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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Royal Rumble Feedback

The video package to open the show was something I enjoyed reading, although it was a little different to the usual Royal Rumble video packages we get around this section. In this section, we usually get packages that only focus on the Rumble match itself, so I was glad to see that you put some attention towards your main championship for each brand, it makes your titles seem much more important.

One thing that I could probably pick on from the opening and say you need to work on a little bit is your commentary. Itís not to say that there is really anything wrong with it, but it also seems to generic and similar to what everybody else does, I just wouldnít mind if you mixed it up a bit some how.

at Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki being a tag team. Theyíre clearly destined for success. Also, the fact that The Mexicools got a bigger pop than Jamie Noble is a disgrace.

A clever start to the match, if not something youíd expect having Kash being scared to get into the ring, and then everybody turns on each other. Itís a simple yet entertaining formula, my only issue, is despite it being against the storyline, I would love for Kash to show some aggression later on, if heís afraid for the whole match, I will feel as if youíve dropped the ball a little.

I donít like the whole everybody trying to get a quick pinfall in these types of matches unless itís with people hitting their finishers. I think itís because I donít expect it to be over a majority of the time unless a finisher has been hit, therefore I donít get too excited with the whole quick pin attempts. Nice aggression shown by Kash, nailing the Double Clothesline, itís exactly what I wanted to see. Heís being aggressive, yet he is also being opportunistic, and I think if you keep going the way the match has started, you will find a nice rhythm to everything. Both men jumping over the top rope by The Mexicools was pretty cool, would have looked awesome, and I like the way you built up to it. Iím also glad that once this happened, there wasnít a stale mate, Kash was smart enough to still be in the ring, and almost get a victory over Moore, and it really adds to the intelligence of Kash, and plays to the storyline of this match up. Anyway, so far, itís been a promising start.

You continue to play with the Kash story, which makes me think he may just get the victory, even though deep inside Iím hoping for a Noble win . The way Kash was cornered and pounded on by all the other Cruiserweights was a fun little sequence, and it was also inevitable, therefore Iím glad you utilized it effectively, and got it out of the way. Once Kash rolled out of the ring, we get more of these quick pin attempts, and even though itís a typical Cruiserweight Open characteristic, these quick pinfall attempts this early in the match begin to irk me.

The Sliced Bread counter by Noble is probably my favorite part of the match so far, just because itís some actual wrestling coming out, not just spots and what not, as Noble was able to dominate Scotty! Now this is the kind of pinfall I want to see happen, after the Tiger Bomb Noble getting the win would be realistic, even if deep down I knew it wouldnít be over. Much better, than the previous pinfalls, imo.

This match had a fun ending to, with finishers, and high impact moves being hit, while also everybody trying to get the win, via a pinfall. I loved the way Kash got the win to, it adds to the storyline, as he was lucky to come away with the victory, now I just wonder who he will face at ĎMania, I pray that itís not Juventud. Not much irked me with this match, which means youíre doing something right, although I will say that I think this match needed a bit more length. I donít care if itís the Rumble or not, I really believe this match could have had some more time put into it. It just seemed a little rushed, how it went from middle sequence to ending sequence so quickly.

I liked Vince McMahon talking to a majority of the Rumble entrants, itís pretty cool the way he is motivating them to eliminate Shawn Michaels. Of course, Vince does this all the time with the superstar he is feuding with, but I never get sick of it, also Vince was pretty in character to, so overall Iíd say it was a good segment.

The seeds being planted for Trish/Mickie at ĎMania? Thatís still the only way I can really see things going, and I wonít complain as itís an awesome match. With that being said, the storyline seems to be moving slowly, so Iím going to be interested to see when youíre going to pull the Mickie heel turn. On second thoughts, Iíd mark for Trish to turn heel, because Mickie is the annoying fan, and thatís the prediction I am going to go with, as I just really feel that itíd be something that would make your ĎMania match between these two, seem like something different. Geez, way for me to ramble on, huh?

