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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

February 6th, 2006 | Phillips Arena; Atlanta, Georgia
Fool Me Once, Shame On You ... Fool Me Twice ...

The broadcast commences with the usual video package, highlighting the RAW superstars, before we then cut into the Phillips Arena to see the pyro display at the top of the stage. The natives of Atlanta are obviously very hyped up, jumping up and down, holding signs up and shouting as we pan around the arena, before settling down with our broadcast team of Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler & Jonathan Coachman.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night RAW, live here from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m Joey Styles joined here at the announce desk by Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler & Jonathan Coachman, and gentlemen, what a show we have in store for the folks here in Atlanta tonight.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, Joey. Following last week both Edge & John Cena are no doubt going to be annoyed at Kurt Angle as he Angle Slammed not just one of them, but the both of them! What fallout could we possibly see from the actions of Angle?

Jonathan Coachman: ‘King’, tonight’s not about Cena, it’s not about Angle, and dare I say it, it’s not even about our illustrious WWE Champion, Edge. Tonight is about one man and his rise to fame, because tonight, the shooting star here on Monday Night RAW, my hero, your hero, everybody’s hero Gregory Helms will be going one on one with ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, and babyboy, you better believe Helms is ready to finish Michaels off for Mr. McMahon once and for all.

Joey Styles: That’s certainly going to be a huge match, ‘Coach’, but that also raises the question of whether or not we’ll see Mr. McMahon tonight. Last week we saw Triple H call out both Mr. McMahon & his son Shane, and while they weren’t there last week to answer the call, will we see them in the arena here tonight?

Jerry Lawler: I dunno’, Joey, but what I do I know is that tonight’s gonna’ be huge with all of that, plus the reunion of The World’s Greatest Tag Team, as they battle The Redneck Wrecking Crew! I can’t wait!


The crowd explodes into a huge mixed reaction as John Cena runs out onto the stage, absolutely full of energy, as is normally the case with the former WWE Champion. Cena looks around for a moment, however, he doesn’t actually salute the crowd, instead deciding to hurry up and make his way down to the ring, perhaps with some business that he feels needs attending to.

Joey Styles: As ‘King’ alluded to a moment ago, the past eight days have certainly been some of the most turbulent in the life of John Cena. At the Royal Rumble he lost his rematch for the WWE Title against Edge, before getting in a heated face-off with Kurt Angle backstage. Angle was of course attacked later in the night, and despite Cena denying any wrongdoing, last week we saw Kurt Angle hit John Cena with the Angle Slam to close the show.

Jonathan Coachman: And with good reason, Joe. If someone attacked me backstage, I’d like to think I’d look for revenge against them too. While I haven’t agreed much with Angle as of late, all he was doin’ last week was lookin’ out for numero uno, and that I dig.

Cena now stands in the ring with a microphone, having swiftly made his way down to the ring, waiting as the sound of his music and the crowd dies down, before smiling and beginning.

John Cena: Hustle ... loyalty ... respect.

The crowd reacts with a mixed reaction instantly for the trademark attributes of Cena.

John Cena: Just three words. Three, short, words. And yet these three words, they mean everything to me. These three words, they’re not just some promotional tool, they’re not just there to sell merchandise, to sell me. No. Instead, they sum up everything that I stand for, EVERYTHING ... that I believe in. They sum up ... everything ... I have.

Cena pauses.

John Cena: I’m not gonna’ lie. This past month, yeah, it’s been rough. It’s been quite possibly the worst month o’ my career. From losin’ the WWE Title after survivin’ hell in the Elimination Chamber, to fallin’ short in my rematch ... my only rematch ... yeah ... it’s been rough. An’ I’ll be the first to admit, that yeah, I was more than just a little disappointed that when I failed in my quest regain the WWE Title. I was annoyed. I was angry. I was pissed ... off. All that work that I had put into bein’ the best that I can be, all that work that I had put in to bein’ the best in the entire WWE ... all of it ... for nothin’. It hasn’t been easy, I’ll tell you that much ... but my beliefs, my beliefs have helped me through it.

Cena pauses for a moment.

John Cena: Kurt Angle ...

Huge mixed reaction at the mention of Angle, which leans mainly towards pops.

John Cena: Me an’ you ... we’ve been through a lot. We’ve fought more times than I can count. I’ve made you bleed, you’ve made me bleed. I’ve knocked you out, you’ve knocked me out. To say that we’ve gotten to know one another personally, that’d be an understatement. Kurt, I know you like the back o’ my hand. And a few weeks ago, I thought the same applied to you. I thought you knew how I operated. Apparently not.

Slight pause.

John Cena: Last week, Kurt ... last week, I told you, I told the world, that yeah, while I was pissed off at you eight nights ago, while I was pissed off at myself, I had nothin’ to do with what happened to you later that night. I promised you ... I gave you my word that while I didn’t necessarily like you, nor did I ever agree with you that your lil’ ‘mystery attacker’ ... it wasn’t me.

Another slight pause.

John Cena: Kurt, when you attacked me last week you accused me of committing the cardinal sin. You accused me of going against my beliefs. You accused me of disregarding my upbringing. YOU ACCUSED ME OF BEING EVERYTHING THAT I HATE!

The intensity of Cena is on show for all to see, his face dead serious, cheeks quivering.

John Cena: Plain and simple, Kurt, last week, you spat not just in my face, but on everything that I stand for. You spat on me, my family and everything that I’m about ... and I’m gonna’ make you pay for that. But unlike you, I’m not gonna’ attack you from behind. I’m not gonna’ jump you. Instead, I’m gonna’ extend you an invitation.

Another slight pause.

John Cena: I invite you ... no, I dare you, Kurt Angle, get yo’ big, ol’ Olympic ass out to this ring so I can whoop yo’ ass all over Atlanta ... face to face ... man ... to man.

Cena now waits for a moment, getting ready for a fight as he looks to the top of the stage, only to hear ...


The crowd immediately gives epic heat as, surrounded by a veil of smoke, the WWE Champion, Edge & Lita walk out onto the stage, arm in arm. Edge looks badass like normal, wearing a beanie to go along with his blue jeans, ‘Rated R’ merchandise t-shirt, vest and of course title, while Lita is scantily clad in what looks to have once resembled a singlet. The couple walk down the ramp and climb up into the ring, Edge instantly receiving a microphone. However, rather than instantly talking, Edge looks at Cena and realises he is obviously agitated, holding his fists up, showing he’s ready for a fight.

Edge: Whoa, hang on there, Cena. Calm down. Calm down. I’m not out here to fight you. Instead, as much as I hate you, Cena – and vice versa – I’m out here to talk to you, man to man ... competitor, to competitor.

Edge looks on at Cena cautiously, waiting for him to drop his fists which he slowly does.

Edge: That’s right, I’m here to talk to you, because Cena, as much as it pains me to say this – and believe me, that’s quite a lot – me an’ you, Cena, we’re not that unalike.

John Cena: Me and you are nothing alike.

Edge: Hang on, hang on. Hear me out, just ... hear me out, okay? Now I’ll admit, I used you as a stepping stone for my career, and I pretty much made sure that it’d be me, not you, but me, walking into WrestleMania 22 with this shiiiiny gold belt around my waist ...


Edge: But ... but that doesn’t mean we’re that unalike. I mean, let’s look at the facts for a moment.

Edge pauses for a moment, seemingly thinking.

Edge: Okay, here’s one. Me and you, we both brought a new cutting edge to the WWE. I mean, just look at this WWE Title.

Edge spins the centrepiece around.

Edge: That ... that was you! And me, well, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I am the most watched champion here on RAW in the past three years. As soon as I won this title, ratings have gone through the roof. People pay, to see me. Qite simply, I, equal, ratings.


Edge: Alright, alright, here’s another one. Me an’ you, we have both had problems with the authority here on Monday Night RAW. Eric Bischoff, he can’t control either of us. He can’t stop either of us from doing what we want, where we want.

Edge smiles to himself while Cena just stands still.

Edge: We both like bling. I mean, you’ve got your chin there, your little necklace, while I – I have this!

Edge raises the WWE Title in the air and smirks to some very good heat.

John Cena: Is that all this is? Huh? You just came out here to talk yourself up, yet again, because if y’all did, trus’ me when I say I have no problem kickin’ yo’ ass righ’ here, right now!

Big pop from the crowd.

