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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Bi-Lo Center, Greenville, South Carolina
24th November 2009

The ECW entrance video plays, and then the camera cuts to the arena, where fireworks blast out of every crevice on the steel stage, to a great reaction from the crowd. The camera cuts to ringside, where Josh Matthews and Matt Striker sit at the announce table.

Matthews: Hello, good evening. I’m Josh Matthews, alongside my announce partner, Matt Striker, and welcome to ECW on SyFy. We are coming to you from the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, South Carolina, where tonight, we have a blockbuster hour coming up.

Striker: Yup Josh, tonight, we will be crowning a new No. 1 Contender for the ECW Championship in an 8-Man Battle Royal for a Main Event, and we’ll also be seeing the Champion himself in action, as Christian takes on the returning Mastodon, Big Daddy V.

Matthews: Two star-studded matches there. Two nights ago, after Survivor Series, the WWE Universe learned that all pay-per-views, bar the Big Four, would become uni-brand again, meaning ECW are left without a pay-per-view to appear on, again, bar the Big Four. ECW General Manager Tiffany has something to say about this, we’ll hear from her shortly, and also tonight, the Abraham Washington show, with special guests, William Regal and his Ruthless Roundtable, Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson.

Tiffany is already in the ring with a microphone, and underneath her a name plate appears with ‘ECW GM TIFFANY’ on it. She raises the mic.

Tiffany: Ok... Two nights ago ECW learned that we’d only have representation at the Big Four pay-per-views.

The crowd boos.

Tiffany: To me, that highlights just how much Vince McMahon thinks that ECW is the ‘C’ Brand. He’s wrong.

Cheers for Tiffany standing up for ECW.

Tiffany: ECW means a lot to me, I mean, it’s my home! It’s where I came in first in the WWE, and I’m still here... I won’t have Vince McMahon disrespecting us!

More cheers.

Tiffany: So, seeing as we have four pay-per-views, this means ECW’s Tuesday night show is gonna mean more.

Another cheer goes up.

Tiffany: We’ll have the ECW Championship defended on Tuesdays if we have to! We’ll make some shows have the quality of a pay-per-view! No... we’ll make all our shows pay-per-view quality, for you, the fans! It’s only what you deserve, you tune in every week!

Serious cheering for Tiffany.

Tiffany: And before Vince McMahon can say we can’t give away pay-per-view matches for free, I say he brought it upon himself by taking away our pay-per-views.

Tiffany pauses to take a breather, then carries on.

Tiffany: Our next pay-per-view is in January – Royal Rumble. Next week, we’ll have a qualifying match for the 30-Man Royal Rumble match. This week, we’ll be finding out our new No. 1 Contender for the ECW Championship.

The crowd cheers for this.

Tiffany: The winner of the 8-Man Battle Royal later tonight will go on to face ECW Champion Christian at Royal Rumble. Also-

Suddenly, Tiffany is interrupted as Paul Burchill’s music hits! The crowd unleashes a ton of boos as the Ripper appears on the ramp, Katie Lea by his side. Tiffany looks stunned that the Burchills are daring to interrupt her. The English pairing get in the ring, and Katie Lea stands at Paul’s shoulder, staring down the GM with a cold look. Paul gets a mic – his English accent makes him sound deadly as he speaks.

Paul Burchill: Tiffany... You might just be the worst General Manager I’ve ever met.

Immense boos for Burchill. Tiffany looks hurt.

Burchill: I mean... you’ve made this Main Event, and yet you’ve left out the best superstar on your roster... me.

Tiffany frowns, and the crowd boos more.

Burchill: So... what you’re going to give me, Tiffany, is a place in that Battle Royal... before I let things get ugly.

Tiffany takes a step back as Burchill clenches his teeth.

Burchill: Well? What’s it going to be?

Tiffany decides to stand her ground.

Tiffany: ...No! No – I’ve made the match, I’ve made my decision.