Victoria equals ĎThe Vicious Vixení? How original, am I right? Anyway, I liked her attacking Trish after the match, as it really adds a little bit, as I think everybody with half a brain realizes that Trish is going over tonight, so having Vickie attack before the match, at least gives her the early advantage. In matches such as this, where the result is almost pre determined for the reader even, itís best to do something top give the wrestler doing the job on the night some kind of edge, and I think you did that well here, whether you did it on purpose or not.

I donít know why, but for some reason not many matches start with pure wrestling here on WF, and most of the time I donít really mind, although I thought that this was a brilliant way to start this match, Itís pretty basic with Arm Drags and side headlocks, but I just feel as if when you have two divas in the ring that can actually put together a decent sequence of moves, itís common sense to actually allow them to do so, rather than to be drawn into the usual cat fighting, so smart thinking, imo.

Eh, not to sure about Stratus having the early wrestling advantage over Vickie as well, when Vickie is losing, I expect her to be dominating early. I really hope it changes soon, more cheap pins early to. I hope these pinfalls donít occur in your upper card matches, as only early into the second match of the show, and theyíre already beginning to shit me a little.

If Trish was going to have the advantage in the wrestling stages of the match, Iíd expect the stronger, more powerful, and probably overall better brawler in Vickie to have the advantage when they started brawling, but once again you had Trish dominate from the get go. I was kind of happy to finally see Vickie get some offence in, even if it was only after the referee intervened, but I just really feel as if in this situation you made Vickie look extremely weak being dominated so easily, and itís wrong, especially when she committed the pre match attack.

I loved the relentless attitude of Vickie when she had Trish in the corner, with the kicks to the mid section, and then the choking, typical Victoria really. Showing off her power with the Scoop Slam was good to; I just hope Vickie dominated for awhile in this match, as she needs to after how much credibility she lost with how the match began. Oh and at Trishís gigantic pecs.

Would Vickie really be all that frustrated, when Trish has only kicked out of three pinfalls? I understand the psychology that youíre trying to use, although I feel youíve pulled the plug too early. I know itís Rumble, so your under card is going to be cut short, but that means that you donít let Vickie get frustrated, you keep her focused, this was simply way to soon for Vickie to be frustrated, and it really irked me for some reason. Oh yes, I can nit pick to mother fucker .

I probably sound like a broken record here, but more viciousness with the use of the ropes to choke Trish, and Iím really digging Vickie at the moment. With that being said, I could probably see the frustration kicking in a little now, so without being totally sure Iíll accept it, but I still think you pulled off the frustration on Vickieís behalf far too early.

Okay, hopefully this is the last time Vickie blatantly chokes in front of the referee, as itís gone far enough now, and is becoming annoying to continually read. Ew, from a bunch of choking to a side headlock, boy do you know how to keep us entertained? This is Trish against Vickie, not a Randy Orton match. Maybe Iím being a little harsh, but this match has bored me a little, but Iíll address that in a couple of minutes. I loved picturing Vikcie throwing Trishís hair on top of her, while standing over Trish, definitely would have been an entertaining sight. Umm, when Trish this the Stratusphere does she not land on her feet? Did she just decide to fall over or did she conveniently fall over from exhaustion? Either way, a little weak, imo.

After this little bit of a stale mate, I expect things to pick up a little bit, now that both women have been down for a while and shit, Finishing sequence FTW, soon enough anyway. God, you didnít let Victoria win a fist fight again, way to make your toughest Diva, not look tough but whatever. Lou Thesz Press is a good move, which gets the crowd pumping, although i wasnít happy you forgot the Lou. Whether theyíre women wrestlers or not, itís a necessity /. Nice way for Trish to nail a Head scissors take down, and boy did the Spinebuster kind of shock me, almost out of nowhere but definitely something that upped the intensity a little bit. A two count? Good! About fucking time Victoria looked tough, although itís probably about five-six minutes to late .