Edge: Hey, Cena! Cena! Cool your jets, hotshot, because there’s one last thing we have in common, and trust me, I think this is the one you’re gonna’ like.

Edge now waits for Cena to calm down once again.

Edge: Finally, both of us ... we both have a common hate ... no, a common disdain for Kurt ... Angle!

Mixed reaction for the mention of Angle.

Edge: For weeks ... FOR WEEKS, Kurt Angle has been a thorn in my side, getting in my face at any, ANY chance he can get. But all of that, it was nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compared to what he did to me last week. Y’see, just like you Cena, I was wrongly accused, and I was assaulted by that barbarian, Kurt Angle, so what I ...

John Cena: Whoa, hold the phone there, toots. You’re tellin’ me that I was wrongly accused last week? That’s I was wrongly assaulted? What do ya’ think I was, born yesterday? I saw what you said last week Edge ... you were the one who talked to Angle ... you were the one who got all o’ these ideas in my head ... you were the reason that Kurt Angle jumped me from behind. An’ while I’m not excusing Kurt, because as I said before, he shoulda’ known better, I feel it is my duty to let you in on somethin’ here, Edge.

The crowd pops as Cena pauses.

John Cena: I know what you did last Monday, so if you’re tryin’ to pull the same thing on me that you pulled on ol’ Kurt last week then you’re gonna’ have to surgically remove (pointing at Lita) her head ... from yo’ ass.

The crowd pops big as Edge starts to panic.

Edge: Hey, hey, listen. I never said that you were the one to attack Kurt at the Royal Rumble. Your name may have come up, but I never explicitly told him to attack you, okay? Kurt Angle was the one guy assumed that you were the typa’ guy to jump him from behind, and Kurt Angle was the guy who decided to attack you from behind. I had nothing, believe me, NOTHING to do with that, alright?

Edge pauses, as Cena watches on, allowing him to continue.

Edge: So, as I say saying, what I would like to propose to you ...

John Cena: Sorry man, I don’t swing that way.

Edge: Very funny, John. I propose that me and you, we form an alliance.


Edge: Think about it. We’re both shooting for the same thing here. We both hate Kurt Angle, we were both wronged by Kurt Angle ... we both want revenge on Kurt, Angle. What do ya’ say?

Cena looks down at the mat, appearing to think for a moment.

John Cena: Y’know, you’re right ... I do hate Kurt Angle. I mean, he basically accused me of attacking him last week! He knows I don’t operate that way, right? An’ some revenge ... that’d be nice. Maybe I should join up with you ... maybe we should band together for our mutual hatred of Kurt Angle ...

Heat, as Cena pauses.

John Cena: Oh, that’s right, I forgot ... I hate ... your guts.

The crowd pops big as Edge looks rather taken aback.

John Cena: Are you really that stupid? After hearin’ me talk about how I wanted to fight Kurt Angle man to man, face to face – what was it you said – competitor, to competitor ... you think that I’m gonna’ throw all o’ that away, gone, just so that I can align myself with a piece of low life scum like you?

Big pop.

John Cena: Edge, I’m gonna’ tell you somethin’ yo’ daddy shoulda’ told you a longass time ago. Learn from Lita ... and man, the hell, up!


Edge: Oh yeah? You think you can turn me down? NOBODY ... NOBODY TURNS ME DOWN!

John Cena: What are you gonna’ do about it, ‘champ’? Take a shot ... I dare you.

Edge is shaking with frustration as he gets into the face of Cena, mouthing off to him without the microphone, when we hear ...


Ever the buzzkill, the crowd boos as RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff walks out onto the stage in his usual ensemble, microphone already in hand.

Eric Bischoff: A’right, I’ve heard just about enough of this. First of all, Edge, as much as I loved listening to your little speech about how you and Cena are the same, how did you think I’d react when you bragged about your delinquent behaviour on my show? What’s that? You didn’t think? That’s what I thought.

Mixed reaction as Bischoff pauses.

Eric Bischoff: Secondly, as much as I hate to break it to the two of you, neither of you will be getting your hands on Kurt Angle tonight. After Mr. Angle’s behaviour last week, attacking two of my top stars for absolutely no reason, I had no choice but to take a stand, so Kurt Angle has been barred from the arena tonight. In fact, I don’t even think that he’s here in Atlanta at all.


Eric Bischoff: However ... however, the two of you will be in action here tonight. Y’see, all this talk of how, deep down, you two are both the same, it’s given me an idea for tonight’s main event, and I think that the two of you, you’re gonna’ love it.

Bischoff smirks arrogantly.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight, it will be the new, number one contenders to the World Tag Team Titles, Chavo Guerrero & Ric Flair, teaming up to take on the team of the WWE Champion, Edge ...

Heat (you know where this is going).

Eric Bischoff: And the former WWE Champion, John, Cena!

Huge mixed reaction.

Eric Bischoff: Gentlemen ... good luck.


The crowd continues to buzz as Bischoff smirks, then walks backstage to leave both Edge and Cena looking shocked in the ring.

Joey Styles: Oh my God! Cena and Edge ... teaming up? How can they possibly co-exist?

Jerry Lawler: It’s simple ... they won’t.

With Lawler’s comment in mind we look at Edge & Cena in the ring, still looking shocked, before cutting away to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see Joey Styles and co at ringside.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, where just before the break we learned that in tonight’s main event it will be the new number one contenders to the World Tag Team Titles, Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero, taking on the team of the former WWE Champion, John Cena, and the current WWE Champion, Edge. Can Edge and Cena coexist?

Jonathan Coachman: How can the two possibly coexist? Cena has had it out for Edge ever since Edge smartly, and fairly may I add, cashed in his Money in the Bank, and now it’s gonna’ come back to bite him in the ass here tonight.


The crowd gives some decent heat as The Redneck Wrecking Crew make their way out enthusiastically, clearly pumped up for their match tonight. Quickly making their way down to the ring, the two mouth off to the crowd, trying to gain as much heat as possible before they climb up into the ring and pose.

Joey Styles: Speaking of uneasy teams, tonight these two men take on the team formerly known as The World’s Greatest Tag Team. Could The Redneck Wrecking Crew have requested this match knowing the two former partners may not be getting along?

Jonathan Coachman: Joe, The Redneck Wrecking Crew can beat any tag team they want at any time they want. The fact that Shelton Benjamin knows that teamin’ back up with Charlie Haas just makes it all the more easier for them.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 520 lbs, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, The Redneck Wrecking Crew!


The crowd gives a decent pop as ... Charlie Haas walks out alone. Looking back and forth, Haas looks unsure of where his partner is as he walks down the ramp and slowly climbs into the ring to a laughing Cade & Murdoch.

Joey Styles: Well, here come the ... wait ... where’s Shelton Benjamin? Has he really decided he’s better off without Haas?

Jerry Lawler: It sure looks that way!

Jonathan Coachman: Haha, I knew Shelton would make the right move. This is gonna’ be great!

Lilian, the referee and Charlie Haas all look unsure of what to do, while The Redneck Wrecking Crew laugh, thinking they’ve got themselves a handicap match ...


The crowd pops as Shelton Benjamin makes his way out, a look of pure focus on his face. Benjamin walks down to the ring and climbs up to join Haas, although he doesn’t really acknowledge the presence of his tag partner, instead deciding to stand by him and stare him down.

Joey Styles: It turns out Shelton is here, although he still looks to be a reluctant partner for his old buddy, Charlie Haas.

Jonathan Coachman: Reluctant is an understatement, Joe. Shelton knows he’s way better than Haas, and he’s just gonna’ have to carry him like old times.

Lilian Garcia: His partner, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing 248 lbs, Shelton Benjamin!

Match One ~ Tag Team Match:
The Redneck Wrecking Crew vs. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

With four talented workers in one match and a reasonably excited crowd, we have all of the ingredients for a neat little opener, which is what we look to get as Shelton Benjamin, who is still yet to acknowledge the presence of his partner, and Trevor Murdoch look to kick the action off for their respective teams. Despite being on a losing streak for quite some time now, Benjamin is able to use his super speed to throw Trevor Murdoch off in the early going, staying in control. Even when Murdoch rakes the eyes of Benjamin and tags in Cade, who charges into the ring, Benjamin is able to meet him with a right hand and send him down to the mat. Despite this domination, Benjamin still refuses to acknowledge his partner as he keeps control for himself for a moment, not looking for any help in doing so, which comes back to bite him in the behind when Cade slips out from a suplex attempt and scores with a cop block to Benjamin, before tagging in Murdoch. Murdoch comes in and doggedly goes after the leg of Benjamin, pulling and pushing on it, with Benjamin looking to fight back as he pushes Murdoch off, before getting back to his feet and again looking to continue the battle himself, resulting in Murdoch coming back with a kick to the knee and taking firm control for his team.

