. I never rest on my laurels. I’m a fighter. I don’t take crap from guys like you, who think they’re better than me, cause they’re bigger.

Bourne is in Masters’ face as much as possible, but the Masterpiece is taller, and he’s looking in a different direction, not caring.

Bourne: Still not paying attention to me, then. I guess you’re just a coward. Only attack people from behind.

Masters continues to ignore him.

Bourne: What, you won’t face up to me? What’s wrong, Masters? Ain’t got the guts?

Masters looks at him. Bourne is stony-faced.

Bourne: Listen, Masters. You got yourself into this when you cost me my match. I want you, one-on-one, tonight. To settle this.

Masters pauses.

Bourne: Don’t you run from me, Masters. I’ve said it already. I’m not gonna put up with you messin’ me around, got it? So whaddya say, huh? You gonna prove to me you had the guts to get involved in the first place?

Masters blinks and thinks for a moment.

Masters: Bourne... I wasn’t jealous of you. Your wins over me were flukes.

Boos follow. Bourne smirks.

Masters: I can beat you, any day of the week. Like Armageddon. I’ll be throwing you over the top rope on my way to winning myself a United States Title shot.

Bourne sees the irony.

Masters: So yeah. I’ll take you on.

The crowd cheers, and Bourne grins.

Masters: Good luck getting to Armageddon, chump.

Masters walks away, deliberately barging through Bourne as he leaves. Bourne watches him leave with fire in his eyes. The camera cuts to the arena, where a Scottish tune starts up, and Robbie McAllister starts wandering down the ramp, to effectively, no reaction. The bell chimes.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Oban, Scotland, weighing in at 238 pounds... Robbie McAllister.

Cole: Well, this match should be a good one. Jamie Noble takes to the ring for the first time since he beat Sheamus in one of the biggest upsets in recent history, three weeks ago.

King: I’m sure Jamie’s been training hard, but some extra ring action never hurt anybody, Michael.

Get in the ring, Robbie. No-one cares about you.

The music of the Pit Bull hits, and the Kansas Coliseum wakes up! The entire arena gets to its feet, and is roaring for Jamie Noble, who comes out from behind the curtain, licking his chops like the Pit Bull you all know he really is. He fiddles with his right armband for a moment, then lets out an inhumane growl to the heavens, before striding down the ramp with a new-found confidence – his muscles have become much more defined, and the guy looks like a much more confident performer than ever before. There’s no doubting, this is a new Jamie Noble. The back of his shorts has ‘the Pit Bull’ on it.

Roberts: And his opponent! From Hanover, West Virginia, weighing in at 202 pounds... the Pit Bull... Jamie Noble!

The pop is immense for Noble as he heads for the ring! McAllister looks like he’s had an accident.

Cole: I think the roof just came off this arena! Jamie Noble, Raw’s resident underdog, is in the building, and I’ve never seen him look so good, and so ready to go!

King: It’s called confidence, Michael! Noble is a totally revitalised man! The crowd are 100% behind him, there’s no doubt that every single member of the WWE Universe are supporting him whole-heartedly in this one, and they’ll be supporting him whole-heartedly on Sunday in that No Holds Barred match.

Noble slides under the bottom rope, baring his teeth at McAllister, before heading to the turnbuckle, and raising both arms – getting a huge pop from the crowd! Insane! Noble hops down, heads for the middle of the ring, licks his lips, and shakes his head like a rabid dog... before letting out a massive roar of pure adrenaline at the ceiling! Noble is totally up for this one! The referee checks with both men, and kicks things off!

Match 2
Robbie McAllister vs Jamie Noble

Obviously, at the start, Noble went totally crazy on McAllister, and hit a bunch of high-octane moves – he hit some smooth Dropkicks, a couple of cracking Enzuigiris, and a few high Knee Strikes to boot. McAllister took control about a minute ago with a Big Boot, and as we join the match at around four and a half minutes, McAllister has Noble in a sort of Vice Grip, with Noble seated, and the Scotsman standing. Noble starts garnering support, clapping his hands, and makes it to his feet, putting a couple of elbows to the gut of McAllister... before grabbing his arm, and flinging the Scotsman to the mat with an Arm Drag! Noble fires a Dropkick to the back of McAllister’s head to keep him down, then heads up top... McAllister is still down... so Noble soars off, and lands a stunning Diving Leg Drop! Noble hooks a leg... 1-2—but McAllister kicks out! The crowd groans, but the Pit Bull remains optimistic, rising quickly, ready to stay on offence – McAllister gets up, and Noble feeds him a leg before... CRACK! ENZUIGIRI! McAllister falls like a sack of potatoes, rolling from the ring, and holding his head.