I think you messed up a little here, not with Victoria getting the momentum back, but with the way in which she did it. The counter of the Chick Kick into the Spinning Side Walk Slam was great; however the booty shaking before the Moonsault was unnecessary. I know itís her patented move or whatever, but youíve been putting her over as intense, and a bit of a nut all match, only to throw it all away by having her dance around like a slut when she should be going for the pinfall, or applying more pressure. Bad decision, imo.

A Mickie James appearance was kind of expected, although I was hoping sheíd get in Victoriaís way to make her seem more credible in her loss, but that wasnít the case. As for the Trish kicking Mickie thing, it would almost give Mickie ammunition for a heel turn, but I still believe you are going to make Trish turn heel, perhaps by Trish claiming its Mickieís fault for being in the way. As for the way the ending came about, I thought it was pretty fast and furious, and an enjoyable way to end the match.

I just want to mention a little something about your opening two matches; they seem to have not that much action, imo. I donít know what it is, maybe youíre using to many words to fill up minutes or something, without describing enough moves or something, but at times itís getting to me a little, and well Iíve still been able to enjoy your matches a little, I think they could have been better. I just thought Iíd bring this up now, because Iím hoping it changes as the event goes on, and you get better wrestlers in action, so Iíll address this situation again later on.

Iíve already given you my thoughts on the whole Trish turning heel thing for ĎMania, and I still think this is the way youíre going to go, and I think Mickie not being angry at the Chick Kick is a big part in getting to the Trish heel turn. If Iím wrong, you might want to rebook your plans, because Iím not going to be happy with anything else.

The Vince McMahon and Triple H interaction intrigued me a lot, and I like how you are keeping Triple H as a bad ass, while heís also agreeing to do Vince a favor. This will of course lead to Triple H not being Vinceís puppet, but also doing something for him, and as long as this is not a reformation of DX in the making, Iím a happy camper, but you hate DX, so it should be safe.

Okay, itís time for the World Heavyweight Championship match. Another match that I feel the result is really obvious, and I think it is going to be a terrible match, imo, so hopefully your writing really shines through here. One thing I will mention, before I get to the obvious negatives of the contest is that I love dhow you started the match up, really hyping it up as itís two behemoths circling each other, that was really something I liked. For the beginning of the contest, I loved the psychology in terms of like both men trying to prove who is stronger, and it was good that Henry finally got the advantage, as he is the Worlds Strongest Man. With that being said, despite this really being the only way you could go about things in this match up, all Henryís offense, and the little that Batista got in at the beginning was all really boring. The most entertaining move in the beginning was an Elbow Drop, followed by a pinfall, and it is really going to hurt the show, imo, as the first two matches were not exactly crash hot either, so hereís hoping your writing begins to shine through again, like it did, when you described both men circling each other.

at the should thrusts. Definitely a top notch move those should thrusts. What? Shoulder thrusts? That sounds better, doesnít it? Henryís offence was pretty good, actually no thatís the wrong word, it wasnít good, it was just very characteristic of Henry, although putting Batista on the top rope is something that I canít really see him doing, especially when it is still pretty early in the match up. I guess you could say thatís why it backfired, but still I just donít think it fits into Henryís ground and pound style. The shoulder tackle from the second rope would have been a pretty impressive sight, therefore I give you props for being able to insert an exciting spot, into a pretty dull contest, and I marked for Henry quickly gaining back the advantage. That would have made Henry look like such a fucking monster, simply an awesome little sequence there, imo. I actually marked for Henry, which doesnít happen often, and I hoped for the victory, although I donít think Batista was ever going to lose to what was basically a front on hip and shoulder. Aussie Rules FTW.

The bear hug was another way to show Henryís dare I say it superior strength, and the rag dolling really helped you get this point across. I didnít mind this, but I think maybe the submission hold didnít have to last that long, as I donít feel as if Henry has really done that much to beat Batista down, especially after Batista was the man who nailed the last high impact move. The Spear by Batista was pretty well placed, imo, it just felt right, albeit a bit predictable, but it was good nonetheless. I liked how you didnít allow Batista to nail the Batista Bomb as well, but perhaps you could have mentioned that Batista struggled to lift Henry, rather than just saying that Henry reversed, but this is a very small thing. Good to see Henry kick out of the Spinebuster to, it really adds to the occasion, and to his momentum.

