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Re: D-K-L Presents: WWE 2009 - Time to Shine

October 30th 2009 Ė From Rochester, New York

*** The show begins with a video recap of Bragging Rights last Sunday, showing all the events that occurred and focussing on Team Smackdown winning the 14-man Bragging Rights Match. We then get the usual Smackdown video followed by the pyro before switching to the announce table, where Todd Grisham and JR introduce us to the show and tell us whatís in store for tonight. ***

-- Rey Mysterio speaks on the assault he received from Batista at Bragging Rights!
-- Batista in action!
-- John Morrison takes on Charlie Haas in a Non-Title Match!
-- The Hart Dynasty takes on Cryme Tyme!

*** The arena then goes silent for a few seconds with the crowd eagerly anticipating who will come out first, but suddenly ďThe Fire BurnsĒ hits to a huge amount of boos from the crowd. CM Punk then walks out onto the stage dressed in his ring gear with a t-shirt over the top and he then walks down to the ring looking in a surprisingly good mood after his loss last Sunday. Punk is handed a microphone and begins to look around the arena. ***

CM Punk: You all seem to be in a pretty good mood tonight. I can see all your faces in the crowd, youíre all smiling, youíre all looking happy. Now I wonder why that is. Is it because youíre so happy that Team Smackdown won their match against Team Raw last Sunday? No, I donít think it is, I think itís down to something else. Iím gonna go ahead and assume that itís got something to do with The Undertaker retaining his World Title last Sunday at Bragging Rights...

Yeah, I thought that might have something to do with it, that and all the alcohol and pills youíve probably put into your system. But you know, over the past few days all Iíve heard from people is ďWhoís gonna challenge The Undertaker now?Ē. Youíre all speculating, youíre all predicting, youíre all thinking of all these new guys who could possibly rise up and challenge for the title, but the truth is you couldnít be further from the truth. Because last Sunday proved absolutely nothing, The Undertaker did not beat me last Sunday, and the only guy whoís going to get a title shot next... is me.

*** Heat. ***

CM Punk: But you know Iíll admit it: The Undertaker has gotten the better of me in the past. He beat me at Hell in a Cell, I admit that, and then somehow he defeated me last week, and he even escaped with the belt last Sunday. But you know, Iíve never felt so good after losing before in my life...

I can see your weak minds ticking over, confused looks on your faces, youíre trying to work that one out, arenít ya? I mean who would be happy after losing, right? Well you see Iím not as angry as usual after a loss because recently Iíve seen something, I found out something which just makes me smile.... Iíve seen The Undertaker weaker than heís ever been before.

*** Boos ***

CM Punk: The Undertaker struggled last week against me, he was in pain, he clearly had multiple injuries and he wanted to end it quickly before his body gave up on him. The Undertaker has gotten lucky recently, just as he did last Sunday when he took advantage of me being outside the ring, but his luck is about to run out. And I think you people fail to realise one important thing.... Iím still here.

Iím still here, Iím still standing, Iím ready to fight, and as lame as it may be.... Iíve still got my soul. That kinda shows how much of a fraud The Undertaker is, doesnít it? I mean arenít I supposed to be missing right now? Arenít I supposed to be lying in a grave with my soul taken? But the thing is I havenít, Iíve walked into his back yard, and Iíve walked out of too. He may have escaped with my title, but I escaped with everything else intact.

*** More boos ***

CM Punk: Now Iím gonna let everyone know now that Iím going to get another match against The Undertaker. If Teddy Long wonít do it, Iíll go higher up. And when I get my match Iím gonna take my title back, and most importantly Undertaker, when you confront me with all your mind games and all the rest of it, Iím gonna do something I shouldíve done at Hell in a Cell, that I shouldíve done at Bragging Rights.... and just.... say.... NO!

I mean I seem to be the only one who can see The Undertaker for what he really is around here. You people may be impressed by all his mind games, the smoke, the flickering lights, the lame catchphrases, but not me. And you all have to accept that the Undertaker will not be holding on to MY title for long.... Iím just telling you now so you can gather together some alcohol, so you can run to the chemist and buy some pills so that when ĎTaker loses you can drown your sorrows like you weak people do... and Ė

*** Punk is suddenly interrupted by ďJust close your eyesĒ to a pop from the crowd, and ECW Champion Christian walks out with a smile on his face and his title over his shoulder. He makes his way to the ring looking into the crowd for his peeps, while Punk looks confused in the ring. Christian is handed a mic and stands in front of Punk. ***

Christian: Just say no, huh? Thatís uh, thatís catchy. But correct me if Iím wrong Punk, but isnít that what all these fans say to you each and every week on Smackdown?

*** Pop ***

Christian: Iím here tonight for my tryout match later on, and everythiní here on Smackdown seems to be perfect. There are some talented guys in the back, just last Sunday the brand proved that it was better than Raw, and then thereís all my peeps in the crowd... But thereís one problem with this brand... and thatís you.

*** Pop. Punk shakes his head. ***

Christian: Iíve been watchiní Smackdown for a long time and all I hear from you is excuses, and preaching. Excuses as to why youíre not the World Champion, excuses for your losses against The Undertaker, and all your boring preaching about this so-called Straight Edge lifestyle that you follow...

I mean when are you going to realise that nobody cares, Punk? Nobody cares for your pathetic excuses, nobody cares for your preaching of this boring way of life that you follow, and I donít think that anybody really cares about you...

*** Big pop while Punk shrugs it off, his face then turns to a confused look. ***

CM Punk: ... Wait, I know you... youíre Edgeís brother, right?

*** Heat. Christian grins a little despite that remark. ***

CM Punk: I mean seriously Christian, were you expecting me to wither down and cry or something? You think your petty little insults; your pathetic pandering to these fans was going to upset me? I think youíre forgetting that Iím not one of these weak-minded people in the crowd, I donít run home and pop a bottle of pills after someone makes a joke about me. Iíve dealt with people like you before Christian, you can make fun of my lifestyle all you want but I know that deep down itís the best way to live, but I think you should starting showing the only three-time straight-edge World Champion in history a little respect...

