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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I'm actually getting pretty close to being caught up on current stuff. I'm ahead of Benjo for crying out loud, man!


Edwards vs. Albright - **1/4
DCFC vs. HoT - *3/4
Rave vs. Redwood - *
Richards vs. Castagnoli - ****
Briscoes vs. Young Bucks - ***1/4
Young vs. Brown - 1/2*
Aries/Titus vs. Cabana/Williams - **1/2
Hero vs. Danielson - ****

Pretty much a 3 match show. Richards/Claudio was phenomenal. Probably my 2nd favorite match of this year, which is saying something considering how much I dislike Heel vs. Heel matches. Then again, Davey became the defacto face with his small size. Claudio should be required to face guys under 5'10 every night, because watching him work that style is so different than what you normally see on the indy scene. A top 5 match for ROH this year so far from what I've viewed. Hero/Dragon was also great. It had this intensity that I can't quite put my finger on. It almost felt like both guy actually wanted to WIN as opposed to just doing fake moves.


Titus vs. Williams - **1/4
6 man mayhem - **1/4
Albright/Dempsey vs. HoT - *
Rave vs. Necro (Dog collar) - **1/2
Young Bucks vs. DCFC - ***
Castagnoli vs. Cabana - **3/4
Wolves vs. Briscoes - ***1/2
Danielson vs. Aries - ****

Pretty solid show. The 2nd match really surprised me with how much I got into it. Dog collar match was a huge brawl, but I'm not that into that sort of thing so I didn't love it. Bucks and DCFC had a perfectly acceptable tag match. Cabana and Claudio wrestled a fun comedy match. Briscoes had probably the best match I've seen them in in about a year. The main event was really great, which is hardly surprising given the talent. Crowd could have been more into it, but by the end they were believing Danielson was walking out with the belt. There were also some good promos. Nigel actually cut a sincere promo about what ROH meant to him. Bret Hart came out and kind of shyly talked about being back in Chicago. He actually looked happy to be there as opposed to what Flair usually does. And Danielson had a really strong promo to end the show. Overall, the undercard was much better than the Dayton show the night before, thus making it easier to sit through. I'd still take Davey/Claudio as the match of the weekend, but Aries/Danielson isn't worlds behind. Really looking forward to the next two shows. BTW, Hero on commentary > every other commentator ROH has ever had bar Punk.


Young Bucks vs. Cheech and Cloudy - ***1/2
Dutt vs. Delirious - **
Generico vs. Castagnoli vs. Hero vs. Williams - **1/2
Edwards vs. Steen (Anything goes) - **3/4
DCFC vs. Dempsey/Payne - *
Nigel vs. Strong - ***1/2
Aries/Titus vs. Cabana/Omega - **1/2
Danielson vs. Richards - ****1/4

Final Countdown Tour keeps getting better show by show. Really enjoyed this. Opener shocked the biscuits out of me. Total face vs. face oneupsmanship. Thought they did it better than the Bucks and MCMG in PWG surprisingly. The street fight was on it's way to being on par with Richards/Steen from this past April, but the elbow injury on Edwards totally killed the match, as you'd think. Pretty crazy of him to go like 8 more minutes after it broke. Nigel and Strong had what I'd describe as a really solid match. They didn't go out there and change the world, but they still put together a really good display. Still their worst match together if that matters. Main event was a superb 40+ minute match that felt like it was the main event. Reeeeeeally liked the story here of Richards going full force while working the arm of Dragon. Of course, being that it went so long Richards got incredibly tired by the end (kayfabe). Danielson's experience in lengthy matches helped him stay in the game until the end when he finally made a huge mistake and Richards capitalized greatly on it and payed off the armwork. Normally this is a match that Danielson would win, but the chip on Davey's shoulder is so huge that it just wouldn't let him break. Both guys looked like stars here. I'd only put it behind KENTA/Richards as the ROH MOTY, and it's pretty close. Richards gave an amazing promo putting over ROH and it's legacy, while Danielson gave his best farewell speech yet. Everything about it was just epic. Overall, maybe the best ROH show of the year. At least since SOH IV in early April. Everything was enjoyable except the awful Dempsey match, but that was semi-squash anyway. Can't wait till the next show.


Cabana vs. Titus - *1/2
DCFC vs. Cheech & Cloudy - **3/4
Omega vs. Castagnoli - ***1/4
Delirious vs. Strong vs. Redwood vs. Dutt - ***
Wolves vs. Steenerico (Ladder War) - ***
Hero vs. Kingston - **3/4
Aries vs. Williams - ***
Briscoes vs. Young Bucks - ****
Danielson vs. Nigel - ****

Best show of the farewell tour, best show from ROH this year. Almost everything here was at the very least pretty good. Wasn't really a fan at all of Ladder war. Nothing like the first, but when it comes to the health of everyone involved, that's probably a good thing. Edwards didn't take anything close to a dangerous bump in this so there goes that assumption that he's a moron. Aries/Williams surprised me how solid it was. I gotta say, the NYC crowd has easily become the worst crowd in wrestling imo, at least at ROH shows. Dead some moments and annoying the next. I'm at least thankful they didn't do that Twinkies shit during the main event. The Briscoes/Bucks tag was fucking great if your a fan of that sort of thing. I get the feeling it'll be pretty polarizing because it was a total movefest. I still like that kind of stuff on the right day and they caught me on the day. Main event was, to no surprise, incredible. Danielson dominated until Nigel capitalized on the opening with the ringpost. Became about Danielson fighting to stay alive until the always great finishing stretch. Post match speeches were also unsurprisingly great. Definitely gonna miss those two in this environment.

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