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Re: Christmas Mafia Gameplay Thread

mafia bus driver? are you srs? sounds ridiculously exaggerated to find a way to say I'm mafia. Point is that you didn't want my role confirmed so I'd have no defense and bandwaggoners would just hop on for no reason and I couldn't do anything.

I have nothing to say, I fully claimed and when I said confirm me you lead the vig away from me to vote someone who annoyed you. lol'd

idk, go ahead and vote me. almost sure none of the people voting/will be voting actually read anything from previous pages but that's their fault.

@.BD it wouldn't have went through because I'm night immune like I said. But there's prob a mafia bus driver or hes mafia night immune, enjoying looking for any possible excuse to say I'm scum. along side the fact there still hasn't been any reason why I'm being voted in the first place that I'm aware of.

not going to defend myself further, can't really anyway. common sense doesn't seem to hang around this area.


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