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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

Extreme Championship Wrestling: February 23rd, 2010
“The End?”

...Winner of the 15-Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal and still the ECW Champion: Christian.

“Just Close Your Eyes” plays on the PA system as Christian collapses to the mat, exhausted from outlasting fourteen other ECW superstars to successfully retain his ECW Championship. A referee climbs into the ring and lifts Christian’s arm off of the mat, raising it in the air as a symbol of the champion’s victory.

Josh Mathews:
What a win for Christian and what a final match for ECW!

Matt Striker:
Christian, for all ages, has retained the ECW Championship! I couldn’t think of a better way to close ECW than with every single ECW superstar getting a shot at the championship, and in the end, Christian walks away still the ECW Champion.


What? The audience deliver a strong pop as the camera turns to the entrance stage to reveal...yes...the ECW original and former ECW Champion, Tommy Dreamer! Dreamer slaps his chest, yelling out “E - C - W!” before making his way to the ring. Christian looks baffled as Dreamer approaches the squared circle...dressed in his wrestling gear and an ECW t-shirt!

Matt Striker:
I cannot believe this! ECW original Tommy Dreamer, the man who was retired a month ago by Zack Ryder, has returned to the Land of the Extreme!

Josh Mathews:
A shocking turn of events to say the least. What does this appearance mean, Matt?

Inside the ring, Dreamer is now face-to-face with Christian as the two men share expressions of both intensity and confusion all mixed into one. A few hardcore fans are chanting “ECDub, ECDub!” as the two men stand centre-stage, eye-to-eye. Dreamer has been given a microphone.

Tommy Dreamer:
So...this is it, huh? This is it? This is “the end” of ECW? This is the final chapter in the history of Extreme Championship Wrestling?

Dreamer pauses, obviously very emotional in this moment of time. But as his friend Christian puts a hand on his shoulder, Dreamer suddenly swipes it away. Christian looks confused as Dreamer’s emotion morphs into an expression of seriousness.

Tommy Dreamer:
No it’s not. This isn’t “it””. This isn’t “the end” of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Because the truth is, Extreme Championship Wrestling died on January 7th, 2001. Extreme Championship Wrestling died with the last-ever Extreme Championship Wrestling pay-per-view, Guilty As Charged. This? This isn’t ECW. This pathetic excuse for a show is nowhere NEAR being E - C - Dub!

The true ECW fans in the crowd cheer whilst everybody else, including Christian, stay silent and continue to stare at Dreamer in surprise and confusion. Meanwhile, Dreamer himself is starting to get more and more riled up.

Tommy Dreamer:
For nine years, I gave everything to Extreme Championship Wrestling! Blood, sweat, tears, my heart, my soul, EVERYTHING! I took lashes with Singapore canes, I went through burning tables, I got bloodied by chairs, and I - LOVED IT!! I LOVED PUTTING MY BODY ON THE LINE, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, BECAUSE I KNEW I WAS A PART OF SOMETHING UNIQUE, SOMETHING INNOVATIVE, SOMETHING THAT COULD NEVER BE DUPLICATED EVER AGAIN!!

Dreamer is now shaking with anger, frustration, but even more so...passion. All the while Christian stays silent, listening intently to the ECW original.

Tommy Dreamer:
We didn’t have the big sold-out arenas. We didn’t have the corporate powers, we didn’t have the endless bank of resources, we didn’t have the worldwide names like the Hulk Hogan’s, the Shawn Michaels’, The Rock’s. But damn it, we - didn’t - need them! You know why?? BECAUSE WE HAD THE ROB VAN DAM’S, THE RAVEN’S, THE RHYNO’S, THE SANDMAN’S, AND DARE I SAY IT, THE TOMMY DREAMER’S!! WE HAD THE GUYS WHO WOULD BREAK THEIR FRIGGIN’ NECKS, WHO WOULD TASTE THEIR OWN BLOOD, AND THEY WOULD RELISH IN IT!! THAT’S WHAT WE DID!! WE LIVED ECW!! WE BREATHED ECW!! WE WERE AND WILL ALWAYS BE E - C - W!!!

As some fans continue to cheer him on with loud and audible “E-C-Dub!” chants, Dreamer takes a second to calm down and quite frankly get his breath back.

Tommy Dreamer:
There is not a day, not one - day...in my life, where I regret ever being a part of Extreme - Championship - Wrestling. But this company right here? This company, which takes what Paul Heyman, what ALL of us did in the Hammerstein Ballroom, in what I truly believe is the greatest arena in the world, and MOCKS it...this company would be NOTHING without ECW!!

The crowd is now split; some booing Dreamer’s anti-WWE nature and some applauding it, but the “Innovator of Violence” doesn’t stop just yet.