She grows in confidence as the crowd get behind her.

Tiffany: You think you get to come out here and intimidate me? I’m the General Manager! How dare you treat me like this!

Paul scowls.

Tiffany: I’m in charge here on ECW – you’re not getting a place in that Battle Royal, and that’s final.

Katie Lea takes Paul’s mic. Her English accent is just as strong as her brother’s.

Katie Lea: Tiffany... you’re a fool. The making of a good General Manager... is someone who supports the best superstars they have available... why, Paul’s the very best there is!

Boos greet Katie Lea’s words.

Katie Lea: Obviously, you like to think you’re tough by ‘standing up’ to us. Not wise, Tiffany.

Tiffany’s proud attitude is faltering again. Katie Lea senses it.

Katie Lea: We are the best assets you have... so start using your brain. Put Paul in that Battle Royal or you’ll... be... sorry.

Tiffany, seeming lost under the threats, takes a step back, getting Katie Lea out of her face, before replying, timidly.

Tiffany: Look... I can’t, I can’t go back on what I’ve done.

The Burchills look pleased with their work. Deciding he’s done what he came out to do, Paul goes to speak, then smirks evilly.

Burchill: Ok... Have it your way...

Burchill beckons a surprised Katie Lea as he goes to leave and she follows, glancing back at an incensed Tiffany as she does. As Burchill leaves, he whispers something to Katie Lea, who looks relieved all of a sudden, then smirks as her brother did only a second before. As they get up on to the ramp, Burchill holds his mic up again-

Burchill: I warn you, Tiffany. You’d be surprised what I can do. I will be in the ECW Championship match at Royal Rumble. I guarantee it. Just wait.

Tiffany tries to look nonplussed, but there’s fear in her eyes. Paul and Katie Lea go backstage as ECW goes to a break.


The camera cuts to ringside as ECW returns.

Matthews: Welcome back to ECW, where before the break, Paul and Katie Lea completely intimidated ECW General Manager Tiffany, trying to get her to put Paul in the No. 1 Contender’s Battle Royal later tonight.

Striker: But then, Paul Burchill just left! He just accepted Tiffany’s feeble excuse, and left! He had her in the palm of his hand, but he didn’t put it to good use! I just can’t understand it!

Matthews: Well, as Burchill left, he delivered a chilling message, telling Tiffany that he’d be in the ECW Championship match at Royal Rumble, no matter what.

Striker: After his actions there, I’d have to take him seriously. I mean, come on, he’s so desperate to get his hands on the ECW Championship, he’s willing to confront the ECW General Manager about it! I have a feeling this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing him tonight – if I was in that Battle Royal, I’d be keeping an eye out... Burchill doesn’t look like he’s playing around – I wouldn’t put it past him to attack someone in the Battle Royal so that he could have their place in the Main Event.

The bell rings. A Samoan theme starts up and none other than former Legacy member Manu arrives on the stage, to mild boos – Manu’s face is one of dead focus. As he comes down to the ring, new announcer Lauren Mayhew makes the announcement.

Mayhew: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Samoa, weighing in at 290 pounds... Manu!

The commentators remind the viewers of Manu’s previous WWE involvement, as the man himself gets in the ring, obviously determined not to lose on his ECW debut. He bounces off the ropes a bit, testing his surroundings as he waits for his opponent.


The crowd cheers as Gregory Helms makes his way out, smiling as he stands on the stage. He touches the outstretched hands of the fans at ringside as he comes down the ramp, then begins to make his way into the ring.

Mayhew: And his opponent! From Smithfield, North Carolina, weighing in at 215 pounds... Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms!

More cheers greet the announcement, and Helms rolls into the ring from the apron. He climbs up a turnbuckle, and smiles to the crowd, before leaping down, and bouncing on the balls of his feet, wondering how he’s going to take down this bigger, more powerful opponent. The referee starts the match by calling for the bell.