Unlike Haas & Benjamin, The Redneck Wrecking Crew work like a well oiled machine, tagging in and out numerous times while also continuing their focus on the leg of Benjamin, limiting the most athletically gifted superstar on the RAW roster to just one working wheel. Benjamin finally looks to fight back when he’s in the corners of his foes, with Cade trying to tangle the injured leg of Benjamin around the second rope, only for the referee to pull him back. Trevor Murdoch takes this chance to try to strike from the corner, only for Benjamin to strike him an elbow to the jaw. Sensing danger, Cade charges into the corner and looks to attack Benjamin, although he and his partner find themselves on a flurry of strikes from Benjamin, who eventually knocks Murdoch down (though still on the apron), before hopping out, ducking under a clothesline attempt from Cade, and nailing the dragon whip roundhouse kick to the side of the head! Following that big move both men remain down for a moment, as Cade is knocked senseless, while Benjamin’s injured knee immediately gave out following the move. Slowly both men start to move, Cade inching towards his corner, while Benjamin, despite pleas from Haas, tries to fight back to his feet alone, before falling back into the ropes ... and Haas tags himself in to meet the freshly tagged in Trevor Murdoch!

The two run towards one another, with Trevor Murdoch looking to nail a right hand, only for the clever Haas to duck, then bounce off the ropes and come back with a clothesline that takes the turning Murdoch down. Murdoch gets back up and gets a few right for his troubles, forcing him back against the ropes, before Haas whips him off, then scores with a dropkick right on the button on the rebound, which only does more to fire Haas up. With a groggy Murdoch looking almost out of things, Haas grabs him as soon as he gets up, then throws him across the ring with a big belly to belly suplex ... although he can only get two count from the resultant cover as Lance Cade dives in to break up the pinfall! Cade gets up and kicks at Haas as he gets back to his feet, before Irish whipping the golden gopher off to the ropes, only for Haas to hold onto them instead of rebounding back. Quite obvious frustrated, Cade charges in at Haas, looking to launch some kind of assault, only for Haas to back body drop Cade over the top rope! As we see Cade fold up in a heap on the outside, Shelton Benjamin climbs up on the apron and watches as Haas turns right into a kick from the midsection from Trevor Murdoch, who then places Haas between his legs, perhaps for the Ace of Spades ... BUT HAAS SUDDENLY GOES BEHIND MURDOCH AND NAILS A GERMAN SUPLEX! The crowd pops as Haas gets right back to his feet, then declares the match over as he grabs Murdoch by the legs ... HAAS OF PAIN ... AND MURDOCH ALMOST INSTANTLY SUBMITS!

Winners: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin via submission @ 6:34


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin!

Haas immediately relents on the submission hold and gets back to his feet, allowing the referee to raise his hand as he now catches sight of Shelton Benjamin ... who jumps from the apron and begins to walk to the back, not even bothering to face the ring.

Joey Styles: I dunno’ about you there, ‘Coach’, but I’m fairly sure Charlie Haas was the one to pick up the win.

Jonathan Coachman: But only after Shelton did all the work, babyboy. Look at him; he’s so disappointed that Charlie didn’t acknowledge his hard work that he’s leavin’ already, and I can’t say I blame him!

Jerry Lawler: I will admit that Shelton did take the brunt of the work, ‘Coach’, but that’s only because he wouldn’t tag his partner in! I mean, if he tagged Charlie in earlier, who knows what would have happened.

We see a confused looking Haas once more in the ring, before we cut off to the back to see Todd Grisham standing by.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Gregory Helms!

The crowd gives some decent heat as Gregory Helms steps into view, clad in his black leather jacket, sunnies and beanie.

Todd Grisham: Gregory, later tonight you go one on one with ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels in a match that you yourself chose to happen after Mr. McMahon allowed you to face any man of your choosing for eliminating Shawn eight days ago at the Royal Rumble. What I have to ask is why is it that you chose Shawn Michaels as the man you want to face?

Gregory Helms: Todd, Todd, first of all, I didn’t choose Shawn Michaels. No, Shawn Michaels chose, Gregory Helms. Do ya’ follow? No? Lemme’ break it down a little further than that.

Helms smiles, as Grisham smiles, as Helms looks on tentatively.

Gregory Helms: For well over ten years Shawn Michaels has been on top o’ not just Monday Night RAW, but the entire WWE. Michaels, he’s done it all. Former Intercontinental Champion, tag team champion, European Champion, world champion, he’s won the Royal Rumble twice ... he has main evented WrestleMania on numerous occasions! To put it simply, Shawn Michaels has been what everybody, from the people to Joey Styles calls him, and that is ‘The Showstopper’, because each and every time he’s stepped in the ring, all eyes have been on Shawn. Sounds pretty good, eh? Quite the accomplishment, isn’t it?

Helms laughs quietly to himself, while Grisham stays silent.

Gregory Helms: Lemme’ tell ya’ somethin’, Todd. As the voice, for ALL o’ these people, ALL of the WWE fans, not just sittin’ at home watchin’ RAW right now, but world ... wide, I gotta’ tell ya’ ... I – and these people for that matter – are sick, and tired, of Shawn ... Michaels!

Big heat for that.

Gregory Helms: The way we see it, Todd, Shawn Michaels, he’s had his time in the sun. For over a decade, Shawn Michaels has done anything and everything he can do to hog the spotlight. These eyes? They’re sick o’ been on him. We got a four year break from the egomaniac halfway through the decade, and y’know what? I’m still sick of him! The fact is, Shawn Michaels, he’ll do anything he can to keep on top, whether it be ‘losin’ his smile’ or hangin’ onto his glory days, usin’ the same old nicknames he had back then – ‘The Heartbreak Kid’? Gimme’ a break. These days, your hip is more likely to break than a pretty little lady’s heart when you come into contact with one, Shawn.

Helms smirks at his own little joke.

Gregory Helms: But all jokes aside, Shawn, tonight ... tonight is serious.

Helms pauses, regathering himself.

Gregory Helms: For years, Shawn, for years, you have just been askin’ for someone to finally put you away, to finally take ol’ yella’ out back, finish the job, and take the torch out of your tired, old hands. And now finally, after askin’ for oh so long, Shawn, you’re finally gonna’ receive. Tonight, I’m not just gonna’ take that torch from you, I’m not just gonna’ rip that torch out of your bony old hands, Shawn, but I’m also gonna’ make sure that you never get it back. It’s no longer your time, Shawn, it’s no longer the time of ‘The Showstopper’. These people, they don’t wanna’ see you remain on top for a moment longer, and tonight, they’re gonna’ get what they’ve been prayin’ for. Tonight, a new hero emerges from the destruction that I will reap upon you ... tonight, a new beacon of hope will lead this new generation, the new blood of Monday Night RAW onto bigger and better things. Tonight marks the beginning of the era of ‘Your Hero’ ... Gregory ... Helms.

Helms looks into the camera for a moment, then removes his sunglasses.

Gregory Helms: ... It’s time.

And with that Gregory Helms leaves the scene as we cut off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see none other than the great Shawn Michaels sitting in what appears to be his locker-room, lacing up his boots, garnering a big pop from the crowd. The expression across Michaels’ face paints a picture of a man on a mission as he finishes tying his laces, before sitting up to see someone’s legs next to him in long jeans, before he looks up and we see Triple H! The crowd gives a huge mixed reaction for ‘The Game’, as he and Shawn stare at one another for a moment, before Michaels stands up, continuing to stare into the eyes of Triple H.

Triple H: Listen, Shawn, me and you, we’ve had our differences. I’m not gonna’ pretend that’s not true. Last week ... last week was just another example of that. But tonight, Shawn, for what it’s worth, I hope you kick the snot out of that punk Helms.

Michaels remains stoic while Triple H pauses a moment.

Triple H: Good look tonight.

