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Re: Tintin Mafia Game Thread

Incorporated the event into Night.

14 ... The Secret of the Ghost

There was was, the most evil creature to step foot into the Tintin Universe. He was the ghost of Red Rackham and he was out for blood, "STONE COLD 4LIFE, WHERE ARE YOU ?"

"Here, who are you?" Stone Cold 4life responded, not seeing his assailant.


Stone Cold screamed, "But you're a ghost, not a vampire."

"I'm a bit of both."

A phone rang wat.

The ghost went into standby, "Yeah?"

"You're still doing this? I told you that you had gone too far. Stop this tyranny you idiot!"

Meanwhile, Tintin aided by professor Caclulus was out to free Mr. Lawls. The powerkey that the professor designed led him directly to Lawls. There he was in a cage.

"Captain!" Tintin shouted.

"Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles and ten thousand thundering typhoons, Tintin!"

Tintin wasted no time in letting out the Captain/Lawls. Are you alright?"

The Captain nodded but the conversation was interrupted. Ultimoron had walked in, "Oh my dear, dear friends. Let me sing you a song."

Startled, Tintin fired his plasma gun, burning Ulti to the core.

"Oh no!" They exclaimed and walked up to him.

"B-but, I t-t-tho-thought that I-I w-was Mar-Gar-I-Ta."

Bianca Castafiore, Ultimoron was.

Spoiler for role:

You are the singer. Each night you can choose someone to sing to. They’ll stay with you the whole night, entranced by your voice and nobody else will approach that person, fearing that your voice will kill them.

You win with Tintin

They tried to revive her but the Ghost came back in, "HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Damn," they bellowed in unison but the facade came off.



"You are the ghost?" The Captain started choking him.

"It was only a joke."

"What about Thomson?"

"He's with my dad. I'm sure he's well."

"Fuck you, kid!"

Meanwhile in the Mafia dungeon, "So this was the ghost. We've all been had!" Rastapopoulos sucked on a cigar. Muller thoughtfully responded, "We must surely change out strategy. This is difficult."


Day. Vote.

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