The Scotsman tries to recuperate on the outside... but the Pit Bull is having none of it! McAllister looks up... and gets flattened by Noble, who crashes into him with a stunning Diving Crossbody! Noble gets up from the floor, and roars with adrenaline, eliciting a giant roar from the crowd! Noble steps up on to the barricade, the referee’s count to three, and lets out another growl... before landing an Elbow Drop to McAllister from the barricade! Somebody needs to tell Noble to wait for Sunday before we get to the spotfests, please! Noble rolls back into the ring, grinning like a madman, and McAllister joins him, exhausted, at the count of eight from the referee – McAllister catches Noble with a right hand, but the Pit Bull growls... and boots McAllister in the gut, drilling the Oban native with a stunning DDT! The crowd roars, but Noble isn’t done yet... McAllister gets to his knees... AND NOBLE BENDS HIM BACKWARDS INTO THE DRAGON SLEEPER! The crowd goes nuts, and Michael Cole screams ‘VINTAGE NOBLE!’ over and over... McAllister is going absolutely crazy with the pain! There’s no way in hell McAllister can hold on much longer, and Noble intensifies the hold, bending McAllister further backwards... AND MCALLISTER TAPS! McAllister taps to the Dragon Sleeper!

Winner: Jamie Noble

Match Time: 6:24

The Pit Bull has his arm raised by the referee – the reaction for Noble is stunning! Noble heads for the corner, hopping up on to the turnbuckle, and raises his arms, playing to the crowd.

Cole: Jamie Noble has beaten Robbie McAllister in convincing fashion here tonight, and if that doesn’t give him a confidence boost going into Armageddon on Sunday, nothing will!

King: Did you see that Dragon Sleeper, Michael? How are you supposed to get out of that?!

Noble hops off the turnbuckle, smiling, but the crowd are booing suddenly – BECAUSE SHEAMUS IS THERE, AND HE FLATTENS NOBLE WITH THE BICYCLE KICK! The whole arena boos the hell out of the Celtic Warrior, who stands above Noble, beating his chest! The Celtic Warrior kneels by Noble’s fallen body, a sick smile on his face.

Cole: Oh god, that was just unnecessary. Sheamus just attacked Jamie Noble!

King: Well, that sure sent a message to the Pit Bull ahead of their Armageddon match, but boy, was that an underhanded thing to do.

Sheamus rolls from the ring, grabs a mic from ringside, then gets back in. He drops to his knees by Noble, bending down a little further to talk to Noble’s unconscious face.

Sheamus: I told ya, Noble! I told ya, ya can’t run from me... this Sunday, I will put the dog down.

Massive boos.

Sheamus: No rules, no stoppages... No Holds Barred. Noble? I’m gonna put ya through hell.

The boos continue. Sheamus stands.

Sheamus: And then... the pathetic career... of Jamie Noble... will be over.

Sheamus drops the mic on to Noble, provoking a ton of boos to fall on the Celtic Warrior. Raw goes to a break.


As Raw returns, we are in Shane McMahon’s office, where the Raw General Manager is sat at his desk. Shane O’Mac gets a little pop from some fans in the back of the arena – inevitably, the door flies open, and Shane looks up... to see Chavo Guerrero standing in front of him.

McMahon: Y’know, Chavo, I’ve almost missed you crashing into my office every week.

Chavo ignores the comment.

Guerrero: Esse, did you see that Triple Threat match last week, huh? Carlito totally screwed me – of course I can’t stop him if he attacks me from behind! I should be gettin’ that United States Title shot, not him. I’m an honourable superstar – I do stuff right, esse.

Shane rolls his eyes.

McMahon: Chavo, you know that’s not true. And frankly, I don’t plan on giving you Carlito’s title shot.

The crowd cheers and Chavo’s expression flares up.

McMahon: But I’ll tell you what. You wanna go at it with Carlito, be my guest.

Chavo opens his mouth to protest, but Shane quickly whips a pen out and scribbles on a blank match card.

McMahon: Done. You, versus Carlito, tonight. Happy... esse?

Chavo frowns.

Guerrero: Shane, let me guarantee ya something. After I beat Carlito tonight, it’s off to Armageddon. That Battle Royal was made for me... esse. So, whether you like it or not, I’ll be challenging for that United States Title. Believe it, homes.

Chavo turns around and leaves the office hurriedly. The camera moves back to Shane, who simply shakes his head, and goes back to his work.

The camera cuts back to the arena, where the music of Melina hits, and the crowd pops for the Divas Champion as she struts out in street clothes, wandering down the ramp to join Cole and King on commentary.