And with that Triple H turns on his heal and walks out of the room, leaving Michaels to stare after him for a moment before sitting back down, as we now cut away elsewhere to see the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus in a hallway, stretching, her title down by her side. Suddenly we see someone else in what looks to be a mini-skirt walk into view, with Trish looking up to see Mickie James, who receives a nice little pop.

Mickie James: Hey Trish!

Trish Stratus: Mickie! You uh ... you startled me there. Are you ... are you ready for our match?

Mickie James: Oh yeah, I’m more than ready, Trish, but before that, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry, and I mean, really, really sorry for last week, Trish. I mean, when I came down to the ring last week, I was just running on emotion and adrenaline, and I dunno’ but I was just so excited and when you tapped me on the shoulder I was just so full of energy and excitement so I just turned around and it was purely on instinct, and I’m really sorry, Trish and I promise, Trish, I promise that it’ll never happen again before like I said before ...

Trish Stratus: Mickie, it okay. It was an accident ... I get it. Like you said last week, accidents happen, m’kay?

Mickie James: O – okay.

Trish Stratus: Now, are you ready for our match or what?

Mickie James: Uh, yeah ... sure.

Trish Stratus: Great ...

Stratus bends down and picks up her title from beside her, placing it up over her shoulder. She then begins to walk, before turning and noticing Mickie hasn’t followed.

Trish Stratus: You comin’?

Mickie looks surprised, although she snaps out of it and walks after Trish, following her off as we cut back to ringside to hear ...


The crowd gives some decent heat as Candice Michelle & Victoria walk out, being accompanied to the ring by Torrie Wilson.The trio make their way down to the ring, Candice & Torrie playing to the fans as they do so, while Victoria looks all business as per usual.

Joey Styles: Well, that was certainly an interesting meeting. Mickie almost seemed shocked that Trish accepted her apology.

Jonathan Coachman: I’m shocked too, Joe. I mean, if I were Trish, I woulda’ socked Mickie James right in the mouth.

Jerry Lawler: Personally, I agree with Trish. I don’t know how anyone could be mad at Mickie!

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Torrie Wilson, the team of Candice Michelle & Victoria!


The crowd gives a very respectable pop as the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus & Mickie James make their way out onto the stage, Trish pointing out to the fans while Mickie bounces around. Spalling hands with the fans as they do so, the two make their way the ramp before climbing up into the ring and posing.

Joey Styles: Well these two look to be getting along, and they would want to be with Victoria & Candice always getting along.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s right. Trish has more to worry about than just her little friendship with Mickie James when she’s got Victoria chasin’ her title.

Jerry Lawler: And if anyone knows that it should be Trish. Her and Victoria have been rivals for about four years now!

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, the team of Mickie James & the WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus!

Match Two ~ Tag Team Match:
Victoria & Candice Michelle w/ Torrie Wilson vs. Women’s Champion Trish Stratus & Mickie James

With the simmering rivalry between Victoria and Trish still active after all of these years, it comes as no surprise when both women start the match, wanting to prove something to one another. Not looking to waste any time, Victoria quickly takes control by hitting a knee lift when in the opening lockup of the match, before controlling Trish for a moment. However, Victoria makes the mistake of tagging Candice Michelle into the match, who of course allows Trish back into the match, because well, she sucks and Trish doesn’t. This happens as soon as Candice comes in as she looks to nail Trish on the rebound with a clothesline, only for the running Stratus to baseball slide through the legs of Candice and hit a big forearm, before dragging the useless brunette off to her corner and tagging in the not so useless brunette, Mickie James. The duo actually nail a nice double Japanese arm drag off that first tag as they work together rather well against Candice for a moment, tagging in and out a few times to keep the hapless pornstar under their control. Candice can’t be kept down forever, especially when you consider this is women’s match and is to be kept short, so her reprieve comes when Mickie James runs off to the ropes, only to be tripped by Torrie Wilson, who denies any wrongdoing.

While Torrie then distracts the referee by moving around the apron, the illegal Victoria drags Mickie from the ring and rams her into both the crowd barrier and the ring apron, before rolling her back in for a two count to Candice. From there Candice & Victoria are able to work together reasonably well, making a few tags, and almost putting Mickie away following a back suplex from Victoria. Following the kickout from Mickie, Vickie looks quite annoyed, taking a moment to think of her next move, only for Candice to beg her to make the tag, which Victoria eventually complies with, not seeing the harm. Thinking she has a genius idea, Candice immediately climbs up to the top rope, then jumps through the air, looking for an elbow drop ... but Mickie, having been down for quite some time now, rolls out of the way! Victoria, quite obviously now regretting tagging Candice in, wills her on to make the tag, while both the crowd and Trish do the same for Mickie. Slowly but surely, the two inch their way towards their respective corners ... before making the tags, allowing the two rivals to enter the ring!

Using her superior pace, Trish charges in and ducks a wild right from Victoria, then hits a quick series of her own before whipping Victoria off to the ropes and jumping on her with a Thesz press on the rebound, following right up with some mounted rights. Breaking at the count of four, Trish gets back to her feet and guides Victoria up too, whipping her off into the corner for her troubles and charging in after her, only to eat boot. Stratus backs away in pain, holding her jaw, before Vickie explodes out of the corner, looking for a clothesline ... only for Trish to duck under with the matrish! The crowd pops as Victoria turns around and Stratus wraps her legs around her foe, before swinging round and round again, taking Victoria over with a headscissors takedown. Stratus is clearly fired up, waiting on a dizzy Victoria to get up ... THEN NAILING HER WITH A SPINEBUSTER ... FOR A TWO COUNT! The crowd can’t believe it as Stratus gets back to her feet and once again waits on Victoria to get up ... BEFORE GETTING HER IN POSITION FOR THE STRATUSFACTION ... BUT VICTORIA PUSHES TRISH OFF ... ONLY FOR TRISH TO KNOCK CANDICE OFF THE APRON WITH A BIG RIGHT! The crowd pops as Mickie James, who has regathered herself, then waits on the apron, before jumping off and onto Candice, distracting both the referee and Trish, much like at the Royal Rumble! In similar fashion to the Rumble, Victoria stalks Trish as she turns, then kicks her in the midsection ... AND GOES FOR THE WIDOW’S PEAK ... BUT STRATUS SLIPS OUT AND GETS VICTORIA IN POSITION FOR THE STRAUSFACTION, THEN RUNS OFF TO THE ROPES ... ONLY TO BE HIT SQUARE IN THE HEAD WHEN SHE GOES TO JUMP BY TORRIE WILSON FROM THE APRON!

The crowd can’t believe it, but the referee didn’t see it, as he was distracted by Mickie, who was arguing with him over something from the outside. Meanwhile, Vickie hits the groggy Trish with a spin out sidewalk slam, before waiting on her ... AND NAILING THE WIDOW’S PEAK! The crowd groans as Victoria makes the cover, and with Mickie nowhere to be seen inside the ring, she gains the three count and the win.

Winners: Victoria & Candice Michelle w/ Torrie Wilson via pinfall @ 5:58


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, Victoria & Candice Michelle!

The crowd boos as Victoria gets back to her feet and is soon joined by Torrie & Candice who roll into the ring and celebrate with Victoria as she motions for gold around her waist.

Joey Styles: What looked like a miscommunication between Trish Stratus & Mickie James has led to a pinfall victory for Victoria over Trish Stratus, and folks, you’ve gotta’ believe that puts Victoria firmly in contention for a rematch against Trish Stratus for the Women’s Title.

Jonathan Coachman: Of course it does, Joe. Victoria pinned Trish in the middle of the ring, one two three, fair and square.

Jerry Lawler: I dunno’ about fair and square, but I wouldn’t disagree with Victoria getting another shot.

We see Mickie tending to Trish on the outside, before cutting away to see Shawn Michaels walking backstage.

Joey Styles: That title shot could well be in the future, but up next it’ll be Shawn Michaels going one on one with Gregory Helms, and you don’t wanna’ miss it.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to hear ...


The crowd gives off some pretty good heat as Gregory Helms walks out onto the stage, dressed as we saw him earlier, nodding his head to the beat of his music, before raising his hand in the air. The ever cocky Helms makes his way down to the ring keeping the same pose up, before climbing up into the ring and onto the turnbuckle, where he once again raises his arm.

Joey Styles: This man Gregory Helms is tonight in the biggest match of his career. For weeks now, Coach, you’ve been talking him up, Helms has been talking himself up, and now it’s time to put up or shut up. Can Helms get the job done tonight?