Match 1
Manu vs Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms

Manu has made a strong showing in this match, dominating Helms for much of the match. As we join the match at the 6 minute mark, Manu is beating down Helms, who is sat in the corner, trying to shield himself from Manu’s heavy blows. The referee, yelling at the Samoan to get away from Helms, starts a count, which Manu finally complies with at 4. Helms winces in the corner, and Manu takes a step back, before he connects the sole of his boot to Helms’ face! The crowd groans, the referee yells, and Helms’ cries out, his head collapsing to the mat. Manu lifts Helms from the mat, then sends him back down with a nauseating headbutt. Helms whimpers on the mat, clutching his head, and Manu stomps right on it! The crowd boos Manu’s sick offence on Helms’ head, and ‘Hurricane’ rolls away, just trying to get away, out of the ring. Manu sees him rolling and steps over him, preventing him going anywhere.

Helms starts to struggle to his feet, but Manu punches the back of his head, and Helms collapses again. Manu rolls him into a cover, hooking a leg... 1-2 kick-out from Helms, who obviously still has some fight in him, despite the aggressiveness of Manu’s brawling offence. Manu yanks Helms back to his feet, then whips him to the corner – Manu charges like a bull, but Helms skips out of the way, and the Samoan absolutely hammers into the turnbuckle! The crowd roars, and Helms takes advantage, attempting the Roll Up using the momentum... Manu is down! 1-2-3! Helms has pulled out a win, totally out of nowhere!

Winner: Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms

Match Time: 6:41

Helms quickly rolls from the ring with a smile as the crowd goes wild – Manu is incensed! Not believing he’s lost a match he’d been completely in control of, the Samoan yells and throws a tantrum in the ring. Furiously, he beckons for a mic. Helms, on the steel stage, waits for Manu to speak with a leisurely grin. Manu leans against the ropes nearest the ramp, then speaks, his hair streaky across his face from sweat.

Manu: Gregory, you think you’re great, don’t you? Cause you beat me?

The crowd cheers and Helms’ grin grows.

Manu: I wasn’t gonna introduce him ‘til next week, but your fluke of a win has convinced me that you need putting in your place...

Helms looks confused. Manu smirks.

Manu: Look behind you.

The crowd erupts with boos, and Helms turns... GORE! Rhyno has taken out Gregory Helms! Rhyno is back! Manu looks very smug in the ring, and Helms is out cold, as the War Machine roars above Helms’ lifeless body. Manu leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, raising Rhyno’s arm as the War Machine’s music plays.

Matthews: What an underhanded attack by none other than Rhyno, who has returned to the WWE, just like Manu here tonight, on ECW!

Striker: Well, Manu dominated that entire match, no wonder he’d be annoyed that he lost. And tonight, Manu has re-introduced the War Machine, Rhyno, to WWE. Who would’ve thought that Manu and Rhyno would be friends?

Matthews: They’ll be a force to be reckoned with here on ECW, I think. Rhyno has been in ECW before, he’s a veteran in the Land of the Extreme, and we can be sure he’ll help Manu get far on this brand.

Striker: Without a doubt. Still, I don’t think Manu is happy with this small victory over Helms – he’ll want an official win over him.

Manu and Rhyno, both with devilish smiles on their faces, turn away from Helms on the stage, and head to the back. The camera cuts backstage, where Savannah stands with a mic.

Savannah: Ladies and gentlemen, with me... the ECW Champion, Christian!

The crowd roars as the camera zooms out to encompass Captain Charisma, who’s looking pretty happy.

Savannah: Christian, tonight you face Big Daddy V. It’s his first night back on ECW – the man weighs nearly 500 pounds... how do you expect to beat a man with such a mean streak?

Christian thinks for a moment, then deliberately makes his ECW Championship more visible so Savannah, and the crowd, can see it.

Christian: Savannah... can you see this thing? It’s the ECW Championship.

The crowd roars.