Cole: Well, Melina, we’re very happy to have you here with us, how are you?

Melina: I’m very well, thanks, Michael. Pleasure to be here to watch this match with you guys.

The bell rings.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Maryse’s music hits, and the Sultry Diva strides out majestically, dressed in ring gear, along with her usual cape. The crowd boos.

Roberts: Introducing first... from Montreal, Quebec, Canada... Maryse!

Cole: In only six days’ time, Maryse steps into the ring with Melina here, with the latter’s Divas Championship on the line.

King: It’s sure to be a classic, Michael!

Melina stays silent as Maryse struts down the ramp, smirking, before swinging up on to the apron, winking at the camera, and getting into the ring. She whips her cape off, and tosses it to ringside. The music of Gail Kim starts up soon after, and the crowd cheers a little for Kim, who charges out on to the stage, grinning.

Roberts: And her opponent! From Toronto, Ontario, Canada... Gail Kim!

Kim starts to jog down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside.

Cole: Well, we all know just how talented Gail Kim is, and if anyone can stop Maryse right now, you have to think Gail Kim is up there.

King: I’d say so, Michael. Gail is one of the finest Diva talents the WWE has! She’ll give Maryse a run for her money.

Melina: Well, Gail’s one of my best friends. I bet she can get the job done tonight.

Kim rolls underneath the bottom rope and stands to face the Sultry Diva. The referee waits a moment for Justin Roberts to exit the ring, then calls for the bell.

Match 3
Maryse vs Gail Kim

We’re five minutes in. Maryse has just hit a Backbreaker to Gail Kim, and obtained only a 2 count. Maryse drops an elbow to the heart of Kim, and covers again... 1-2- but Kim kicks out again. Both women rise, and Maryse whips Kim to the turnbuckle, before charging... but Gail puts up both boots, and Maryse collides face-first into them! Gail Kim hops up to the second rope, springs off... and fells Maryse with a stunning Lou Thesz Press! Kim rolls, and sweeps out on to the apron, waiting for the Sultry Diva to join her at a vertical base – Maryse, dazed, struggles to her feet... and Gail springboards – before hitting Maryse with a Springboard Arm Drag! The crowd cheers for the athletic move, and Kim scales the turnbuckle quickly, launching off with a beautiful Moonsault to Maryse! Kim covers... 1-2—BUT MARYSE KICKS OUT! Gail Kim appeals to the referee for a slow count, a shout the referee turns down... and Maryse is standing behind her! Gail Kim turns around... and Maryse grabs her, before laying her out with her patented Forward Russian Legsweep! The crowd groans with the impact, and Maryse stands, preparing for her finisher... Kim struggles back to her feet, unaware of where she is... and Maryse grabs her, sweeps her hair back... and connects with the French Kiss! The crowd boos, and Maryse rolls the totally dizzy Kim into a cover, not bothering to hook the legs... it’s academic... 1-2-3!

Winner: Maryse

Match Time: 6:38

Maryse stands, quiet confidence across her face. Her arm shoots into the air, and she looks to the announce table, where Melina throws off her headset. Maryse smirks, and Melina charges into the ring, immediately facing up to her Armageddon opponent. The two exchange trash talk, and Maryse points to Kim on the mat, who is wincing from the French Kiss, still. Melina raises the Divas Title, but Maryse keeps her eyes locked on those of the Champion. Raw goes to a break.


*SmackDown Rebound*

- Rey Mysterio tells Chris Jericho that someday, the Undertaker will return, and take his revenge on the man formerly known as Y2J...

- Teddy Long says it’ll be Big Show and Rey Mysterio vs Batista and Chris Jericho in the Main Event...

- Mysterio hits the 619 to Jericho, and Show follows up with the Knockout Punch to win the match...

- The Big Show is to announce the stipulation of the Royal Rumble, World Heavyweight Title match next week on SmackDown...

*SmackDown Rebound*

The bell chimes, and the classical music of the Masterpiece starts up – the crowd boos, and on the stage, Chris Masters is kneeling, a sly smirk noticeable on his face, even with his head bent down.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 275 pounds... the Masterpiece, Chris Masters!

Masters leaps to his feet, causing fireworks to lightly spray behind him. The Masterpiece then struts down the ramp confidently, ignoring the boos from the fans at ringside.

Cole: The Masterpiece is here, and he’ll be hoping he can back up his words with a win against Evan Bourne, something that has evaded him for many weeks now.

King: Whoever wins here goes into that Battle Royal at Armageddon with one hell of a lot of momentum, Michael, and that could be the difference!

