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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Yeah so I haven't had the time to finish off SmackDown! yet, so I'm gonna post the RAW recap now and stick up SD! later in the week when it's been finished.

RAW Recap for 4/21/03
Atlanta; Georgia

Maven def. Ric Flair @ 6:46 with a Roll Up

-Commercial Break-

After the break we come back and are informed that the Dudley Trio will be taking on 3 Minute Warning & Rico at Backlash in an elimination Tables match, and JR & King hype up the rest of the Backlash card, including the Booker/Triple H Cage match for the World Title, the IC Title Battle Royal, Scott Steiner/The Rock and then the SmackDown! matches of Undertaker/Hogan/Kurt Angle with Lesnar as the Guest Ref, the two US Title Semi Final matches and Vince McMahon's announcement.

The Rock hits the ring to a huge split reaction from the fans, looking cocky as ever with his new Hollywood gimmick. Rock walks around to Lilian Garcia and takes a mic off her, before eyeing her up and down and then doing his "Easyyyy big fella" motion with his right leg, which Garcia can only shake her head to, trying to hide her blushes. Rock says he knows Lilian still loves the "People's Strudel" to a huge pop, but Rock then tells the crowd not to laugh at The Rock's jokes. Rock begins to talk some trash about Scott Steiner but is cut off by a "Rocky Sucks" chant. Rock then begins to berate the crowd in a comical fashion, before turning back to Steiner. Rock says this Sunday is going to be the first time ever, that The Rock whips Steiner's ass on PPV. Rock says Steiner is nothing but a big, dumb, muscle bound idiot and there's no way he can hang with the Brahma Bull. It doesn't take much longer for *HOLLA...IF YA HERE ME* to fill the arena to a huge ovation, and while The Rock originally looks worried, he soon bursts out laughing as A MIDGET DRESSED UP LIKE SCOTT STEINER WALKS OUT ON STAGE! The crowd gives heat for this as the midget "flexes" his "guns". The midget has Steiner's chain metal head wear on too, and a tank top on that reads "Little Puny Pump". Rock uses the midget to hack the shit out of Steiner as it mocks Big Poppa Pump, attempting to do a push up and struggling to get it done. Rock then asks the midget if he's ready to have his candy ass handed to him at Backlash, to which Little Puny Pump shakes his head and attempts to talk like Steiner, which is drowned out by some huge heat from the fans. The Rock tells them to let Steiner talk, as the midget begins to yell a bunch of crap about beating The Rock at Backlash to which The Rock PICKS THE LITTLE GUY UP AND PLANTS HIM WITH A ROCK BOTTOM! Heat for this, although some pops are heard. Rock then stands at the head of the downed midget and motions for the PEOPLE'S ELBOW! As The Rock hits the ropes and springs across the ring, the crowd comes alive as THE REAL SCOTT STEINER COMES THROUGH THE CROWD AND SLIDES INTO THE RING! The Rock doesn't see this and rebounds off the opposite ropes and COMES BACK RIGHT INTO SCOTT STEINER, WHO TAKES ROCK DOWN WITH A SPINNING BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! The crowd explodes as Steiner drops down next to a hurt Rock and begins to do the push ups, talking smack to him as he does it. Rock rolls out of the ring looking furious, as Steiner picks up the mic and tells Rock he's gonna get the beating of a lifetime come Sunday, and that the Freakzilla is gonna show everyone that The People's Champ is really just the People's Chump!

-Commercial Break-

RVD & Kane def. Lance Storm & William Regal @ 10:21 to retain the World Tag Titles

Backstage now and we are in the presence of The Rock's locker room. The People's Champ is relaxing in his chair but then decides to pick up his guitar, which causes the crowd to groan, as he begins strumming away. The Rock asks the crowd if they want The Rock to sing a song and they emphatically reply "NO!" The Rock calls the crowd a bunch of jabroni's and tells them to Know Their Role, and Shut Their Mouths. There is a knock on the door and The Rock opens the door, and in bursts The Hurricane! The crowd pops and Rock rolls his eyes. Hurricane looks The Rock up and down, before shaking his head at the Brahma Bull. Rock tells Helms he doesn't have any cheeseburgers for him to steal and to beat it, but Hurricane calls The Rock a coward for not calling out the real Scott Steiner earlier. Hurricane says a real hero of the people wouldn't resort to such cowardice, which pisses The Rock off, as he says Hurricane shouldn't be talking about real heroes, when he's dressed as the Hamburgler. Hurricane re-affirms his words from the other week when he said The Scorpion King is no super hero. The Rock tells Hurricane he's had enough of this crap, and tells Hurricane if he's so sure, why doesn't he face The Rock one on one tonight! Big pop for that, and Hurricane agrees to it, and The Rock says he'll see Hurricane's skinny green monkey ass out in the ring

Promo video airs for RAW's latest diva, Angelina Williams next. It shows her beating a few other female wrestlers during her early career, with inserts of her training and a few scorching hot model shoots too. The package ends with Angelina saying she's coming to RAW soon, and that the divas had better get ready. This of course gets The King all excited as we head to a break with him raving about how hot Williams was