Because youíre right Christian: I am a problem here on Smackdown for you. Iím too honest, Iím too strong-minded, and frankly Iím too good for everybody on this roster. And if you join this roster, and thatís if Christian, after Iíve taken back my World Title I may become a big problem for you...

Christian: A big problem for me? Well sorry Punk, but from where Iím standiní you donít seem very intimidating at all. In case youíve forgotten Punk, youíre not a Champion, and to be honest I think you need to start showing Champions like me some more respect...

*** Big pop while Christian smiles smugly. ***

CM Punk: Oh really? Champions like you, huh? Oh thatís right, youíre the ECW Champion. Sorry about that, I guess I kinda forgot about it since it means pretty much nothing. I donít care about the ECW Title as Iím setting my sights a lot higher. And you say that Iím not a Champion? Well itís like I said, that will change very soon Christian, and I canít wait for that moment so I can tell you, and each and every one of these people... I told you so...

*** Suddenly Teddy Long walks out of the entrance ramp with a mic, with both guys turning in surprise. ***

Teddy Long: CM Punk... thatís a whole lottaí talk for a guy who lost two title matches in a row last week! You say you want another title match Punk? Well I say I gave you enough opportunities, and you donít deserve another!

*** Big pop while Punk looks angry. ***

Teddy Long: And as for you Christian, welcome to Smackdown! Now I know you want a tryout match tonight and youíre gonna get it, but although youíre an ECW Champion, I want to make sure that the very best come onto this show, so I want to give you a big test tonight Christian, and I think Iíve found it! Tonight in Christianís Smackdown Tryout Match, itís gonna be CHRISTIAN... one on one... with CM PUNK!

*** The crowd cheers for that and Christian and Punk step towards each other and get in each otherís face, both guys obviously looking forward to the match. ***


Match 1
Non-Title Match
John Morrison (c) vs. Charlie Haas
Final Minutes:

Right now Haas nails Morrison with some big right hands before grabbing his arm to shoot him off into the ropes, the IC Champ then comes back and Haas goes for a back body drop only for Morrison to counter with a kick the face. Haasí head flies up and Morrison grabs him and takes him to a seated position with a snap mare takedown, Morrison then bounces off the ropes and back AND NAILS HAAS WITH THE RUNNING KNEE STRIKE! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Morrison doesnít look too disheartened and drags Haas back up to his feet, he then turns and jumps onto the second rope AND FLIES BACK FOR A CROSSBODY BLOCK... but Haas is able to catch the lighter Morrison across his chest... AND SENDS HIM FLYING WITH A MASSIVE OVERHEAD BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! The crowd shrieks and Haas immediately hooks the leg. 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Morrison gets his shoulder up! Haas drags the Guru of Greatness to his feet and goes right back on the attack, knowing just what a win over the IC Champ would do for him.

He nails Morrison with some European uppercuts before lifting him up and connecting with an inverted atomic drop, then with Morrison holding his groin area Haas runs off the ropes... AND FLIPS HIM INSIDE OUT WITH A STIFF CLOTHESLINE! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Morrison gets a foot on the rope! Haas, like a shark that smells blood, goes right back on the attack and drags his opponent up. Haas then applies a rear waist lock LOOKING TO GO FOR THE GERMAN SUPLEX... but Morrison fights it with elbows to the side of the head until Haas releases his grip, The Friday Night Delight then quickly moves to the ropes and leaps up... he springboards back AND NAILS HAAS WITH THE FLYING CHUCK! Haas drops and Morrison covers! 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Kick out! Morrison is shocked that Haas could kick out and quickly drags him towards the corner, looking to finish it off.

With Haas near the corner Morrison gets in position AND SIGNALS FOR THE STARSHIP PAIN... but Haas somehow reaches to the side and trips Morrison up by grabbing his foot, Haas then climbs to his feet and applies a hold, LOCKING IN THE ANKLE LOCK ON MORRISON! Everyone is surprised at Haas pulling out this move but he has it synched in tight with no give, but somehow Morrison quickly rolls forward... sending Haas rolling forward after him AND MORRISON HOLDS ON IN A PINNING POSITION! 1 . . . 2 . . . Haas kicks out! The two men race to their feet but Haas slips behind Morrison... LOOKING FOR A GERMAN AGAIN... but Morrison breaks it with elbows again and then whips Haas into the ropes... BEFORE TAKING HAAS DOWN WITH A SPINNING WHEEL KICK! With Haas down again he drags him towards the corner, grabs the ropes and leaps into the air... NAILING HIM WITH THE STARSHIP PAIN!!! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!
Winner: Intercontinental Champion John Morrison!

*** After the match Morrison gets his arm raised and he looks in pain following that surprisingly tough victory, but behind him we see Charlie Haas getting up, and he doesnít look happy to say the least! Haas has an incredibly intense look on his face and he quickly races forward... AND SMASHES INTO MORRISON FROM BEHIND! The Friday Night Delight falls to the mat and the crowd boos, but Haas doesnít care! He scares the ref off and then drags Morrison to his feet from behind. Haas then grabs Morrison around the waist... AND SENDS HIM FLYING WITH A VICIOUS FLIPPING RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!! The impact of that move is huge and Haas jumps to his feet and yells out with frustration. The crowd boos at the sight of Haas stood over Morrison, who is writhing in pain, and Haas then picks up the IC Title and raises it into the air, making his intentions perfectly clear. ***

*** We switch to Teddy Longís office where former ECW General Manger Tiffany is stood beside Teddy Long, surprisingly looking quite happy despite losing her job earlier in the week. ***

Tiffany: Thank you so much for making me your Assistant again Teddy, I really appreciate it.

Teddy Long: Thatís not a problem, Tiffany, itís great to have you around again here on Smackdown.

??: Teddy Long!!