Masters gets into the ring, and Bourne’s music lights up the speakers – the crowd roars, and Bourne charges out on to the stage, smiling. The crowd chants Bourne’s name, and the high flyer hops a little, before sprinting down the ramp, towards the ring.

Roberts: And his opponent! From St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 183 pounds... Evan Bourne!

Cole: This young man has one of the most electrifying offences this business has ever seen, and I have a feeling we’re about to have another showing of it!

King: Last week, Chris Masters cost Evan Bourne a United States Title shot! This week, Bourne’s out for revenge, and he’s gonna leave it all in the ring!

Bourne slides into the ring, immediately getting straight into Masters’ face – the referee quickly separates them, before calling for the bell!

Match 4
Evan Bourne vs Chris Masters

Masters has hit a couple of big moves over the course of this match, but so has Bourne, if I’m honest. As we join the action at about seven minutes, Masters is punching Bourne in the corner – the referee forces the Masterpiece away, and Bourne leaves the corner tentatively... Big Boot from Masters! Bourne falls, and the Masterpiece covers... 1-2—but Bourne steals a shoulder from the mat! Masters grunts in frustration as he gets up, and drops a knee to the gut of Bourne, before covering again... 1-2—kickout from Bourne again! The Masterpiece gets up again, wandering around the ring a little, and runs his hands over his head. He heads over to the turnbuckle... and starts trying to take the cover off! The crowd roars for the referee to stop him, and the man in the middle looks up from checking on Bourne, rushing across the ring to stop Masters. Bourne uses the time to get up, but Masters rushes over... and low blows Bourne while the referee isn’t looking! Bourne crumples in pain, and Masters picks him up from the mat, sticking Bourne’s head between his legs... and flinging him up into the air... MASSIVE POWERBOMB FROM CHRIS MASTERS! Evan Bourne crumples like paper as he hits the mat, and Masters gets right up in Bourne’s face, roaring obscenities! Masters shoots the half... 1-2—BUT EVAN BOURNE’S LEG SHOOTS OUT, AND LANDS ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!

The crowd goes insane, and Masters roars to the heavens! The Masterpiece grabs Bourne by the hair, and yanks him to his feet... and tries to lock in the Masterlock! Masters hooks one arm... but Bourne won’t let him have the other! Bourne hammers his elbow to the gut of Masters, spins out... and rocks Masters with a nasty Knee Strike to the face! Masters reels back, and Bourne charges forward... flinging himself through the air, and bringing Masters down to earth with a stunning Hurricanrana! The crowd roars, and Bourne screams for Masters to rise... he does... and Bourne hammers him with his patented Roundhouse Kick to the head, knocking Masters’ lights out! ‘Shades of two weeks ago!’ screams Michael Cole, and Masters collapses, totally unconscious! Bourne lets out a massive war cry, and heads for the top turnbuckle... he gets there, and lets out another exclamation to the crowd before... HE SOARS OFF, AND CONNECTS WITH THE SHOOTING – STAR – PRESS! The crowd roars, and Bourne makes the academic cover... 1-2-3! Bourne has won!

Winner: Evan Bourne

Match Time: 9:04

Bourne’s arm goes up in the air, held by the referee, and the high-flyer looks down at Masters with a look of contempt, with a tinge of relief.

Cole: And there you have it! Evan Bourne is your winner, and he will go into Armageddon with a pretty big smile on his face!

King: No doubt about it, Michael! Evan has well and truly silenced Chris Masters – and did you see that kick? That was insane, Michael!

Cole: I have to agree with you there, King.

The camera cuts backstage, where we see Todd Grisham.

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... the WWE Champion, John Cena!

The crowd roars as the camera zooms out, showing a smiling John Cena. The Champ is dressed in his usual orange attire, complete with hat.

Grisham: John, it’s only six days away. On Sunday, you defend your WWE Title against the All-American American, Jack Swagger. How are you feeling, six days away from a historic event?

Cena smiles a little.

Cena: Todd, the way I see it, Raw’s been on a bit of a journey this past five weeks. We’ve seen Shane McMahon come back as GM... we’ve seen guys get back on their feet... and we’ve seen Jack Swagger climb the ladder, and become the new No. 1 Contender to my WWE Championship.


Cena: This Sunday, is Armageddon. Jack and I, one-on-one, with the biggest prize in the business on the line. The world, watching us go at it. 25,000 people in attendance in Denver. Jack Swagger will finally move from boy... to man. In front of all those people, he’s gonna come of age...

Cena pauses.

Cena: All these weeks, he’s been bragging, boasting, and talking.


