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Re: Diva Chaos

I've been very busy, but have any many requests about my Volume 56 Guilty Pleasure show, so here in an abbreviated version of Volume 55. I hope you enjoy as I will be returning my regular format on Volume 56. Speaking of which don't forget to PM me your votes for the first fully interactive Diva Chaos Show, thank you!

Volume 55

Guilty Pleasure Main Event:
The show kicked off with General Manager Kelly Kelly standing in the ring as she invited The Canadian Connection down to the ring. Trish led Maryse and Natalya down the ramp as they all looked frustrated that Natalya could not take the title away from Mickie James on Volume 54. Kelly Kelly announce that she belived in 2nd chances, therefore at Guilty Pleasure The Canadian Connection will have their opportunity to not only claim the World Title, but also the Tag Team Titles. As in the main event it will be Mickie James defending the belt against the fans choice etheir Maryse, Natalya or Trish Stratus! However, the women who finish 2nd and 3rd would not go empty handed as they will receive a shot at the Tag Team Titles against The Pink Ladies.

This announcement brought out the World Champion, Mickie James. As Mickie stared down her potential competition, she let the fans know who she wanted to face at Guilty Pleasure, her choice...Trish Stratus. Mickie claims that Trish can talk all she wants about preparing Maryse and Natalya to be the future of this buissness. But she knows Trish, and she's just using them to hold to her past. Mickie says that she was heartbroken when Trish turned her back on her, that Trish use to be her hero, her rolemodel, and her best friend. But she finally realized why Trish turned on her, Trish is jelaous! That Mickie use to want to be like Trish Stratus but now she is bigger and has accomplished more then Trish Status ever had. That now it's Trish who wants to be Mickie, and that if Trish wants to be like her, then the first thing she is going to have do is take this World Title away from her at Guilty Pleasure!

Kelly Kelly set up the main event for tonight, to allow the fans to see all three challengers in action, as it will be The Canadian Connection, Trish, Maryse, and Natalya, taking on The Champions, The Pink Ladies and Mickie James in a 6 woman tag match!

Nikki Bella defeated Portia Perez
On Volume 54, The Bella Twins pulled the switcharoo and upset the former Shimmer Tag Team Champions, The Canadian Ninjas. Perez looked for revenge after being humilated and quickly took control of the match and dominated throughout. Using her experince and technical expertise to control the match up. However the resilent Nikki Bellla managed to make a comeback, using Portia's over confidence against. Feeling the match slipping away, Nicole Matthews jumped up on the apron, distracting the ref and Nikki Bella. Allow Portia to pull out a pair of brass knuckels to drill Nikki Bella. However, Brie came to her sister's aid and entered the ring and hit Portia with a facebuster. Brie then covered Portia as her sister rolled out of the ring to pick up another controversal upset victory over The Canadian Ninjas! The Bellas celebrated as The Ninjas have been out smarted again.

Beth Phoenix defeated Awesome Kong
On Volume 54 Beth made a statement when she became the first woman to lay out the unstoppable Sara Del Rey, to show the entire world that she is the most dominant woman in Diva Chaos. However tonight she would have to take on a woman who can be just as destructive as she can be, Awesome Kong. These two powerhouses met head on and battled it out, but Beth showed how powerful she is when picked up Awesome Kong and body slammed her. Then followed up and hoists Kong up in the air and dropped her with the glam slam for an impressive victory.

However Beth did not have much time to celebrate when Sara Del Rey made her way down the ramp to physically confront "The Glamazon", these two women battled it out until Roxxi ran down looking for a piece of Sara Del Rey as well. Then Awesome Kong joined in and all four of these women looked to destroy each other as officals and agents pulled them apart to the fans dissaproval. However if the fans want to see them go at it they can vote to see them compete in monsters ball at Guilty Pleasure!

Daffney's Hardcore Gauntlet
Daffney will finally have to meet the one woman is capable of ending Daffney's undefeated streak, Cheerleader Melissa one-on-one for the Hardcore Title at Guilty Pleasure. But Daffney wanted to send a message to Melissa and everyone of how dominate she can be as she vowed to defeated not one, not two, but 3 women! First up Alicia Fox tried her hand at the deranged Daffney, but Fox quickly found out why Daffney is undefeated as she decimated Fox with ease after drilling her with the lobotomy.

