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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Smackdown! Feedback

Glad that we saw Batista come out to start the night, because his win against Mark Henry by DQ at the Rumble was the biggest thing for SD!, aside from Orton winning the whole thing. But Mark doesnít even get a chance to come out, because Orton does instead! Didnít think that you were gonna have him interrupt Dave, as I thought an appearance on his own toward the end of the show was the way you were gonna go. But anyway, itís good to know that he is staying on SD! to challenge for the WHC. Obviously, itís going to be Batista-Orton, which I always thought we would have seen in 2006 had Big Dave not injured himself. Ortonís part of the promo was good, but nothing special that we havenít seen before. Dave coming back with his usual face comments, while still showing that he is pissed off about the whole Henry thing. Teddy Long coming out instead of Henry was disappointing, and while I love that Henry-Batista is taking place next week, I donít like that Batista still wrestles tonight, even with what the doctor said. Doesnít make any difference to me if itís a tag team or singles match, still the same chance of getting injured. Anyway, the main event tonight should be good, and I hope Orton continues to roll on SD!.

Glad that MNM look to be getting some legitimate challengers, with a reunion between Hardy and Moore on the horizon. Good match between Mercury and Moore, with Joey trying to cheat to win, with Melina helping him, but Shannon gets the quick victory! Aftermath was expected, as I can see Hardy and Moore being like London and Kendrick, continuing to be a thorn in MNMís side until a tag title match finally happens.

Good little interview from the Irishman, actually as good as you can get from a guy with little mic skills. Glad that his thing with Lashley isnít done, as I see that being blown off at No Way Out, while the match with ĎTaker tonight should be a good Ďun, given the physical nature of both veterans.

JBL thinking that heís getting a title shot? This seems to be a common theme in BTB, but I donít see him getting it. He will do something big at ĎMania, but it certainly wonít be wrestling for the titleÖ

Thought that Burchill was going to get more time with Lashley, seeing as how I see him as a guy with a ton of potential. He wrestled a good match, but it still felt too much like a glorified squash, something that neither Burchill or Regal should be doing. Anyway, a good win for Bobby and I see him going back into his program with Finlay after this good win.

Another good interview here, this time with Benoit. Basic stuff, as his rivalry with Booker wonít be over until the two of them are both healthy and they face each other for the belt one more time. Hope that match happens soon, but I can see you putting it off until WM, since the match at No Way Out IRL wasnít that great.

Wonder how Benoitís gonna ďpayĒ next week? Facing Jordan, imo.

Knew that Teddy wasnít going to give in to JBL, as itís obvious that JBL is going to be doing something else at WM22. Match next week should be good, as I see JBL trying his hardest to make the statement he thinks he needs.

Not much to say about Albright beating Funaki, as I love Brent in his current role, working for JBL is a good way to come in. Easy win for the rookie, but after the match is when the real shit went down. Running from the Boogeyman isnít going to work forever, and I can see Albright eventually facing the weirdo. No Way Out, perhaps?

Lackluster segment between Henry and Orton, as Mark on the mic is always a bad thing, imo. Obviously going to be some tension between the two, and I guess you accomplished that in this promo. Still, a little weak and unnecessary.

Glad to see that Rey is willing to take the beating tonight, but thereís no chance that Dave will let him do that. They are both going to get beaten down tonight, and I think that the Animal is being just as foolish as he always is when heís hurt.

A very good match between two of the best CWs on the roster, with Noble getting a huge opportunity against the reigning champion. Good showing from Jamie, as he got a few near falls, but Kash is just too good for the challenger, and he retains once again, showing his dominance over most of the other cruiserweights. Hope to see a new challenger step up pretty soon, as I hope that we get a legendary CW feud heading into WM22, because thatís just what SD needs.

JBL gonna make an impact, huh? Think I know where this goingÖ

CM Punk OWNS. Please push him the right way.

A very good match between two of the best older guys on Smackdown, as they always know how to put on a good show from the fans. As physical as one would expect, with Finlay holding his own against one of the greatest of all time. But ĎTaker begins to get rolling toward the end of the match, with Finlay looking like heís done Ö but hereís JBL! A sickening display by the Wrestling Gawd, as I think we know where his WM goals have shifted to. I should be awesome if you send JBL after ĎTaker at WM and try and have him break the streak, because he is just the heel to build the match to an epic level. This is a feud that I canít wait to see.

Good main event, giving everyone the amount of time that they deserve, with Rey and Batista looking like the much more cohesive team. Batista, despite the ďinjuryĒ, was still able to go at 100%, bringing it to Henry and Orton whenever he could. Rey looked like he had the match won for his side, but MR KENNEDY knocks him off! A great ending, with Orton continuing his post-Rumble momentum with a huge win, as I believe that momentum will continue all the way through WM22. Next week should be huge, but I really canít wait to see the fallout between Mysterio and Kennedy, as well as seeing what Orton does next.

Finally starting to review some of your stuff, as youíve been pretty generous in reviewing mine. I like what Iíve seen in this show, barring a few weak/unnecessary segments. You have me wondering about a ton of possible No Way Out scenarios, but it should be a very good show next week that will provide some preview of where weíre heading for the PPV.


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