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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Raw Feedback

Nice recap of the Rumble results, I hate when people don’t do this on the first show after a PPV. It basically told us everything that went down, and I think it shows that Angle and the mystery attacker is going to be the main thing going on with Raw, with the mention you gave it, although I would have liked to have seen Helms’ epic performance get mentioned to .

Opening the show with Edge is the right option, as he just came off the huge victory against Cena at the Rumble, and he needs to have time to brag and stuff. I liked how he begun, simply bragging about his victory over Cena, yet also giving the crowd a mouthful, and while I liked the insulting Cena bit, I think you tried a little to hard to get Edge some heat, as I personally felt as if he almost kept repeating himself a little to often, and something I’ve said to you always, is that I hate promo’s that stall, and don’t really go anywhere, and this is what this one became after a little while. Also, a real little thing, that doesn’t really matter, I can picture Edge calling the crowd “idiots” but not “pigs”. Edge’s plan about how Cena held the title for him was all explained rather wonderfully, and I liked how he changed the topic to Angle, and have him a mouthful to, while putting himself over in the process. It was all done really well, except I don’t think he really needed to say choked as many times as he did, I know he was mocking Angle and shit, but it just didn’t feel right, as a matter of fact, it down right annoyed me. Anyway, I’d say Edge was okay here, nothing great, I enjoyed the content, but still a few little characteristics you need to work on, imo. Kurt Angle interrupting Edge is something that I was waiting for, it was always going to happen, so I really hope you hit the rest of this promo very well. It started off well with Edge immediately trying to calm down Angle, however, Angle saying something like “SHUT UP” rather than “SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH” would have been better. I just feel as if Angle’s really pissed off, so minimal syllables is what is needed, and just taking away two words there, would have made the speech seem a little more effective. What Angle went on to say from here was good, but once again, I think you over did it a bit, as the less he would have said, the more intense he would have looked. Edge is supposed to be shit scared of Angle, so claiming that he’s better than Angle right in his face is something I really couldn’t see happening, especially in the foul mood Angle was in. I’d expect Angle to just fuck him up right there and then, but he didn’t. Edge blaming Cena, and he actually had some pretty good arguments, therefore this was probably my favorite part of the promo. Angle nailing the Angle Slam before leaving was good, but it probably should have happened a couple of minutes earlier. Overall, an okay opening promo, but nothing stand out, and definitely room for improvement.

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas storylines get done way to much these days, so I’m hoping yours is going to be a little different to how a majority of them end up. Shelton on commentary seemed very against Haas which is good, however I’ve got a sense that he’ll lighten up in coming weeks. The Haas/Cade match would have been alright, although nothing interesting really seemed to take place, except perhaps you could have went into a bit better detail regarding the offense that Cade got in. Anyway, a strong win for Haas, which is something that Benjamin hasn’t been able to do, and I just hope that it makes Benjamin angry, rather than all like “oooh yes, I wanna be your partner”. I’m sick of the old WGTT angle being done over and over again tbh. Shelton making the save for Haas because of the RWC attack was predictable, although I’m really hoping it’s a swerve, and they do not end up together, or if they do, you better do something very original.

Victoria’s promo for mine was very good. You used her and Trish’s history well, while also hinted towards what I’m thinking is going on between Trish and Mickie. Everything was spot on here, and I’m going to be curious to see just how Victoria fits in to the women’s division with Trish/Mickie clearly being the money feud at the moment. I don’t know how you’re going to do it, and I don’t care, just don’t have her lost in the shuffle as she kinda owns. Vickie > Trish > Mickie tbh.

Umm, have I missed something with Flair and Chavo or is this the first time they have associated with each other in this thread? I don’t mind the idea of making new tag teams to help out your division, however I must say, despite the coolness of Flair, this was a rather generic segment. I hate love fest segments like these, although I guess it hypes up a new tag team, just maybe for now on allow Flair to do a majority of the talking.

An interesting meeting between Trish and Mickie. I really liked it as it once again hints towards the Trish heel turn that I’ve been predicting, and craving all so much. Despite Trish being “concerned” I’m pretty sure it’s all bullshit, and she’s just covering her own ass, and although I’m not to sure exactly how she is going to become a heel, I must say I can’t wait for it. By the way, heel Trish > face Mickie, so remember that result for Mania.

