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Re: Tintin Mafia Game Thread

25 ... State of Affairs

Tintin and Captain Haddock were up against Dr. Muller. Tintin bellowed, "Why have you done this? All these people..."

"Shut up, you sneaky reporter." Muller retorted, gratification in his voice, "Don't play innocent. You've disrupted each and every one of my plots. I tried to print counterfeit notes without hurting anybody and you came along. I tried to work alone in the desert and you came along. You are a thorn in my side. I manipulated Rastapopoulos and his dimwit sidekick, Allan. I even got Mitsuhirato, the man you believed to have killed himself, to resurface so together we could exact vengeance on you and now, here you are - no slingshot, no guns, no dog!"

A bullet shot from the gun and into Snowy, who dropped dead. "Snowy!" Tintin cried.

"You Baboon, Bagpiper, Buccaneer, Rat, Lubberly Scum!" the Captain raced across the room and got shot straight in his heart. His blood had the distinct aroma of whiskey. Captain Haddock aka Mr. Lawls was finished

Spoiler for role:

You think you’re dead? Not quite. You were captured and it was not your blood that was spilt. But you’re a prisoner but you want to escape and for that, you can PM one person a message each night but it must not include your name. You can PM me what you want to say and to who you want to say it. Also, as long as you’re a captive, you are forbidden from claiming. You can post like Haddock if you want though as long as its not blatant claiming.

You win with Tintin or if you are saved from prison, by yourself too.

Tintin cried like a baby and Dr. Muller stepped over the corpses with the gun pointed at Tintin's head, "This time, the villain wins!" BOOM. Tintin was dead. Muller walked out of the house gracefully, leaving his gun behind. After a relaxing stroll around Marlinspike grounds, he left for the airport. With no Tintin in his way, he was free to do crime as he wished and nobody would get in his way.

This began a whole new trend, 'Dr. Muller' the story of Postage, who was a villain who would never get caught.

Spoiler for role:

You can’t die. Yeah, you’re the same as Tintin, can’t be lynched or killed at night. But this is only as long as you have at least one mafia member still with you. Also, you’re the trapper. Each night, you can trap a person into drawing a night kill. Send me a name and some killing role will be redirected to that target.

Mafia: Allan, Rastapopoulos and Mitsuhirato

Talk to them here


Game Over.

Winner: Postage w/ Alcoholic/Mister X, Doddsy and Rising.

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