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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

ECW Feedback

First of all, nice font.

Starting off, the opening commentary works well in letting me know what's happening on the show, as this is my first time viewing this thread. Ruthless Roundtable is a pretty awesome name for Regal's stable btw. ECW not having many PPV matches kinda solidifies it as a C Brand, and Tiffany's solution of 'PPV caliber matches for free' is kinda a let down to me; I was hoping for something along the lines of a monthly 90 minute supershow. Anyway, I liked Tiffany getting behind ECW and supporting it, it enhances her character as somewhat of an ECW original. Paul Burchill interrupting would not get a 'ton of boos' and I would be surprised if half the arena recognised his music. Burchill's lines were spot on and I liked Tiffany not folding, making her a confident leader. Katie Lea's bit seemed a bit off but that was probably just the way I imagined her talking in my head. The end of this promo intrigues me as pretty much anything could happen, possibly the Burchills attacking Tiffany, though that may be too predictable. Tiffany losing her confidence at the end I don't particularly like, as she had been a powerful figure throughout the promo. All in all, a good segment and the dialogue was pretty much done perfectly well.

Manu on ECW was something I wanted before he was released but him getting any sort of reaction would be rather absurd considering his absence. Gregory Helms is rather confusing, with the combination of his two characters and I would have preferred if you just went or one or the other. But anyway, the match is pretty much a squash until the finish and I would have liked to see Helms get at least one or two more moves, maybe a crossbody or something. However, it makes Manu look strong. Returning Rhyno after the match I'm kinda indifferent to as I never paid much attention to him. Reading that it was meant to be Umaga, you could have easily gone with Rosey to fill his spot. At least you made Rhyno look like a beast, and the Gore is epic. Could be a good feud here, but the match again was rather boring due to the one sided-ness.

The Christian promo is going perfectly, hyping up his match with Big Daddy V and also the main event. It puts over the ECW Championship nicely, talking about fighting for it as the 'chance of a lifetime', which I liked. In the middle of his last paragraph, there were a few lines that seemed off. 'Not to win the Main Event, if you’re good enough to be a title contender, you can beat the other wannabes. It’s good luck for what comes after. The long, long road to Royal Rumble. When the ECW Championship will be on the line... but I won’t hold back. Just like I won’t hold back tonight. Like I never hold back.' This section just seemed a bit weird, maybe it was the sentence structure or length. Either way, this promo did what it needed to fairly well.

Abraham Washington show comes up and you've done everything right so far, from the APPLAUSE sign to the Atlas laugh. Even the corny jokes work well in the context, this seems like a script for one of these actual shows. One thing though, I don't think Regal would say 'Good to be here', I think he'd insult the show in some way like most others. I blurted out laughing at Ezekiel's line, which was really quite epic. Jackson having a go at Atlas who was still doing his laugh is also absolute gold. Give this guy more mic time. Regal says what is expected of him but calling the group 'controlled' seems rather far fetched after we just saw Kozlov and Jackson go berserk. I'm kinda dissappointed that there wasn't any Ezekiel knocking bitched out, but I suppose it wouldn't really have fit. Good promo, but this is three in a row now, space them out.

Regarding Big Daddy V, I wouldn't mind you making Matt Striker his manager again as they ownt together, but his mere presence is something to mark out over, tbh. Quick question, is a lorry like a truck or something? Anyway, the match goes exactly as it should with Christian using his speed to try and gain an advantage. The sitout powerbomb spot I especially liked, good thinking there. You also did a good job of putting over the spot, and had the match not been so predictable to begin with I would have believed that the match could have ended there. Christian attempting a suplex isn't exactly something he would do, as a veteran he should be smarter than that. The finish with the Killswitch is good, as a roll up wouldn't have been as convincing. You kinda made Big Daddy V look weak though, but if he kicked out of the Killswitch it would have killed the move's credibility. All in all, good booking here I have to say. Burchill's attack was well written, and I surprisingly didn't see it coming despite the promo earlier. He would have absolutely decimated Christian with all three of his finishers, and I don't think these two are done. Also, as much as I mark for the C-4, it is more of a face maneuver and I think that Burchill would be better off keeping his other two finishers. Good angle here, it has me wondering what Tiffany and/or Christian will do to the Burchills next week.

Dreamer's promo here starts off well, his laid back attitude is good at showing how he's not fussed about the big match. Typically, he goes on about being the heart and soul of ECW, and every Dreamer promo is pretty much like that so I'd say you got it spot on. He could have had more to say about the other competitors, but I suppose it doesn't really matter. I hate Zack Ryder, but this promo work from him was pretty awesome. Disrespecting Dreamer was the right move and you nailed whatever character Ryder has with him acting like a douchebag. As you should, you got in his lines at the end and it all wrapped up very nicely imo. Kinda surprised that Dreamer didn't have a reply here, as some arguing could have worked well here.

We go to the Burchills walking backstage and I must say how well and how easily you have gotten them over tonight, I wish the WWE would do that irl. I'm enjoying Tiffany's confidence and her intensity, unlike before where she got nervous. The prospect of a match next week for Burchill seems interesting, and I think that Tiffany could make it a handicap match or something of the sort, just to punish him. If not, I see it being against Shelton. As for the outcome, it could go either way but I would personally rather see a 1 on 1 match at the Rumble.

Moving on to the main event, and you have done a good job of hyping up the match, I am excited. I like the heels respectively double teaming the faces, as it gives them an excuse to make big comebacks. Shelton escaping the Roundtable seems appropriate, and Jackson hitting Kozlov could lead to something like what is happening irl. Regal accidentally eliminating Ezekiel is equally shocking, and the fallout of this should be interesting to say the least. Ryder and Dreamer working together to eliminate Regal is fine, but I would have seen Ryder try to sneakily eliminate Dreamer right after. I'm surprised Tommy's been in this match so long, tbh, but it works if you're giving him an angle with Ryder. Ryder and Dreamer on the apron for so long seems unrealistic, as you'd think they'd want to get back into the ring. Dreamer's way of being eliminated is fine, and makes Ryder more ruthless. Shelton's Paydirt onto the ropes to eliminate Zack is a great spot, and one I've thought of before, albeit with a different move. Perfectly fine match here, but it doesn't make Shelton look particularly strong as the #1 contender. Shelton ending the show with a celebration is fine, I half expected Paul Burchill to come out and stare him down, or even a limping Christian Cage. Ah, this way is probably best.

Overall, good show, and there isn't anything to complain about. Booking is fine, as is the match and promo writing. There are only small issues throughout the show that aren't really drastic. There were some big moments in the show as well, made me really enjoy reading. 9/10.


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