Jonathan Coachman: Of course he can. Helms is the total package, speed, strength, smarts, and don’t forget, he’s the voice of the people too! Just you wait, tonight’s Helms’ night. I can feel it in the air.

Jerry Lawler: As much as he may want to be the voice of the people, Coach, I dunno’ about that. These people, they don’t seem to really like Gregory Helms.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing 215 lbs, Gregory Helms!


The crowd comes alive with a huge pop as Shawn Michaels swaggers his way out onto the stage, playing it up to the fans, before getting down on his knees at the top of the ramp and praying to heaven above as pyro shoots out from behind him. Once the pyro finishes Michaels springs back to his feet and continues to make his way down to the ring, revving up the fans as he does so, before climbing into the ring and posing as Gregory Helms stands back in the corner and watches.

Joey Styles: Gregory Helms has been saying that this man, Shawn Michaels has been hogging the spotlight. Well, here’s Helms’ chance to take it from Michaels, and it’s not going to be an easy task, because Michaels is looking as alert and ready as ever.

Jonathan Coachman: I already told you, Joe. It doesn’t matter how ready Shawn Michaels is because at the end of the day, Gregory Helms is gonna’ be that little bit more ready, that little bit more alert and that little bit more hungry.

Jerry Lawler: Well Helms is gonna’ have to be if he is going to beat Shawn Michaels. There’s a reason he’s called ‘The Showstopper’.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from San Antonio, Texas, he is ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels!

Match Three ~ Singles Match:
Gregory Helms vs. Shawn Michaels

We have undoubtedly two of the best wrestlers on Monday Night RAW in the ring right here, in a match that the crowd are already into with the bell only just been rung. The early moments of this match are used as a feeling out process as it is the first time these two wrestlers have met, with both men trying to assert themselves mentally at first with a staredown, before physically in the first lockup. The first few lockups end with clean breaks in the corner, before someone finally breaks the pattern, as Shawn Michaels takes a side headlock, before flipping Helms down onto the mat with a headlock takedown. The two counter each other a bit from here, staying with the headlocks though, as they try to prove to one another just who is the better man. We finally break out of the headlock sequence when Michaels fights out of a Helms grounded headlock, and both men get up and face off. From there Michaels takes control from a lockup, moving Helms back and hitting him with a few chops. Michaels stays on top for the next few moments, mainly hitting a few strikes to keep Helms at by, before Helms eventually brings himself back into the match by reversing an Irish whip into the corner and using such force that Michaels goes flying up to the turnbuckle back first, before flopping back down into a leg lariat from Helms, signalling him taking some control of the match. However, Helms doesn’t immediately capitalise, instead waiting on Michaels to get back to his feet with help from the ropes, and he pays the price as when he charges at Michaels, the veteran is able to back body drop the youngster out of the ring. Looking to immediately follow up, Michaels waits on Helms to get up, then sends himself flying over the top rope as he comes down on top of Helms with a cross body plancha as we head off to a commercial break.

When we return from the break things have changed, as Gregory Helms is now the one in charge of this match, hitting some shoulder thrusts in the corner, driving the air out of Michaels’ ribs and sending his back smashing into the turnbuckle. We see a quick clip of what happened during the break, which shows Helms countering an Irish whip and sending Michaels into the steel steps back first, before driving him into the apron a few times, before we cut back live and see Helms continue to make a point of focussing on the back of Michaels. This continues on for several moments with Helms being unable to put Michaels away, forcing him to revert to a submission hold as he locks in a surfboard stretch in an attempt to put further strain on the back of Michaels. Michaels isn’t one to stay down though, as he fights through the pain, getting back to his feet, forcing Helms to change the hold up to a chinlock, before hitting a few elbow and looking to run off to the ropes, only for Helms to slam Michaels down to the mat by the hair! Knowing Michaels is starting to get back into things, Helms decides it’s time to end him as he goes up to high risk territory in the corner. Biding his time, the former superhero and now ‘Your Hero’ Gregory Helms waits to fly as Michaels gets back to his feet, before launching himself into the air ... AND RIGHT ONTO A BOOT TO THE MIDSECTION FROM MICHAELS ... DDT! MICHAELS SLAMS HELMS DOWN FACEFIRST INTO THE MAT!

The crowd pops as these two warriors remain down on the mat for a moment, slowly but surely looking to fight back to their feet which they do, before engaging in an exchange of right hands, leading to Michaels getting the upper hand as he changes things up with a series of chops. Michaels then whips Helms off to the ropes, looking to keep his momentum going, and throws the youngster overhead with a back body drop on the rebound! Helms gets back to his feet and immediately receives a clotheslines from the fired up veteran, who then tells Helms to get back up, before kicking him in the midsection ... AND SETTING UP FOR THE PILEDRIVER ... BUT HELMS COUNTERS WITH A BACK BODY DROP ONTO MICHAELS’ BAD BACK! Michaels arches his back off the mat in pain as soon as the impact is made, before staggering up to his feet into an Irish whip from Helms and ducking under a clothesline on the rebound ... THEN GOING FOR THE FLYING FOREARM ... BUT HELMS DUCKS OUT OF THE WAY AND MICHAELS GOES FLYING OVER HIM AND OUT TO THE FLOOR WITH A THUD!

The crowd are in shock as Helms slowly gets right back up to his feet and tells the referee to start up his count, certain that he has picked up the victory with that clever counter. Michaels, however, sees things in a different light and plays the role of party pooper, as he slowly gets back to his feet and rolls into the ring at eight, angering Helms who immediately charges across and stomps on the bad back of Michaels, as well as hitting a few high impact knee drops. Helms continues to work the back of Michaels for a bit longer without being able to finish him off, prompting him to once again go to the top rope and wait for Michaels to get up ... BEFORE COMING OFF WITH A CROSS BODY BLOCK ... BUT MICHAELS ROLLS THROUGH INTO A PIN OF HIS OWN ... TWO COUNT! The crowd gasps as both men get back up and Michaels looks for a right, but Helms ducks it and hooks under the arm of Michaels ... STO BACKBREAKER! The crowd groans as Helms makes the cover, but he can only get two again! Obviously frustrated, Helms pounds the mat and questions the referee, then gets back to his feet and declares the match to be over as he waits on Michaels to get up. Slowly but surely, Michaels crawls towards the ropes, then stumbles back to his feet, giving his back to Helms ... WHO GRABS HIM IN AN INVERTED FACE LOCK, LOOKING FOR THE NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET ... BUT MICHAELS HITS SOME RIGHT HANDS, THEN TURNS AROUND AND TAKES HELMS INTO A SMALL PACKAGE ... TWO!

Both men get back up, Helms instantly scoring with a kick to the midsection before he whips Michaels off to the ropes ... BUT MICHAELS EXPLODES BACK WITH A FLYING FOREARM! Both men are down following this move, as the referee now starts his count up, causing Helms to react as he slowly gets back up ... AND MICHAELS KIPS UP! The groggy Helms can’t believe it, prompting him to charge across at Michaels, only to receive an inverted atomic drop for his troubles. Helms hops around in pain, then gets taken down to the mat as Michaels strikes with a right hand. Bouncing back up, Helms doesn’t look like he wants to stay down for long, but this time he receives a kick to the midsection ... AND PUT BETWEEN MICHAELS’ LEGS ... PILEDRIVER! Michaels falls across Helms after the move, loosely hooking the leg ... JUST TWO! Michaels can’t believe it as he sluggishly gets back to his feet, before throwing his hair back and heading to the corner, scaling his way up to the top rope. Michaels takes a moment to look out to the fans, knowing he’s about to take a big risk ... THEN LEAPS ... ELBOW DROP ... BUT HELMS ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! MICHAELS CRASHES AND BURNS ON HIS BAD BACK! The crowd are in disbelief as Michaels flops around the mat like a fish out of water, getting back to his feet rather quickly to perhaps look for an escape from the pain ... BUT HE TURNS RIGHT INTO A TILT A WHIRL BACKBREAKER FROM HELMS! The youngster surely has the match won at this point ... although he doesn’t go for the cover as he instead elects to get back to his feet and squat down in the corner, waiting for Michaels to move. The crowd boos, knowing what’s coming, although there’s nothing they can do as Michaels slowly sits up ... AND HELMS CHARGES ACROSS THE RING ... SHINING WIZARD ... DUCKED! Helms turns around with a look of shock across his face ... SWEET CHIN MUSIC! MICHAELS HITS SWEET CHIN MUSIC OUT OF NOWHERE!