*** The camera zooms out a little and Vince McMahon walks into the shot, with a smile on his face while Teddy Long looks very uncomfortable by his presence. ***

Teddy Long: Mister McMahon, uh, hello sir. I didnít think youíd be here so soon...

Vince McMahon: Are you saying you donít want me here, Teddy?

Teddy Long: No, no! Thatís not what I mean at all Sir, its great haviní you here. How are you feeliní?

Vince McMahon: Thereís no need for small talk Teddy. Oh, congratulations on winning the Bragging Rights match last Sunday, keep it up. But what I want to know is what you thought of Monday Night Raw this week, the show that I hosted?

Teddy Long: I thought it was great sir, I really enjoyed it.

Vince McMahon: Good, thatís what I wanted to hear. Wait (Looks at Tiffany)... donít I know you from somewhere?

Tiffany: Yes Sir, I was General Manger of ECW... before you cancelled it. Now Iím Teddyís assistant here on Smackdown...

Vince McMahon: Assistant? Good for you. So Tiffany, why donít you be a nice little assistant and run off and get me some coffee?

*** Tiffany doesnít look best pleased but quickly smiles and exits the room, at which point Teddy Long becomes even more uncomfortable. ***

Vince McMahon: Anyway Teddy I want to talk to you about something. I wanna know one thing from you Teddy... WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING OUT THERE, HUH!?

Teddy Long: Uh, what do you mean, Sir?

Vince McMahon: Iím talking about embarrassing CM Punk Ė a great role model for this company Ė in front of the whole world! What, screwing The Undertaker over wasnít enough for you? Itís things like this which show why youíre still on probation!

Teddy Long: Iím sorry Sir, I just donít feel that CM Punk deserves another title opportunity...

Vince McMahon: Oh really? Well let me make things clear to you Teddy, I like CM Punk. I think CM Punk is a superb athlete, and heís also a great role model for our fans. I would much rather have someone like CM Punk as the face of Smackdown, than a washed-up, Deadman like The Undertaker... Iíll leave you to think about that situation... Oh and Teddy, I almost forgot... what made you defy me by allowing Christian here on Smackdown with his ECW Title? Did you not see my feelings about that title on Raw?

Teddy Long: I... I did sir, but one of Christianís conditions for having a tryout match here on Smackdown was that he could keep his ECW Title, Sir.

Vince McMahon: Well let me make this clear to you too, while I like CM Punk... I donít like the ECW Title on my shows. You think about those two things, Teddy.

*** McMahon leaves, leaving Long to ponder with Tiffany then entering again with coffee. ***

*** We now go to the announce table to Todd Grisham, who says heís about to talk to Rey Mysterio. The man himself then appears on the big screen to a pop from the crowd. Rey is sat on a chair in a studio, but doesnít look happy after the assault he received from Batista just days ago. ***

Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentlemen please join me in welcoming Rey Mysterio, who is currently in our studios in Stamford. Rey, I understand that this is a tough time for you which is why you chose to stay away from Smackdown tonight, but what is your reaction to what your friend Batista did to you last Sunday at Bragging Rights?

Rey Mysterio: First of all Todd, I just want to let everybody know that I am not scared of Batista and I am in no way hiding from him. I chose to stay away from Smackdown tonight simply because I still have this hope, this wish that we can still be friends. After what happened last Sunday thereís no telling what couldíve happened between us tonight, which is why I decided to stay away. But to answer your question Todd, Iím not angry for what Batista did, Iím not hurt, Iím not even feeliní betrayed... I just feel disappointed.

I feel disappointed because I thought Dave and I were best friends, Familia, but it seems as if Dave no longer feels like that. Iím disappointed that Dave lost his temper and lost his ability to think rationally, because no matter what he says... last Sunday I didnít betray him, it was every man for himself. Iím disappointed at what happened last Sunday, but Iím hopiní that we can put in behind us. Dave and I, weíre brothers, and I know that both of us can put it behind us, forget about it, and move on. Iím prepared to do that.

*** Suddenly ďI Walk AloneĒ blasts out to a massive amount of heat, and Batista walks out from the back, dressed to compete. Batista has a mic and walks to the ring while staring back at the big screen with contempt. ***

Batista: Look at you on that screen, youíre pathetic. Rey, last Sunday when I saw you stabbing me in the back and betraying me I thought you were nothing more than a coward, and lookiní at you up on that screen, sat in a nice cosy studio in Stamford, it just makes me realise even more how much of a coward you are.

*** Boos while Rey shakes his head. ***

Batista: Youíre not staying away because you want the dust to settle, no, youíre staying away because you... are afraid. But you know what Rey? You should be scared. I thought you were my brother, my best friend, my family, but you showed your true colours by costing me the World Title last Sunday night. And for that Rey... youíre gonna pay.

As for you pathetic little hope that we can put this behind us, nice try, but that isnít gonna happen little man. We are no longer Ė and never will be Ė friends. What I did to you at the Pay Per View was just the beginning, and Iím not gonna stop until I take you out for good. And if you want a little example of whatís going to happen to you when you finally show up here on Smackdown, just watch my match next...

*** There is a long pause with Rey looking disappointed, but he then disappears from the screen and ďWhatís upĒ then plays to a pop from the crowd, and R-Truth bursts out from the back looking excitable as ever. He makes his way to the ring signing his song lyrics, while Batista doesnít look impressed at all. R-Truth eventually ends up in the ring where he does his usual thing. ***


*** Pop. ***

R-Truth: WHATíS U-

*** BATISTA RIPS HIM IN HALF WITH A SPEAR BEFORE HE CAN FINISH!!! The crowd boos like crazy as R-truth writhes around in agony on the mat, clutching his ribs in pain with Batista just looking down at him in a trance. The Animal grabs the referee and shouts at him to ring the bell, and the referee soon does! ***

Match 2
Singles Match
R-Truth vs. Batista
Final Minutes:

Batista has dominated it from the very start and his domination is continuing here. He lifts Truth up and strikes him with a couple of big rights before sending him into the corner, The Animal then runs in AND NAILS HIM WITH A CORNER CLOTHESLINE! R-Truth stumbles out of the corner and Batista scoops him up onto his shoulder, turns, AND PLANTS HIM WITH THE FRONT POWERSLAM! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Truth somehow kicks out! The Animal looks shocked and drags him right back up to his feet, where he quickly lifts him up AND CONNECTS WITH A MASSIVE SPINEBUSTER! Batista wastes no time and drags him back up again, he places his head between his legs and then powers him into the air... AND HITS THE BATISTA BOMB!!! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . 3! R-Truth never stood a chance!
Winner: Batista!

