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Re: Tintin Mafia Game Thread

2 ... The First of the Landmines

A sneaky figure was walking around the area with a landmine. He carefully paused at a point and planted it on the ground. With a laugh so sinister that one could tell that he had bad intentions, he jumped and hid behind a nearby shrub.

BrownieDude was walking that way, "Hmm. Tintin, who needs him!? I'm the hero of this story and I'm gonna take care of everything." He stopped in the middle of the road, "Hmm? What's this? I stepped on something. Probably dog shit. Crazy ass dog owners. How can somebody raise a dog and not even pick up their shit?"

He slowly pulled his leg up and BOOM! BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS. There was nothing left of Colonel Sponsz

Spoiler for role:

You have been brushed aside by the mafia group. For that, you want revenge but all you have is a gun with three bullets and there are FOUR mafia. What will you do? The town doesn't care much for you so be prepared, for they might not see you as an ally right away.

You win with Tintin

Spoiler for additional information:
Colonel Sponsz was a Miller

"HAHAHAHAHA" Laughed the devious killer and ran away. He had a strange shaped face.


Night continues. Send the remaining roles in fast.

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