You continue to do things at weird timings, as now Batista struggles to lift Henry, when he is trying to just hit a Suplex . After the counter, I must say I was very surprised to see Henry just hit the Worldís Strongest Slam out of nowhere, it just seemed very casual, and I think maybe it would not have got the fans into it as much. Either way, this is a good way to make Henry look dominant, and show off your championís resilience, so this was probably a good move.

What the fuck? I really donít like this ending at all. A disqualification in a World Heavyweight Championship match on a pay per view is a rip off, and itís usually a sure fire way that the feud is going to continue. Okay, youíve now officially put Henry on the map as the toughest guy in this thread, but do you really think I can sit through another Batista and Mark Henry match? Either way, a weird ending, but Iím pretty sure you will have your reasoning for it.

The aftermath of this match was pretty cool, with Henry absolutely brutalizing Batista, finishing things off with the Worldís Strongest Splash. Iím pretty sure this means the feud will be continuing for a little while, but I personally hope itís over way before No Way Out, as this can not be your main event feud any longer, itís just a turn off.

If you make it to No Way Out, and then ĎMania, Iíll be a very happy man.

The Shawn Michaels interview was pretty good, and I love the way this thing with he and Vince has really been the main story of the Rumble event so far. I have to say that your characterization has gotten a lot better, and thereís not much left really that you can improve on in terms of promoís, so props for that my man. With this promo, all of a sudden, I really donít see Michaels winning the Rumble, as he has no problem with Vince, but after the Rumble he will. Oh yay, another fucking prediction wrong.

Youíre confident that this WWE Championship match is a good match, so hereís hoping. A lot of people love Edge, and I have to admit I donít mind him, but besides different variations of a Spear, he doesnít really do anything that outstanding in the ring, imo. Anyway, with this being said, the start was annoying yet good on your behalf, showing Edge to be scared, and the frustration of Cena building, especially after the slap. I also like the fact that Edge is dominating early with pure wrestling, as he is the better wrestler than Cena.

Again I enjoyed Edge sliding out of the ring, trying to get space from Cena, although I donít like how you made Edge get caught up in an argument with a fan on the outside, allowing Cena to attack. I just feel as if Edge was playing a smart game plan, but this made him seem extremely dumb. The Cena stopping Lita, and going after her, leading to the Spear on the outside is a good spot, although it is exactly like what happened in their match at this event in real life, therefore itís not very original, and it irks me that you didnít come up with something original. By the way, the Spear in the corner is really just a shoulder thrust, but see how the lack of Edgeís arsenal has caused you to use two different variations of his finisher already?

Iím loving the constant kicks from Edge, although thatís meant to be my thing in my thread. Fuck them off from here, please :@. Lol, in all seriousness, loving Edge simply punishing, and not being afraid to go for pinfalls, as you let us know it hurts Cenaís mid section more when he has to kick out.

Eh, Body Scissors, how boring, although I guess it fits in with everything thatís gone down in this match so far. The constant punching and brawling style of Cena is something you havenít tried to veer away from which is a good thing, and I even think that mentioning that Cena has been working on the face of Edge is a clever way to work around the people who donít like Cenaís style. I marked for The Throwback as well, always thought it was a cool looking move, and probably one of the only ones of Cena that I actually like, so mad props for you fitting it into this match some where .

I marked for the poke in the eye by Edge also, I think it was pretty well placed to give us the idea that Cenaís momentum was stopped, but after that Cena went to town, Nothing much else to say, typical Cena offence, fast paced, getting the crowd into things, ending with a Fishermanís Suplex. However, Iím not exactly sure whether or not you can call Cenaís version of the Suplex beautiful, but it doesnít matter.