Next up Ashley Massaro hit the ring and gave it her best show and refused to back down but Daffney gained control and used a varitet of weapons to break Ashley down. Daffney unloaded on with a steel chair on Ashley until the referee ruled Ashley could not longer defend herself and award the 2nd match to Daffney.

Finally the rough and tough ODB made her way to the ring and looked to give Daffney her toughest challenge to date, however Daffney pounced on ODB instantly. Daffney quickly hit ODB with the lobotomy, but was not done as she brought in a bag of thumbtacks and poured them over the mat, before picking ODB up slamming in her into the tacks before making the cover.

Daffney defintially sent a message to Melissa, but Melissa was not to be outdone. As Daffney celebrated, Melissa made her way out on to the rampway, dragging a laundry hamper behind her. Melissa pushed the cart down the ramp as it crashed into the apron. Melissa smiled and turned away. Daffney opened the hamper only to find the bloodied and battered bodies of her Coven teamates Mschif and Shelly Martinez. An irate Daffney let out a deafening scream as Melissa gets the last laugh heading into Guilty Pleasure.

Ashley Lane defeated Mercedes Martinez
Ashley has been looking to get her hands on Melina ever since Melina hospitalized Lane's tag partner Nevaeh with a brutual assault. However first she would have to get through Melina's new bodygaurd, Mercedes Martinez. Mercedes making her in ring debut, showed exactly why she was hand picked by Melina to be her bodygaurd. Dominating Lane with her both her speed and power. The fans were impressed with the mean streak in Mercedes. However Lane showed her heart and continued to fight, Melina tried to distract Lane and it appeared to be successful as Mercedes attack Lane and set her up for the fisherman buster but out of nowhere Lane rolled up Martinez with an inside cradel to score the victory. Leaving both Mercedes and Melina in shock, Lane was satisfied but she hopes for much more then victory when she takes on Melina at Guilty Pleasure.

Velvet Sky and Amber O'Neal defeated International Champion Christy Hemme and Serena Deeb; Sky qualiffies for IN title match at Guilty Pleasure
On Volume 54 Amber O'Neal qualified for the International title match at guilty pleasure when she upset the champion Christy Hemme. Now this week it was time to make room for one more for the IN title match, would it be Velvet Sky or Serena Deeb. With both teams exchaning blows it was the hot tag to Christy Hemme that turned the match up when she nearly put Velvet Sky away with a reverse twist of fate, if it was not for Amber O'Neal breaking up the pin. With all four women going at it in the ring, Serena charged Amber O'Neal with a spear but Amber dropped down and Serena flew out of the ring. But Amber O'Neal was then drop kicked out of the ring by Hemme. With Christy's attention on Amber, Sky was able to sneak up from behind and pin Christy after connecting with the beauty mark.

Now Christy will have to defend her title against ethier Rain, Amber O'Neal, or Velvet Sky. With Hemme being pinned by one her possible challengers in back to back weeks, Hemme's reign as champion might be in jeopardy.

Rain and Gail Kim defeated Daizee Haze and Eve
For weeks Daizee's and Eve's lives have made miserable by their enemies. With Lacey swearing retribution on Daizee Haze for in her mind costing the World Title and Eve who has been assaulted by Gail Kim, who has been determined to rid Diva Chaos off Eve and all other "eye candy". But tonight was a chance at redemption as Daizee and Eve teamed up to take on Gail Kim and Rain who was accompined to the ring by Lacey. The match was contested back and forth until Gail and Rain were able to isolate Eve from her partner. Gail and Rain worked Eve over but Eve was resilent and made the tag to Daizee Haze. Daizee entered the ring like a women possessed and took down both Rain and Gail with a yazuka kick and was in control until Lacey grabed Daizee from the outside, allowing Rain to take advantage. Rain threw Daizee into the ropes but Daizee ducked a closeline and then launched herself through the ropes with a suicide dive on to Lacey. Daizee grabbed Lacey and unloaded with a series of rapid and furious right hands. Rain eventually came to her friend's rescue but Daizee hit Rain with a heart punch and then threw her into the stairs. However Lacey had enough time to escape and ran for her life as Daizee chased her to the back. In the ring Eve surprised Gail with a series of counters and then backed Gail into the corner. Eve climbed the ropes and unloaded with right hands but from behind Rain hit Eve and then put her on her shoulders and dropped her with the acid rain for the victory.

