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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Smackdown Feedback

I thought maybe we would have opened up with Randy Orton to gloat about his Royal Rumble victory, as I think despite whoís champion and whoís not, after his victory at the Rumble, heís the hottest thing on this brand at the moment, and it would have been good for him to be handed the spotlight, however Batista is probably the next best option. Batista has never been a killer on the microphone; however I liked how you kept him short and sweet, nothing wrong, and straight to the point, calling out Henry. We get Randy Orton now? It will do, as this promo could provide for some nice ĎMania hype. I liked Orton talking about nobody taking his spotlight, however from there things went a little down hill as far as Iím concerned. Donít get me wrong it was typical Orton, talking about his destiny, and his greatness, not sure about the gospel stuff though, yet I think he went on a little to long about himself, and he ignored Batista for a little to long, which almost made Big Dave seem insignificant. Iím glad to here Orton is staying on Smackdown, although Batista/Orton matches have been done many times before, so hopefully you make it a little different. Batista almost seemed like he was trying to be sarcastic and funny when he started speaking again, this being a pure example, ďWhy is that,Ē you ask? Itís simple. I look forward ... to kickiní, your, ass!Ē In the mood Batista should be in after the shit that went down at the Rumble, plus Orton interrupting him, Iíd expect a lot more anger from Batista, I really couldnít picture him saying why is that you ask in the mood that heís in. Also, I understand Batista/Henry is probably going to headline No Way Out, but Batista just flat out not caring about Orton when Orton is the one in the ring with him at the moment is another thing I wasnít to sure. Okay, Batista wants Henry, and Batistaís in a foul mood, but wouldnít he just kick Ortonís ass now to blow off some steam until he can get his hands on Henry? Teddy Long was pretty on song from the get go, and was a nice swerve having him come out to by the way. Anyway, Teddy was good, and Batista/Henry next week gives me hope that the No Way Out card wonít have a shit main event. With that being said, Batista only not being able to compete in singles action, but still being able to compete in tag team action is a really weak booking move, imo. You should have had the title match tonight, or not have Batista compete at all, you could have always had Henry/Mysterio be the main event, and have Orton beat some jobber. Despite the error, I think itís good that while youíre continuing Batista/Henry, Orton is still going to be around the champion.

I actually like the different thing youíre trying to do with MNM and Shannon Moore, and of course Matt Hardy. Itís something that nobodies done and I think so far youíve done a pretty good job with it. This match was a pretty good one, with Moore picking up another one of those upset victories, causing MNM to probably become even more obsessed with embarrassing him. The attack after the match should have went a little longer than one little hit by Nitro tbh, but besides that, a nice little way to advance the obvious, with Matt Hardy making the save for his old buddy. I expect things to really pick up between these four now .

Hereís the dreaded Finlay interview you were telling me about, and early stages it really didnít seem all that crash hot. I mean, how he could possibly have gotten the best of Lashley, even if he hit him with the shillelagh, when Lashley threw him out of the Rumble. I like that youíre acknowledging the fact that Lashley/Finlay business is not over, but the whole Finlay getting the better of Lashley thing was just stupid, tbh. As for the rest of the promo, it wasnít as bad as you made it out to be, I actually didnít mind it, especially the ending about bringing the fight. I never thought Iíd say this, but I actually enjoyed a Finlay punch line.

JBL was pretty spot on here, and Iíd actually prefer to see Batista/JBL at No Way Out, than Batista/Henry so if that could happen, it still wouldnít be ideal, but it would do. As for Brent and Jillian they didnít really say much, and despite Albright not being around for long, I feel as if youíre planting the seeds of dissention slowly already, with JBL treating his Cabinet like crap. I know itís probably a mile away, but itís just something I sensed here.

Despite the good wrestler that Paul Burchill is, he was never going to defeat Bobby Lashley here, Lashley is on a roll, and it continued pretty well here, but I like with Regal not interfering, and Burchill getting some offence in, you didnít completely bitch Burchill out. This way both men look pretty good, job well done, imo.

I didnít really feel the Chris Benoit interview here. At times it was good, talking about not giving up, working hard, mentioning that heís for real, however you also did things that were very un-Benoit like. For example, you had him constantly saying yeah, itís tough. Yeah, itís whateverÖ Benoit just doesnít do that. Not only that, but at the end you had Benoit refer to himself in the third person and he doesnít ever do that either. Despite these mistakes, I think continuing Booker/Benoit is for the best, as neither man can get involved in anything better at the moment.

I didnít feel as if this Booker T thing was necessary, it felt as if you were just filling space on the show. I guess itís good to see that Booker will react to Benoit next week, but still, I donít think this was needed.

Before I get into the main point of the segment, Iím interested as to who Teddy was talking about, regarding a contract on the phone. I loved Teddy and JBLís interaction, especially the part where Teddy owned him. It was all pretty good stuff, although I think you also showed that JBL wonít be getting near the title. Seriously though, this was probably the best segment of the night so far, I found it really enjoyable.

A nice win for Albright over Funaki, slowly building Albright up. Then you take away his momentum by one, throwing him into the same segment as The Boogeyman, and two, having him retreat from The Boogeyman. Have Albright break his arm next week, otherwise just fuck Boogeyman off, please. Seriously, heís terrible. This is a disgrace to Albright.

I like the dissention between Orton and Henry, made for a good read, although Iím sure theyíll find a way to co-exist. I liked Henry getting the last word to, as most people would have Orton OWN him, good work.

Rey Msyterio/Batista was okay, with Mysterio being worried, and ĎTista playing it off, although everybody knows something is wrong with Batista. It got a little to lovey at times, but thatís typical Mysterio, so I guess I canít complain.

A Cruiserweight Championship match between Kid Kash and Jamie Noble on a weekly show is simply epic. The match recap probably could have been a little better, but I understand you donít want to get burnt out. Donít get me wrong, I donít mean write up a five star classic, but you probably could have showed off the epicness of both men a little more. Anyway, a nice, strong win for Kash, keeping his little feud with Teddy going, which I really love by the way, meanwhile now I hope Noble doesnít get loat in the shuffle, although I have a feeling he will .

JBL, once again treating Albright like crap, which goes with my prediction I made earlier, and once again, I love your characterization of JB, you write him very well. Iím interested now to see just what JBLís impact will be.

CM Punk. Soon please

Taker/Finlay was another one of those decent enough contests. Iím not the hugest Finlay fan, although it was good to see him not just get dominated like some would make happen, yet with that being said, I think I would have liked ĎTaker to pick up the victory in his return match, and then get attacked by JBL. Anyway, the JBL attack was written pretty well, but hopefully this is just a way for Bradshaw to get noticed. Taker/JBL happened so many times in 04, that Iím just plain sick of it.

The main event was very well written, and while you clearly saved your best match recap for the main event, more energy should have went into Kash/Noble tbh. Anyway, a pretty good match, everything seemed to have a purpose, and the ending was very nice with Henry getting the better of Batista, Randy Orton getting the pinfall keeping his momentum going, and Mr Kennedy costing Mysterio the match keeping their things going. Overall, booked everything pretty well in this one.

Overall, this show was decent, definitely not one of your better ones, yet it was nowhere near as bad as you made it out to be. I hope you pick Smackdown up again from here, as youíve got a WHC match next week, as well as hopefully an epic promo from Mr Kennedy, plus JBL and ĎTakerís reactions to the attack. A lot of good to come, imo, so I canít wait for it.
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