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Re: Tintin Mafia Game Thread

You inactive guys, your loss for not sending your roles in or EVEN POSTING!

4 … Karate Chop to the Crotch

The dawn was fast approaching but the darkness had not fully lifted. At the top of a hill was a man who looked like a hobo, sitting in front of a computer, “Ahaha, I can see it all from here. I can know it ALL.”

But a little kid, hiding behind a rock jumped at him, almost giving him a heart attack, “Hey Mister, what are you doing?”

The man snarled, “Leave me alone, you filthy hoodlum.”

Meanwhile, in the city slums, a man was walking, “Mr. Tintin, are you here? Why did you call me out to a place like this when we could’ve talked over the phone? And what is so important that you have to see me at this hour?” He got no reply and raised his voice a bit, “Mr. Tintin?”

But he got no Tintin. He got a Japanese man who jumped in front of him and gave him a “Karate Chop to the Crotch”. Nester, the butler fell to his knees.

“But why?” He pleaded but the Japanese man had no sympathy. He raised a gun to Nester’s face and shot him down, “Friends of Tintin will all share your fate. They will all die until Tintin is left all alone to pick up the pieces. Our revenge will be glorious!”

Poor Alcoholic never even had a chance, Dutch comics or not. He was Nestor, the butler.

Spoiler for role:

You are the butler. You’re sneaky and stuff, so you’re the day cop. Each day, you can PM me the name of a player and check for his character. Sorry, you don’t get alignment but character should be enough to go on in this game. Also, speak all polite like a butler, like Nester.

You win with Tintin

Meanwhile, the ghost of Red Rackham was haunting a large mansion, “BOO, YOU IN THE HOUSE. COME ACCEPT YOUR FATE.”

“I’m not in the house,” came a call from within.



The ghost went away.

.BD who survived a traumatic accident was lying unconscious on the street with his face in the gutter. He had been whacked by someone. DEAR GOD! The dawn woke him up though.

The old man at the top of the mountain laughed, "HAHAHA. I got it all. I have got you all now."

The boy stole his laptop and walked away. The old man was too sick to chase after him, "HEY GIVE ME BACK A-CHOO!, MY A-CHHOOO! Oh never mind, keep it then. I have it all in my memory." He pulled out the memory card from his pocket and walked back home to hook it into another computer.


Day again, 21 Alive and 11 for a lynch, I believe.

Alcoholic replaces Wolf Tiger ... I hope

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