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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Jobber posting show too quickly tbh.

RAW Feedback

First off, itís nice to see a show finally up from you. Itís been long enough.

While I have no problem with Maven vs. Flair as an opener since both men are fairly over and Mavenís receiving a bit of a push, a bit lazy to just write the result. A few details such as how the finish occurred properly and the psychology of the match take less than a minute to write, so even a few lines would be nice to see. As I said before, Maven seems to be getting a bit of a push, so a roll up win over Flair keeps that going well though, so itís a decent enough match to start off the show.

Backlash card looks pretty stacked. The Dudley Boyz vs. 3 Minute Warning in an elimination tables match is definitely a nice addition to the card, continuing The Dudley Boyz little feud with the Bischoff administration.

Seems a bit odd that you kick us off with a match then have a promo inserted in the second slot, but whatever. Rocky seemed pretty good here, going through his usual heel routine of telling the audience not to laugh at his jokes, before getting to the important stuff. Midget Steiner? I guess since this is a feud thatís been built on words and personal insults itís a pretty good idea, and it also gives Rocky a chance for a bit more ownage. The embarrassing stuff from the midget was pretty good before The Rock attacker him, and the run in from Steiner topped the segment off well. Having looked back through this thread, this feud has by far been the best of the lot, and it continued to deliver pretty well here tonight.

Nice to see you continuing the Bischoff administration feuding with RVD & Kane while also worrying about The Dudley Boyz.

The Rock seemed to get comfy and relaxed awfully soon after being embarrassed by Scott Steiner. Would have thought heíd be extremely pissed off after having his bit interrupted and being suplexed. The interaction between Rocky and Hurricane was fine, although nothing different to the last few weeks, really. The match is a bit odd too, since weíve already seen The Rock have an in ring segment tonight. Too much Rocky for one night already imo.

@ Williamsí Ďscorching hot model shootsí. Iím fairly sure she had blonde dreads back in í03, which looked horrific. Really, if you were looking to bring any new divas in from your news list, Laree was the go here. Williams isnít that good of a wrestler still, and she certainly wouldnít have been great back then (plus she was much uglier).

Despite, as I mentioned earlier, an overuse of Rocky tonight, the right decision was made to for him to go over Hurricane, obviously. Was interesting that you gave the match so long as I would have thought that headed into Backlash Rocky wouldíve been made to look stronger, but Iím not too fussed.

The Highlight Reel comes right after a match? I know itís a minor thing, but you have your commercials placed at odd times here. Jericho hosting Nash and questioning his motives for returning made sense, while Nashís reasoning was fine, if not a little bland, too. The subject of Michaels was brought up well, as was Tripper, giving Nash some links with some people, although I thought the ending was very bland, with Jericho just leaving Nash standing there. Seems a bit weird that heíd leave his own set. Regardless, this promo looked like it got done what it needed to.

Nice to see Vickie looking strong, and Trish making the save makes sense to continue their feud on.

I quite like the Test/Christian thing youíre doing, with this segment being a fine way of continuing it. Itís a classic storyline, but it almost always works, and this looks to be no different. Looking forward to the double turn.

Again, having Jericho and Nash appear again is a bit pointless when you could get other guys in there. Regardless, this seems like an alright way to hype the battle royal, even if itís had no real hype aside from the slight mention in the Highlight Reel, which is a little disappointing.

Basic Dudley Boyz promo, hyping the match for Backlash pretty well.

Goldberg taking up the main slot by fighting Evolution over Booker T isnít a good thing, imo, as youíre overlooking Backlash and making Booker seem like a mere afterthought, basically confirming he doesnít have a chance in hell of winning on Sunday. The finish to this with Goldberg looking strong while also leaving ĎTista to look good was well booked, while the run ins and all finally involve Booker, although a bit too late, imo. Still, a pretty good way to end the show.

Altogether, an alright show here, although a few people maybe appeared too often, and it was a bit lacking on the Backlash hype, which was disappointing. Apart from that everything seemed solid, and itís good to see you back up and running. Iíll hopefully get to your SmackDown! in a few days.

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