Lacey's STEEL not done with Daizee Haze
Daizee had given chase to Lacey backstage but ran into a trap as she was was taken down by Jetta. Jetta and Lacey stomped on Daizee Haze until Jetta held Daizee up for Lacey who wrapped a steel chain around her hand and unloaded with right hands, busting Daizee wide open. Officals dragged Lacey away as she screamed she would never be done with Daizee Haze!

Friends No More
On Volume 54 everyone was shocked and saddened after a hard fought loss to the Tag Team Champions, a frustrated Michelle attacked Torrie Wilson. Working over her leg as Torrie cried Michelle continued to attack. As Michelle made her way to the ring, most were expecting an apology as she called her long time friend down to the ring. Torrie made her way out on crutches as Michelle looked on with regret on her face as Torrie hobbled into the ring.

Michelle told Torrie that she was sorry...sorry for not dropping Torrie sooner. That Torrie was a lieability, and nothing but trouble. When Torrie left Diva Chaos the first time, Michelle became a World Champion all because she didn't have to worry about protecting Torrie from people like Beth Phoenix. That this buissness has no place for friendships. That Kelly Kelly has made a match between the two of them at Guilty Pleasure, but she will call the match off on one condition, if Torrie drops to her knees and begs.

Torrie responded by saying she's never felt worse in her entire life, not physcially, but emotionaly. That her best friend turned her back on her, but if this has what it's come to then so be it. But Michelle needed to know that their friendship was over, that Torrie lost all respect for the woman Michelle use to be, and one more thing Michelle needed to know...physically Torrie was just fine! As Torrie delivered a kick to the midsection and then smashed a crutch over Michelle's head to a huge ovation. Torrie left the ring looking back at Michelle as she laid motionless in the ring as the former friends do battle at Guilty Pleasure!

Main Event
The Canadian Connection defeated World Champion Mickie James and Tag Team Champions The Pink Ladies

The challengers and the champions each looked to send a message to the other team and gain momentum heading into Guilty Pleasure. Not only that but The Canadians each were looking to score votes from the fans to earn a World title opportunity against Mickie James. But also Mickie was looking forward to finally getting her hands on Trish Stratus! However it was The Canadians who dominated early on as Maryse showed off her vastly improving skills, and then it was Natalya showed off her brute strength that almost allowed to capture the World Title on Volume 54. Then finally it was Trish showing her vast experince and ability as she took it to Jessie Mckay. But out of nowhere Mckay hit Trish with the school girl crush, and then made the tag to Mickie James and suddenly it was the match up we were all waiting for. Mickie pounded on Trish and showed Trish how much Mickie had picked up over the years since Trish's retirement. Mickie flew from the top rope with a lou thesz press and almost picked up victory. But suddenly all hell broke loose with all 6 women battling it out. The Pink Ladies battled to ringside with Maryse and Natalya leaving it Mickie and Trish alone in the ring. Where Mickie continued to take the fight to Trish. Mickie was eyeing up Trish for a roundhouse kick but Maryse grabbed Mickie by the foot from the outside. Mickie reached through the ropes and pulled Maryse up to the apron by her hair. However, Maryse surprised Mickie by dropping her throat first over the top rope, and Mickie stumbles into a chick kick from Trish who then pinned Mickie for the victory!

Trish stood over Mickie and motioned for the gold and then grabbed the World Title as Maryse and Natalya slid into the ring with the Tag Titles in hand. The Canadian Connection celebrated with all three title belts, which very well could happen again at Guilty Pleasure!

Please PM Me Your Votes For Volume 56 Guilty Pleasure

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