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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

This was a match I wrote for an older thread, same thread as the match I posted on the last page. Quite fond of this match and think it's the best single's match I ever wrote for any event.

Justin Roberts walks back up the entrance ramp as this match shows the tale of the tape’.

Joey Styles: “This is the tale of the tape’ let’s take a look at it and see which one has the possible advantage coming into this matchup.”

(Tale’ of the tape was shown on the tron)

"Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe
Born: March 17, 1979
Home Town: American Samoa
Height and Weight Status: 6'3" - 280 lbs
Debut: September 1999
Finishing Maneuvers: The Muscle Buster, Modified Tazmission & a Choke Sleeper
Career Highlights: One Time SWF Heavyweight Champion (3 Month reign), One Time ROH World Champion. Comes from a long line of wrestling family heritage with the infamous Samoan Wrestling family
Joey Styles: “Impressive, and now let’s take a look at CM Punk.”

C.M. Punk
Born: October 26, 1978
Home Town: Chicago, ILLINOIS
Height and Weight Status: 6'1" - 220 lbs
Debut: 1999
Finishing Maneuvers: Pepsi Plunge (Top-Rope Pedigree), GTS ‘Go to sleep’ & The Anaconda Vice.
Career Highlights: SWF US Champion (2), ROH Tag Team Champion (2).
Joey Styles: “Looks to me like Samoa Joe comes in this match as the aggressor with the advantage with not only having a height and weight advantage but quite possibly equal with Punk in the speed department as well. Samoa Joe has also held the big one’ the world title before and CM Punk never has tasted heavyweight championship and he could be getting butterflies right about now.”

Samoa Joe’s music hits and the crowd goes wild for the champion as he steps into the ring and gives the referee his title.

Joey Styles: “There is the current champion of SWF.”

Moments later CM Punk’s music hits and the crowd give him a deafening roar as he makes his way down to the ring.

Joey Styles: “Here comes the challenger but I can barely hear myself talk with the crowd so much behind Punk.”

Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk

*Bell rings*

CM Punk and Samoa Joe shake hands in the middle of the ring as these two best of friends circle the ring multiple times before walking up to each other and trying to psyche each other out. They eventually lock up in a collar-elbow-tie up. Samoa Joe goes down to one knee before coming back up to his feet again and hitting a few elbow shots to the side of the head, onto Punk. Punk then retaliates with a few of his own as they continue to lock onto each other in the middle of the ring like two bulls neither man looks to be moving or budging any time soon. CM Punk goes for an early kick to the mid section trying to wear his opponent down with a hard arsenal of martial arts kicks backing Samoa Joe against the ropes but Samoa Joe just pushes CM Punk back a few steps to the middle of the ring giving him a chance to catch his breath as Punk runs back at him only to get kneed in the lower abdomen. Samoa Joe punches and kicks his way back to the middle of the ring and then gets into a grapple position with Punk and hits a vertical back suplex holding him in the air for quite a few seconds showing his strength. As CM Punk’s back hits the canvas mat Samoa Joe moves on top of him for a pin fall hooking the inside leg for the count. The referee slides down to the mat to make the cover though CM Punk had kicked out literally as soon as it started. Samoa Joe grabbed the hair of CM Punk and yanked’ him up to his feet as he then threw him at the ropes and leant forward on the rebound in hope for a back body drop on CM Punk. While Punk was running at the ropes he then put the brakes on and held onto them. He then walked up to Samoa Joe who hasn’t realized this yet and kicked him hard in the shoulder as he leant forward. Joe just stood up straight and CM Punk ran at the ropes behind him where on the rebound CM Punk went for a flying cross body but only to get hit with a hard power slam to the center of the ring.