The new tandem of Flair and Guerrero getting a match against the World Tag Team Champions on their first night together is another thing I find rather random, although I guess it shows your lack of a tag team division atm. The match itself wasn’t much of a fun read, with Flair and Guerrero not really able to do much with the big men, but at least it’s done now. Anyway, with Falir and Guerrero picking up the cheap victory, I can see them getting a title shot, and possibly a little feud, and with this, as well as WGTT/RWC possibility, all of a sudden your tag team division will be getting back on track a little. Still a lot of work to do though, but I believe in you .

I understand RWC being mad, and them against WGTT next week? Pulling the plug early makes me think that maybe WGTT won’t last and we’ll get a singles feud. If that’s the case, I’m expecting Flair and Guerrero/RWC to carry your division for awhile. Not the best feud in the world, but considering your lack of teams, it’d still be okay. Good work trying to spice things up anyway.

I love the angry Triple H, although him being angry with Bischoff, and just snarling at him makes me think he is going to become a face. If that’s what happens, I’ll be quite shattered tbh. Anyway, he’s not getting Shane McMahon, and well everything is pointing towards DX by looking at this, so I hope you venture away from that. Everybody seemed in character and shit BTW, so yeah.

Stratus/Michelle is definitely not a match for the ages, due to the mule (Candice) sucking ass a little. With that being said, the constant interference from Victoria was good, although was still a pretty dull match. Props on the ending, especially the Matrish turning into a Head scissors Takedown, I thought that was pretty awesome. The Victoria attack after the match was okay, as was Mickie getting involved. Mickie accidentally hitting Trish was great, paying her back for last night, and furthering the heel turn.

‘Lito/Masters interview was really good. Everything was pretty much spot on, I especially love Masters stepping out of the shadow a little bit, yet it’s good that he’s still staying a step behind his superior in Carlito. Their two matches tonight should be great; they for me are close to my favorite thing going on in this thread atm. Oh, I wasn’t to sure about the whole “Kermit” thing to, just didn’t really find it funny, stop running ‘Lito’s charisma .

It seems as time in this promo as if you are trying to keep Triple H as a tweener, however lines like this, “I know, I know; I’m not a fan of the guy either. In fact, you might even say I hate his guts.” Make him seem way to much like a face, when they’re a tweener, its better not to play to the crowd as I felt you had Triple H do a little bit. Besides that, it was pretty good, and Shawn Michaels was pretty much spot on. I love the angle HBK was taking, talking about the attitude and what not, just really compelling stuff, imo. As for Helms, he’s owning right now, and he was pretty damn good on the mic to, and his match next week with Shawn Michaels should steal the show.

The RVD interview was decent for an RVD interview, since he sucks on the mic, so it’s never really going to be top notch stuff. Masters is Carlito’s lackey and always will be BTW. I also liked how RVD made sure to mention Carlito, letting us know that their feud is not finished. Decent enough work, man.

John Cena’s interview was alright, although nothing great. Typical Cena really, admitting he messed up, so now he will be a better competitor for it is basically what the story is that he was saying, now he’s ready to rebound and blah, blah, blah. A pretty generic Cena promo if I’m honest. The only thing I liked was the mention of the attacking and that it wasn’t him, but we can’t be sure. Can’t wait to see Angle confront Cena by the way.

I felt the RVD/Masters match could have had a bit of a better match write up, especially considering your love for both men, but it wasn’t to be. So despite being a little disappointed with what I read, the booking was all spot on with RVD looking good in his return, and Masters looking pretty strong in defeat. I probably would have liked for Masters to not have been reversed so easily towards the end of the match, but besides that, this did its job.

Carlito > Masters… This is my thoughts regarding ‘Lito walking down a hallway, tossing an apple .

A pretty good main event, I liked the fact that Carlito got a fair bit of domination, although with that being said, I must admit, I was a little disappointed with the fact that he wasn’t able to pick up the victory because of Angle, would have been epic. Anyway, good win for Cena, bad loss for Carlito, considering Cena may have been a little mentally weak, and the aftermath with Angle nailing Cena with an Angle Slam was cool. It doesn’t let us know what Angle thinks yet, and it leaves us with plenty of questions to be answered, and now I can’t wait to see Cena’s reaction, and just whether or not Edge will still be involved some how.

Overall, it was a pretty good fallout show from the Rumble, continuing everything interesting that has taken place, mainly the Angle being attacked storyline. You have finally started working on your tag division, your mid carders are getting more and more recognition, while your women’s division has an interesting storyline going as well. You’re certainly going in the right direction, I just feel you need to find that consistency that will make all your segments as good as your best ones. When you find that, you’ll be set, until then, you’re still doing pretty well. Good effort.

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