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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Raw Feedback

I really liked the angle you took with this Cena promo to kick off the show. It was nothing overly great, but I just thought it was very clever. Besides that, Cena seemed pretty in character throughout, although Ií
M not sure about the constant ďthat yeahĒ, Iím not sure Cena says that all that often, or at all. Anyway, an interesting challenge to Kurt Angle, and I really hope he accepts. Edge? Heís no Angle, but Iíll have to see how you make this work. Edge sure as hell started off a little differently than I thought, claiming that he and Cena are alike? The defiance from Cena was typical baby face Cena, tbh. I loved the arrogance of Edge, and even though heís trying to make things right, everything heís saying is putting himself over. Awesome stuff. Cena is expected to not be happy with that, so nothing out of the ordinary there. Edge finally gets to the point, clearly wanting him and Cena to team up to take out Angle, even if he didnít exactly say that. I canít picture Cena calling Edge toots, especially when heís supposed to be in a pissed off mood. Cena to smart for that was to be expected, although I didnít like the Lita insult, it seemed way too forced for my liking. Edge trying to turn things around so they make him look decent was a good move, yet once again, Cena is supposed to be pissed off, so why are you trying to make him humorous? An alliance? I didnít think so, Cena was pretty good, declining the offer, but once again, I wasnít a huge fan of this Lita insult, it just wasnít very good. at the arrogance of Bischoff. It really reminded me of the good old days, and I must say, Bischoff was pretty much spot on in this promo, and the main event should be a damn good match. Overall, promo was good for the most, but had little bits where superstars said unnecessary things, or didnít portray their mood.

On a side note, I just want to say that I feel as if Ric Flair and Chavo have become number one contenderís way to fast. I mean, theyíve only competed together once.

I like how you had Benjamin come out separately to Haas; it shows just how much they arenít getting along, at the moment. The match up was okay, although I would have preferred Redneck Wrecking Crew to pick up the victory, simply because Haas and Benjamin are not communicating properly, and RWC are probably the best tag team on your show, at the moment. Anyway, besides that, I guess you continue the Haas and Benji storyline, with the latter quickly leaving after the win, but Iím still not to sure you made the right decision here tonight.

I wasnít a huge fan of this Gregory Helms promo in all honesty, and I was surprised, as over the past few weeks Iíve enjoyed reading Helms, but I wasnít a huge fan of him here. The whole Michaels chose him thing made sense, although was kind of weird at the same time, I canít really put my finger on it, but something about it bothered me. From there, it was the same old shit, talking about how Michaels is over the hill and how heís the guy whoís going to finally put him away, really generic. I didnít like the old yellaí reference at all, I donít feel like it suits this situation. Also, Helms joke about the broken hip was rather lame, so I think thereís definitely plenty of work to do here.

Eh? Triple H wishing Michaels luck? I donít like the look of that, simply because youíre hinting towards Triple H becoming a face and feuding with The McMahonís, but you couldnít possibly be silly enough to bring back DX, could you?

Another good segment between Mickie and Trish, which continues, what I believe, is going to be the Stratus heel turn. Nothing really to complain about here, I think youíre building this heel turn really well.

A typical divas tag team match really, nothing to exciting, although I think this could be a key moment in the potential Trish/Mickie feud. Itís really the first time their miscommunication has resulted in a loss of any kind, therefore Iím interested to see just how Trish reacts next week. I guess Vickie will also get a title shot to. Oh, and at Candice being a hapless pornstar.

Helms/Michaels was written very well. I had nothing to complain about, it was just a very fun match to read, and what a big win for Helms in this thread. Michaels stays strong though, thanks to the interference from Shane McMahon, and overall, I must say, this match really did impress the shit out of me, even if I thought Helms maybe worked on HBKís back for a little to long.

Triple H coming down, only to have Shane and Helms runs away is really looking very much like a Triple H/Shawn Michaels alliance will start. I really hope youíre swerving us.

RWC/Haas and Benjamin again next week? RWC better get the win next time.

I loved the way Edge began his chat with Bischoff, he exuded a lot of confidence and cockiness, was great. I really enjoyed Bischoffís part here to, very in character, and laying down the law just like an authority figure should. Good segment, imo.

Flair and Guerrero promo was okay. I still donít like the way theyíve been brought together, even though you gave us their history in this interview. Hopefully I can just get behind them in the ring instead.

Masters shouldnít have his own entrance, tbh. He should be a step behind Carlito . Honestly, V Squared and Rene Dupree being in this match makes it jobberific, there is no nice way to put it. It was a good contest, as Carlito continued to avoid RVD, which is good as it continues a storyline, and yet RVD looked like a machine taking out all three men before picking up the victory. Good that Dupree took the pin to, Masters wouldnít deserve that treatment.

Big Show and Kane interference in the main event? Yuck, tbh, just because itís them.

Triple H should have stayed speechless, would have made him look even angrier, then talking to Grisham, and being composed.

This main event was pretty epic, and I really did get behind Flair and Guerrero, as they actually challenged two of the top superstars on the Raw brand. Interference from Tag champs adds some heat to their match next week which is good, while the aftermath with Cena topping Edge, only for the man, KURT ANGLE to take out Cena was terrific. A great way to finish off the show.

Overall, the show was okay, although I feel like Iíve read better from you before, With that being said, Iím living your main event scene, your tag division continues to improve, and your Divas storyline is rather fun. Youíre doing pretty well with the booking, I had more issues with the actual promos on this show, but even they still werenít bad, Iím just fussy. Keep churning these out, please.

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