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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

First, Bee Kay Bee, shits been going on lately and I haven't been able to get a Rumble review barely started, so expect reviews for the coming RAW and Smackdown. Soz bbz.

With the winner of the Rumble being Randy Orton {surprised BTW}, RAW's Number One Contender situation becomes interesting, and with the surprise attacker, I don't see Angle facing the Champ unless it was Edge, who didn't want to face Angle at WrestleMania. If it's not Angle, I don't see it being Cena and HBK and Triple H seem occupied with the McMahon situation, so I guess Angle is the only real option, and with him being RAW's last survivor in the Rumble, I guess he deserves it.

Cena going down the card is a good idea IMO since it's about time he's out of the title scene, although a big match at WrestleMania would still be the best option for Cena. I see a tag match brewing between RVD and Cena going up against RVD and Masters next week, so I guess a disputed finish in either this match or RVD/Masters would be the best way to go, but with it being RVD's first night back, I guess he should get the win in his match with Masters interfering for Lito and RVD to make the save.

After what you said in the News and Notes about a potential DX reunion, I see a swerve on the cards and a Michaels vs. HHH match at WrestleMania or some sort, even though its been done many times in the past, both in real life and in BTB. However, I think {think being the key word -.-} I remember reading something about a reward for the person to eliminate Shawn Michaels, so I was a bit shocked to see that there was no mention of HELMS in the preview. He does kind of own. In fact, fuck Angle, Helms vs. Edge at WrestleMania .

Mickie vs. Trish seems to be the way to go at WrestleMania so a Mickie turn wouldn't be too far away from happening, so I guess that with the Road to WrestleMania in full throttle, a good way to start would be to turn her tonight, although too much may happen in the one night here. Nonetheless, I see a Trish win, whether it be clean or by DQ.

The fat kents to beat Chavo and Flair TBH. That is all.

Charlie Haas making his in ring return on RAW? Woot. With it being his return match, Haas should really get the win here although I can see {another } shady finish in the works, and Benjamin to make the save. However, it should be good, if its not, no more love for you .

All in all, looks to be a great fallout show James. HELMS to own the show, kthxbai.


Or should I say <4? :P

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