Cena: But Jack, the talking is nearly over. This is the last Raw before Armageddon. And Jack? Jack... you just keep telling yourself you’re the best of the best, the ultimate talent on Raw... because on Sunday, it’ll make the lesson you learn all the greater.

Cheers goes up for Cena.

Cena: On Sunday, Jack, you officially make the step up to the big leagues! We play for keeps, son! But unfortunately for you, Jack... I have to put you in your place. ‘Cause as much as you might want to show the world that you’re the best there is...

Cena smirks.

Cena: That title belongs to me. And this title does, too.

Cena hits the title with his hand, waves his hand in front of his face, and leaves. Raw goes to a break.


As Raw returns, the bell rings.


The crowd cheers for Carlito, who wanders out slowly, in his ring gear, and holding an apple in his hand. He fluffs his afro a bit, then makes his way down the ramp.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from the Caribbean, weighing in at 220 pounds... Carlito!

Cole: Well, this Sunday, Carlito will take on the man who he’s been feuding with since his return to WWE programming, the United States Champion, the Miz.

King: The Miz versus Carlito! With the title on the line! I can’t wait for this Sunday, Michael!

Another small cheer goes up for Carlito, who rolls underneath the bottom rope, lightly tosses the apple to ringside, and crouches in the corner to wait for his opponent.


The crowd boos as Chavo Guerrero makes his way out on to the ramp, and raises his arms in his usual cocky fashion.

Roberts: And his opponent! From El Paso, Texas, weighing in at 215 pounds... Chavo Guerrero!

Cole: The Mexican Warrior took the pinfall last week in that pivotal Triple Threat match, and he obviously wants to prove that he could’ve won it... had he not... lost it.

King: I bet we’re about to see a great match, Michael! These two are both tremendous ring talents – can we get started already?

Chavo steps on to the apron, and sweeps into the ring over the middle rope. He tosses his poncho and bandana to ringside, then wanders around the ring, twisting his wrists in anticipation.

Match 5
Carlito vs Chavo Guerrero

After seven minutes, we join the action, with Chavo choking Carlito on the middle rope. The referee tells the Mexican Warrior to get away, and he does, reluctantly. Carlito removes his neck from the rope, gasping, and gets back up, facing Guerrero. The Mexican Warrior charges... but Carlito pulls down the top rope, and Chavo goes flying over the top! Chavo clatters to the floor outside, pained, and the crowd cheers – Chavo struggles up, wincing... AND CARLITO SPRINGBOARDS, MOWING HIM DOWN WITH A SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY! The crowd roars, and Carlito yells out to them, pumped up! Chavo gets up slowly, stunned, and holding his back – and Carlito lashes out with a nice Dropkick, sending Chavo into the plastic of the announce table! The crowd groans as the Mexican Warrior’s face collides with the hard plastic, and falls to the floor, dazed. The referee’s count reaches four, and Carlito picks up Chavo... but the Mexican Warrior boots him in the gut, and flings the Caribbean superstar into the ring steps! The crowd groans, and Carlito winces, seated, leant against the steel. Chavo rolls back into the ring, and rests, while the referee continues the count... 6... 7... 8... Carlito grabs the bottom rope... 9... and hauls himself back in!

The crowd cheers, and Carlito struggles to his feet, dazed and exhausted. Chavo walks over to him, and puts him in Catapult position... before lowering Carlito’s neck below the middle rope... and driving the Catapult up into the ropes! Carlito bounces across the ring, grasping his neck, and the crowd boos... the referee tells Chavo off, but soon he’s needed to count the cover, as Chavo shoots the half... 1-2- but Carlito kicks out! The crowd starts chanting Carlito’s name, and the Caribbean superstar gets up... only into a Suplex from Chavo, who rolls... and hits a second one... and rolls... looking for the Three Amigos, but Carlito reverses it, and hits the third Amigo himself! The crowd cheers wildly, and Carlito rises, ready to take control. Guerrero gets up – Carlito tries to whip the Mexican Warrior to the turnbuckle, but Chavo sends him there instead, following up... but Carlito scales the turnbuckle with his feet, backflipping over Chavo... and hitting an insane Backstabber as he does! The crowd goes nuts, and Carlito covers... 1-2-3!

