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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by Rated R™ View Post
just bought two 20 lb dumbbells, and im totally new at this workout routine, how many sets should i be doing? it is pretty hard on the arms but i read thats a good thing for starters, i could easily do a couple though.

also read that i should work on triceps as well or else arms would look foolish, any way i could work out triceps and biceps accordingly?
When I first started it was atleast five years ago and I'm only 19 right now. When I first broke in I started at 5, 10, 15, then 20 like you about 3-4 years ago was my regular. Now I lift 25 regularly but can do 30, 40, maybe even 50 pound curls. With dumbells there is also a exercise you can do that works out your triceps. For this you take one dumbell or even two and put them over your head and hold the ends of them and let them go down just a little bit and push up with them. It's kind of hard to explain but maybe theres a video on it or your father or somebody could explain it to you. As far as the curling goes if your 18 or not too young I'd say defenately use both weights at a time and feel free to try to push yourself to the limit. Since your new at it your arms will be sore at first but over time from doing it you'll get better at it. I recomend you then to try 25 out. Basically what I do with 25 is as many reps as I can. On my first set I could do about 25 reps. As time goes by and I do more and more sets my arms get worn out. I try to do as many sets as I can which is usually about 7 sets or maybe a little bit more. By that point the reps I could do goes down a lot. I'd say wait a couple of minutes and then do another set. You don't have to wait too long to move on to the next set. If you wait to long then the work out is no good. I also recomend you to try out a work out band. It's sort of like a thing with two handles and 5 rubberbands and you can take off some. I use this at times the same way I would do a curl. I step on one handle and curl with the other handle and hold it that way about 5-15 seconds and continually do this before working out with the weights. I don't know the advantages to this but it's became part of my routine along with curling weights. Also just keep in mind I can't remember the days I first started out with weights so probably the best bet is just use your own discretion and what you feel comftorable with. Your arms will be sore but I doubt you'll ever experience anything serious. I've never before. If I were you I'd immediately start doing what you can do. You'll like the feeling curling gives to you as long as you push the limits. This is a good feeling you should get in your body from doing many reps rather then stopping at a specific number like 10 or 15. Do as many as your arms can handle and you'll be ripped and like that feeling it gives you for a brief moment, or atleast I do.

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