Cena going for the same Body Splash is actually quite realistic, as, not trying to be repetitive, but he doesnít exactly have a Dean Malenko move list. I like how you made this his undoing, with Edge moving out of the way, and due to all the work that has been done on Cenaís mid section, I like how you make Edge focus on that one spot, hitting the Gutbuster. Sometimes people forget to make the person with the injured body part sell the injury, or they make the attacker forget to zone in on that spot, so Iím glad you havenít done that.

Having Edge distract the referee, and Lita tie up Cena in the ropes was a good move, as itís something you can see Edge doing, as his character does anything for a little advantage, and it gets Lita involved, as she rarely doesnít. Some punches, followed by another fucking Spear! Iím pretty sure you told me in my thread you donít like big moves being hit early in the match, well I donít like big moves being hit three god damn times in a match, even if they are different variations of the move. And then Edge goes for another Spear? Seriously, mix it up a bit; this is starting to get irritating. I actually donít mind the concept of rather than Cena dodging the Spear, he just collapses in pain, it shows more selling, as itís pretty unrealistic sometimes when somebody can barely move, but then they dart out of the corner like they just stepped through the curtain. Cena building some momentum again and I think this time it will be like the final sequence kind of thing with big moves being hit. Umm, Protoplex??? Not to sure what that is tbh. I think it may be Cenaís version of a Back Suplex kind of thing, but really not sure. FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE~! Thatís all on that topic. Once again, I like Edge stopping Cenaís momentum by once again going straight back to the mid section, as I said earlier, itís good that you are still focusing on it. A nice little bit here where you had Edge hit the Edge O Matic, after being unable to hit the Edgecution. Really good, imo.

One thing I usually donít like about the FU is that usually you can see it coming as it rarely comes out of nowhere, it always just happens, but I was glad you had it come out of nowhere here. It just makes things a little less predictable, and thatís something I always like when Iím reading matches.

Lita getting involved again? Ratings. Fuck, she really got on a roll here slapping the referee and then slapping Cena, we really needed a slut chant here, but it doesnít matter. To be honest, I loved the ending to this match, I donít really have anything bad to say about it, the STFU locked on Edge when he was trying to set Cena up was a great twist, and then another Spear shaking my head) while Cena had Lita up for the FU was pretty entertaining. The only thing I didnít like was the referee beign knocked out from a slap, but besides that, nothing to worry about. Great ending, to what was the best match of the night so far. Overall, I donít do star ratings for matches anymore, but Iíd say that this match was good, perhaps better than good, but still wasnít oh my god level, but you canít expect that for a first show in full, so you should be impressed with this effort, man.

WrestleMania 22! Oh shit! If you make it, youíll be my hero .

Kurt Angle interview was pretty good, it seemed very similar to one of the promos you wrote for him on Raw, and I thought that owned, so despite maybe being a little repetitive, it was good. I loved him talking about Cena to, perhaps showing that Cena/Angle is the go at ĎMania, although they have already fought so many times recently so Iím not to sure. Either way, with this, I doubt that Angle is winning the Rumble, and I donít think that HBK is winning the Rumble anymore. It really only leaves one man who was a possible candidate to win, and his name is Randy Orton. (Yeah, I know I already knew this due to skimming, but even still, my mind would have figured this out through elimination process) .

Shawn Michaels the opening entrant with Orlando Jordan as number two? Definitely didnít expect that, but then again numbers are always hard to pick sometimes. I like how you played on Michaels experience, and when they were in the corner, Jordan was to anxious, it just shows that heís inexperienced, and itís good, as it makes Michaels seem like more of a threat. Hardcore Holly as number threeÖ Oh the lolz. One thing I thought Iíd mention is that I donít like the commentary after every entrant, just annoys me, but thatís a personal preference thing. I like the fact that Holly went after Michaels, as Holly usually has respect for the veterans and it shows that anybody can be motivated by McMahon, and it shows that Michaels is in for a long day. I donít like Hollly teaming up with Jordan though, because Jordan is still relatively young, and Holly hates young guys who havenít paid there dues yet, so I found it weird that they teamed up. Michaels kipping up into the Big Boot from the new entrant Snitsky was a cool, little spot. Hollyís elimination was good, simply stuffing up, and Snitsky quickly following shows that Michaels is in for a big night, in terms of eliminations as well.