Winner: Carlito

Match Time: 8:56

The crowd cheers, and Carlito gets up on the turnbuckle, spreading his arms out in victory. He wobbles his head a little, and his afro joins in. He hops off the turnbuckle, smiling, and has his arm raised by the referee. The referee leaves the ring, and Carlito turns around – BUT HE GETS CLOCKED WITH THE UNITED STATES TITLE BELT BY THE MIZ! The crowd boos the hell out of the cocky Champion, who stands above Carlito, a dark look on his face. Replays show the Miz hitting Carlito in the back of the head with the title belt, and Carlito could be unconscious! The Miz yanks Carlito back to his feet... AND DELIVERS THE SKULL-CRUSHING FINALE! The crowd boos intensely, before moving on to chants of ‘You suck!’ The Miz raises his arms, taking back his cocky demeanour, and the chants intensify.

Cole: Well, Carlito pulled out a win against Chavo Guerrero, but he was attacked by his Armageddon opponent, the Miz, afterwards.

King: Well, that’s just the kind of person the Miz is, Michael. I can’t say I didn’t see that coming.

The Miz kisses his title above Carlito, then smirks into the camera, raising the title as far as it will go above his head.

Raw cuts backstage, where a very focused-looking Kofi Kingston is wandering down the corridor, in his full tracksuit, and slapping his hands together a little. The crowd roars at the sight of him, and suddenly, Todd Grisham comes charging from behind him with a mic to interview him – Kofi sees him and makes no change in expression.

Grisham: Uh, Kofi, could you tell me what mindset you’re in going into this colossal 8-Man Tag Team match, with only six days before your Steel Cage match with Randy Orton?

Kofi thinks as he walks.

Kingston: Well Todd, tonight’s a great opportunity for me. I get one more chance to show the world... proof, if you needed more, that I can hold a candle to Randy Orton. That I can hang with the best. That I am capable of fighting against Raw’s brightest.

Mixed reaction. Kofi smirks a little.

Kingston: As for this Sunday... I can’t wait, Todd. I’m finally gonna give Randy Orton what I’ve been waiting to give him for a long time now – a taste of respect.

A big cheer goes up for Kofi, who smiles.

Kingston: Randy likes to think that because he’s been here longer, he can play me. He can end my dreams in that cage. But that’s not gonna happen. Nah, not to me. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna take Randy Orton to the limit, for the good of the whole of the WWE Universe.

Another big cheer goes up.

Kingston: I’m gonna show the world that Kofi Kingston is ready to make the big step, and that the Age of Orton will never return!

The crowd roars, and Kofi quickens his pace to a jog, charging out of shot, leaving Todd Grisham to smile admirably after him. Raw goes to a break.


As Raw returns, the bell rings.

Roberts: The following 8-Man Tag Team contest is scheduled for one fall!


The Kansas Coliseum explodes, and D-Generation X arrive, smiling!

Roberts: Introducing first... the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels... the Game, Triple H... D-GENERATION... X!

The crowd roars, and Triple H and Shawn Michaels wander down the ramp, pumped up, and flinging glowsticks into the crowd.

Cole: One of the most beloved tandems in history, D-Generation X are in the building, people!

King: This Sunday, these two are gonna be fighting with the Tag Team Titles on the line, with three other teams – it’s gonna be amazing!

DX get into the ring, tossing as many glowsticks into the crowd as possible before they do, and unleash the four green ‘X’s, before posing in their usual fashion. The arena lightens, and it turns a much lighter green...


The arena roars with similar noise for Kofi Kingston, who bursts out on to the ramp, grinning. The Ghanaian slaps his hands together three times, unleashing three bursts of fireworks. He throws off his tracksuit top, and hands it to a child fan at ringside, making his day. He starts to kick his heels as he jogs down the ramp.

Roberts: And, from Ghana, West Africa, weighing in at 221 pounds... Kofi Kingston!

Cole: The man who will have a steel cage surrounding him come this Sunday, but for someone who’s going to be in his first ever Steel Cage match, he’s surprisingly confident, King.

King: Kofi’s got bags of talent, Cole. He’s gonna really step up his game at Armageddon, you can count on it.

Kofi slides into the ring, and slaps the hands of both the Game and the Heartbreak Kid. His music subsides... and that of the WWE Champion begins! The arena erupts with a massive roar for John Cena, who charges down the ramp, holding his title.

Roberts: And from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing in at 240 pounds... he is the WWE Champion, John Cena!

Cole: Tonight could well be the last Raw we see of John Cena with that title belt, King.

King: Jack Swagger’s gonna give him one hell of a fight, Michael. Maybe Cena’s experience might give him the edge! I mean, Jack Swagger’s never been in a World Title match before – can he step up to such a big occasion?

Cena launches underneath the bottom rope to join his team, quickly throwing his cap into the crowd, and chucking his shirt to ringside. He raises his title high, provoking a big response from the crowd. His teammates eye it casually, possibly thinking about the next pay-per-view... that’s the Rumble, by the way.


Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase arrive first, smirking. DX look at them with disdain.

Roberts: And their opponents! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 458 pounds... the team of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, two-thirds of the Legacy!

The crowd boos the cocky young pair as they wander down the ramp.

Cole: This talented young duo have been fighting for the respect of the Legacy cohort Randy Orton in recent weeks – this will be the first time the three have teamed together in a while.

King: Well, if Cody and Ted can win the Tag Team Titles on Sunday, I’d say Orton will respect them. I know, because that’s what Orton said a couple of weeks ago!

Legacy get in the ring, moving to the far corner, whereas the face team are in the corner near the ramp, as usual.


The crowd boos as the Legend Killer, the Viper, the leader of Legacy, Randy Orton arrives, and stands atop the ramp, surveying the scene in front of him. Kofi Kingston eyes him from the ring.

Roberts: And, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 245 pounds... Randy Orton!

The boos intensify as Orton stalks down the ramp at a snail’s pace, the stage behind him a swirling orange colour.

Cole: The Viper, the methodical Legend Killer, the man who will face Kofi Kingston in six days’ time at Armageddon inside a brutal Steel Cage match – Randy Orton. One of the WWE’s biggest stars, at a young age – once a member of Evolution, once a member of the tandem Rated RKO, and now leader of his own, Legacy. He is a six-time World Champion, a one-time Intercontinental Champion, a one-time World Tag Team Champion, and the winner of the 2009 Royal Rumble back in January. Quite the resume, King.

King: Yup, Michael. Not to mention, he’s been in a total two Steel Cage matches over the course of his career – Kofi hasn’t been in one. That could be the difference, come Sunday.

Orton walks around the other side of the ring to avoid his opponents, and joins Legacy, who he gives a cold, emotionless stare to.


And finally, here comes the All-American American, who obviously hasn’t learnt a lesson in humility after his massive loss to ten men last week, as he charges on to the stage, as arrogant as ever. He beats his chest a few times, provoking boos from the crowd.

Roberts: And from Perry, Oklahoma, weighing in at 260 pounds... the All-American American... Jack Swagger!

The boos intensify. Swagger walks to the middle of the ramp, and drops with a few push-ups, causing fireworks to explode from the stage behind him.

Cole: As John Cena told us earlier, this Sunday, Jack Swagger comes of age in front of the entire world – he’ll be one-on-one with the Champ himself, with the WWE Championship on the line.

King: Tonight is his last chance to make an impression to John Cena before their match on Sunday, and I bet Swagger will want to do just that.

Swagger walks round the side of the ring, eyeing Cena’s title belt, before stepping up on to the apron. The referee takes the title belt, and hands it to ringside – Swagger can’t take his eyes off it! Well, while he’s not looking, Cena charges across the ring, and sends him from the apron with a huge Shoulder Block! Swagger clatters to the outside floor, but is up immediately, roaring at the smirking Cena.

Cole: As good ol’ JR might say, business is picking up!

He’s right – DX take advantage of the confusion, charging across the ring, knocking both members of Legacy from the apron, too! Kofi wanders across the ring too, and Orton drops from the apron by his own power, wary. Legacy slowly get to their feet, and the faces raise their arms, making a statement. Swagger yells obscenities at Cena, Rhodes and DiBiase stare down DX evilly, and Orton merely looks at Kofi with cold eyes, intrigued.

Cole: We have a massive 8-Man Tag Team match to come, after the break.

Raw goes to a quick break while everyone resets. Obviously, when Raw returns, the match has already started.


Match 6
John Cena, Kofi Kingston and D-Generation X vs Jack Swagger, Randy Orton, and Legacy

We’ll join the action after about eight minutes of frequent tags and a variety of confrontations between certain Armageddon opponents. As we join, it’s Cody Rhodes holding a battered Triple H in a headlock. The Game badly needs a tag after a number of minutes being pounded by different opponents, and Cena, Michaels and Kingston are all more than ready to accept such a tag – but the Cerebral Assassin’s gonna have work his way to his corner. The Game fires some hard elbows to the gut of Rhodes, and tries to force his way to his feet... and he gets there, but Rhodes kills all his momentum, transitioning the hold, dropping him with a Neckbreaker! The crowd boos as Rhodes looks out at the crowd with a smirk, before dragging the Game to Rhodes’ own corner, and tagging in Jack Swagger. The All-American American comes in, smirking, and deliberately drops a carefully measured knee to the gut of Triple H, every so often looking over at Cena to check that he’s watching – naturally, he is, and Swagger smirks, dropping another knee to the Game’s stomach. Swagger rolls Triple H to a neutral corner, on his back, and takes a few steps back... before charging, jumping up the turnbuckle, and landing his Delayed Corner Falling Splash! Swagger shoots the half... 1-2—BUT THE GAME KICKS OUT, SHOWING THERE’S LIFE IN HIM YET!

