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Tintin Mafia Game Thread


0 ... Prologue: The Great Leveler

It was sometime in November that Tintin had received the letter of threatening, telling him to drop his reporting job if he knew what was good for him. He was used to being threatened. After all, who wouldn't want to get their fifteen seconds of fame just by being associated with Tintin. Hence, he threw the letter away without even a second thought.

However, that might've been the gravest mistake the young, odd-looking chap ever made. On the first week of December that Marlinspike Hall was invaded by hooded men, with guns. Captain Haddock, with his panic room all ready, hid Tintin inside it and went to face these bumbling, babbling band of baboons.

"Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles and ten thousand thundering typhoons"

Captain Haddock screamed in agony. Tintin emerged from the panic room to find a pool of blood and soaked in it was another threatening letter, except it wasn't threatening and it wasn't a letter. It was just paper.

Snowy, the loyal pet that it is, brought the paper to Tintin, tasting the blood in the process. It was horrifying.

Spoiler for SECRET OMG:

You are Captain Haddock, yes? Yes. My prime victim be you. For what your ancestor did to me, I will exact revenge. But not on your money and not on your life but on your very soul.

You are a drunk and that's all you are....

....gone forever. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Was it true ? Tintin didn't understand but one thing was certain, he was going to get to the bottom of this!

But the police had other plans. The world famous detectives Thomson and Thompson were alerted about an incident at Marlinspike and they came running. The sight they saw ? Tintin over a pool of blood. And where was Captain Haddock ? There was only one answer.



Dead Players

Nov: Tintin w/ Snowy
Mr. Lawls
Wesson (Replaced Wes FR)
Alcoholic (Replaced Wolf Tiger)
Yeah1993 (Replaced RKO920)
Alcoholic (Replaced Mister X)
DH Claus
Ultimoron (Replaced St. Stephen)
Santafap (Replaced iMac)
Stone Cold 4life
.BD (ReplacedHoMiCiDaL26)

Winner: Postage


It is Nov's job right now to arrange the remaining 21 players in any random order. As soon as he finishes, he can post it in the thread and then roles will go out depending on what player matches what role number. The roles are in random order, except one. Get to it, Nov.



1 ... The Chase Continues
2 ... The First of the Landmines
3 ... Insurance Barred
4 ... Karate Chop to the Crotch
5 ... Karate Chop to the Crotch II
6 ... Care for some Insurance?
7 ... The last game of Battleships
8 ... The Town Cries
9 ... The Kill of Kills
10 ... The Mafia Struggle
11 ... It's over for ye, amigo
12 ... Crosskills
13 ... Fail town is fail
14 ... The Secret of the Ghost
15 ... The Elimination Chamber
16 ... Trade Denied
17 ... Choker
18 ... The vest was not on his neck
19 ... Town Running Berserk
20 ... Chang
21 ... Tintin Strikes Back
22 ... A savior
23 ... The Luck of the Draw
24 ... Clarity
25 ... The State of Affairs

Game Over

Thank you for playing!

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