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Re: Tintin Mafia Game Thread

21 ... Tintin Strikes Back

Everyone alive was out in the streets. For the eyes of most, it was quite obvious who was who. Dr. Muller, the scheming manipulative doctor he is, blended well with the crowd and had his crony, Allan do the dirty work for him. There was someone after his though. Allan was stalking the still living detective and finally decided to pull the gun on him but jut then, a dog bit him on the ass. Allan dropped the gun and squealed. Tintin was behind him with the gun now. He called for Thomson and together they took Allan into custody to lock him up for LIFE.

Allan, Doddsy was a berserker.

Spoiler for role:
You are getting revenge on Tintin for all the pain he’s caused you. You are the berserker. It’s a one shot role that allows you to cause chaos which completely randomizes all town’s roles for that night.

Tintin sighed, "That was good but we can't celebrate yet. Dr. Muller and the sinister mastermind are still at large and we must find them fast."

"To be precise, I we must celebrate fast!" Thomson reiterated.


Day. 6 are alive and it's 4 for majority.

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