-Commercial Break-

The Rock def. The Hurricane @ 8:34 with a Rock Bottom

The Highlight Reel is up next, with Chris Jericho's guest being Kevin Nash. Jericho doesn't waste any time on pleasantries, immediately questioning Nash's motives behind returning to the WWE. Nash says he's got some unfinished business to take care of, and a few doubters to prove wrong. Nash says Big Sexy is back, and he intends on sticking around for a while. Jericho quickly cuts Nash off before the crowd begin to get behind Daddy Cool's words, and Y2J asking him about this "friendship" he has with Shawn Michaels. Nash goes on to say that him and Shawn have known each other for so long, they're good friends and they have each other's back. Jericho then asks if that will be the case this Sunday at Backlash in the Intercontinental Title Battle Royal. Nash tries to sidestep the question, with Jericho obviously trying to stir some tension but Y2J refuses to move on until he gets an answer. Nash says he and Shawn will always have each other's backs, but come Sunday, if it comes down to it, it will be EVERY man for himself. Jericho then moves on to Triple H, and asks what the story is between him and Nash, but Big Sexy refuses to talk about it. Kevin Nash tells Jericho it's none of his business, and he should leave it at that. Jericho is offended by that and tells Nash that no "assclown" tells him how to run his show. Jericho then gets close up with Nash and warns him that he's not finished with Shawn Michaels, and after he claims the IC Title this Sunday, Jericho is going to make HBK's life a living hell, just because he can. Nash & Y2J lock eyes, as Jericho let's out a smirk and exits the ring as his music hits, leaving Nash with some food for thought

-Commercial Break-

Victoria def. Jacqueline @ 4:56 via a Widow's Peak. Victoria attempted a post match beatdown but Trish Stratus made the save

Backstage we see Stacy Kiebler talking with a couple of road agents when into the picture walks Christian! Stacy rolls her eyes as Christian tells her that she's with the wrong guy, Test even managed to stick his giant foot in Stacy's face last week. Stacy tells Christian she knows her man, and that it was an accident. Christian asks her if she's sure about that, and Stacy doesn't really seem to know if she was or not and hesitates with her answer, but that's as far as it goes as Test bursts onto the scene and Christian gets out of dodge with Test telling him to watch himself. He turns to Stacy and comforts her, and the leggy blonde still doesn't seem completely sure about this current situation

Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Test & Jeff Hardy def. Chris Jericho, Christian, D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry @ 9:16 via a Sweet Chin Music to D'Lo Brown

Backstage the Dudley Boyz cut a fierce promo ahead of this weekend's Elimination Tables match with 3MW, saying they might be the smaller of the teams, that won't stop them giving 3MW the beating of a lifetime, and by the end of the night, they'll all be eating wood!

-Commercial Break-

Goldberg came up against Batista in the main event in a clash of the Unstoppable Force vs The Immovable Object type. Both men slugged it out, with the two hitting each other with all their big moves. Da Man was rampant towards the end of the contest and he began to look like he'd get one over Batista, and add him to the list of Evolution members he's beaten in the past few weeks after Orton & Flair, however as Goldberg went to finish off Big Dave with a SPEAR, Batista was able to avoid it and GOLDBERG BROKE MIKE CHIODA IN HALF WITH THE SPEAR! This led to an Evolution run in, and despite The Berg fighting off all four for a bit and looking quite impressive in doing so, the numbers game got the better of him, as Triple H snuck up behind Goldberg and hit a Low Blow. Evolution proceeded to beat Goldberg down to some major heat from the fans, with Batista busting Berg open with a savage chair shot! Mike Chioda finally comes to and sees the beat down, and calls for the bell! Flair slaps the Figure 4 on Goldberg as Orton put the boots to him, with Triple H talking smack when BOOKER T COMES SPRINTING DOWN WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER IN HAND! The crowd goes wild and Evolution quickly scatter, not wanting any part of a clearly pissed off Booker, wielding Trips' hammer like a madman in the ring. We go off the air with Booker telling Triple H he's got no where to run and no where to hide this Sunday inside the steel cage as medics attend to Goldberg


Current Card for WWE Backlash
Worcester Centrum
Worcester; MA

World Heavyweight Championship; Steel Cage Match
Booker T vs Triple H (c)

20 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship
Shawn Michaels vs Kevin Nash vs RVD vs Kane vs Maven vs Jeff Hardy vs The Hurricane vs Test vs Goldust vs Tommy Dreamer vs Chris Jericho vs Christian vs Randy Orton vs Batista vs Ric Flair vs Lance Storm vs William Regal vs Chris Nowinski vs D'Lo Brown vs Mark Henry

Singles Match
Scott Steiner vs The Rock

Elimination Tables Match; 6 Man Tag
The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray, D-Von & Spike) vs 3 Minute Warning (Jamal, Rosey & Rico)

Women's Championship Match
Trish Stratus (c) vs Victoria

Triple Threat Match; Number One Contender for the WWE Title
Guest Referee: Brock Lesnar

The Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan vs Kurt Angle

United States Championship Semi Final #1
Eddie Guerrero vs Rhyno OR The Big Show

United States Championship Semi Final #2
Chris Benoit OR The A-Train vs John Cena

Plus Vince McMahon's announcement!


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