Christian: It proves something. It tells anybody who needs to know, anybody who doesn’t quite get it. I’m the best on this brand. I’ve shown before, it doesn’t matter how big they are!

Christian is jubilant, and the crowd returns his cheery attitude.

Christian: Big Daddy V? Sure, he’ll be a challenge. But I’ve taken on big guys before, and I’ve beaten big guys before... it’s not about size in this business. It’s about flair, it’s about skill... it’s about charisma.

More wild cheering for Captain Charisma. Savannah, smiling, asks another question.

Savannah: Later tonight, eight men will face off in a Battle Royal for a chance at your title at Royal Rumble. Who do you think will win?

Christian looks bemused.

Christian: Who do I think will win? Look, Savannah, who I think will win doesn’t matter. One of those men later is gonna win themselves a chance of a lifetime. A shot at the ECW Championship.

A small cheer goes up.

Christian: Unfortunately for them, regardless of who wins, it’s gonna be the same result come Royal Rumble. My hand is gonna get raised, and that title’s coming back my way. End of story.

Another cheer for Christian.

Christian: So... tonight, I’m gonna beat Big Daddy V. I’ll show everyone just how much I can compete with the best, and the biggest on ECW. Then, I’m gonna sit in the comfort of my locker room, and watch whoever it’s gonna be win the Battle Royal – good luck, guys. Not to win the Main Event, if you’re good enough to be a title contender, you can beat the other wannabes. It’s good luck for what comes after. The long, long road to Royal Rumble. When the ECW Championship will be on the line... but I won’t hold back. Just like I won’t hold back tonight. Like I never hold back. In every match I’m in, I give my all. So, you better all give your all tonight. I don’t wanna take on somebody who isn’t gonna give me a run for my money. Prove yourselves. Show me you deserve this... show me you’re worthy... if only until I bring... you... down.

Another massive cheer goes up. Christian nods to Savannah, then leaves. The camera cuts to ringside.

Matthews: Strong words from the ECW Champion here tonight.

Striker: He’s not playing around, Josh. Christian never does. Big Daddy V was the favourite in their match tonight, but I can’t help but feel Christian’s set the record straight with those words tonight.

Matthews: And don’t forget, later tonight we will find out who will go on to face Christian himself at Royal Rumble, when William Regal, Vladimir Kozlov, Ezekiel Jackson, Goldust, Shelton Benjamin, Zack Ryder, Tommy Dreamer and Yoshi Tatsu all face off in one ring to determine the No. 1 Contender.

The camera cuts to the stage, where a sofa, armchair, and coffee table have been set up. Abraham Washington is standing, by the armchair, as is Tony Atlas, though he stands at his podium. Washington greets the apprehensive crowd in his usual over-the-top voice.

Washington: Welcome, welcome, this is the one and only... Abraham Washington Show, simply the best evening talk show you’ll find in sports entertainment!

‘APPLAUSE’ booms up on the TitanTron, and the crowd instead boo him. Washington ignores them, then continues.

Washington: Tonight, Tony and I are going to treat you to some premium entertainment. There’s no other word for what you’re about to witness. Wow, you people are really getting your money’s worth... I’d tell Vince McMahon to raise ticket prices but you people are so poor you’d never be able to afford it! HAHA!

Atlas chuckles his usual annoying laugh, and the crowd unleash absolute hell in boos on the grinning Washington, whose idea of humour is insulting the fans, it seems.

Washington: Ah, but seriously... Enjoy the show, presented by me, Abraham Washington, the host with the most.

More boos are thrown at Washington, whose grin is begging to be wiped off his face.

Washington: Tonight, my guests are one stroppy Englishman, and a couple of big lumps. No, I’m not talking about Paul Burchill and his sister. HA!

The crowd roll their eyes in unison at this one. Atlas’ infuriating laugh rings through the speakers again.

Washington: Tonight, my guests are William Regal, Vladimir Kozlov, and Ezekiel Jackson. Come out here, fellas!

