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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

February 6th, 2006 | Preview
Fool Me Once, Shame On You ... Fool Me Twice ...

This week Monday Night RAW invades the home of the old enemy as we hit Atlanta, Georgia, with what is sure to be an exciting show.

Following the events of the Royal Rumble everyone was wondering one thing: who was the mystery attacker of Kurt Angle? Angle walked into Monday Night RAW last week asking himself the same thing, with his first suspicion being the man who for the past month he has constantly been butting heads with in the WWE Champion, Edge. Interrupting Edge’s victory speech after Edge had defeated John Cena to retain his WWE Title the previous night, Angle cut right to the chase, accusing Edge of being the attacker. Edge, however, vehemently denied these accusations, instead pointing the blame towards the man who Kurt Angle spent most of last year trying to take the WWE Title off, John Cena. Seemingly accepting Edge’s story of not being in the arena at the time in question, Edge looked to leave, only for Angle to unexpectedly send Edge down with the Angle Slam. Angle wasn’t done with just Edge though, as later in the night he made his mark on John Cena too, hitting the former champion with the Angle Slam after he defeated Carlito in the main event. With Angle having seemingly accused both men of assaulting him despite both men denying it, we can be sure to see some unhappy campers on RAW tonight. What can we expect to see from Angle, Cena and Edge on RAW this Monday following the explosive situation that has developed over the past eight days?

Another man who is certainly going to be angry headed into this Monday night is Triple H. After the events of the Royal Rumble eight days ago, Triple H headed into RAW last week thinking of one thing: revenge upon the McMahons. However, after calling the boss and his son out, ‘The Game’ was disappointed when it was another man who has found himself on the wrong side of Mr. McMahon in Triple H’s old buddy and now enemy, Shawn Michaels. Despite the two obviously not being the best of friends anymore, Shawn warned Triple H, saying he was playing into the hands of the tyrant by calling him out, saying that he knows from personal experience that this is exactly what Vince wants. Despite the continued pleas of Michaels, Triple H ignored them all, once again calling McMahon out, only to get Gregory Helms. Helms cut right to the chase, telling Triple H that Mr. McMahon wasn’t in the building, although he did have an announcement for next week’s show thanks to the events of the previous night at the Royal Rumble. Following Helms’ elimination of Shawn Michaels, Mr. McMahon awarded Helms with a match against anyone of his choosing, so Helms said that he selected to finish the job, meaning this week on RAW it will be Shawn Michaels vs. Gregory Helms. Will the shooting star of Monday Night RAW be able to knock off the veteran, or will ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ reign supreme? And will Triple H get his hands on the McMahons this week?

The men of Monday Night RAW aren’t the only ones where things are getting personal, as an old rivalry has continued to blossom on the divas side of things. At the Royal Rumble, Women’s Champion Trish Stratus was able to successfully defend her title against long-time rival Victoria in a back and forth match, with the ending coming perhaps thanks to Mickie James, who climbed up onto the apron, only to be inadvertently kicked by Trish Stratus. Despite Trish still picking up the victory, her immediate concern was for Mickie, attempting to tend to her after the match. Last week on RAW she apologised for her inadvertent actions from the previous night, however Mickie blew them off, simply telling Trish that accidents happen. It seems those words will still on the mind of Trish when Victoria, who earlier in the night insisted her problems with Trish Stratus were still existent, attempted to assault Trish, only for Mickie James to run in and make the save. However, after Mickie cleared the ring of Vickie, she was then patted on the back by Stratus, with Mickie – perhaps instinctively – turning and instantly hitting Trish with a knockout right hand. While no one knows whether what Mickie did last week was intentional or not, what we do know is that the four divas involved in the chaos last week will all be involved again this week as Victoria & Candice team up to take on Mickie James & Trish Stratus. Will James & Stratus be able to team together effectively after the past few weeks, or will Victoria make another statement against Trish?

Another team who may well have problems this week on Monday Night RAW will be the artists formerly known as The World’s Greatest Tag Team, as they team up for the first time in two years to take on The Redneck Wrecking Crew. While Charlie Haas has been persistent in his plight to bring the band back together, Shelton Benjamin has often resisted, and at times, even looked to genuinely dislike Haas. With all of this going on, will Haas & Benjamin be able to team back together flawlessly, or will The Redneck Wrecking Crew be able to dismantle two men whom they have been having problems with in recent weeks?

Two more men who have a personal problem between them are Rob Van Dam and Carlito. Last week RVD finally made his return to Monday Night RAW after a year long layoff thanks to a knee injury, caused in part by Carlito, when he beat Carlito’s running buddy in the ever impressive Chris Masters. Tonight RVD will be in action again, although much like he did last week, Carlito has again avoided facing RVD one on one, as instead it will be Carlito, Chris Masters & Rene Dupree teaming up to take on RVD & V Squared. Will Carlito be able to continue to slither away from Van Dam, or will Van Dam get his hands on ‘Lito tonight?

With all of this, plus appearances from Chavo Guerrero, Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair, World Tag team Champions Kane & Big Show and others, this show is sure to be a big one. To see all of this, plus more, be sure to tune into the USA Network, 9/8 C.

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