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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by -GP- View Post

A friend is taking some classes and he suggested an MMA school in the area that does BJJ programms.
He says it's a good workout and pretty damn interesting to boot, so i'm considering it.

He's not a pure gym person so he can't comment on how it compares to a gym workout, which is why i'm here.
Anybody here with any experience on beginner BJJ courses? Is the workout good, how does it compare to a gym workout?
Is it worth it, or should i just try finding motivation for the gym?

I'll probably give it a test run anyway, but i was wondering if anybody had any insights on it.

This is just my opinion and I could be wrong but most MMA gyms to me seem to be superior to a regular gym. The cost I've seen around my area is usually 2x of what a normal gym is. My gym I was going to was $40 a month and a MMA gym around here is $80 a month to learn one martial art or $110 for unlimited training. From what I can tell the MMA gyms come equipped with weights and cardio equipment since cardio is such a big deal when it comes to MMA. So if you're looking to get big and lose weight = regular gym. In my opinion if you're looking to lose weight, get toned and gain some knowledge = MMA gym. As far as BJJ classes go you'll be focusing way more on cardio than you would weights, where as a wrestling class you may be focusing on strength more so than conditioning (again, correct me if I'm wrong this is just my opinion).

but it depends on how much you want to pay like I said since you can probably expect to pay 2x what you normally pay at your regular gym. The UFC are opening gyms around the United States (not sure where you're from).

I allowed my gym membership to expire the other day. I simply didn't have the passion to wake up every day and go and do cardio/weight machines (all the big guys use the free weights and I'm a little self conscious to work out with them). The only thing I'm going to truly miss is the cardio machines. I weigh 314 (maybe 312 right now).

Last night I went to Walmart (I know, I know) and looked around and spent $126 on these items (I only had $145 to spend so I wanted to make my money count). I've yet to set my bench up I'm waiting for a friend to come over to help me. Here's a few pics of what I bought. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated on how you would go about using these.

Note, I'm a big guy (6'3) with toned legs and a flabby chest/stomach/back area. My goal is to lose weight and ideally be down to 270-250 but without much loose skin to show for it. I believe I can lose the majority of the weight just from lifting, then eventually I'll have to bring cardio into the mix again and then pick if I want to diet and lose weight & muscle or eat, gain/maintain weight & gain muscle. But I believe I can lose weight and gain muscle right now since I have a large body fat % on my upper body.

I'm not a trainer I'm just a gym idiot so if I'm wrong please correct me.

Here's my bench I bought:

Here's a 100lb barbell set I bought (Mine was only $30):

Here's the 40lb dumbbell set I bought (Mine is made out of the same material as my barbell set. Couldn't find it on Walmart's website):

One downside I read to the bench was that the brackets for the barbell only support 110lbs which doesn't seem like alot but I don't think I can even bench press 100lbs in 3 reps right now. And the leg extender supports 50lbs which is kinda disappointing because the leg extender I used at my local gym I was doing 60lbs easily.

However to me it looks like a good starter set for my bed room. My only concern is that I'll outgrow it too fast or I don't know how much the bench actually supports as far as weight limit goes because I don't of many $77 benches that support 300lbs.


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