Boos ring around the arena as the Ruthless Roundtable make their way out. All three men have stormy expressions – they don’t look in the mood to be verbally abused by Washington.

Washington: Gentlemen, take a seat.

Regal continues to look at Washington, whilst Jackson and Kozlov look disdainfully at the sofa. Washington settles in his armchair, and beckons to the sofa with an outstretched arm. Both big men look at Regal, who slowly nods, and the behemoths, both in street clothes, take seats on the arms of the sofa. Regal slowly makes his way around the sofa, and seats himself tentatively between his associates. Washington grins.

Washington: So... welcome to the show.

Regal, looking at Washington in disapproval, mutters...

Regal: Yes, yes, good to be here.

Washington leans back, comfortable none of the men before him feel like attacking him for no reason.

Washington: So, you guys are called the Ruthless Roundtable. You do know this is 2009, right? Not 1066... I mean, who do y’all think y’all are, King Arthur and his knights? HA!

Regal doesn’t see the funny side... Tony Atlas does. Washington waits for the Hall of Famer’s laugh to die down, then continues.

Washington: So, Vladimir... y’all’re from Russia. What’s it like there? Cold, yeah? That’ll explain all the body fat y’all got yoself there to keep yoself warm, huh? HA!

Kozlov starts to rise off his seat, but Regal tells him to stay where he is. For now. Washington moves out of his relaxed position, realising he has struck a nerve. The crowd are getting tired of everything Washington says being a supposedly ‘funny’ insult in his book, so they start roaring ‘WHAT?’ after each line he spouts.

Washington: William, yo say yo ruthless... more like toothless! HA! Ain’t that right? Huh? Ain’t that right? HA!

‘WHAT?’ Regal doesn’t move a muscle but you can see the anger flaring in his face at the jibe at Englishmen’s teeth. He clearly seems irked by Washington’s clear, stereotypical lack of knowledge.

Washington: Uh... I’ll just leave you, Ezekiel. Let’s not get into what’s wrong with you.

‘WHAT?’ It was obvious that Washington wasn’t going to keep this up for long before one of the Roundtable was going to speak up. Jackson leaps to his feet, and roars-


Washington tries to turn it into a joke...

Washington: Woah... I’m sorry Ezekiel, I just don’t swing that way, know what I’m sayin’? HA!

Jackson grabs Washington by the front of his suit and the crowd roar for Jackson to beat the living daylights out of the cocky host, but Jackson dumps the terrified Washington to the floor, instead heading over to Tony Atlas, who is still chuckling after Washington’s gay reference. Regal and Kozlov make no attempt to stop Jackson – in fact, Regal hasn’t looked this relaxed the entire show so far.


The crowd are roaring for Jackson to clock Atlas one, but Washington saves him, charging over there, and yelling apologies. Jackson, fuming, slowly moves away, obviously not wanting to waste any energy for the Battle Royal later. He sits back down at a muttered command of Regal, and watches Washington, who now looks like he’s thrown all his offensive material out the window.

Washington: So... uh, y’all’re in the Battle Royal later, how y’all feelin’ about that?

Regal immediately answers.

Regal: You see, Abraham, it’s not going to be a contest.

Boos swamp Regal.

Regal: Every man in the Battle Royal later is going to have themselves a 7-on-1 – except us. For us, it’ll be 5-on-3. Not to mention, we are the most dominant force on this brand.

More boos.

Regal: There’s only one thing that’s going to happen later – my associates and I are going to destroy every other competitor in that match... and then one of us is going to Royal Rumble, where the Ruthless Roundtable shall be walking out with the ECW Championship. Do you understand, Abraham?

Washington, humbled by Jackson’s earlier outburst, mumbles ‘Yes, yes I do’ before continuing.

Washington: So, don’t y’all think if y’all have to fight each other, y’all might turn on each other?

