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Re: Tintin Mafia Game Thread

23 ... The luck of the draw

Then there were six: Nov, Mr. Lawls, Wesson, Alcoholic, Postage and Dan Marino. Postage had run out on them after he was attempted to be killed. The remaining six sat around in a circle, sure to watch each other so that nobody tries to kill anybody. There were only a few left so they wanted to protect every friend around.

"This is hopeless," Nov said, although scheming.

"Why would you say that? We could break the mafia, I know it," Alcoholic retored.

"To be precise, we could be the mafia."

Mr. Lawls sat up, "This has gone on far enough. If there's one thing I don't like, it's liars (and lack of whiskey) and I'm getting to the bottom of this. We know we've got two traitors among us and I know just how to find him."

"AHHHH!" Postage fell through the window of the room. Everyone turned their attention to him and BOOM! A bullet fired straight into the head of Dan Marino. He fell to the ground all bloodied. From his jacket fell out two contraptions, a boom cannon (one that was broken) and a pendulum. He was Professor Cuthbert Calculus

Spoiler for role:

You are the amazing Calculus. You are trying to help Tintin from the surface. You can build and give items to Tintin, which will help him along the way. Your stock of inventions along with their costs is given below:

Warp gun – 17 posts
Leveler – 24 posts
Isolator – 33 posts (only one)
Plasma gun – 45 posts
Power key – 50 posts
Energizer – 68 posts
Boom Canon – 100 posts (only one)

You will win when Tintin is a free man again.

Everyone looked on, terrified, "It was him!" Shouted a person and Tintin turned his remaining plasma gun on him, "So it was you who've been sneaking around all this time. Lying and laughing, laughing and lying [/George]. Go Snowy!"

The dog jumped behind him and bit his ankle and he jumped. Tintin fired the gun and Alcoholic plunged to his death. He was Rastapopoulos

Spoiler for role:

You’re the most ingenious crook the Tintin world has ever seen. You have been warning Tintin to stop coming after you guys and since he didn’t heed, you are going to hurt everybody he cares about. You are the day killer. You can kill anybody on any one day, except for Tintin of course.

Then there were four: Nov, Wesson, Postage and Mr. Lawls. Who will survive?


Day Again.

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