Michaels, however, is unable to capitalise on the big move, as it used up absolutely all of his energy, meaning both men are down following the move. The crowd are at a fever pitch as the referee counts, with both men slowly starting to stir, Michaels looking a little faster in doing so as he pulls himself to the corner and starts to fidget around, looking to the crowd as he does so. He then pulls himself all of the way back up, continuing to look at the crowd ... AND BEGINS TO TOOT UP THE BAND! Helms is making his way back to his feet as Michaels toots up the band, ready to charge ... AND HE GOES TO ... BUT HIS FOOT IS GRABBED BY SOMEONE ON THE OUTSIDE ... IT’S SHANE MCMAHON! The crowd is in a frenzy, booing Shane relentlessly as he now lets go after being warned by the referee, prompting Michaels to turn back to Helms ... AND GO FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC ... BUT HELMS DUCKS ... NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET! The crowd boos as Helms slowly gets back to his feet, then dares Michaels to sit up once again, which he slowly does ... SHINING WIZARD ... CONNECTS! Helms falls across Michaels, hooking his leg ... and gets the three!

Winner: Gregory Helms by pinfall @ 16:27


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, Gregory Helms!

The crowd boos as Helms gets back to his feet and has his hand raised into the air, before Shane McMahon joins Helms in the ring and smiles to him, obviously proud of what Helms has done tonight.

Joey Styles: I can’t believe this! We just saw two incredible athletes going back and forth for over fifteen minutes, and all of it was ruined thanks to one man, thanks to one family who just can’t get over their problems with Shawn Michaels! Disgusting.

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, you show some respect to the McMahons. If not for them, you wouldn’t even be sittin’ in your seat there. But at least you’re finally startin’ to acknowledge the greatness of my man, Gregory Helms.

Jerry Lawler: Great or not, Coach, Helms may have been done if not for Shane at the end there.

Shane holds his hand out towards Helms, which Helms takes, shaking the hand of the spawn of the devil to massive heat until ...


The crowd explodes with a big pop as Triple H walks out onto the stage in his casual gear, looking down at the floor ... BEFORE SPRINTING DOWN TO THE RING! Shane of course immediately runs for it, along with Helms, leaving Triple H to fume in the ring, standing in front of the till downed Shawn Michaels.

Joey Styles: Triple H! I’m telling you, Coach, when Triple H finally gets his hands on the McMahons, they’re going to have hell to pay.

Jonathan Coachman: Triple H has no right to put his hands on the McMahons in the first place. If he does then you better believe he’ll get what’s comin’ to him.

Jerry Lawler: The question is does Triple H really care though, Coach?

With that question in mind we head backstage to see a stressed out looking RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff sitting behind his desk, The Redneck Wrecking Crew standing in front of him.

Eric Bischoff: Are you sure you wanna’ go through with this?

Lance Cade: What d’ya mean are we sure? Of course we’re sure. Haas an’ Benjamin, they just got lucky tonight, but ya’ better believe that we’re not gonna’ allow that to happen a second time!

Eric Bischoff: A’right, a’right, you got it. Next week The Redneck Wrecking Crew vs. Haas & Benjamin ... two. You happy?

Lance Cade: Yes sir, Mr. Bischoff. Thank you.

Cade & Murdoch now head for the door, allowing Bischoff to sit back and relax, seemingly for the first time for the night ... only for Bischoff to suddenly sit back up straight as the camera shows Edge standing in front of him, still in his casual clothes (title of course over his shoulder), holding up a framed picture of Bischoff which was placed on Easy E’s desk.

Edge: Cute picture. You’re quite the looker.

Eric Bischoff: Put that down! What do you want?

Edge smirks, then places the picture back down on the desk.

Edge: What do I want? Oh, I dunno’, Eric. Could it ... could it possibly have to do with the fact that – thanks to you – I have to team up with John Cena here tonight? Could that be it? Could it?

Edge, showing some attitude, starts to get in Bischoff’s face.

Edge: Really, what were you thinkin’? What do you have against me, Eric? Huh? What?

Eric Bischoff: What was [I]I thinking? Lemme’ ask you something, Edge. When you won that title that you’ve got sittin’ there over your shoulder, did you think it gave you the key to the city here on Monday Night RAW? I’ll be the first to admit that, much like you, I don’t like John Cena. I despise the man, and everything that he stands for. In fact, back when he was champion last year, I would’ve, and tried to, do anything to make sure that he lost that title. And do you know where it got me?

Edge stays silent, choosing not to answer.

Eric Bischoff: It turned Kurt Angle against me. He thought he didn’t need me to become champion, and y’know what? He was wrong. But then, outta’ nowhere comes you. You, with the very same attitude that Kurt Angle developed, cash in your Money in the Bank briefcase, become WWE Champion, and ya’ think ya’ run this show, don’t ya’? You think that you can just walk all over me. Well lemme’ tell ya’ somethin’ ... Eric Bischoff is a doormat for nobody.

A small pop is heard in the background.

Eric Bischoff: Ever since you become champ, my job, it’s been chaos. You think you can show up when you please, wrestle when you please, and do what you please. Well I am sick of it. I’m sick of all of the whole lotta’ you with that attitude. You, Cena & Angle? You’re all the same. But now, now you want my help? Now you want me to bail you out after everything you have put me in through in just a month as being champion? Well, y’know what I have to say to that?

Edge remains silent again.

Eric Bischoff: Go get your gear, because the match ... it’s on ... champ.

Edge looks Bischoff in the eye, the hatred stemming through his blood, an explicit response seemingly on the tip of his tongue ... but the champ thinks better of it and turns on his heel, leaving the room as we head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see Todd Grisham once again standing by backstage.

Todd Grisham: Please welcome my guests at this time, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero!

The crowd pops as Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero step into view.

Todd Grisham: Gentlemen, first of all I want to congratulate you on your newfound spot as umber one contenders for the World Tag Team Titles, and I wanna’ ask, how does it feel to be put in this position already after teaming up for just the very first time last week?

Ric Flair: Todd, my man, how do ya’ think it feels? Do ya’ think it feels good? You’re damn right it feels good. Y’see, many people, many people think that me an’ Chavo, we were just two guys thrown together last week, thrown to the wolves last week against Kane & the Big Show. But y’see, that’s not the truth. In fact ... in fact, that could not be any further from the truth, because this – me and Chavo, teamin’ together – this has been a looooong time in the making. Woo!

Chavo Guerrero: Me an’ Ric, we go a long way back. I’ve known Ric since I was just a lil’ kid, man. Over twenty, long years, me an’ Ric have not only known one another, but we’ve been friends, we’ve been esses. The day that me an’ Ric finally got the chance to team, this day, it’s been a long time comin’. We’ve talked about it, we’ve thought about it, we’ve anticipated it, an’ last week, Eric Bischoff, he finally brought the idea into fruition. People may have thought, they may have thought that last week, me an’ Ric, we were thrown into the deep end when we faced the biggest and best team on the roster in our first match teamin’ together. They may have even thought that we were out of our league, but las’ week, me and Ric, we proved all of the critics wrong.

Ric Flair: People think that just because Kane & Big Show are the World Tag Team Champions that they got chemistry? Me an’ Chavo, we’ve known one another for over two decades, so if anyone, ANYONE has chemistry as a team, you’re lookin’ at them! Woo!

Todd Grisham: Well gentlemen, what about tonight’s main event, where the two of you are set to face a man that you Ric, have had a lot of problems with in the WWE Champion, Edge, along with your friend, John Cena?

Ric Flair: Y’know, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t respect John. In fact, I consider him to be one of my friends. Edge, as you already know, is a different story, but John is a guy that I consider myself to be tight with. But what you understand is that in the thirty years that I’ve been in this business, I’ve had a lotta’ friends, and I’ve battled them all. Harley Race ... Ricky Steamboat ... Dusty, Rhodes ... I battled ‘em all, and if ya’ think that John Cena is gonna’ be any different ... haha, well you couldn’t be any more wrong.

Flair smiles.

