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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Raw Feedback

Before I get down to business I just thought Iíd let you know, that since youíve posted this, you now have my permission to post in the discussion thread again <3.

Maven defeating Ric Flair? Usually I wouldnít, but in this thread, I can really dig that. Youíre slowly making Mavenís stock rise, imo, and I think eventually he can become a very solid mid carder, although heíd probably be better off as a heel. Anyway, I like that youíre giving all of Evolution something to do, rather than them all just being Triple Hís bitches, and while I agree with the result here, donít be afraid to let Big Dave and Orton win some matches. Also, nice amount of detail in this match you lazy fuck. Iíll live with it though, so overall an okay way to start the show, although Iím not sure a six minute match is enough to take us to a commercial break.

Geez, Backlash is turning out to have a damn good card, boy Iím excited.

More greatness from The Rock here, which is epic, as Rock/Steiner is easily my favorite feud in this thread so far, although I would have liked if you went into a bit more detail here, even if the show is in recap. For example, instead of saying The Rock insulted the crowd in a comical way or whatever, I would have liked if you actually told us what he said, you know maybe use some creativity, because it wouldíve owned . The midget thing is typical attitude era, yet I love it every time it happens so no complaints here, and it was a nice way for Steiner tog et the upper hand at the end there. Overall, a pretty good segment, which has me, waiting for their match at Backlash very eagerly.

I donít find the actual tag champions or their challengers interesting here on Raw. The only thing interesting about your tag division at the moment is The Dudley Boyz, therefore considering there wasnít really any build, Iíd say this is just a generic tag title rematch for Storm and Regal to get on the show. Anyway, decent match and all, but just because itís a title match, doesnít mean Iím obliged to get into it, especially with the lack of detail, which I will continue to bring up, just to fuck you off a little bit .

Iím really glad youíre continuing The Rock and The Hurricane segments, as they owned back in this time, and a majority of them were utterly hilarious. Rock/Hurricane tonight, should be a fun, little match.

Iím not the hugest Angelina Williams fan, so a little video package isnít really going to do it for me, Iím going to have to wait and see what you do with her when she debuts, although itís good that you are trying to strengthen your divas division.

at The Hurricane lasting eight minutes in the ring with The Rock. Despite their epic backstage segments being entertaining, a match between the two should go five minutes max, and if it took Rock eight minutes to beat Hurricane, howís he going to beat Steiner? Maybe youíre just trying to fill the show a little bit, but I donít think extending the length of this match was the way to go about it. It even takes away the credibility of the win for Rock, as it just took him way to long to finish off a guy whoís a jobber at best, unless heís name is Gregory Helms.

The Highlight Reel is always an epic segment, or at least almost always as Jericho is in it, and it didnít disappoint here. I like the fact that you had Jericho ask Nash questions regarding his friendship with Michaels, and Nash felt a little uneasy talking about if it came down to them two on Sunday, and I can sense a possible feud happening between Nash/Michaels. Not talking about Triple H has me even more intrigued as to what is going to happen. I loved Jericho getting angry, and while him announcing that heís still coming after Michaels is good, and has me very excited, Iím not sure if this was really the right time for it. He should have been saying this to HBK not Nash, despite how close Nash and Michaels are.

Nice and easy win for Victoria over Jacqueline, Trish making the save after the match is good. Simple yet effective way to build some hype towards Trish/Victoria at Backlash, and they need it, as it hasnít even felt like their feuding, imo.

I love Christian continuing to plant the seeds of doubt into the head of Stacy, and I can possible see a Christian/Stacy relationship coming out of this. It would be good, but I donít mind Test, so make sure he does alright .

Big eight man tag team match, continuing a bunch of little feuds in the one match, although I must say, you have a fair amount of these sorts of tag matches, with a lot of people in them, and there are other ways to build feuds, tbh. With that being said, the faces were always going to win this one, and Brown or Henry was always going to take the fall.

at The Dudleyz telling 3MW that theyíre going to eat wood! Epic really!

Ugh. What a terrible main event. Goldberg against Batista is a match Iíd pay to not see, seriously. It fits in with your storylines so itís okay, just not a match that appeals to me. Oh, and The Berg sucks to BTW. Anyway, The Evolution beat down was good, as was the Booker T run down and save, although one thing I will say, is that your Raw main event really lacked some go home build up, and now I think about it, this show didnít really give Backlash that a big show kind of feel.

Overall, it was a good show, but as I was just referring to, Iíd probably expect a little more hype for the PPV on a go home show, so while Backlash all of a sudden lacks that big show feel, it still has a great card, so the show should be alright. Anyway, itís just nice to see this back in action, now stick to it, mate.

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