Back to the first two men, and I love how you are using Jordanís boxing skills, itís good that you took Wolfyís advice; I plan to do the same in my thread. I liked how Dupree and Jordan tries to one up each other, yet still focused on Michaels, especially Dupree, as he has a massive ego. The way they got eliminated was pretty cool to, once again showing Michaelsí experience in knowing what he is doing. I marked for the use of OJís afro to. Overall, pretty good start to the Rumble, man.

Umm, I doubt a knee lift to the mid section would smash HBKís lungs . To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the offense in this one on one exchange between Shawn Michaels and Gregory Helms. I mean two of the most athletic, and well to be quite honest two of the best, who could have had a wild exchange to heat up your Rumble, and instead we get Clotheslines, Chops and kicks to the midsection I just canít help but think you dropped the ball a bit here. You had the commentators mention about how this match is more brawling, and I guess you could use that as an argument as to why Helms and HBK didnít wrestle, but thatís bullshit, so I just thought Iíd cover my ass . Regal OWNS, him coming in and focusing on Michaels was good to, as it continues to show the focus of this match. Helms and Regal having a little disagreement was alright to, as heels all getting along would become rather boring. Man, I really canít help but laugh out love for the man love you have for Tomko, and heís the first man who youíve allowed to just come in and purely dominate for almost the whole time until another entrant comes in. I donít know what you see in him, and I find him to be just like Snitsky, boring, so this ninety second period didnít really do anything to excite me. While Finlay is a really fun wrestler, he isnít exactly the most exciting, however I think you did very well making his introduction in to the Rumble rather exciting. The domination plus all the shillelagh shots were all rather entertaining. Nothing really stood out to me within the next minute and a half, except for the set up to Helmsí Cross Body Block, that was a good spot. Benoit was okay once in, however I didnít like the fact that he hit the Diving Headbutt, not only was it to early, but I donít think itís a good move for the Rumble. High risk moves are a minimum in this match, and Helms did one not to long ago, so I feel as if they were a little to close together. One thing I liked was the high knee from Regal, coming straight after the Headbutt, it seems very calculated, and I just think itís a nice move.

Bobby Lashley picking up some eliminations is the right way to begin his push, which if I remember correctly, is something that you said you are doing. Nothing else really to comment on yet. Chavo Guerrero? Cool. Doesnít really take out everyone but dominates Helms? Cool. Another top rope move this early in the match up? Not cool, imo.

The elimination of Finlay, once again by Lashley, gelled in nicely with the entry of Burchill, and shows signs of some awesomeness on your part, as when matches begin to flow like this, is when you know your going somewhere, especially when itís the Rumble. Get rid of Tomko already to. The fact that he almost eliminated Shawn Michaels is a disgrace. Ahh, just what the doctor ordered. Mysterio is of great use in these type of matches, as he can do all kinds of amazing things, and having him eliminate Tomko, really made me think highly of him in this thread, although with that being said, it also kind of reminded me of how Orton got eliminated by Rey Rey IRL . From wheelbarrow position to German Suplex is pure ownage, and Sweet Chin Music straight after on Lashley is great, this little period here seems as if you are getting your rhythm going a little. I hope that is what is happening anyway.

I wasnít really happy with the treatment Masters got, as I do actually like the man, it just turns out that he is not as good as Carlito. The fact that he got beaten down by Benoit and Michaels straight away wasnít something I liked, it makes one of your young, future stars look weak.