*** After the match The Animal raises his arms into the air to boos from the crowd. He then looks into the camera and points back to R-Truth, saying the words ďthatís whatís gonna happen to you, Rey!Ē before walking to the back. ***


*** We go somewhere backstage where Josh Matthews is standing by with Matt Hardy. ***

Josh Matthews: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time, he was part of the victorious Smackdown team last Sunday at Bragging Rights... MATT HARDY!

Matt Hardy: Hey, Josh.

Josh Mathews: Matt, you and your family have had a tough time recently for many reasons, but how did it feel to be part of the Smackdown team that defeated Team Raw last Sunday?

Matt Hardy: You know what Josh, youíre right. I have had a tough time recently, I havenít exactly enjoyed the past few months and neither has my family, but last Sunday night was the start of the resurgence of Matt Hardy. You see myself and the other members of that team earned our way onto that team, and no matter how we did it, we earned the victory. It was a huge win for myself and this brand, and itís only upwards from here...

*** He is suddenly interrupted when Dolph Ziggler walks into the shot, smiling smugly. ***

Dolph Ziggler: Hey, Matt. Uh, Josh, youíre not needed here anymore, go on, go.

*** Matthews scurries away. ***

Dolph Ziggler: You see Matt, Josh isnít needed here anymore because Iím gonna ask you the questions from here. Iíve got a question for you now... how did it feel to actually win full-stop last Sunday? I mean a win for Matt Hardy, they donít come around too often, right Matt?

Matt Hardy: Thatís funny, but um, didnít you lose just last night on Superstars?

Dolph Ziggler: Well yeah, but it was John Cena, and you ask anyone and theyíll tell ya that I took Cena to the limit last night; you havenít taken a Champion to the limit in your entire career. Anyway second question Matt: how does it to feel to know that you shouldnít even have been on that team in the first place? I shouldíve been on that team!

Matt Hardy: Are you kidding me? You know what Dolph, Iím not even gonna answer that question because itís clear to me that youíre just another arrogant punk who thinks heís better than everyone else. The fact is I earned that spot, and maybe you should earn the right to talk to people like this before you do... because kid, most guys in the back donít even know your name...

*** Matt walks off with Ziggler nodding his head slightly, looking like he took in what matt just said, but as Hardy walks off ZIGGLER PUSHES HIM STRAIGHT INTO THE WALL! Hardy falls and Ziggler stomps on his body a few times until he doesnít get up. ***

Dolph Ziggler: From now on I am not gonna be a laughing stock for anyone, and itís about time you and everybody else took me seriously... oh, and the name... is DOLPH ZIGGLER!

*** Ziggler walks off leaving Hardy holding his face in pain. ***

Match 3
Christianís Tryout Match
Christian (c) vs. CM Punk
Final Minutes:

Christian has been giving it absolutely everything so far to earn a roster spot on Smackdown but CM Punk has gained control. Punk nails Christian with some forearm shots to the face however Christian attempts a fight back and strikes Punk with some big right hands of his own which wobble Punk, the ECW Champion then turns and runs off the ropes and back however Punk scoops him off the mat and flips him around... BRINING HIM DOWN INTO A TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER! Christian is in pain and Punk hooks the leg! 1 . . . No! Christian wants the roster spot bad and will not give up, but Punk goes back on the attack and sits Christian up... AND DELIVERS A SCINTILATING KICK TO THE SPINE! Christian arches his back as the pain shivers up his spine, Punk then lifts Christian all the way up and Irish whips Christian into the corner. With Christian in the corner Punk then runs in... but Christian thinks fast and swivels to throw his legs between the ropes... AND FIRES BACK WITH THE PENDULUM KICK TO THE FACE! Punk stumbles out of the corner holding his face and Christian runs off the ropes AND TAKES OUT PUNK WITH A SPEAR! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No!

Christian wants to keep it going and drags Punk up, he nails the Straight Edge Superstar with some painful chops to the chest multiple times and then turns and runs off the ropes... BUT PUNK SMOOTHLY LIFTS CHRISTIAN ONTO HIS SHOULDERS FOR THE GTS... but Christian struggles and lands on his feet behind Punk, where he hooks his head under his arm AND PLANTS PUNK WITH THE INVERTED FACELOCK BACKBREAKER! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Christian thought heíd earned his place on the roster there and runs his hands through his hair in despair. Christian drapes Punk on the second rope and then stands on his back to choke him out, Christian then steps off and runs towards the ropes looking to come back and dive onto Punk... but the Straight Edge superstar sees it coming and darts away from the ropes and towards the onrushing Christian... NAILING HIM WITH A SIDE KICK TO THE GUT! Christian holds his gut and Punk then shoots him into the corner and runs in after him... STRIKING CHRISTIAN WITH THE RUNNING HIGH KNEE! Punk then applies a side headlock and charges out of the corner... PLANTING CHRISTIAN WITH THE RUNNING BULLDOG! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No!

