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Mafia Host Thread

The Mafia Host Thread
(Y'know, the updated one)

Waiting List
1. Cyandie & Happiness Mafia by Alcoholic
2. LOST: The Complete Series Mafia by Lostfap & MetalX
3. LOST: Back into the Light Mafia by Thunderangel
4. Bible Adventures Mafia by dan_marino ????
5. Prison Break Mafia II by Mr. Lawls
6. WF Recap Mafia by Sticksy
7. DH doesn't know what to say to Latin song lyrics by Hohenheim of Light

Games in Progress
The Mole by .BD
Heroes III Mafia by Stone Cold sXe

Sign-Ups Open

Past Games
(In order as they were completed)

1.WF Mafia IV: Return To The Dark Side by The Ace & CMAngle33
2.WF Mafia by BD.
3.Heroes Mafia by Thunderman & Metal X
4.LOST Mafia by Ghetto Anthony
5.24 Mafia by Seb
6.Tri-Branded Mafia by DH. and BD.
7.Power Rangers Mafia by Thunderman
8.Space Jam Mafia by Seb
9.Mafia V Return To Aifamville by Metal X
10.Superheroes Mafia by Lostfan and NaS
11.Movie Mafia by PHENOM
12.Survivor Mafia by DH.
13.Chain Of Memories Mafia by Es Eye
14.Mortal Kombat Mafia by Fail
15.LOST Mafia II by He Hate Me
16.WWE Mafia by CM "Susan" Dealer
17.Resident Evil Mafia by NaS
18.Heroes II Mafia by Lostfan and Metal X
19.Prison Break Mafia by BD.
20.Cosby Show Mafia by KeepItFresh & jax_the_ax
21.Breakfast Cereal Mafia by Postage
22.Family Guy Mafia by Stone Cold sXe
23.Pokemon Mafia by Doddsy
24.Project Mafia by S-I
25.Harry Potter Mafia by dan_marino
26.Mushroom Kingdom Mafia by Nov
27.Video Games Mafia by Kantos
28.Dark Knight Mafia by ThunderMan
29.Simpsons Mafia by CBR & Dagax
30.GTA Mafia by Alcoholic
31.South Park Mafia by Susan Dealer
32.Hip Hop Mafia by Emperor NaS
33.No Idea Mafia by Kantos and Lostfan
34. Games from the Mafia Archives Mafia By Wolf Tiger
35.A Super Cool Mafia By Postage
36.Watchmen Mafia By dan_marino
37.Buffy The Sexy Vampire Slayer Mafia
38. Tekken Mafia By Alcoholic
39. ECW: One Night Stand Mafia by The Ace w/ Lostfan
40. King's Court Mafia by DH.
41. Mafia on a Plane by DH.
42. Super Wildlife Mafia by Invincible
43.Drug Mafia by Chris Supreme
44. Dexter Mafia by RetepAdam
45.Tennis Mafia by Ultimoron & Steven Lawls
46. Post Restriction mafia by Lostfan and Kantos
47. Pixar mafia by MetalX
48. Red vs. Blue mafia by Wolf Tiger
49. Survivor Mafia II by Dhitler
50. ARKANSAS mafia by Alcoholic
51. Disney Princess Mafia by ThunderAngel
52. Star Wars Mafia by Lostfap and yottsu
53. Apocalypse Mafia by dan marino
54. Final Fantasy 7 Series by Mr. Lawls
55. WWF Attitude Era Mafia by Nov

56. Mason Mafia by Ultimoron
57. Christmas Mafia by dan_marino
58. Tintin Mafia by Invinciclaus

59. House Mafia by .BD
60. Pokemafia (II) by Doddsy

61. Cartoon Mafia by sXe
62. MSN Smiley Mafia by Mr. Lawls & Santafap
63. Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Mafia by DH
64. IWC Mafia by Ultimoron
New York Mafia by Postage
66. No Theme Mafia by CM Dealer

{Links to come for 61 - 65}

Completed Non-Mafia Games

Survivor Wrestlingforum by DH Claus
Winner: MetalX

Survivor North America by DH Claus
Winner: Postage

Survivor: United Kingdom by DH Claus
Winner: Postage

The Amazing Race by DH Claus
Winners: Alcoholic and Postage (DREAM TEAM)

Survivor Vietnam by DH Claus
Winner: Ultimoron

Survivor: The Greek Islands by DH Claus
Winner: Postage

The Apprentice by Lostfap
Winner: Wesson

Completed "Ask Questions"

CM "Susie" Dealer

Will add the rest at a later date.


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