Samoa Joe at this time had instead of going for a casual pin fall had sat CM Punk up right’ and had gone behind him and locked him into a rear naked chin hold having his arm and elbow wrapped around CM Punk’s head and throat area in the center of the ring. CM Punk reaches his arm out desperately for the ropes but he is clearly too far away and tries to stand up and move from side to side but Samoa Joe just lays CM Punk down on the mat on his side and wraps his legs around his chest and gets him locked tightly into it. As CM Punk laid on his side grasping for air, he went for the ropes once again though to no avail he was once again too far away to reach it for a rope break. CM Punk refusing to tap though there are not many options he can do as Samoa Joe squeezes his ribs and chest area tight as he holds his head in a sleeper hold position. The referee walks up to CM Punk and raises his hand and then drops it down to the mat to check if there is any life signs in him. The referee then went for a second time though CM Punk’s hand stayed up as he was showing signs of life; CM Punk quickly moved onto his knees with Samoa Joe standing up and holding onto his head with a continuous sleeper hold. CM Punk then grabs Samoa Joe by the head and throws him over head with a snap mare take down putting Samoa Joe on the mat as CM Punk groggily stands back up onto his feet.

CM Punk doesn’t want Samoa Joe to get back up onto his feet and get back into this matchup as he sees Samoa Joe on one knee in the center of the ring. CM Punk runs at him and goes for martial arts hard kick to the chest but Samoa Joe ducks underneath it and then with his head in between CM Punk’s legs he stands up for an electric chair position. As Samoa Joe held CM Punk on his shoulders CM Punk squirmed down Joe’s back and rolled him up with a sunset flip but CM Punk had then gotten reversed and Samoa Joe had put his legs on CM Punk’s shoulders covering him on the mat for the pin fall kicking back on Punk. As the referee is about to make the count CM Punk rolls backwards and as Samoa Joe sat there on the mat CM Punk jumped up onto his feet and then within a blink of an eye had kicked Joe hard in the chest putting his back on the mat and then covering him for yet another pin fall attempt though only getting a one and a half count as Joe had kicked out with authority. CM Punk had stood back up on his feet taking Samoa Joe to a vertical base with him and kicking him in the gut before backing at the ropes and running at him going for a running knee lift but Samoa Joe moved his head out of the way and then had pushed CM Punk from behind at the opposite ropes, on the rebound CM Punk was caught and slammed down to the canvas mat below with belly to belly back suplex. Samoa Joe had gone for the pin fall but the suplex had sent Punk to the corner of the ring and Punk was able to get his leg on the bottom rope to break up the pin fall at the count of one. Samoa Joe stood up and had ran at the ropes behind him on the rebound had dropkicked CM Punk in the side of the head taking him out of the ring through the middle rope as CM Punk was on his knees.

Joey Styles: “This match is coming right in front of my table here folks.”

Samoa Joe had left the ring through the middle rope and had gone out after Punk. Punk then on one knee slowly getting up to his feet was grabbed by Joe and hoisted up to a vertical base though Punk began to fight back with all he got delivering multiple European Uppercuts and Elbow shots to the champion Samoa Joe. Joe was groggy for a moment as Punk grabbed Joe’s arm and went to throw him at the ring steps though Joe was not able to reverse it and Punk hit the big man on the steel steps which almost gave way when Joe made contact with them and tipped over. Punk then grabbed Joe by the head and rolled him into the ring under the bottom rope as Punk a few seconds later went into the ring himself and had hooked the outside leg for the pin fall on Samoa Joe. The referee had made the count; 1…….2. But Samoa Joe had kicked out. When CM Punk had gotten back up to his feet he then had left Samoa Joe there lying near the ropes as he ran at the opposite ropes and on the rebound went for a leg drop. As he went up in the air and was about to drop the legs into the throat of Samoa Joe, Samoa Joe had moved out of the ring back under the bottom rope and to the outside as Punk landed on his ass near the ropes in a whole lot of pain. Joe rolled back into the ring and lifted Punk back onto his feet and took him to the middle of the ring as he then hit a scoop slam on him putting him back down onto the mat before stomping on him for a couple of moments.