Obviously, Washington is referring to Jackson’s temper, which he’s already experienced. Regal answers again.

Regal: Abraham, I think you’re forgetting – while we might be aggressive, we are still controlled. Ezekiel and Vladimir know their places, and I know mine. We know that we will have to fight each other, but that takes nothing away from the fact that we are a team – we shall not be turning on each other. Later tonight, you will be seeing one of us crowned... Number... One... Contender.

Washington stands, just wanting to be away from the three aggressive men.

Washington: Well, uh... thanks for comin’ on the show, William... Vladimir... Ezekiel...

The Ruthless Roundtable stands also and begin to leave. Jackson hovers, looking at Washington briefly, then goes backstage with Regal and Kozlov. Washington brightens up.

Washington: Well, thanks y’all for watchin’ the show, simply the best evening talk show you’ll find in sports entertainment! Thanks y’all, you’ve been... pretty suckish. HA! Goodnight!

Boos unload on Washington, and he and Atlas, who is chuckling, wander backstage. ECW goes to a break, following some comments by Matthews and Striker about Washington’s obnoxiousness.


As ECW returns, the bell rings and the stage turns a gold colour.


The crowd erupts as the ECW Champion leaps out on to the stage, grinning, adrenaline pumping through him. He is wearing his shiny silver boxing jacket, with the hood down, and it sparkles under the arena lights as he makes his way down the ramp, touching the hands of the fans to his left and right.

Mayhew: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 227 pounds... he is the ECW Champion... Christian!

The crowd roars again, and Christian gets in the ring. He stands on a turnbuckle and points out at the crowd with a grin, then hops down, and repeats the feat on the opposite turnbuckle. He then crouches in the centre of the ring, and stares at the stage, peeling his jacket off as he does. Eventually, Big Daddy V’s music begins over the speakers, and the behemoth, giant as ever, lumbers out on to the stage, eyes filled with menace.

Mayhew: And his opponent! From Harlem, New York, weighing in at 487 pounds... Big... Daddy... V!

Small boos greet Big Daddy V’s name, and Matt Striker mentions how he used to manage the Mastodon – he reminds the fans of just how big and strong the giant is. V gets in the ring via the ring steps, and stares down Christian with an evil glare. Christian, now standing against the far top rope, looks at V with an apprehensive look. The referee checks both men, then calls for the bell to start up the match.

Match 2
Christian vs Big Daddy V

Christian is not looking great as we approach the 6 minute mark – he’s only taken Big Daddy V off his feet on one occasion in the entire match, due to his massive figure, when he hit a Missile Dropkick from the top turnbuckle. However, Big Daddy V retook control soon after, and, although the ECW Champion has got some offence in, this match has belonged to the barely tired Big Daddy V. As we join the action, Christian is on the mat, and Big Daddy V stands above him. The Mastodon lets Christian get to his feet, then throws a beastly punch, but thankfully Captain Charisma dives out the way – good thing, too, it looked like had the force of a lorry. Captain Charisma fires a couple of quick punches to the Mastodon’s skull, then moves away as the giant swings back. Christian attempts to use his superior speed to his advantage, and he throws a few kicks, then darts away again. Big Daddy V is getting frustrated, and Christian decides to keep on the move, to annoy him further. The ECW Champion goes in again, but the Mastodon sees him coming, and grabs his wrist, attempting to whip Captain Charisma to the turnbuckle... but Christian grabs the giant’s wrist, and flies back at him, connecting with a stunning Lariat! Both men go down as the crowd roars, the ‘crack’ of Christian’s leg on the Mastodon’s skull echoing around the arena.