I loved Kaneís impact in the match. Him straight away coming in, and catching Mysterio with a Big Bootm, put a full stop on what was a pretty great sequence between Rey and Chavo. Kaneís two eliminations make him seem like a monster, although he hasnít done anything special so I hope you donít make him look to hot here. Kane/Lashley epic stare down? I love these kind of things. There confrontation was good, you didnít ruin it, which was something I admit I was a little afraid of, and Lashley taking out Kane with the Spear was good, as it shows you really are putting him over. I am excited about the prospect of what Lashley could be later on in this thread. I didnít like Nitro looking like a pussy early, I just prefer it when everybody who is at least decent, which Nitro is, gets a period of domination, so I think perhaps he was a little hard done by. At least you showed off his resourcefulness, I guess.

Matt Hardy going straight after Nitro is good, as it continues the feud you are obviously making between Hardy and Moore/MNM which will carry your tag division for awhile on Smackdown. So itís probably good to have Hardy eliminate Nitro, as it gives the champions something to be ticked off, and now the challenger has something to be ticked off with, after they made Hardy easy picking for Helms. Job well done in building their feud. Oh and Iím sorry but I couldnít resist. KENNNNEEEEEDDDDYYYYYY~! A little mic time from Kennedy is always a plus. Kennedy/Mysterio also looks as if it is going to become a full time feud, and I definitely wonít complain if that is the case, so if it is, youíre building it well again. Carlito just bossing around Masters is cool, as Mastersí is ĎLitoís lackey, it is going to own when Carly eliminates Masters. Nothing really stand out happened here, except that I thought Benoit perhaps got eliminated a little to easy.

Actually, I take back that previous statement as RVD is about to go nuts on Carlito and Masters if he gets in the way. I liked the situation with Carlito letting everybody attack RVD, although it would have been pretty cool to see ĎLito be aggressive, as instead you did the same as what happened in real life. The lackey gets eliminated which is good, and I marked for the sneakiness of Carlito, you know, if you donít mess this up, RVD/Carlito could be something big, although I doubt it will be, since youíre a jobber, who doesnít know talent .

at JBL! His entrance into this match up made me chuckle, as he picked on the two biggest, and in typical JBL fashion, he fucked himself over. A bit of humor here and there isnít to bad. Lashley eliminating Kane is a big move, and considering about how he has gone in this match so far, Iíd say itís great for Lashley, but I wonít forget this, and if Lashley goes down hill on Smackdown, this is definitely going to seem like a waste, so you need to continue this fucking momentum.

What the fuck? Bobby Lashley now eliminates The Big Show. Damn, I must say, Iím really getting behind Lashley here, and I liked how you had everybody in awe of Lashley. One thing that u had almost forgotten, and you clearly had is Shawn Michaels. For the last five or so minutes, itís been as if he hasnít even been in the match, and forgetting his storyline is a big no no this late in the match, so I hope there is a period here where things get more active for HBK.

Goldust not last long is ratings, and is just another notch under the belt of Lashley, so it serves more than one purpose. No need to tell Goldust to fuck off though . Eh, I have a huge issue with Carlito being eliminated the way he did. One, you didnít sell the Five Star Frog Splash and itís effects well enough, itís never good to rush things, which you did here, and two, to me now it just seems like another high risk move, and there has been enough of them, so as somebody who is observing every little detail of this match, I didnít really give a shit about it.

Randy Ortonís rampage of RKOís was all well and good, and I still believe heís the favorite with everything else that has happened, despite him winning on Smackdown also. I didnít like the way Mysterio eliminated Kennedy, it was all good, and an exciting exchange, until Mysterio stuck his head in between Kennedyís legs, itís just way to forced, and I feel it could have been done better. Once again, it almost seems as if you rushed it, which is definitely not a good thing.

The Kurt Angle rampage probably out did the Orton one, basically because itís Angle, and because Iím wondering who the fuck attacked him? At the moment, prospect one is Edge, because he fears facing Angle. Prospect two is Cena, after their confrontation earlier on in the night, prospect three, Vince McMahon, simply because heís a shady ****. Shawn Michaels cutting off Angleís run out of nowhere with Sweet Chin Music was a well placed twist as well, and this Rumble has definitely picked up. Flair coming in and owning just makes me smile, I really canít help it, so needless to say I was a little disturbed when JBL took out Flair. Either way, it was a pretty good turn of events, as I thought Flair was going to be up for awhile.

