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Re: Tintin Mafia Game Thread

7 ... The last game of Battleships

The little boy from the night before approached the old man on top of a cliff with the laptop in his possession, "Please Mister, I thought about it long and hard but I'd rather have a friend than a computer that only has battleships."

The old man laughed, "I'm glad you came to your senses. Maybe now you can get plastic surgery or something."

"You're so mean!"

But before anything more could be said, a man shouted from a nearby tree, "Tonight, you die. Laszlo Carreidas."

He was shot in the head and he fell from the cliff. Nothing remained.

Spoiler for role:

You found an alien once. Good times. You’ve got a lot of money and you cheat in battleships. On any one night, you can see all the player’s moves. This might help the town out big time but use it wisely.

You win with Tintin

The man jumped down from the tree and ran away. The little kid was left mourning the death of dear old Santafap.

Elsewhere, Red Rackham's ghost was out to haunt again. He approached a dark figure and said, "YOU ARE A FRIEND OF TINTIN'S, YES?"

"Eh, yes."-"Eh, yes."


"But look here."


The ghost left

The man left there was finally approached by Dan_Marino, "You called me?"

"Oh, it's you..."


Day time. Get lynching.

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