John Cena leads the support for the hot tag, and soon, Kofi and Shawn follow the WWE Champion’s lead, enticing the entire arena to start clapping – on the other side of the ring, Swagger tags in DiBiase, who picks Triple H up, and puts his own arm around his neck... setting up for Dream Street... but the Game fights back, spinning out of the hold, and whipping the Million Dollar Prince to the ropes... and nailing the Double A Spinebuster on his return! The crowd roars, and it’s Cena stretching the furthest, desperate for the tag... Triple H crawls across the ring, stretching out... DiBiase gets the tag to Rhodes... BUT HERE COMES JOHN CENA, LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN! He hammers Rhodes with a Flying Shoulder Block... and goes to the ropes as Rhodes stands... and hits another... Rhodes gets up, swings an arm, which Cena ducks... and nails the Spin-Out Side Slam Bomb! Cena rises, raising his hand, and the arena roars! The Champ takes a step towards his opponents’ corner... and waves the ‘You Can’t See Me’ to Jack Swagger! Swagger fumes, the crowd roars, and Cena heads for those ropes... he comes back, shuffles... and nails the Five – Knuckle – Shuffle! Rhodes sells it beautifully, and Cena crouches in the corner... Ted DiBiase charges into the ring, trying to kill Cena’s momentum... but he gets rocked with Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels, and thrown from the ring! HBK cries out with adrenaline, and the crowd roars... but Randy Orton flings him from the ring too! Orton turns... straight into Trouble in Paradise from Kofi Kingston! Orton rolls from the ring, stunned, and Kofi follows him out, keeping the offence up – Swagger stands on the bottom rope, roaring ‘IT MEANS NOTHING, CENA!’ and Rhodes finally gets up, gets hoisted on to the WWE Champion’s shoulders... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT FROM THE CHAMP HIMSELF! Cena shoots the half, and Swagger can only watch, not daring to enter the fray... 1-2-3! Send those fans home happy, cause Cena and co. are your winners!

Winners: John Cena, Kofi Kingston and D-Generation X

Match Time: 10:34

Kofi gets back in the ring, as do both members of DX, and the four have their arms raised in a line, as the crowd goes wild. Swagger is on the outside, fuming, while Orton licks his wounds, hunched in the corner where the barricade meets at a 90 angle, and Legacy hold their injured body parts, and stand defeated on the ramp, DiBiase holding up a dazed Rhodes.

Cole: Score one for the good guys, King!

King: Oh man, Michael! What a way to finish Raw! I can’t wait for this Sunday!

Cole: Indeed, King – we’ll be live in the Pepsi Center, in Denver, Colorado, two days after Christmas Day, where we have seven glorious matches lined up for the WWE Universe, live on pay-per-view! Thank you for watching Monday Night Raw, I’m Michael Cole, with WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler, we’ll see you Sunday!

Each man from the winning team takes to a turnbuckle, staring down their rival – the crowd in Kansas roars, and Raw fades... to... black. I thank you.


Quick Results

Chris Jericho bts. Mark Henry
Jamie Noble bts. Robbie McAllister
Maryse bts. Gail Kim
Evan Bourne bts. Chris Masters
Carlito bts. Chavo Guerrero
John Cena, Kofi Kingston and DX bt. Jack Swagger, Randy Orton and Legacy

Location: Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado
Date: December 27th 2009
Tagline: It's the End of the World...
Event Song: 'Tell No One' by Fixer

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs Jack Swagger

Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton
Steel Cage Match

United States Championship
The Miz (c) vs Carlito

WWE Unified Tag Team Championships
Chris Jericho and the Big Show (c) vs Mark Henry and MVP vs D-Generation X vs Legacy

Sheamus vs Jamie Noble
No Holds Barred Match

Divas Championship
Melina (c) vs Maryse

Chavo Guerrero vs Chris Masters vs Evan Bourne vs Paul London vs Primo Colon vs Santino Marella
United States Title No. 1 Contender Battle Royal


Editor’s Note: <<<Always wanted to write that. Anyway, that’s that. Raw is finished. As you can see, I have my posters for Armageddon and everything, it’s very simply a case of doing ECW and SmackDown, then it’s the preview and predictions contest (none yet, please, merci ) and then the event itself.

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