The crowd pops while Punk looks angry, heís determined to make sure that Christian doesnít come to Smackdown. Punk drags Christian up and places his head between his legs and hooks his arms behind his back... LOOKING FOR A DOUBLE-ARM BACKBREAKER... but Christian drops Punk to the mat with a double leg takedown... AND THEN CATAPULTS PUNK INTO THE CORNER! Punkís head crashes against the top turnbuckle and he stumbles backwards out of the corner... CHRISTIAN THEN GRABS HIS ARMS AND TURNS HIM AROUND FOR THE KILLSWITCH... but Punk pushes him forwards to reverse, and straight into the referee! The ref turns his back and holds his face in pain, while Christian then turns back around... INTO A KICK TO THE GROIN FROM PUNK! Christian drops to his knees in agony and the crowd boos, while Punk grins knowing that the referee didnít see it! Punk takes his time and drags Christian up where he lifts him onto his shoulders... LOOKING FOR THE GO TO SLEEP AGAIN... BUT THE LIGHTS GO OUT!!! The crowd pops and they quickly come back on, and Punk still has Christian on his shoulders but he looks really shocked! Punk looks towards the entrance confusingly but the distraction costs him as Christian slides down his back AND MANAGES TO ROLL HIM UP! 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!
Winner: Earning a Smackdown Roster Spot Ė ECW Champion Christian!

*** After the match the crowd goes wild with Christian rolling to the outside and raising his arms into the air! Christian is handed his ECW Title and celebrates while Punk goes crazy in the ring, he pounds the mat out of frustration and yells out in anger, knowing that this was thanks to his rival The Undertaker. ECW Champ Christian doesnít care though and walks up the ramp looking delighted, raising his ECW Title high too. ***

*** To the interview set where Josh Matthews is standing by with The Hart Dynasty ***

Josh Matthews: I am now joined by Tyson Kidd, DH Smith and Natalya, The Hart Dynasty. Guys, how did it feel to be on the winning team at Bragging Rights?

Natalya: You know Josh, my boys are delighted that they were on the winning team last Sunday and theyíre delighted to have represented Smackdown. But you see thatís just the start for The Hart Dynasty.

Tyson Kidd: Yeah. You see Josh, that victory last Sunday made us realise just how much we want to be the best, just how much we want to wrestle with the likes of DX, Chris Jericho, The Big Show and others on a regular basis. For too long weíve been settling for obscurity, and itís about time that we realised our potential.

DH Smith: Thatís right. Iím the son of the legendary British Bulldog, myself and Tyson both learned our skills in the legendary dungeon. And our girl Natalya, sheís the daughter of the legendary Jimmy Neidhart. We have greatness in our blood and we have the potential for great things, and itís about time we stepped up and realised them.

Natalya: I know that our great relatives wonít have been proud of some of the things weíve done, but they will have been proud of last Sunday when we weíre on the winning team. So tonight Josh, tonight marks a change for The Hart Dynasty, no more tricks, no more sneaky tactics, just straight-up wrestling. And tonight my boys are gonna mark that change by finally ending it with Cryme Tyme for good, and ending it... with a victory.

*** They walk off looking confident. ***


Match 4
Tag Team Match
Cryme Tyme vs. The Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya)
Final Minutes:

Right now JTG is taking on Tyson Kidd and is on top, JTG nails Kidd with some forearm strikes to the face and then leaps up... TAKING HIM DOWN WITH A DROPKICK! Kidd climbs to his feet only to see JTG tagging in big Shad, and the big man races into the ring and takes Kidd down with a running shoulder tackle! Shad helps Kidd to his feet and then Irish Whips him into the ropes... he then scoops him off the mat AND PLANTS HIM WITH A SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Shad almost looked surprised that DH Smith didnít interfere there, but Smith raises his arms as if to say ďWeíre not like that anymoreĒ. Shad drags Tyson Kidd up but the smaller man fights back bravely, striking Shad with shots to the gut and kicks to the hamstrings, Tyson Kidd then feeds Shad one of his legs... AND NAILS HIM WITH A STEP-UP ENZUIGIRI! Kidd almost toppled the tree there but Shad is still up, so Kidd calls in the help of DH Smith! The big man from the Dynasty races into the ring and takes Shad off his feet with a shoulder block of his own! Shad climbs to his feet and looks angry but he is suddenly hit by a flurry of rights from Smith, who then shoots Shad off into the ropes... AND THEN TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A BIG BOOT! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Shad kicks out!

DH Smith then tags back in Tyson Kidd, who remains on the apron until Shad gets to his feet. Once Shad is up Tyson Kidd springboards onto the top rope and DIVES OFF LOOKING FOR A CROSSBODY... BUT SHAD CATHCES HIM ACROSS HIS CHEST! With Kidd in a vulnerable position the big man Shad then tosses him over his head onto his back... AND CONNECTS WITH A HUGE SAMOAN DROP! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . No! Kidd gets a shoulder up, just! Shad tags in JTG again and he dashes into the ring and drags Tyson Kidd up, nailing him with more rights before turning to run off the ropes... BUT HE RUNS INTO A SPINNING BACK KICK TO THE GUT FROM KIDD! JTG keels over and Shad races into the ring, not liking what heís seeing, but Tyson Kidd ducks a clothesline attempt from Shad... WHO RUNS INTO A BIG BOOT TO THE FACE FROM SMITH! DH Smith had Kiddís back right there and they signal for their finisher! Smith lifts JTG up while Tyson Kidd steps onto the apron, Kidd then leaps onto the top rope and jumps off... AND THEY CONNECT WITH THE SPRINGBOARD HART ATTACK!!! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!
Winner: The Hart Dynasty!

*** After the match The Hart Dynasty hug each other and celebrate like crazy, clearly delighted to have won this match after promising so much. They also donít seem to be getting as many boos as before. ***

*** A video hyping Raw then plays, saying that Shane OíMac will host next Mondayís show ***

*** ďBreak the WallsĒ hits with the crowd suddenly booing like crazy, and after a few seconds Chris Jericho walks out from the back in a sharp suit. Jericho has a grin on his face and carries his title belts on one shoulder and holds the Bragging Rights trophy in his other arm. He collects a mic and stands in the middle of the ring. ***

Chris Jericho: Now listen you gelatinous tapeworms, tonight is a very special night here on Smackdown, as tonight is my very special victory celebration.

