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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Thanks for the feedback to both of you guys. The one thing I want to address is the pairing of Chavo & Flair. At this stage it does seem random, although I did give explanation in that they are friends, which comes into play with a future storyline. That's all I'll say for now.


February 3rd, 2006 | Amway Arena; Orlando, Florida
‘Size Matters ... Matters’

This Friday night, SmackDown! comes to you from the Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida, and with an epic Royal Rumble event having just passed five days ago, the fallout is sure to cause a must see show.

The Road to WrestleMania officially kicked into gear last Sunday night when we found out who would be guaranteeing themself a WrestleMania main event and match against the world champion of their choosing by defeating twenty-nine other superstars and winning the Royal Rumble. Despite the best efforts of many fine superstars, it was a SmackDown! superstar who was able to take out the match, with ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton being the last man standing, eliminating an intense Kurt Angle last to ensure his victory. Randy Orton is scheduled to be in the building this Friday night, and we could well find out which brand it is that Orton wishes to be on come WrestleMania. What will he hear from ‘The Legend Killer’ this Friday night?

Another man who certainly made an impact Sunday night is ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry. In the lead-up to Henry’s encounter with World Heavyweight Champion, Henry attempted to get into the head of Batista by telling him that despite all of the aggression he had shown, despite all of the pain that he had caused Batista, that really, it was nothing personal ... he just wanted the title. Henry seemed to think he had shaken Batista up, however, Batista came out and laughed Henry off, telling him he was just like everyone else who had stood before him in his ten month long reign as World Heavyweight Champion, and that ultimately, just like everyone else, he would fall to the might of ‘The Animal’. This perhaps tipped Henry over the edge, as when he finally got his shot at the title on Sunday night, he wasn’t concerned about winning the gold; rather, he was concerned about causing Batista pain, getting himself disqualified, before busting Batista open with a television monitor and crushing both Batista and an announce table with the force of The World’s Strongest Splash. Fresh off this assault, what will be the mindsets of both the aggressor, Henry, and the man who now wears the battle scars, Batista?

Last Friday night we saw The Undertaker make his first appearance of 2006 when, after Randy Orton won a ten man over the top battle royal in a preview for the Royal Rumble, The Undertaker appeared in the ring and threw Orton over the top, signifying his want to win the Royal Rumble. This past Sunday ‘The Deadman’ came close, making it to the final three, only for Orton to gain revenge by eliminating The Undertaker on his way to victory. Following this, tonight we see the return of ‘The Deadman’ to the ring on Friday nights, as he faces the tough Irish bastard, Finlay. With these two heavy hitters facing off we are sure for quite a spectacle. Will The Undertaker be able to make a successful return to the SmackDown! ring, or will Finlay crash the party?

Another man who fared very well in the Royal Rumble Match was the youngster, Bobby Lashley. Using his pure, unadulterated strength, Lashley was able to not just make it down to the final five, but also claim the record for most eliminations in the match this year with six, including both members of the World Tag Team Champions, the massive Kane & Big Show. Coming off this impressive showing, ‘The Dominator’ will be in action against a man who also did no harm to his reputation in the Royal Rumble Match in Paul Burchill. Will the Brit be able to be the first man to defeat Lashley in singles action, or will Lashley once again prove why many consider him to be a vital part of the future of the WWE?

In other action this past Sunday night, the Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash was forced to defend his title against all of the cruiserweights on the SmackDown! roster in a Cruiserweight Open, after his scheduled title defence against Juventud had to be cancelled due to a severe concussion that Juventud suffered at the hands of Kash in a heinous assault. Despite SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long punishing Kash by putting him in a match against all comers at the Rumble, the champ was still able to retain, even if by the skin on his teeth, when he capitalised on the work of Super Crazy & Psichosis and made the pin on Nunzio. However, with Kash retaining his title, it seems his punishment isn’t over, as for the second time in just five days, Kash will be putting the gold on the line, this time against Jamie Noble. If there was ever a man who could match aggression and tenacity with Kash, it would have to be ‘The Pitbull’ Jamie Noble, who has proven time and time again just how vicious he can be. With two of the more aggressive cruiserweights on the roster set to go one on one, will Kash be able to successfully defend his title for the second time in five days, or will we see a new champion in Noble?

While Kash has been looking dominant as Cruiserweight Champion, not all champions have been having the best of luck. Two weeks ago Melina bragged of how her boys, the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM, were not only the top tag team in the company, but also two of the top singles wrestlers, claiming that Nitro would be able to beat whichever chump it was that Teddy Long had lined up for him to face. The confidence of MNM only grew when Shannon Moore stepped up to the plate, however, Moore more than took Nitro to the limit, eventually pinning him for the three count, much to the shock of MNM. Angered by Nitro’s loss, following Moore’s match with Mark Henry last week, MNM sought Moore out and informed him that they had arranged with Teddy Long for Shannon Moore to face Joey Mercury on the next SmackDown!. Tonight, we see that match, so will Moore be able to again defeat a member of the tag champs, or will Joey Mercury can a measure of revenge for his comrades?

With Brent Albright also set to make his debut, and Mr. Kennedy scheduled to be in the arena, this Friday Night SmackDown! promises to be a must watch show at 9/8C on The CW Network. Don’t miss out.

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