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Re: Diva Chaos

Diva Chaos Top 10:Volume 54

So Long...
Daizee Haze:
Daizee falls off the top ten for the first time since it's inception and that proves how miserable Lacey has made life for The Haze, but Daizee could get her revenge at Guilty Pleasure!
Christy Hemme: The IN Champ is in trouble after back to back loses to potential opponents, her story tale rise as champion but come to an end at Guilty Pleasure
Others Earning Votes...
Velvet Sky: Velvet pinned the IN Champion and earned herself a potential International Title match at Guilty Pleasure
Beth Phoenix: Beth dominated Awesome Kong and looks to prove that she is the most dominant woman in wrestling at Guilty Pleasure if she gets her chance in monsters ball
Ashley Lane: Ashley got a little bit of revenge beating Melina's bodyguard Mercedes, but it's Melina that Ashley really wants and gets her chance at Gulty Pleasure

Please PM Me Your Votes For Volume 56 Guilty Pleasure

When Trish Stratus made her announcement to return to the ring it was met by enormous ovation from fans and friends alike. With the exception Maryse and Natalya who told Trish it was their time in the spot light. However, Mickie James came to her best friend and former mentor's aid. But it one of the most shocking betrayls in history, Trish turned her on her friend Mickie James, and alligned herself with Maryse and Natalya. Trish claimed that Maryse and Natalya did have one thing right that they were future of this buissness and under her advice they would take over Diva Chaos and take the World Title away from Mickie James. But, Mickie claims that Trish is just jealous of Mickie and everything she has went on to accomplish during Trish's retirement and that once Trish has used up the Canadian Connection she will toss them to the side, just like she did Mickie. But at Diva Chaos the Connection has a shot to leave with all the gold as who ever the fans vote in will get a shot at the World Title, but the runner ups will take on The Pink Ladies for the Tag Team Titles. So will it be Natalya, who came so close to dethrowing Mickie James for the gold, Maryse who would love to get a shot to prove that she is the future of womens wrestling, or will the legendary Trish Stratus get a shot at once again being on top of women's wrestling?

Christy Hemme pulled off one of the biggest upsets in history when she got on a hot streak and ran through the International Title tournament and defeated Katie Lea in the finals to become the first ever International Champion, but since becoming champion, things have not been going Christy's way. Now the odds will be stacked against her as she will go into Guilty Pleasure, not even knowing who her opponent will be. As the fans will choose between Rain who has been on a hot streak as well, getting into the match up after defeating Daizee Haze. Could it be Amber O'Neal who has to be pinned since her debut and claims Christy Hemme's title win was a fluke and that her luck has run out, and Amber actually holds a pinffall victory over Hemme in singles action. Then finally is Vevlet Sky the personal assistant to General Manager Kelly Kelly, who has claimed she has what it takes to be a main evener and took advantage of a situation to pin Christy in tag team action. So now with Hemme on a losing streak and the odds stacked against her, can she turn it around before she loses the International Title that she worked so hard to earn?

When Daffney debuted she made an instant impact, winning the Hardcore Title, and since that moment she has ran threw and decimated every woman in her way. Leaving them in a trail of blood and broken bones as she unleashed her sadistic type of punishment as she reamains undefeated. But ever since her debut she's been looking for a woman who would be able to take her head on and meet her blow for blow and she might have finally found the right woman. Ever since Daffney and The Coven attacked Cheerleader Melissa, Melissa has had two goals to get ahold of Daffney and take her Hardcore Title. Melissa has her opportunites in the past, but never like this, for the first time ever she gets Daffney one-on-one! Both will looking to be destory each other but the fans will get to pick their type of tournament, as Melissa and Daffney will ethier rage war inside hell in a cell or one will look to be the last woman standing! Ethier way it is sure to be one of the most violent and brutal matches in Diva Chaos history. This match is more then who will leave the hardcore title, but who will survive and be able to walk out on their own?

Most people had always thought of Michelle Mccool as a woman who looked out only for herself, but when Torrie Wilson returned to Diva Chaos, we were all surprised to see a side of Michelle that most thought didn't exist. As it appeared she was truly Torrie's friend and had her back, a friendship that dates back to the early days of Diva Chaos when the two were able to become the first ever tag team champions. However, when Michelle and Torrie came up short in their quest to reclaim the titles, we all saw the real side of Michelle Mccool. As Michelle brutally assaulted her friend and claimed Torrie was liability and always held her back from her true potential. Although Torrie was heartbroken, she would not back down Michelle and offically put an end to their friendship when she drilled Michelle with a crutch. Now these two former best friends and partners will go at it one on one but will the fans choose a submission match, a respect match, or an extreme rules match. Anyway way the fans vote, these two former friends will be happy to destory each other.

Lacey and Daizee Haze's feud dates back to the orignal diva chaos show and when Lacey returned to Diva Chaos she set her sights on Daizee and the Shimmer Title. However when Daizee beat Lacey at Gold Rush, a match many claim that Lacey would of won if it not for the offical being out, Lacey snapped and blamed Daizee for costing her a shot at becoming Undisputed Champion and making history. From that moment on, Lacey has promised to make Daizee's life a living hell and has done a good job doing so. With sneak attacks and beatdowns, also costing Daizee a shot at the International Title. But a woman can only be pushed so far and it seems as Lacey has sent Daizee over the deep end and wants to destory Lacey and put an end to this once and for all, and they will get their shot as Guilty Pleasure but will the fans choose a steel cage, when it was these two women who competed i nthe first ever cage match in Diva Chaos history, or will the fans want to see these two ladies tied at the wrist by brutal steel chain, or finally could it be a tables match? It's all up to the fans to see how the longest running feud in Diva Chaos comes to an end.

Three intriguing match ups but which one do the fans want to see more? Will it be monsters ball where four women Sara Del Rey, Awesome Kong, Beth Phoenix, and Roxxi all look to prove who is toughest and most hard hitting woman in wrestling? Could it be The Ninjas Vs The Bellas as Perez and Matthews have been embarassed by the Bellas for the past two weeks after Nikki and Brie have pulled off upsets in both singles and tag action using the old switcharoo to outsmart the former Shimmer Tag Champs. Or will Eve finally get a shot at Gail Kim after Gail was revealed as the woman who sent Stephanie Mcmahon out of Diva Chaos, Eve looks to revenge the former GM and friend, but Gail looks to rid the company of all the "eye candy" women in this buissness. Who will get their chance to settle everything once and for all?

Ashley Lane was an established tag team wrestler with her best friend and partner Nevaeh, The Ohio Girls were on of the most prolific tag teams in the bussiness but when Nevaeh went down to injury, it left Ashley on her own. But Ashley took it as an opportunity to focust on her singles career and when she upset the former World Champion Melina, Ashley seemed on her way. But Melina could not handle the embrassement of being beat by Lane and set out on a mission to make this personal and she did exactly that when she attacked Ashley's friend Nevaeh. Sending Nevaeh out of action even longer and now Lane has been like a rabid animal, salavating at a chance at Melina. But, Melina wisely went out and got herself a bodygaurd, Mercedes Martinez. However that wont save her at Guilty Pleasure when Lane will get a chance at Melina but will be in a strecher match, where like Nevaeh, one woman will be carted out on a strecher, a lumberjill matfch where ringside will be filled with women to make sure Melina can't run, or will be at an I Quit match?

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