*** Heat. ***

Chris Jericho: You people shouldnít be booing me, you should be cheering me. Last Sunday night at Bragging Rights I led my team into battle, and while my team didnít quite live up to my high expectations it didnít matter, as I was able to single-handedly lead my team to victory. I am a hero here on Smackdown. If I wasnít on that team last Sunday, Smackdown wouldnít have won. I proved exactly why I am the best in the world at what I do, and how much of a genius I really am last Sunday night.

*** More boos. ***

Chris Jericho: All Iíve been hearing is excuses from all the Raw fans. All Iíve been hearing is ďit wasnít fair, The Big Show chokeslammed Kofi Kingston and cost Team RawĒ, but to be honest itís all pathetic, almost as pathetic as the lives of all you hypocrites and parasites in the crowd.

*** Boos. ***

Chris Jericho: Because last Sunday wasnít a betrayal on the behalf of The Big Show, no, it was loyalty. It was loyalty to me, he respects me, and he knows that I am the best in the world at what I do. The Big Show knew that it was better to stick with me, Chris Jericho, than fight for a team led by a couple of immature miscreants like DX. They can use the excuse of The Big Showís attack all they want, but great wrestlers like me, Mental Masterminds like me, we learn to expect the unexpected. That is what sets guys like me apart from the rest of the roster, and that is why I... am great.

*** More heat. ***

Chris Jericho: Now as you can see I am carrying a very large trophy tonight. This trophy is the Bragging Rights trophy, and Iíve had guys like Matt Hardy, guys like The Hart Dynasty come up to me and ask for a chance to hold this trophy, but I said no. I said no because they didnít deserve it. The rest of my team were mere extras, mere spot-fillers, as there was only one man responsible for winning last Sunday, and it was me. So I am the only one who deserves to hold this trophy, and holding this alongside my Championship belts just proves how good I am...

Now last Monday Night on Raw as I attempted to speak, like a great winner deserves to do, I was rudely interrupted. But tonight I am glad to say there will be no interruptions, and I have all the time I want out here tonight. Now I think that I deserve a great round of applause here tonight, so I think that all you sycophants should show me the respect that I deserve by giving me a huge round of applause, that is if your inferior minds can somehow work out how to master the clapping motion.

*** The crowd donít agree and continue to boo, angering Jericho. ***

Chris Jericho: Fine. You know what? Somehow I knew that you people wouldnít clap me, because lets be honest, you donít appreciate greatness. Youíre all in denial, youíre just like the ignorant hypocrites on Raw who prefer to cheer for guys like DX. But you should all at least shut your mouths and let me speak, as...

*** Teddy Longís music plays again and the General Manager once again makes his way out to the top of the ramp, once again looking to sort things out, while Jericho looks frustrated. ***

Teddy Long: Chris Jericho, I apologise for the interruption, but it seemed as though these great Smackdown fans were gettiní fed up of heariní you talk, so I just had to come out here right now. Chris, well done for the victory last Sunday night, you made Smackdown proud. But let me just correct you, because you didnít do it all alone, as Kane, The Hart Dynasty, Finlay, Matt Hardy and R-Truth had just as much to do with it as you did! So that trophy Chris, it isnít yours, it belongs to the whole Smackdown team.

*** Pop. ***

Teddy Long: Now just a while ago I was considering puttiní you in action tonight Chris, but I was talking to Mister McMahon and it seems heís a big fan of yours, and he thinks that you deserve the night off, and I agreed...

*** Boos from the crowd. ***

Teddy Long: But Iíve changed my mind! Youíll be pleased to know that Mister McMahon has left the buildiní Chris, and I think that you should show us why youíre the best in the world at what you do, by facing off against one of your teammates last Sunday night! This man came to me for a match against you, he feels like youíre disrespectiní the whole Smackdown team by claiming you did it single-handedly, and he wants to prove you wrong tonight! So tonight, itís gonna be you, CHRIS JERICHO... and youíre gonna go one-on-one... with FINLAY!

*** Jericho doesn't look happy. ***

Teddy Long: Oh and Chris, beiní the best in the world Ďn all, I thought you wouldnít mind puttiní on a different kind of match tonight. So tonight itís not gonna be any ordinary match, itís gonna be a BELFAST BRAWL!!

*** Teddy Long smiles and the crowd cheers, before leaving Jericho angry in the ring. ***


*** We switch back to Teddy Longís office. Tiffany is stood on her own when a man walks in to the surprise of Tiffany. The man is in a dark suit and has long, dark hair with a beard, as well as carrying a cane. ***

Man: Hello, you look lovely this evening.

Tiffany: Erm, thank you.

Man: Do you know where I can find Teddy Long?

*** Teddy Long now walks into the room. ***

Teddy Long: Can I help you?

Man: Ah yes, Theodore. My name is James Mitchell, Iím a wrestling manager.

Teddy Long: Um, okay. What can I do for you?

James Mitchell: Well Teddy I am here because my latest client is looking for a roster spot here on Smackdown, so I have come here to arrange for a tryout match for him next week, and I assure you that itís in your best interest to give him one.

Teddy Long: Who is it? Do I know him?

James Mitchell: Oh you know him, he was in ECW not so long ago. But Iím afraid that the man you knew from ECW is no longer the same. You see my client came to me recently because he was struggling here in the WWE, he felt that his potential was not being met. I informed him that to improve he must undergo a change, and since he came to me he has done just that...

I have transformed this man into a monster. He is now a vicious, dangerous, unpredictable force who can only be controlled by me. If you choose to sign this man then it will be a very good decision for yourself, but it will become very bad for the superstars on this roster.

Teddy Long: So... You want me to give a tryout match to a dangerous, vicious and unpredictable monster?

James Mitchell: Teddy, I am trying to be polite. Itís like I said: Itís in your best interest to give my client a tryout match next week on Smackdown...

???: Youíve got it!

*** They all turn around and Vince McMahon walks into the room smiling. ***

Vince McMahon:
I donít know who you are, or who your client is, but this man sounds brilliant! Just the type of superstar I just love to see! And Iím sure Teddy would like to see this man on Smackdown too, right Teddy?

