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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

PP's Royal Rumble Review

Sorry about this being up so late, but hey, better late then never, right?

Decent opening video package, with the Edge/Cena part done very well, much more then Batista/Henry. The actual video package with the narrator was very bland and generic, but it's only a video package, so it will do. The RAW side of opening commentary was rather brutal, tbh. I couldn't feel any flow throughout it, even if it was only a few lines. Anyways, let's get to the damn opener, shall we?

I don't know how much I am for having a huge multi man match the same day that you have the 30 man Royal Rumble, but if you are, at least it's in the opener and Cruiserweights, with none of them being potential WWE Champions within the next 2-3 years, at best.

Loved Kash's strategy at the beginning. There's 9 guys gunnin' at him, no reason to get himself hurt right away. Take your time and let everyone beat up on everybody else. However, he was only due to get his little beating that he got, at least he was smart and immediately went outside. But doesn't Kash have any allies? And where the hell are all of these other heels? The only other people you could guess are even tweeners are Nunzio and Noble, but they went after Kash too. I know Kash is the champ and everyone is after him, but you would think he would make some kind of alliance with somebody since he was going to get ambushed when he got in there. Is Kash stupid, or am I missing something?

Woah, abrupt finish there. Would've thought that it might've went a few more minutes, but I guess having Kash be sly and sneaky until the end isn't a bad thing. Most guys at least got a few minutes of fame, except Funaki, Nunzio, and Scotty 2 Hotty, but hey, they're jobbers, they weren't a serious threat anyways. By the way you are writing this Mexicools vs. Kash feud Kash doesn't have anybody on his side, so the Mexicools should be able to beat him in a singles match, numbers wise, especially since Kash isn't a huge physical specimen who can take 3 guys out on his own.

I haven't been really focused on the RAW side of things, but a McMahon/Michaels feud like in real life isn't my favorite cup of tea. Whoever eliminates Shawn should get a nice rub, but you'll probably just do something cheesy like having Shane or Vince himself come in and eliminate him. Don't do that, plz. Have somebody get a nice rub.

Very awesome Women's Championship match, much better then the opener, imo. Mickie getting involved late was no surprise, her actions after the match were a tad though. Expecting psycho Mickie-bitch to start coming out these next few weeks. The way that you booked this match and feud so far, I'm pretty sure we will have Mickie/Trish at WM, which, while not original by any means, is the best option possible for a Women's Championship match. Victoria's domination was played well, but Trish's win was inevitable.

Heel Triple H is a refreshing sight to see, and I'd actually like to see him eliminate Shawn so we could see the blockbuster matchup between them at Wrestlemania. Triple H, despite being who he is, isn't one of the main guys tonight in the running, that's essentially Orton and Angle. A surprise would be nice, but I don't think Trippers is gonna pick up the huge win, despite what he says.

I'm happy that you have built Mark Henry into a credible heel. Some fresh feuds and main eventers are great, and despite his slow agility, Mark could be a decent upper midcarder/lower main eventer in this thread. He ain't winning against Batista, but at least you made him a threat, which is a job in itself.

I liked the 'Who's the Bigger Man' challenge at the beginning, with each man wanting to show off his strength, but the little encounter a few paragraphs down, with each trying to take down the other with a shoulderblock, I wasn't fond of. Henry's part, to be exact. He should've did the clothesline the first time, putting Batista off guard. Mark shouldn't have even took Batista's 'man-strength challenge'. He's trying to win his first ever World Championship, it's not like he's facing Val Venis.

A DQ finish? Very questionable booking decision, imo. If Henry was champion, I'd be all for this result, but Henry's rage getting the best of him annoys me. The only thing I can seem to get out of this is that we will be getting a rematch between the two, in some sort of gimmick, at No Way Out. This feud has a lot of tires left on it, so the rematch isn't a bad thing, it's just that you think people would use their heads in crunch situations like this. On a TV, this would probably have been the perfect finish, but on a PPV, I would've really been pissed off at seeing this. Or hell, even if Batista won by countout or flukey pin, I would have acceptted it, but having Henry not using his brains and intentionally getting DQ'd irks me a large amount.

A rather generic promo by HBK, if I must say so myself. We just get the normal 'I'm the Showstoppah, Main Event, Heart Break Kid and I deserve to be in the Main Event of WM bullcrap.' I know you can't do much more with him, given his feud with McMahon, but I hope for the sake of HBK, that he just faces an opponent of McMahon's choosing, not Vince himself, as that'd be dreadful, match-wise.

