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Re: Tintin Mafia Game Thread

11 ... It's over for ye, animgo.

Ultimoron bellowed from the top of a building, "Retep is Mafia. Postage is innocent."

"Oh Postage is innocent," contemplated the town but the important message was almost lost. So Ulti had to resort to thievery. He stole a limo and ran it over RetepAdam. However, Retep was far too super to be killed that easily. He dodged the car and pulled out a landmine, "Now it's your turn to die!"

Postage grabbed him from behind and BrownieDude shot him on his chin, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" His chin was bleeding and his stubble had turned red! RED WITH BLOOD!

He was General Alcazar.

Spoiler for role:

You have joined forces with Tapioca to take over the world but Tintin is onto you and you want to avoid a confrontation. You two have decided to hide from each other because neither one of you trusts the other but if one of you wins, then both of you win. You have landmines that you can plant each night at an upcoming post count and whoever posts at that turn will die. You also have a bulletproof vest

Spoiler for additional information:
The bulletproof vest would only save him once from a night kill

The town laughed. Doddsy and Nov dragged all the landmines and put it into the ocean, "Now, nobody will ever get hurt again."

News would soon surface on the massive oceanic serial killer. NO MORE FISH but the town was happy with the lynch and nobody cares about the fish. So yeah.


Night now. Send roles.

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