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Re: FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling

“Round One of the FEIST Main Event Championship Tournament”
Taping #1
October 27th, 2009
Attendance: 440

The Perfect Introduction
The broadcast kicked off with FEIST’s owner, James Mariati, standing in the ring, with briefcase in hand. After admitting that he was taking a gamble with his idea, he revealed that he is ‘100% behind’ what he is doing and how he cannot appreciate the fans enough for being here. Upon opening the briefcase, the fans eyes transfixed on the shiny golden belt inside, a belt that Mariati revealed was the FEIST Women’s Pro Wrestling Main Event Championship. This belt, Mariati said, wouldn’t be just handed out randomly- a huge 24-woman tournament would take place until three women battle it out in the final stages in an unannounced stipulation. Mariati revealed that the tournament would take place over a number of weeks, and that more surprises were in store for the anticipating audience. The first surprise, however, came straight after Mariati’s speech as the first match of the tourney was set to go underway.

Gail Kim defeats Taylor Wilde; Gail advances on in the tournament
In what can be argued as a match containing two experienced wrestlers of the ring, Gail managed to wrap up the victory following a diving sunset flip flowed into a jacknife pin. However, the match wasn’t an easy one for Gail, shown especially when Taylor swung the momentum her way by dropkicking Kim in the chest as she flew off the second rope for a springboard cross body. Soon, Gail started fighting back, even managing a diving stampede dropkick to Taylor before planting her with a Happy Ending neckbreaker, but neither could put Taylor away. Wilde almost seized the opportunity with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Gail was one step ahead as Taylor went for the frankensteiner from the top rope. Kim held onto the ropes to prevent the move, allowing her to capitalise with the roll up for the three counts. After Gail was announced the winner, she shook hands with Wilde whom in perfect sports-woman-ship raised Kim’s hand in glory.

Alissa Flash defeats Angela Fong; Flash advances on in the tournament
Two styles clashed in this match up, but the fast paced martial arts skill of Angela Fong simply could not match the rough and tough nature of ‘The Future Legend’ herself, Alissa Flash. Fong, however, did put up a good fight, managing to counter her way out of a suplex attempt with a tight small package in the early goings before decking Flash with a jumping enziguiri in the later proceedings which was mere milliseconds from the three. Alissa was always one step ahead though, countering out of Fong’s Saki Bomb attempt with a snapmare before managing to hit Fong with a wheelbarrow suplex into the turnbuckles which knocked her stupid. A Curb Stomp could have been the end to Fong, but Flash finally wrapped things up with an inside leg Michinoku Driver for the three counts.

No Longer the Laughing Stock?
Before her match-up against Wesna Busic, Natalya Neidhart caught up with FEIST announcer Lauren in the backstage area. Natalya seemed more adamant than ever before, claiming how former companies had completely disregarded her talent and how she is more than capable to pull off the victory tonight, or any night. In a final statement, Neidhart then explained how ‘tonight it starts with the Croatian bitch…oh baby!’- meaning her opponent- before leaving the scene.

Wesna Busic defeats Natalya Neidhart; Wesna advances on in the tournament
After Natalya’s strong words, it wouldn’t be insensitive to predict her as the winner of this match up. But in a surprising upset, ‘The Croatian Panther’ Wesna Busic managed to pull one out of the bag and gained the three counts over Neidhart in a long and exciting match up. Busic looked strong from the early goings, taking down Natalya with some nifty takedowns, but Neidhart managed a chop block on Wesna as she stood on the apron, dropping her back first on the hard surface. From there, Natalya almost reigned supreme, until Busic began fighting back with a nice STO takedown and almost got the victory with a knockout roundhouse kick! But Natalya was adamant to fight out, and a scoop slam against the ropes softened Wesna’s legs up to allow Neidhart to go for the patented Sharpshooter! But, as Neidhart went to lock the legs, Wesna managed a tight inside cradle…and surprisingly gained the three counts! The crowd was in shock, but were respective of Busic’s attempts in the match up…but one woman who wasn’t was an angry Natalya, who dropped ‘The Croatian Panther’ with a running axe handle to the back in a vicious post match attack! After refusing to unlock a sharpshooter, Neidhart had to be pulled off by referees, until she then broke free and unloaded a discus lariat to Wesna which dropped the victor to the floor!