Teddy Long: ... Yeah. Youíve got it. Next week your client will have a tryout match.

James Mitchell: Thank you. And thank you, Mister McMahon, Iíve got a feeling that youíll like my client very much indeed. Oh, (shakes Tiffanyís hand while smiling) it was lovely to meet you too.

*** James Mitchell leaves the room and McMahonís face turns to slight anger. ***

Vince McMahon: So, youíd thought Iíd left the building, did you Teddy? Well I havenít. And to be honest I donít appreciate you stealing my ideas. I booked a Belfast Brawl for next weekís Raw just a few days ago, and the next thing I know you too have booked a Belfast Brawl for tonightís main event. Do you even want to get off probation?

Teddy Long: Yes, sir.

Vince McMahon: Well you better start showing it. Oh and Teddy, I saw Christian earning a place on Smackdown just moments ago with his ECW Title, and I donít like it. You know what I wanna see next week on Smackdown, Teddy? I want to see Christian defend that ECW Title right here on Smackdown next week, and if he loses that title, then the title is finished! Itís retired! Am going to see that match next week on Smackdown?

Teddy Long: ... um, yes sir.

Vince McMahon: Good. Oh and Teddy, let me remind you that I donít want to see that damn ECW Title on my shows anymore, so if I were you, Iíd pick Christianís opponent next week very carefully...

Teddy Long: Sure, Mister McMahon. Next week Christian will defend his ECW Title against... Kane.

*** McMahon lets out a sly little smile, before walking out of the room satisfied. Teddy Long breathes out a big breath, the stress of trying to please Mister McMahon is clearly getting to him. ***

Match 5
Singles Match
Slam Master J vs. Drew McIntyre
Final Minutes:

Slam Master J is not having a good time this week on Smackdown at all as McIntyre is making an example out of him here. Just like on Superstars this week, Drew McIntyre is impressive and sets Slam Master J up in a suplex position... AND NAILS HIM WITH A SNAP SUPLEX! McIntyre drags his opponent back up and scoops him off his feet into a front slam position, he then drives Slam Master J down back-first onto his knee a number of times to punish him BEFORE SENDING HIM FLYING WITH A FALLAWAY SLAM! The Scotsman is not yet satisfied and drags the now lifeless Slam Master J up and hooks his arms behind his back, the Scotsman takes a few seconds and grins evilly BEFORE PLANTING HIM WITH THE DOUBLE-ARM DDT! Cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!
Winner: Drew McIntyre!

*** After the match McIntyre gets his arm raised but looks far from happy, obviously still not satisfied with the competition heís been getting. ***

*** We switch to the back where Mickie James is seen picking up some food from the catering table, when Michelle McCool and her friend Layla walk up to her. ***

Michelle McCool: Hey, Layla, look itís Mickie James...

Layla: Eeeewwww.

Michelle McCool: You lookiní forward to the Halloween Party tomorrow night, Mickie? I mean, you donít have to dress up do you?

Mickie James: Very funny, Michelle. What do you want?

Michelle McCool: Well Mickie, you seem pretty happy here on Smackdown and it seems that you think youíll eventually take this title off of me, so I thought iíd come and let you know that it just isnít gonna happen...

Layla: Uh-uh.

Mickie James: Oh really? Well what Iíve noticed Michelle, is that everybody on Smackdown hates you and just canít wait to see you lose that title. It doesnít matter what you say or do, because when I get a shot at your title, Iím telling you now... Iím gonna take it. So you and your little follower can take a walk...

Layla: What did you call me? Iím not her follower, weíre friends, okay?

Mickie James: Whatever Layla, but if you really wanna get involved with this, then you better be prepared too because Iíve got no problem taking you out as well...

*** Beth Phoenix is seen passing by, and decides to take a detour and walks up to the three ladies, with McCool and Layla especially looking uncomfortable. ***

Beth Phoenix: You all seem to like talking, maybe Iím the only one around here who does my talking in the ring. It doesnít really matter what either of you say, because youíre both wrong. It wonít be Michelle McCool as the Womenís Champion for much longer, and we wonít even see Mickie James winning that belt, because Iím taking that title...

Next week Iím in action and I think you should watch, and after you see me in action for the first time here on Smackdown... I dare you to tell me Iím wrong. See you around, girls.

*** Phoenix leaves and so do McCool and Layla, leaving Mickie to think things over. ***


Main Event
Belfast Brawl
Finlay vs. Chris Jericho (c)
Final Minutes:

The fighting Irishman Finlay has given Chris Jericho one hell of a fight so far and itís continuing here. Finlay backs Jericho into the corner and pummels him with right hand after right hand to the skull over and over again until Jericho slumps down against the bottom turnbuckle. The referee forces Finlay away from Jericho in the corner and the delay costs him as when Finlay moves back towards Jericho, the Unified Tag Team Champ lifts Finlay off the mat... AND HANGS HIM THROAT-FIRST ONTO THE TOP ROPE! Finlay stumbles backwards holding his throat in pain and Jericho takes advantage, he runs off the ropes behind him AND PLANTS HIM WITH THE RUNNING BULLDOG! With Finlay down Jericho then leaps onto the second rope AND COMES BACK WITH THE LIONSAULT... BUT FINLAY GETS HIS KNEES UP! Jericho holds his midsection in pain and backs up against the ropes, Finlay though then charges in at full pace AND HITS JERICHO WITH A CRAZY CROSSBODY DIVE... SENDING THEM BOTH TUMBLING TO THE OUTSIDE! Finlay drags Jericho to his feet and goes on the attack, he sends him face first into the apron and steel steps!