MOTN so far, between Edge and Cena. I thoroughly enjoyed Edge's hesitation at the beginning of the match, knowing that Cena wanted to rip him a new asshole, simply waited until he could take the crowd out and picked his spots in the match. Third straight match in a row with a 'dirty' finish, either via interference or DQ, and two of those being World Championship matches is a little annoying, despite this one being the most understanding of the 3. I hope that this isn't a trend though for future things to come. Once in a while I got lost in the match, especially during the last minute or so when Cena had Lita ready for the F-U, when you said that he did a whole lap, I thought they were outside, only for Edge to spear him seconds after and pick up the win. Idk, maybe I just zoned out for a minute or something, but I had to reread that part a few times. Nevertheless, and awesome WWE Championship match.

Liked the desperation interview by Angle. Much better then HBK's a little earlier, I must indeed say. Angle knows he's running out of opportunities, so he's got to make the most out of it here tonight. Probably will, but I hope he does it a different way and you swerve us. Angle/Edge is almost a certain to happen at WM anyways, so give someone else a chance to shine, plz.

Michaels we knew was gonna be the first entrant, but lol at the next 4 entrants being nothing more then jobbers. And lol at you eliminating Hardcore Holly first. Clearly you hate the fucker. FYI, it's "tune up the band", not "toot up the band" . What the hell was up with entrants 2-10 all being heels though? And none of them real threats at winning the Rumble, mind you. I would've liked to see a couple of bigger name stars come out, maybe Benoit a tad earlier, but the action through the first 10 was very good, with everybody getting some time to shine. Heh, just as I ask where all of the faces are, four of the next five are relatively popular faces. Spread these guys out, man. 11-20 was a better collection of wrestlers, I'll give you that, as there was a couple who could surprise everybody with a victory, but apparently all of the big names are coming at the end. Another little screw up when Carlito comes in "Masters is now instructed by Masters". I know you meant Carlito, but just be sure to reread your work and find mistakes like that. at Goldust being in for only 11 seconds. Poor you for not enjoying some fine comedy from Goldust. Ugh, an appearance by Shane O'Mac, big surprise. At least it was something different from their irl feud and Michaels took both Shane and HHH out. And awesome that Helms eliminated HBK about 10 seconds after HBK was getting momentum. Loved that you had Helms go into the final four after starting from 6. Kid has talent and that's a way to get him over, let him get far in the Rumble, eliminate a few guys, until he can't go after 45 minutes or so. Wonderful. My favorite thing, booking-wise, that I've seen in this match. Another thing: "which Angle does as he gets scooped up then dropped across the top turnbuckle with old school." It's actually called a Snake Eyes when Taker drops a guys head on the turnbuckle. Fantastic final encounter between Orton and Angle, Angle not letting go of that Ankle Lock was his downfall, though. I like the choosing of Orton as the winner, not only because most people had Angle pegged the favorite, but we get the very fresh Batista/Orton feud, at least I'm guessing. Very fun match to read, and a very good job on your first Rumble match.

Final Grades:

Writing: Your use of the words was pretty good, having a wide variety and not using the same words over and over, except for your transitions. Try to find something other then 'but, then, or before' when going from one move to another. I know I might sound like a hypocrite saying that, but it got a little annoying after a while. 8/10

Entertainment: I was heavily entertained, as this only took me 4 1/2 hours to complete, when it usually takes me an hour and a half to read a normal 2 hour show. I was very pleased, and there weren't many dull moments in your matches. 9/10

Booking: The most important part of the BTB, and I think you had a few mistakes, booking wise, tbh. 3 dirty finishes in a row is not something that I would like to see, and I'm pretty sure that the fans would be pissed off too, especially when the first two, I believe, could've been avoided. Also the lack of star power in the first ten of the Rumble was astonishing. 6/10

Overall: I would say, for a first effort, that this was a phenominal PPV debut, BKB. Your Royal Rumble was quite impressive, and while a few slight booking mistakes, all are easily fixable. I hope I didn't sound too harsh, and you know this is only constructive criticism. Good work, and I'm excited to follow the Road to WM now. Just don't look too much into the grade, either. 23/30 = 77% C+
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