Through The Eyes of the Glamazon
With the match up against Sarah Stock just over an hour away, the cameras joined Beth Phoenix, whom was seated on a table. Beth discussed how through all her life, she has wanted to be centre of attention, and believes she has achieved that goal in the former companies she has been in. But, she then claimed that her goal was to acclaim this in FEIST, and would take down anyone- ‘friends, family or foe’- to achieve that prize. Her focus then shifted onto her opponent later that night, Sarah Stock, and Beth mentioned how Stock ‘can try whatever over exaggerated move she wants…but the Glamazon will reign supreme tonight.’

Melina defeats Serena; Melina advances on in the tournament
The next match up showcased another tournament match up, and one that oozed competition and equal balance of ring awareness. Serena, under a new, cocky gimmick, refused to handshake Melina, and things broke down from there, with Melina gaining revenge with a beautiful Matrix evasion followed by a thrust kick. However, after dodging a neckscissors axe kick and flipping Melina onto the apron, Serena dished out a shoulder thrust to the gut which sent Melina flying off the apron and face first onto the steel barricade. Serena kept things on her side for a while, but the slight edge Melina had was evident, as she managed to jump her way out of an inverted powerslam and dropped Serena with some hard lariats. After kicking out of a seated senton attack, Serena tried to fight back, but was unsuccessful as Melina managed to roll through the legs and locked on a nice California Dream which forced Serena to tap out.

Saraya Knight defeats Sojo Bolt; Saraya advances on in the tournament
British born Saraya Knight wasn’t the favourite to win this match up, but as the match continued, she displayed how she was the better woman with vast technical skills. That wasn’t counting Sojo out though, as the former OVW champion really put it all on the line, knocking the wind out of Saraya’s sails with a unique spinning spinebuster. Saraya soon found the courage inside of her to armdrag her way out of a sleeper hold, and then things began going her way, especially after a sit out facebuster which was a hair length away from gaining the three. As the closing moments came, Saraya managed to rock Bolt with a back elbow from the ropes, before blasting her with a running high angle knee lift, a new finisher she likes to call the ‘Beautiful Knightmare.’ Three seconds later, a winner was crowned.

From a Senorita’s Point of View
Following Beth Phoenix’s comments earlier on in the night, the world of FEIST was dying to know how ‘Dark Angel’ Sarah Stock would respond. Luckily, FEIST interviewer Lauren was on hand to ask the die hard questions to Stock backstage. Stock first admitted how pleased she was to be in a company that ‘she could finally call home’ and how amazed she was at the talent. Sarah’s opinion was simple- the Glamazon could ‘think whatever she wants…thinking is only part of the game, actually fighting it out in the ring is the main priority’. This was followed by Stock quoting the famous line ‘it is not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog’ in fluent Spanish before heading off to her headline match.

Headline Match; Beth Phoenix defeats Sarah Stock; Phoenix advances on in the tournament
True perfection was on display in this contest. Following constant hype throughout the show, this thirty minute contest pitted two supreme athletes against one another in a match to remember. Phoenix constantly flaunted her power throughout, but sometimes this was her weakness as Stock managed to jump out of a Military press and almost put Beth away with a rolling wheelbarrow pin. A few minutes later, however, Beth was tired of playing the technical game, and managed to catch Stock off a cross body from the second rope and amazingly transferred this move into a rolling fireman’s carry slam! From there, ‘The Glamazon’ was one step ahead and viciously threw Stock hard into the canvas and turnbuckles. However, Stock would not give up off a stretch muffler from Beth, and managed to use the ropes to stand before taking the larger athlete down with a lovely hurracanrana! Sarah then used the momentum on her side to rock Beth with a running dropkick, and almost seized the win following a nice standing moonsault. But Beth battled back, and managed to sneak in a devastating lariat to Stock, but yet this could not keep her down! Again, the match went back and forth following a side belly to belly suplex courtesy of ‘Dark Angel’, but Stock only got the two! Things broke down however when Sarah went for a wheelbarrow roll up, but Beth managed to use her power to reverse it with a Glam Slam…followed by rolling into another devastating Glam Slam! Following the two finishers, it was no surprise that Stock’s shoulders were pinned to the ground one, two, three, and that Beth would wrap up a tremendous opening night of FEIST in style!

Quick Results
Gail Kim defeats Taylor Wilde; pinfall; Sunset Flip/Jacknife pin
Alissa Flash defeats Angela Fong; pinfall; Inside-Leg Michinoku Driver
Wesna Busic defeats Natalya Neidhart; pinfall; Inside Cradle
Melina defeats Serena; submission; California Dream
Saraya Knight defeats Sojo Bolt; pinfall; Beautiful Knightmare
Beth Phoenix defeats Sarah Stock; pinfall; two Glam Slams

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