Finlay goes and grabs a steel chair then walks back towards Jericho who is leaning against the steel ring post. FINLAY THEN SWINGS THE CHAIR AT HIM... BUT JERICHO DUCKS! A loud thud is heard but Jericho slides into the ring to escape from Finlay, who then jumps onto the apron with the steel chair still in hand. Finlay attempts to re-enter the ring with the chair but the experienced Chris Jericho charges across the ring and bounces off the second rope... DROPKICKING THE CHAIR INTO FINLAYíS FACE AND SENDING HIM TO THE FLOOR! The tough Irishman climbs to his feet on the outside of the ring but Jericho takes advantage and races across the ring... NAILING FINLAY WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE AND SENDING HIM CRASHING INTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Jericho grins while Finlay holds his back in pain, the so-called best in the world at what he does exits and tosses Finlay back into the ring, Jericho then follows him in and picks up something from the corner of the ring, ITíS FINLAYíS SHILLELAGH! The crowd boos while Jericho grins sinisterly; he waits for Finlay to get up AND THEN SWINGS THE WEAPON AT HIM... BUT FINLAY DUCKS!

Jericho turns around in shock but gets a boot to the gut from Finlay, who then grabs the shillelagh from Jericho... AND THEN SMASHES HIM ACROSS THE MIDSECTION WITH IT! Jericho falls to his knees clutching his ribs in agony, while Finlay drops the weapon and exits the ring. The Irishman has a rummage under the ring again and then re-enters again, this time with a trash can in hand! Finlay enters with it and lifts it above his head, he then races at Jericho wielding the trash can... but Jericho thinks fast and connects with a drop-toe-hold... SENDING FINLAY CRASHING FACE FIRST INTO THE TRASH CAN! Jericho then drags Finlay up and also picks the can up, he then places the trash can over Finlayís head and slides it down until it reaches his hips, with Finlay defenceless Jericho then picks up the shillelagh... AND SMASHES IT AGAINST THE TRASH CAN AND FINLAYíS BODY! There is a huge thud but Jericho quickly drops the shillelagh and leaps up... BRINGING FINLAY AND THE TRASHCAN DOWN INTO A HUGE CODEBREAKER! Jericho holds his knees for a second and then pulls the trashcan off of Finlayís head and makes the cover! 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!
Winner: Chris Jericho!

*** After the match Jericho is handed his title belts and he celebrates with a big grin on his face, he knows he showed just how good he is tonight. ***

*** Everyone thinks the showís over once Jericho leaves, but ďThe Fire BurnsĒ plays to heat from the crowd and out to the ring walks a frustrated-looking CM Punk. ***

CM Punk: Hold on everybody, the show is not over, I have something very important to say...

*** Lots of boos. ***

CM Punk: Earlier tonight I had a match against Christian, and thanks to the so-called Phenom The Undertaker, I lost that match...

*** Pop. ***

CM Punk: Youíre all happy about that, arenít ya? In fact I know Christian is sat in the back smiling, knowing that heís earned his spot on Smackdown, too. But let me make something crystal clear to you and your infected minds: I only lost that match because of The Undertaker.

*** Lots of boos. ***

CM Punk: Itís obvious that I hurt The Undertaker earlier tonight with my words, I hurt him so much that he had to do the old flickering lights routine and distract me. I mean, how childish is that? Yet you people cheer this man? I thought this man was supposed to be scary, I thought he was supposed to be the Deadman, yet tonight he resorts to distracting me and causing me to lose just because I dared to not be taken in by all his act?

Well let me tell you all something, The Undertaker Ė like all of you Ė is pathetic. So tonight I am out here once again in protest to what happened earlier tonight.

*** Heat. ***

CM Punk: I will not allow this to happen to me again. The Undertaker is doing the best he can to eliminate me from the title scene, he knows that I will take his title off him so heís doing the best he can to make sure I donít get my rematch. But Iím afraid that no matter what you do ĎTaker, no matter how much flickering lights you unleash on me, I am gonna get my rematch, so somebody might as well give me it right now...

*** Suddenly we hear a loud gong and the lights go out, The music of the man himself then plays and The World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker, walks to the ring towards CM Punk with a microphone. He steps into the ring with the crowd cheering, while Punk tries to remain calm. ***

The Undertaker: CM Punk... you claim that I am afraid of you, yet as I stand in this ring before you... it is clear that it is you, who is afraid... You thought that you were being brave tonight by talking about me, but Punk, all you have done is opened the gates of hell...

*** Pop. ***

The Undertaker: If you want a shot at the World heavyweight Title then all you have to do is step up into the eyes of the Deadman, but Iím warning you. You may have escaped before, but next time, you wonít be so lucky... and you will... REST... IIIIINNN.... PPPEEEEEEAAAACCCCEEEEEE!

*** Once again General Manager Teddy Long walks out to the top of the ramp, looking to sort things out once and for all. Teddy Long looks a bit reluctant to speak, but goes on while ĎTaker and Punk look up towards him. ***

Teddy Long: Now after seeing the events of tonightís show it is clear that the two of you have some unfinished business. CM Punk, earlier tonight I told you that you didnít deserve a title shot against The Undertaker, however after much thought, I have decided to change my mind...

*** Massive heat while Punk smiles. ***

Teddy Long: So at Survivor Series, I am proud to announce, that it will be in the main event... The Undertaker defending his World Heavyweight Title one on one... with CM Punk! However for Survivor Series I think our main event should be somethiní special, somthiní that fits with the Survivor Series tradition, so that match... will be a CASKET MATCH!

*** Punkís smile turns to a look of horror and the crowd cheers like crazy. Punk doesnít look too happy about that and The Undertaker rolls his eyes back and some pyro hits the stage, causing Punk to jump out of the ring quickly. ĎTaker then stares out CM Punk on the outside of the ring and raises his title as Smackdown goes off air. ***

*** END OF SHOW ***

Quick Results:
John Morrison df. Charlie Haas
Batista df. R-Truth
Christian df. CM Punk to earn a roster spot
The Hart Dynasty df. Cryme Tyme
Drew McIntyre df. Slam Master J
Chris Jericho df. Finlay


Verizon Center in Washington, DC Ė 22nd November 2009

John Cena (c) vs. MVP


The Undertaker (c) vs. CM Punk



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