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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Smackdown! Feedback

Glad to see that Angle is starting the show, because based on what I remember reading of this thread, he turned into quite the heel after losing the belt to Brock at WM19. He has every right to be mad after being forced to beg by Lesnar last week, and he made some good points about all heís done and how the fans still hate him. Maybe a possible seed planted with trying to get Stephanie replaced as SD GM? Anyway, he gets Lesnar to come out right away and I loved the fake entrances by two legends, as I remember it being hilarious when HBK did the same thing back in 2005, and it made just as much sense how you used it. Doink the Clown is a hilarious opponent for Angle, with Brock just continuing to mess with his rival.

No shock that Angle beat Doink with ease, but he was still afraid of LEsnar after the match, kinda going against his demeanor in the opening promo. But getting out of harmís way makes sense, what with his match at Backlash.

Gotta laugh at the Cena rap, as I remember when he was in this gimmick, and most promos he had were hiliarious. I hope that he faces Benoit, since the Wolverine will no doubt shut Cenaís mouth at Backlash. Still, that rap was hilarious.

Better match than expected between Benoit and Train, with A-Train actually getting more time in the driverís seat than I thought he would, and there was some great back and forth at the end. But we all knew that Benoit was the one to win this one, and a match between him and Cena at Backlash should be a good one.

Still donít know who is being brought in, as I think itís WAY too obvious to be Steve Austin .

Iím glad that Haas was able to almost get Hogan to pass out to the sleeper hold, but we all know that Hulkamania is going to be the winner in this one, but I still give you credit for trying to make Haas look legitimate. Anyway, an OK win for Hogan, but I just really hope that he doesnít do the same on Sunday.

Guess this name must be big enough, if he is indeed going to confront Vince at the PPV. This is a good way to create even more animosity between Stephanie and Vince, and I really canít wait to see where this angle goes.

Didnít think that Team Angle was going to strike ĎTaker during his interview, but I guess it will make him look even better when he beats Shelton later tonight. Angle looks like a man possessed in trying to get this title shot, but for some reason I donít see him winning the match at Backlash.

Would have liked to see Rhyno somehow score the upset over Show, but I guess you gotta put the four most over guys in the matches at Backlash. Show looks dominant here and I gotta think he has to be considered the favorite to win the US Title. Although, I do think that Eddie is going to give him a good match.

Like you said, the Funaki/Benoit promo wasnít great, but it at least acknowledges Cena, and he should have his hands full with Chris.

A very good match between ĎTaker and Benjamin, as I love that both Haas and Benjamin looks good tonight, given the legends that they were facing. Shelton almost gets the win a few times, and shows that Team Angle can still play dirty, hitting a wicked low blow with the referee distracted. But ĎTaker manages to overcome the numbers by getting some help from Hogan and Lesnar, and he manages to get the win! Good aftermath, with everyone being taken out, before Lesnar somewhat shockingly drops Hogan, as the special referee looks to have the advantage heading into the PPV.

Overall, a good ďgo homeĒ show that certainly makes Backlash something to look forward to. Loved the main event and the aftermath, showing how many ways the triple threat match can go. Good job.


World Heavyweight Championship; Steel Cage Match
Booker T vs Triple H (c)

Donít see Booker as the top guy on Raw, and I think The Rock might get back into the title picture soon, so Triple H stays the champion a little bit longer by winning this one.

20 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship
Shawn Michaels vs Kevin Nash vs RVD vs Kane vs Maven vs Jeff Hardy vs The Hurricane vs Test vs Goldust vs Tommy Dreamer vs Chris Jericho vs Christian vs Randy Orton vs Batista vs Ric Flair vs Lance Storm vs William Regal vs Chris Nowinski vs D'Lo Brown vs Mark Henry

Some of these guys are too big for the title (Nash, HBK, and Flair), so I see Randy as the guy who can win his first major title here. Would do wonders for his status in Evolution.

Singles Match
Scott Steiner vs The Rock

I love Scotty, but I just donít see The Rock losing this one.

Elimination Tables Match; 6 Man Tag
The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray, D-Von & Spike) vs 3 Minute Warning (Jamal, Rosey & Rico)

Like them more

Women's Championship Match
Trish Stratus (c) vs Victoria

Sheís better than Victoria, so thatís why sheís holding onto the title.

Triple Threat Match; Number One Contender for the WWE Title
Guest Referee: Brock Lesnar
The Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan vs Kurt Angle

I think that you are going to hold off on Angleís rematch a little bit longer, and I just donít want see Hogan anywhere near the title.

United States Championship Semi Final #1
Eddie Guerrero vs The Big Show

He will be the US Champion, just because I think a monster holding the belt first is the way to go.

United States Championship Semi Final #2
Chris Benoit vs John Cena

Surprise of the PPV, as he wonít even cheat to win!

Plus Vince McMahon's announcement!

Steve Austin is the only name that I can think of, but I still think youíre gonna swerve us.


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