Tommy Dreamer:
A long time before there was “Attitude” and “Hardcore”, there was ECW. A long time before Stone Cold and Mankind, there was Superstar Steve Austin and Cactus Jack. Those guys came to this company, they became WWE “superstars”, but deep down they will always - be - EXTREMISTS!!

Another pause from Dreamer, who seems to have let most of his anger go, but still has more to say. Surprisingly, Dreamer stares Christian square in the eye...and smirks. An uncomfortable, untrusting smirk.

Tommy Dreamer:
Let me ask you something. You think that when the years go by, people are going to associate ECW with names like, Zack Ryder? William Regal? You think people are going to associate ECW with the name...Christian?

Dreamer pauses again, giving Christian a moment to think, but not enough time to react.

Tommy Dreamer:
...You wouldn’t be a second thought when people remember ECW.

The crowd let out an “Ooh!” as Christian stares back at Dreamer, stone-faced, whilst the crazed Dreamer, eyes wide open, sadistic grin on his face, continues to focus on the ECW Champion.

Tommy Dreamer:
You are the champion of a brand which has absolutely no affiliation whatsoever with ECW. You are the champion of a brand which is a cheap, third-rate WWE rip-off show. I mean...look at that belt. Look at it. It makes me SICK!

The boos are starting to get louder as Dreamer focuses more on ripping WWE than praising the original ECW. Dreamer is now pointing at the championship belt, Christian is looking down at it on his shoulder.

Tommy Dreamer:
THAT...is NOT...the E - C - W championship. THAT...is a cheap imitation of the true ECW Championship. But just like everything else about this show...it’s - FAKE!

Christian now looks back at Dreamer, a look of annoyance, finally showing on his face, and Dreamer looks happy to see he has gotten to the champ. Seemingly gotten what he aimed for, Dreamer takes a step back, the craziness somewhat fading out of his face.

Tommy Dreamer:
This is the end alright. But it’s not the end of Extreme - Championship - Wrestling. This is the end of the biggest mockery in the history of professional wrestling. This is the end of Vince McMahon’s pathetic attempt to take an idea that wasn’t even his and adapt it in his image. So...as...The Heart...and Soul...of Extreme - Championship - Wrestling...I want to say...


Thank you.
Thank you for finally ridding us ALL of this nightmare. Thank you for taking this horrid piece of programming and flushing it down the toilet. Thank you for putting the final nail in the coffin of a brand that I regret ever working for. But most of all, thank you...for taking this brand so far away from what the original ECW was...that it’s now impossible for us to be associated with it.

Silence. After a few moments, “Man in the Box” plays again as Dreamer smirks again at Christian, having ranted and made a point on this, the last ever broadcast of ECW (?) on Sci-Fi. Christian continues to stand in the ring, staring at Dreamer, silent. Dreamer finally turns to the crowd and salutes those that were cheering him along, pounding his chest with a flurry of hard fists and yelling out, one more time, “E - C - W!”. Having saluted those loyal supporters of ECW, Dreamer turns to leave the ring-


Dreamer falls to the mat in an absolute heap as Christian stands over him, looking more serious than he has ever looked before. A mixed reaction is heard throughout the arena, leaning mostly toward boos, as the ECW Champion stands tall over Dreamer, looking down at him with zero emotion. Alas...there is more to come. Suddenly, Christian grabs a hold of the top rope and unleashes his right foot on Dreamer’s face, POUNDING Dreamer’s forehead with vicious shots! Christian has gone completely BERSERK as he continues to assault Dreamer, trying to tear Dreamer open!! His foot not working, Christian angrily pulls Dreamer up to his knees. Still not saying a word, Christian picks up the ECW Championship belt from the mat and looks down at the exhausted Innovator of Violence. Taking one last moment to pause, Christian sneers at Dreamer...and blasts the ECW original with yet another shot to the face!! Dreamer collapses around and onto his stomach, completely knocked out from the shot. After a moment of zooming in on the serious expression still fixated upon the face of Christian, it turns to Dreamer, who is now shown to have drawn blood. Satisfied with his hideous actions and with an audience now united in booing this turn of events, the last-ever ECW Champion leaves the ring, not looking back once at Dreamer. With no commentary, no entrance music, but an arena full of fans booing him out of the building, Christian walks through the curtain, never to be seen again on Sci-Fi. With no champion left to focus on, the camera now turn back to the ring, where Tommy Dreamer lies in a pool of his own blood. The final image of ‘ECW (?) on Sci-Fi’ sees Tommy Dreamer, the Innovator of Violence, the heart and soul of Extreme Championship Wrestling, unconscious inside the ring.

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