Ric Flair: Tonight ... tonight when me and Chavo walk down that aisle, we’re not just gonna’ face your average team. Oh no, tonight, tonight we’re gonna’ face two guys who hate each other’s guts, so if they think that they have even a tiny chance against us – woo~! – they’re in for a big surprise! Tonight, it’s Cena & Edge ... next, it’s the World Tag Team Titles and Kane ... & the Big Show ... WOO~!

With that Flair does his little laugh before he and his partner leave as we cut back to ringside to hear ...


The crowd gives some decent heat as the Frenchman, Rene Dupree walks out onto the stage, wearing his tights, along with a red, white and blue robe. Dupree quickly walks down the ramp to the ring and climbs up into it, posing as he waits for his partners.

Joey Styles: Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero, seemingly ready for their main event match tonight, gentlemen.

Jerry Lawler: And I’ve gotta’ say that after hearing from them, I’m a believer. They may just have the chemistry to not just defeat Cena & Edge tonight, but also go on to become World Tag Team Champions!

Jonathan Coachman: I dunno’ about Flair & Guerrero, but what I do know is that right here before us stands one of the studs of Monday Night RAW, Rene Dupree, and boy is he on a winning team tonight.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a six man tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Paris, France, weighing 250 lbs, Rene Dupree!


The crowd gives some nice heat as the spotlight appears on Chris Masters, knelt down at the top of the ramp, robe covering him. As the music kicks up Masters throws the robe off and flexes his huge muscles, pyro shooting off as he does so, before he finishes with one final flex, heading down to the ring after doing so.

Joey Styles: I don’t necessarily know about a winning team, but I know the young, raw talent on this team is tremendous, perhaps characterised best by this man, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters.

Jerry Lawler: A lot of people have said Chris Masters represents the future here on Monday Night RAW, including one of the men he faces tonight and the man who he faced last week in Rob Van Dam, and after seeing Masters continue to improve over the past few weeks I’d tend to agree. There’s just that something about him.

Jonathan Coachman: You’re damn right, ‘King’. Masters has that potential, that talent to be the top dog here on RAW, and he continues to prove it here on Monday Night RAW.

Lilian Garcia: His partners, first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 265 lbs, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters!


The heat continues as the cool and cocky Carlito walks out, tossing his apple up and down, talking trash to the crowd. ‘Lito quickly walks down the ramp and joins his partners into the ring, now talking to them as the trio prepare for action.

Joey Styles: Well the reason Masters met RVD last week was because this man, Carlito, has been dodging facing Van Dam in one on one action since ‘Mr. Monday Night’ made his return at the Royal Rumble.

Jonathan Coachman: Dodging Van Dam? ‘Lito doesn’t need to dodge any man, and you’ve heard him say that time and time again. When he and Van Dam do eventually meet, he’s gonna’ prove you wrong, Joe.

Lilian Garcia: Their partner, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, weighing 225 lbs, Carlito!


The crowd erupts into a big pop as Rob Van Dam & V-Squared step out together, perhaps in a showing of cohesion, or perhaps because Venis & Viscera haven’t appeared in a few weeks and perhaps aren’t worth their own entrance imo. Either way, the trio walk down the ramp and climb up into the ring, full of enthusiasm.

Joey Styles: Well Carlito has a chance tonight to prove himself tonight as he faces RVD, along with Val Venis & Viscera.

Jerry Lawler: He may want to, because the only one that believes Carlito actually wants a piece of Van Dam is the man sitting next to us.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, weighing a combined weight of 960 lbs, the team of Val Venis, Viscera & Rob Van Dam!

Match Four ~ Six Man Tag Team Match:
Rene Dupree, Chris Masters & Carlito vs. V-Squared & Rob Van Dam

RVD starts the match off for his team, wanting to get his hands on Carlito, however the Puerto Rican doesn’t want any of that, instead sending in his larger friend, ‘The Masterpiece’ to start things off. The agile Van Dam is able to use his speed advantage in the early going, controlling Masters for the most part, before Masters makes a brief escape with a rake to the eyes, before tagging in Rene Dupree. Dupree however is unable to assert any advantage as Van Dam takes control back, catching Dupree with an arm drag, before tagging in Val Venis. Venis is able to control Dupree for a short time, hitting some knee lifts and a side Russian legsweep for a two count, before Venis takes control back by sidestepping a charging Venis in the corner, leaving him to go shoulder first into the ring post. From there the trio of Masters, ‘Lito & Dupree work together like a well oiled machine, focussing on the injured shoulder of Venis as they continue to press their advantage in search of a victory. Despite the crafty work of ‘Lito & Dupree, and the sheep power of Masters – which is showcased with a shoulderbreaker after carrying Venis around the ring and ramming him into the corner a few times – they can’t put Venis away, and the veteran looks to launch a comeback, fighting out a sleeper hold from Rene Dupree back to his feet. Venis looks set to get himself right back into the match, although Dupree has other ideas as he hammers Venis with a big forearm to the back, before running off to the ropes ... RIGHT INTO A SPIN OUT POWERBOMB!

Both men are down for a moment, looking to make their way to their respective corners, only for Dupree to go to a vacant corner while Venis tags in Viscera! Big Vis runs waddles into the ring and immediately takes a rising Dupree down with a clothesline. A few more clotheslines follow from Vis, before he whips Dupree off and takes him down with an athletic looking rolling heel kick. Vis is fired up as he gets back to his feet and runs across to knock Chris Masters off the apron with a right hand, before looking to do the same to Carlito, only for ‘Lito to drop down to the floor and duck the shot. Vis, not worrying about Carlito, turns back to Dupree and sees him struggling to his feet ... SAMOAN DROP ... BUT CARLITO BREAKS THE PINFALL AT TWO! Vis staggers up thanks to getting a boot to the side of the head from Carlito ... only to receive another two as the Puerto Rican hits a picture perfect dropkick to the head of Viscera, sending him staggering back into the ropes ... where RVD makes the blind tag ... AND IMMEDIATELY SPRINGS UP TO THE TOP ROPE, BEFORE COMING DOWN WITH A THRUST KICK TO CARLITO! RVD turns around and sees Chris Masters climb up to the apron ... BAM! SUPERKICK! While all of this has been happening, Rene Dupree, the legal man, has got back to his feet and waits on Van Dam, before going for a kick to the midsection on RVD as he turns, but RVD catches it and hits a windmill kick!

Knowing he has Dupree exactly where he wants him to be, RVD heads to the corner and goes to the top rope ... BEFORE LEAPING ... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! Following the move RVD holds his stomach in pain, before making the cover and getting the academic three.

Winner: V-Squared & Rob Van Dam via pinfall @ 6:23


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, Val Venis, Viscera & Rob Van Dam!

Van Dam gets back to his feet and is soon joined in the ring by Val & Vis, who look extremely happy to have picked up a win, let alone on RAW, while Van Dam doesn’t look quite so ecstatic, perhaps more accustomed to winning matches, or perhaps because he didn’t get the man he wanted in Carlito.

Joey Styles: RVD picks up the win for his team, but yet again Carlito manages to do all he can to avoid him, leaving RVD with a bit of a hollow win.

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, ‘Lito can’t help if he and Van Dam weren’t legal at the same time. Rest assured, when the two finally do step into the ring together, ‘Lito is gonna’ be the one standin’ tall.

We see Van Dam and co once more, before cutting backstage to see the World Tag Team Champions, Kane & Big Show. Kane is tightening his glove, while Show is seated on a bench, their titles sitting behind them. After sitting down for a moment, Big Show gets to his feet and looks at his partner.

Big Show: You ready?

Kane looks up at Big Show and smiles, before laughing manically at his partner. We then cut elsewhere backstage to see John Cena walking backstage, with the caption on the bottom of the screen telling us his match is next.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break not in the arena, but instead backstage where we see Triple H storming through the hallways. Looking angry to say the least ‘The Game’ looks in no mood to talk ... which explains why Todd Grisham arrives on the scene with his microphone in hot pursuit of Tripper.

Todd Grisham: Triple H! Triple H! I was wondering if I could just get your thoughts on Shane McMahon’s appearance here tonight?

Triple H, who had been walking on until this point, stops and stares a hole right through Grisham.

Triple H: If Shane McMahon has any guts, he’ll show his ugly face again next week.

Triple H snarls and walks from view, before we cut back to ringside ...


