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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Cheers for the reviews, fellas. Saying I’m happy with seeing feedback from multiple people is an understatement, since I often struggle to pull in more than one review for a week show. It’s definitely nice to see a few here. The feedback is definitely going to help me, and looking back, I agree with pretty much all the constructive criticism I received. One point I’d like to make is that the elimination of Rey Mysterio from the Royal Rumble Match was a spot I thought of in my head. Basically, Rey went to springboard in, but Orton grabs him by the head and literally RKOs him off the top rope; meaning that Orton has essentially hit a modified hot shot off the top rope, sending Mysterio down off the top onto the floor. Orton, of course, would land inside the ring following the move, as he did it from inside the ring. Sorry if I didn’t explain that as well as I originally intended to.

Anyway, onto moving this thread forward. A few little facts here concerning the Rumble, along with the prediction results and some news tidbits. I guess if anyone wants to have a guess at what we’ll be seeing at ‘Mania based off this news, now would be a good time to state what you believe. Let’s get this baby movin’.


~ Predictions Results ~
Yes, I have bothered to tally up the predictions, and points will be sent out after I post this. Here are the results:
Wolf Beast: 12/22
Legend: 7/22
TKOW: 14/22
J-Coke: 14/22
Guardian Devil: 8/22
y2j__legend: 12/22
X-Power: 10/22
rvd97045: 11/22
Rocker: 12/22
RatedRKO31: 13/22
Stojy: 15/22
HarlemHeat: 5/22
jman619hbk: 13/22
Perfect Poster: 13/22

As you can see, Stoj got the most correct answers with 15, so he will be receiving 500000000 points.

~ Royal Rumble Facts ~
Number of Eliminations: Bobby Lashley – 6, Shawn Michaels – 5, Gregory Helms – 3, Randy Orton – 3, Rey Mysterio – 2, Kane – 2, Rob Van Dam – 2, The Undertaker – 2, Matt Hardy – 1, Chris Masters – 1, Triple H – 1, Kurt Angle – 1

Time Spent In Rumble: Gregory Helms – 48:32, Shawn Michaels – 45:15, Bobby Lashley 34:41, Randy Orton – 30:33, Kurt Angle – 29:03, Rey Mysterio – 28:43, The Undertaker – 16:36, Rob Van Dam – 16:26, Chris Benoit – 16:09, Tyson Tomko – 11:33, Kane – 10:44, Chris Masters – 10:24, Mr Kennedy 10:17, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield – 8:30, William Regal – 8:06, Finlay – 8:00, Carlito – 7:18, Chavo Guerrero – 6:49, Paul Burchill – 5:30, Orlando Jordan – 5:10, Ric Flair – 3:45, Joey Mercury – 3:23, Triple H – 3:03, Johnny Nitro – 2:16, Hardcore Holly – 2:12, Matt Hardy – 1:12, Big Show – 1:08, Gene Snitsky – 0:50, Rene Dupree – 0:40, Goldust – 0:11

~ Wrestling Observer News & Notes ~
Coming off the Royal Rumble it seems like many new possibilities have opened up for WrestleMania and beyond. Of course, having won the Royal Rumble Match, Randy Orton is set to challenge the world champion of his choosing. With Edge still being champion on RAW you can pretty much guarantee Orton staying on the blue brand, since heel vs. heel is definitely not going to main event WrestleMania, and Orton has a natural feud with Batista, dating back to their Evolution days. At this stage Batista and Mark Henry are set to go on for at least a little longer, possibly up until the No Way Out Pay-Per-View. What happens with Orton for now is anyone’s guess, with perhaps a mini-feud starting up with someone like Chris Benoit, or perhaps The Undertaker, who Orton spent most of 2005 feuding against.

The WWE Title situation appears to be up in the air at the moment, with Edge retaining the gold as expected, only for the raging favourite Kurt Angle to not win the Royal Rumble Match, after being ‘jumped’ backstage prior to entering the match. At this stage, it would appear likely that Edge is the storyline culprit, not wanting to face Kurt Angle at WrestleMania, although the WWE may be swerving us and setting Angle up for a different match at WrestleMania against the attacker should the attacker not be Edge.

The man who lost to Edge last night, John Cena, now finds himself in an interesting spot. Cena looks like he’ll be out of the title picture for now, although he has no obvious opponent for WrestleMania. With seemingly most of the headline acts on RAW occupied, perhaps Cena will challenge SmackDown!’s The Undertaker.

Keeping with RAW, it appears that Rob Van Dam and Carlito may actually be headed to WrestleMania. When Van Dam made his return he instantly targeted Carlito, with the announcers heavily playing on the fact that Carlito (in storyline) caused Van Dam to spend an extra six months on the sidelines last year with a knee injury. With no other feuds obvious for either man (apart from throwing them in the Money in the Bank), it seems like this is the most likely response from WWE.

Is a reunion of DX on the cards? It would look to be a possibility. After disrespecting Mr McMahon backstage, Triple H promised he would take care of Shawn Michaels should McMahon keep his lackeys out of the way. During the Royal Rumble Match, we saw Triple H and Shawn Michaels facing off until Shane McMahon ran in, and had an inadvertent part in eliminating Triple H when Shawn Michaels threw Shane into him and sent both over the top rope. Triple H now has clear ammunition against the McMahons, so a DX reunion at WrestleMania is possible.

Perhaps the surprise of the Royal Rumble was the booking of Gregory Helms. Helms, who entered at number six, made it all of the way down to the final four, and looked strong throughout the match. After wins in recent weeks on RAW and now this, it seems the writers are very keen on Helms now that he has taken his mask off. Whether Helms will play a major part in WrestleMania or not is unknown, although at this stage expect Helms’ push to continue at least for now.

Another man who received has been receiving an almighty push since debuting late last year is Bobby Lashley. The monstrous Lashley was again allowed to put in an impressive showing, eliminating the most men for the match, as well as the twin tower World Tag Team Champions, Kane & Big Show in stunning fashion. Lashley is said to be held in high regards by all backstage, so him getting a singles match at WrestleMania would not be surprising. The most likely candidate for his opponent at this stage would be Finlay, although odds are that Finlay and Lashley’s feud may have finished up by then.

The other match that Lashley could find himself in is the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, as rumours are running rampant that the match will be inter-promotional this year and feature eight superstars (four from each brand). With WWE changing it from a RAW exclusive match we can either suspect that it means the winner will be from SmackDown!, or that the writers wanted to fit a few more SmackDown! midcarders on the card.

In more SmackDown! news, Kid Kash is set to feud with The Mexicools up until WrestleMania, at which point he’ll face Juventud after stealing the win from Super Crazy and Psichosis at the Royal Rumble to retain his title. The alternative is the rumoured Mexicool three way at WrestleMania, with either Super Crazy or Psichosis winning the title at No Way Out, bringing about the return of a jealous Juventud. Either way, expect The Mexicools to be featured in some way at WrestleMania.

The feud between Mr Kennedy and Rey Mysterio that started on the last SmackDown! before Royal Rumble is set to continue, with Rey having eliminated Kennedy from the Royal Rumble Match. Whether the two go all of the way to WrestleMania or just to No Way Out is unknown, but it is thought that this feud will go a lot for Kennedy, while also giving Mysterio heavyweight credit.

Finally, in news on Saturday Night’s Main Event, the event has been entitled ‘Clash of the Champions’, indicating that the likely main event is the World Heavyweight Champion vs. WWE Champion. We have also been told that the event is also now scheduled to go for three hours.


RAW preview to follow in a few days.

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