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Re: Diva Chaos

Diva Chaos Top 10:Volume 54

So Long...
Ashley Lane:
Ashley was looking for revenge against Melina, what she found was Melina's new bodygaurd, Mercedes Martinez.
Michelle Mccool and Torrie Wilson: Not only did they get the gold, but Michelle ended their friendship with a post match assault on Torrie.
Others Earning Votes...
Gail Kim: the former masked woman, demolished Ashley and again left Eve Torres laying
Beth Phoenix: Beth picked up a tag team victory and then attacked her tag team partner, becoming the first person to lay out Sara Del Rey!
Bella Twins: The Bella pulled the switcharoo and pulled off an upset over the Ninjas!

Mercedes Martinez Signs Contract

After making her debut as Melina's bodygaurd and laid out Ashley Lane. Kelly Kelly quickly grabed Mercedes a contract, making her the newest member of the Diva Chaos roster. Mercedes is expected to make her in ring debut on Volume 55!

4 Matches Announced For Guilty Pleasure!

Ever since Volume 46 when Daffney and her Coven attacked Cheerleader Melissa, consequently costing Cheerleader Melissa a match in the International Title tournament. Melissa has been hell bent on revenge! Looking to get Daffney one-on-one. Now Melissa has her shot at Daffney and the Hardcore Title. However, Melissa should be careful what she asks for because Daffney has proven to be unstoppable, her love for pain, has made her unbeatable. Yet to taste defeat, she has run through her competition looking for a challenge. Something she will defifnitally get from Melissa. Which type of horror will these fans put them through will it ethier be a hell in a cell match where the two women will be locked in satan's structure with no where to go or will be the first ever last woman standing match when the object of the match is to beat your opponent so badly that they can not reach their feet by a ten count.

Since Lacey's return to Diva Chaos she has set her sights on Daizee Haze, first over her Shimmer Title, but now it's because Lacey blames Daizee Haze for her not being World Champion and has made it her mission to make Daizee's life miserable and so far has succeeded! But at Guilty Pleasure it will be Daizee looking to put Lacey through misery. But what will the match be will it be ethier a steel cage match, a match these two made famous, a steel chain match where a chain will be wrapped around the wrists of both Daizee and Lacey with just chain links between them, or will it be a tables match where the goal of the match is to drive her opponent through a table! Ethier way one woman will leave victorious, but one will be left to lay in misery!

Ashley Lane has always been a tag team specalist with her partner Nevaeh capturing numerous titles, but when Nevaeh went down to injury, Ashley focused on her singles career. Upsetting the former World Champion Melina in the biggest win off her career. But when Ashley was moments away from capturing her first singles title, it was Melina who cost her the title. But what happend next was more henious as Melina attacked Ashley's friend and partner Nevaeh. With Nevaeh unable to defend herself, Melina drove a chair into the injuried leg of Nevaeh, putting Nevaeh out of action indefinitley. Now Ashley has been so enraged that Melina has hired a bodygaurd, Mercedes Martinez, to protect herself from Ashley. But at Guilty Pleasure there will be no one to protect Melina as Ashley gets her shot one-on-one! But what will the fans have in store for Melina, will it be a strecher match where the object is to load your opponent on a strecher and cart them out of the arena, just like Nevaeh had to be carted out, or will it be a lumberjill match where the ring will be surrounded by women to make sure Melina can't run or will it be a I Quit match where the only way to win is to have your opponent scream I Quit. Can Ashley gain revenge for her fallen friend or will Melina put Ashley in the hospital right next to Nevaeh.

Christy Hemme despite winning the International Title in an impressive tournament run, defeating 4 women on her way to the gold. Still looks to prove she belongs as she will defend the title against an opponent decided by the fans. Will it be Amber O'Neal, the woman who qualified, for this match up by Hemme herself, and claims that Christy is a fluke champion. Or will it be Rain who got here by picking up an impressive win over Daizee Haze and looks to bring the International Title to the International Home Wrecking Crew! But who will the third challenger be? We will look to find out Volume 55. Ethier way if Christy can overcomes these odds she will have finally prove she deserves to be champion!

Company officals are very excited about the Guilty Pleasure concept and expect it to be a big success

Although many were impressed with Lauren's ability as a color commenator, many expect her to not be Trish's replacement as many feel a heel presence is needed at the announcer's table.

Officals are very impressed with Gail Kim's ability to get over as a heel in such a short period of time and expect a major push for her.

Christy Hemme on the other hand has failed to impress and many are feeling as if putting the International title on her was a bad idea, and most feel as if she won't hold the gold much longer.

Speaking of the International Title Rain and Amber O'Neal have been confirmed as a possible challenger, the third spot in said to be between Serena, Taylor, and Velvet Sky.

The Bellas win was a test to see if they can get over and be a permanent fixture in the tag division, so expect to see more of the Bellas is the upcoming weeks.

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