The crowd comes alive with cries of “Woo~!” as the team of the Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero make their way out onto the stage, Flair strutting his way along in his robe, while Guerrero walks down to the ring pointing to the sky in tribute to his late great uncle, Eddie. The duo climb up into the ring and play to the crowd, ready for their upcoming match.

Joey Styles: Triple H has laid out the challenge so now the question must be asked: next week will Shane McMahon, or his father Mr. McMahon, show his face on Monday Night RAW?

Jonathan Coachman: Triple H is in no chance to make threats, Joe. If any of the McMahons are to show up they shouldn’t be any threats from any of the men they employ.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 465 lbs, the team of the Intercontinental Champion, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero!


The crowd now erupts into heat as smoke seeps out onto the stage before out from the smoke steps the WWE Champion, Edge along with his girlfriend, Lita. Edge, wearing his ring gear along with a ‘Rated R’ t-shirt and beanie, embraces Lita, who is dressed in a rather skimpy ‘Rated R’ singlet and jeans, before kissing her, looking out to the crowd with a sickening glint in his eye as he does so. The duo advance down the ramp hand in hand to the ring where Lita heads up the ramp and Edge slides into the ring, waiting as his girlfriend joins him, before Edge showcases his title for all to see.

Joey Styles: Earlier tonight this man Edge came out with what he described as a peace offering for John Cena, saying the two should unite in their based on their hatred for Kurt Angle and band together against him. Despite Cena rejecting Edge, RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff has put the two together for tonight’s main event, and you know Edge isn’t happy about it.

Jerry Lawler: He even went to see Bischoff to have the match reconsidered! To say Edge doesn’t want to team with Cena, well, that’s an understatement.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, first from Toronto, Ontario, weighing 250 lbs, he is the WWE Champion, Edge!


The crowd now splits into a 50/50 reaction as John Cena storms out onto the stage, playing it up to the crowd as he salutes them, then makes his way down the ramp. The ever enthusiastic Cena runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, playing it up the fans, before locking eyes with his partner for the night.

Joey Styles: Earlier tonight this man John Cena told his partner for the night that he hated his guts. With that in mind, how can he and Edge possibly coexist tonight?

Jonathan Coachman: Can’t quite simply put, they can’t. Cena’s ego is simply too big to allow it to happen.

Jerry Lawler: I dunno’ about that, but I do know that at least one man on that team has an enormous ego!

Lilian Garcia: His tag team partner, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing 245 lbs, John Cena!

Main Event ~ Tag Team Match:
Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero vs. WWE Champion Edge & John Cena

The crowd are fired up right from the get-go of this match as the friends Cena and Flair begin this match, showing a sign of mutual respect in a handshake before the two exchange holds, going back and forth for a moment with headlocks, leading to a stalemate between the two. The crowd show their respect with a nice pop before Cena offers his hand to Flair again, only for Flair to poke Cena in the eye! Flair takes control of the match, utilising some knife edge chops, before going for a right, only for Cena to block, then hit a series of right hands, driving Flair off across the ring, before Irish whipping him across the ring, then catching him with a running clothesline to knock the veteran down ... but Edge then tags himself in! Cena looks extremely agitated as Edge climbs into the ring, though Edge merely responds by waving Cena off, while Flair tags in Chavo Guerrero. After the brief faceoff between Edge & Cena, Chavo goes at it with the WWE Champion, the two going at it with some solid counter wrestling for a few minutes, with Chavo proving himself by hanging with the champ. It isn’t until Edge finally is able to take control with a knee to the midsection that Chavo is on the defensive, with Edge following up by sending Chavo out to the floor through the middle rope, before brutalising him on the outside. Edge then distracts the referee upon rolling back into the ring, looking for Cena to launch an assault on Chavo on the outside, although Cena, being the nice guy that he is, stays on the apron, frustrating Edge, who goes across and shoves Cena in what constitutes a tag.

Despite the two rivals clearly not getting along, they are able to isolate Chavo, blindly tagging in and out a few times, before Chavo finally launches a comeback when he blocks a right hand from Edge and unloads with a series of his own, only to be cut off with a knee lift from Edge. The WWE Champion looks to follow up by whipping Chavo into the corner and charging in after him, though Chavo is one step ahead as he lifts his boot up to meet the face of Edge, before quickly hopping up to the second rope and coming off with a big missile dropkick as he continues to prove himself against the WWE Champion. We then get the slow sequence of Chavo pulling himself towards his corner, while Edge follows, grabbing Chavo by the leg, only to be pushed off, with Chavo making the tag to Ric Flair! Flair comes in full of energy, dominating his old foe Edge with chops, before throwing a charging John Cena from the ring. Flair is on fire as he looks to target the leg of Edge, going for a chop block, only for Edge to jump up out of the way of the move ... THEN LOOK FOR THE EDGE-O-MATIC ... BUT CHAVO FLIES OUT OF NOWHERE, OVER A DUCKING FLAIR ... AND NAILS EDGE WITH A CROSS BODY! From here the pace of the match surprisingly slows down as Chavo & Flair show their superior teamwork to work together and keep Edge isolated, proving themself as a team by hitting moves such as a double chop (exciting), a double suplex, and the old scoop slam from Flair, before Chavo utilises his uncle Eddie’s old hilo from the apron into the ring. The dominance can’t lost forever though, as Chavo eventually looks to hit the Three Amigos, only for Edge to slip out when Chavo looks for the third one ... BUT EDGE SPINS OUT OF IT ... THEN NAILS THE EDGECUTION!

Both men are once again down as this time they both look for the hot tags, slowly crawling towards their respective corners ... and making the tags! Cena, as the fresher man, is full of life, hitting Flair with a few right hands, before attempting to Irish whip him, only for Flair to reverse, then receive a leaping shoulder block for his troubles. Cena hits another, then a few clotheslines, before ducking a wild clothesline attempt ... PROTOPLEX! Cena looks out to the crowd, ready to make the famous motion to Flair, only for Chavo to charge in ... CLOTHESLINE ... NO CENA DUCKS ... PROTOPLEX! The crowd goes wild as Cena smiles, does a double “You can’t see me~!” and runs off to the ropes ... DOUBLE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! The crowd is electric as Cena squats down, waiting for Flair, the legal man, to slowly get up, which he does ... PROMPTING CENA TO GET FLAIR UP INTO A FIREMAN’S CARRY POSITION ... BUT CHAVO COMES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A DROPKICK TO THE KNEE OF CENA! Flair smiles as he falls from the back of Cena, then backs into the ropes and hits the chop block, sending Cena down, while Chavo meanwhile looks around to spot Edge, before charging across ... AND NAILING EDGE WITH A SUICIDE DIVE DOWN ONTO THE FLOOR! Inside the ring, Cena is getting back to his feet, with Flair grabbing him by the leg then hitting the shinbreaker and knocking Cena down ... WITH FLAIR NOW BEGINNING TO STRUT! FLAIR FEELS IT’S TIME, AS HE SPINS AROUND THE LEG OF CENA, LOOKING TO LOCK IN THE FIGURE FOUR BY SALUTING THE CROWD ... BANG!


The crowd erupts with a mixed reaction as the World Tag Team Champions, Kane & Big Show walk out to the top of the stage, smiling, prompting Flair to leave Cena in the ring and run up the ramp, accompanied by a now recovered Chavo, as the two teams brawl off backstage, leaving this match to be called a no contest.

Result: No Contest @ 12:00

The crowd boos the result as Cena remains down in the middle of the ring, still hurting from the match ... WHEN SUDDENLY EDGE ROLLS INTO THE RING ... AND HEADS TO THE CORNER! EDGE IS PREPARING HIMSELF TO SPEAR JOHN CENA! Slowly but surely, Cena starts to pull himself up, giving his back to Edge, unaware of his presence as he turns ... AND EDGE CHARGES ... BUT CENA LIFTS HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS AND NAILS THE F-U! The crowd erupts as Cena stands over Edge and shakes his head, perhaps out of disappointment more than shock ...

... ANGLE SLAM?! KURT ANGLE IS IN THE ARENA, AND HE IS STANDING OVER THE BODY OF JOHN CENA, WITH EDGE NEXT TO HIM, ALSO ON THE MAT! Angle stands over his two enemies and outstretches his arms, roaring with intensity, having made an impact, despite the intervention of Eric Bischoff here tonight with two Angle Slams in two weeks for John Cena. That image is the last we see, as we now fade away to darkness.



April 2, 2006 | Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois


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