Samoa Joe then grabs the leg of CM Punk and goes to lock him into an ankle lock and insert another submission attempt onto Punk though Punk had rolled onto his back and then had kicked Samoa Joe a few feet back against the turnbuckles. Punk then sprang up onto his feet and looked around before running at the turnbuckles where Samoa Joe was standing against and went for a knee to jaw shot on Joe and managed to hit the move taking Joe’s lights out. CM Punk then grabbed onto Joe’s head and moved him to the middle of the ring and jumped up on his feet and attempted to take him down with a bulldog’ though once up in the air Samoa Joe put one hand underneath Punk and drove him down to the mat and Joe put his knee in the way. CM Punk’s lower back went crashing into Samoa Joe’s knee as Punk was in a lot of pain. Punk was then covered for another pin fall as Joe put his elbow across Punk’s face to insert disrespect as the referee went down for the count. 1…………2…. But CM Punk had kicked out barely before the three count was made. Samoa Joe grabbed Punk by the hair and pulled him to one knee before running at the ropes behind him to try and take him down on the rebound. Samoa Joe went for a clothesline though CM Punk had ducked underneath it and had hit a few standing martial art like kicks to the jaw on Joe before lifting him up onto his shoulders and going for the GTS the Go to Sleep.

Joey Styles: “This could all be over right here if he hits this one very devastating move.”

With Joe on Punk’s shoulders Joe had tried frantically to do whatever he could to get away from the GTS as he knew that the end was near. Samoa Joe had then raked the eyes of CM Punk and had slid down the back of Punk and when he had turned around Joe had kicked him in the gut, and had gone for one of his patented maneuvers the Death Valley Bomb with a Cradle. Samoa Joe lifts CM Punk up onto his shoulders and holds him in place for the move and forward a few steps and dives CM Punk’s head and shoulders area into the canvas mat with a hard impact. Samoa Joe hooks the leg for the pin fall as the referee makes the count. 1……….2…… NO! Samoa Joe can’t believe it but CM Punk kicked out of it. The crowd had gone nuts but Samoa Joe is banging his fists on the mat as he seriously is running out of ideas. Samoa Joe stands up for a few moments with his hands against his hips thinking and plotting on what to do next as he looks at Punk on his knees holding onto Joe’s knee pads trying to pull himself up to his feet. Samoa Joe helps him out and grabs him by the arm and then throws him into the turnbuckles, though CM Punk stops half way and reverses it and throws Joe’s back against the turnbuckles. Punk takes a deep breath and runs at the turnbuckles going to clothesline him against them though Joe moves out of the way and as he has his back to Punk in the corner he takes a step forward. And then amazingly hits a CCS Enzi-guri to the side of Punk’s head a jumping version of a Pele’ kick as Punk falls down stomach first into the mat.

Samoa Joe grabs CM Punk by the arm and drags him to the middle of the ring as he then lays against him in exhaustion and has his arm over him in another pin fall attempt to pick up the win and as the referee makes the count CM Punk grabs the arm of Joe and turns him over for a pin fall catching Samoa Joe off guard switching positions for a backslide pin fall but Joe stands up from it after the two count and as does Punk but Joe was waiting for him and runs at him and hits a lariat clothesline take down. CM Punk went spinning in the air doing a 360’ as he gets slammed back down to the mat below. Samoa Joe had went on CM Punk and had gone straight for the attack, sitting in him and pummeling him with numerous jabs to the face as CM Punk covered up boxing style. CM Punk pushes Samoa Joe off of him as CM Punk races up to his feet and Joe runs at him trying to continue to assault on him only to get kicked in the gut and then hit with a hard face planting DDT in the center of the ring. CM Punk then had then picked Samoa Joe up to his feet slowly and had began to take him to school so to speak’ with lots of punches and kicks to Joe’s upper body coming from all directions and making Samoa Joe stand there on spaghetti legs groggy and rocking back and forth. Punk had then kicked his opponent in the gut and had throws him at the ropes where on the rebound he hit an arm drag take down to put him on his side on the mat. CM Punk then holding that left arm of Samoa Joe, Punk had moved on top of him and locked Joe in for an anaconda vice submission hold where Joe refused to tap for a couple of seconds. Samoa Joe had reversed it amazingly and had put his legs over Punk’s head and pulled him down with a head scissors Punk and Joe then had each gotten up to their feet at the same time, Joe was standing in the corner all exhausted and tired out as was Punk as Punk ran at him in the corner going for another knee to the jaw attempt but Joe had ducked underneath it and had grabbed Punk on the second rope in a ‘rock bottom’ position and slammed his head down to the mat with a move which he likes to call the STJOE! Samoa Joe on his knees rolled CM Punk up with both legs for the pin fall and the referee made the count. 1………2……….3!!!!!!


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