JBL being eliminated by The Undertaker was an obvious move, and sensible booking, as JBL always seems to be the first man to attack, when he has people on his side, ala the battle royal in January in real life on Smackdown that saw Angle become World Heavyweight Champion. Actually, this elimination was actually very similar, that could perhaps be my one thing I could say about this, and that is it seems similar to something that happened in real life, and thatís happened a few times throughout the course of this PPV. RVDís thrust kick spot was good to, it just makes me wish more that there was not so much high risk shit earlier. Triple H coming in and dominating was to be expected, although Iím not sure I like him nailing all of his trademark moves at once, perhaps they could have been spaced out a little better. Triple H eliminated Flair, okay was Flair groggy? Had he just gotten up? Or was he just staring like a lunatic? To rushed, not enough detail, imo.

Triple h going straight after Michaels is something I wanted to see ever since he spoke to Vince, so Iím interested to see how it goes. Michaels dominating is a shock, and oh my, another move from the top rope. Iím sorry to keep harping on the same thing, but you have really over done the high risk maneuvers. A Shane McMahon appearance? How original . At least, unlike in real life, it didnít lead to Michaels elimination, and you had Triple H be eliminated in a pretty original way. Although perhaps Triple H should have lasted a little longer in the match. Oh, and Iím pretty sure itís tune up the band not toot up the band.

Gregory helms eliminating HBK is the biggest moment in this whole Rumble, could be the biggest moment for an up and comer that this thread will ever have.

Wow, does Helms every continue to be interesting. Helms tangling with Taker and RVD here is a sure way to get him over more, and the fact that he wasnít eliminated and RVD was makes him look even more impressive. With that being said, I will also give you props, as I thought the RVD elimination was nothing overly great, but it just seemed well placed after a bunch of dramatic shit.

Rey was really on a roll, which was exciting, youíve amped up the ending really well, although Iím not to sure how the RKO to the outside would work, without Orton eliminating himself as well. Maybe I just havenít registered, or maybe you didnít explain clearly enough, but if you could clarify, Iíd appreciate.

The way Lashley tried to eliminate Orton really showed off his strength, but he failed, and Helms eliminating him from behind was once again well done by you. You have really impressed me with the second half of the Rumble.

The final four now, and what a shock to see Helms in there, I swear Iím loving you right about now, as I love Helms, and Iím very interested to see just how this match goes from here. Typical Orton attacking Undertaker when we thought we were going to get a Raw against Smackdown show down, although itís something I really liked, as usually the cross brand show down always happens. After this, it got pretty basic, with nothing to good happening, until we got to the next elimination. I was kind of rooting for Helms although Angle eliminating him is definitely the right move. Nothing wrong with anything that has happened here, yet nothing overly exciting either.

The final three nowÖ Angle and Taker going at it was pretty good, once again as it seems the match has died down a level again now. Old School would have been good, if I didnít think there had been to many high risk moves . Also, why the hell wouldnít have Orton eliminated Taker, when Taker was walking the ropes, simply doesnít make sense, eliminating him then would be so Ortonís style. Orton ended up eliminating Taker anyway, in what was a pretty cool way with him just pouncing on the opportunity, but since it was the second opportunity, it was bitter sweet for me.

The ending was simply amazing with a lot of great twists and turns, some good in ring psychology, and a rather unexpected ending. The offense was a little slow at times, as it was throughout most of the Rumble, but thatís to be expected, so this was just awesome. This leaves us with Orton/Batista, and Angle/Edge Iím assuming. That sounds like a good enough ĎMania to me.

Overall, to be quite honest, Iím so fucking proud of you. This event was good, not great but good throughout, however I admit at times it was hard to read, and there is plenty to work on, although Iíd put this up against just about anybodies first ever full PPV. You clearly worked very hard, and youíve booked smartly, as we now have some interesting shit to look forward to. Good work my man <3.

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