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Re: Diva Chaos

JayLive59's Volume 55 Feedback

Sorry for not commenting sooner, my friend. It's been a busy week for me. But better late than never, I suppose.

Glad to see this thread back, even if this week's installment isn't in your usual form. I'm definitely looking forward to Guildy Pleasure, so I'm glad that we'll be getting that next!

I liked Kelly Kelly's twist at the top of the show. Putting Trish, Maryse and Natalya's fates in the hands of the fans could add A LOT of drama to the event, especially between the Divas! I can't wait to see who ends up in which match.

"Nikki" Bella getting the win over Portia Perez for a second time with the switcherroo was a good way to advance this budding feud. I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

Beth vs. Kong is a match I'd definitely like to see in real life. Both are powerhouses and I'd be very excited to see them mix it up. Beth hitting Kong with the Glam Slam would truly be a sight to see. I don't doubt she could do it, either! The follow up was a great build to the Monster's Ball Match as well.

Daffney running the gauntlet was a great way for her to get over headed into the big event. Glad to see her go over and I'm very excited to see her match with Melissa. The laundry hamper was a good angle, I liked it.

I didn't find the Martinez/Lane overly special. This is the feud I'm probably least interested in headed into the event.

I was glad to see Velvet Sky get the win in the tag match. I'm pulling for her to win the title at Guilty Pleasure.

Good build to the Haze/Lacey match with the Tag Match. Would have liked to have seen Gail get the win, but seeing as Rain is in a potential title match, I see the logic in having her get it.

Really glad Torrie stood up to Michelle! Nice twist with the feigned injury.

The Canadian Connection came off really strong in the main event. I wonder what will happen at the show.

I'm sending in my votes now, hope it's not too late!

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