Christian looks to take advantage of this rare opportunity, and covers... 1-2 the Mastodon throws Christian off him, to the disappointment of the crowd and of Christian. Captain Charisma’s not done, however, and he heads up to the top turnbuckle as the big man gets to his feet slowly. The crowd begins to cheer Christian on, and as Big Daddy V gets to a vertical base, Christian soars off the top turnbuckle... but the Mastodon catches Christian, and drills him into the floor with one of the most powerful Sitout Powerbombs the crowd has ever seen! The crowd groans with the impact, and both Striker and Matthews are yelling as replays show over and over the stunning move the Mastodon just pulled off. Christian looks totally out of it, and though his eyes are open, they seem unfocused. Luckily for the Champion, Big Daddy V seems to have taken some of the impact as well, as he is on the mat too, breathing heavily. Slowly, the Mastodon crawls over... to Christian... cover! It must be it... 1-2- NO! Surely not! Christian has kicked out of a 487 pound Powerbomb! Big Daddy V realises with a shock that he’s cost himself a chance to win the match with his time spent resting after the move, and Christian has come to, just in time to inch his shoulder from the mat! The crowd roars, and Captain Charisma, fired up by their support, gets to his feet, helped by the ropes.

Big Daddy V takes longer to get up, carrying extra weight, and Christian hammers him with a right hand, causing the Mastodon to reel back. Though showing exhaustion from this hard-fought match, the ECW Champion is showing the resiliency which has earned him the belt, and he connects with a Dropkick to Big Daddy V, albeit a weaker one than if he was at full strength, but nonetheless the Mastodon looks wobbly. Christian then darts behind the big man... then connects with a Chop Block to Big Daddy V’s left leg, and finally the Mastodon goes down! The crowd cheers, and Christian starts to pump himself up... the Mastodon slowly rises, and Christian kicks him in the gut, before ambitiously attempting a Suplex... it was never going to work, and Big Daddy V powers out of the hold, and picks Christian up... but his legs are wobbly, and Christian breaks free of the Mastodon’s grip, dropping down behind him, before... a stunning Falling Inverted DDT! The crowd roars, but there’s one thing missing for Christian... he leaps up, exhaustion written across his face, and beckons the Mastodon to rise – after the impressive DDT, it takes a few seconds, but eventually he makes his way to his feet, teeth clenched. Christian kicks the big man in the gut... hooks both arms... twists... Killswitch! The Bi-Lo Center explodes as the move connects, and the ECW Champion yells in triumph, before letting himself fall onto the massive figure of Big Daddy V... 1-2-3! He’s done it! Christian has beaten Big Daddy V in an intense physical match!

Winner: Christian

Match Time: 9:28

Matthews: A terrific effort from Christian tonight, and the Bi-Lo Center are going absolutely nuts for the ECW Champion! What a performance!

Striker: Truly, Josh, that was magnificent. Christian overcame the odds to beat Big Daddy V here tonight – it was no easy feat, but he showed everybody that he is worthy of that belt.

Matthews: And look how exhausted that man right there is! It just goes to show – Christian really does give everything he has when he gets in the squared circle, he is truly a great Champion.

Striker: When Big Daddy V hit that Sitout Powerbomb, I thought that was it, but Christian really pulled it out. Amazing.

Christian is handed his ECW Championship and he clambers up on to the top turnbuckle, smiling at the crowd, and raising an exhausted, wobbly arm in acknowledgement of the fans, who are giving Christian the ovation he deserves. Suddenly – everything turns sour. From behind, Christian is thrown from the turnbuckle to the mat by... Paul Burchill! The crowd and the commentators can’t believe what’s going on, and Burchill grabs the ECW Champion from the mat, before flinging him upwards, spinning in the air and connecting with the C-4! The crowd boos the hell out of Burchill, who obviously isn’t finished yet – he hooks both Christian’s arms on the mat, then stomps his head into the mat with the Curb Stomp! Christian looks totally out cold, and the boos continue to rain down – Christian couldn’t do anything, he was blindsided and had just had an exhausting match with Big Daddy V! Burchill picks Christian up one more time, and lifts him into the air, before bring him back down with a brutal Dangerous Buster! Christian doesn’t look in good condition, and the crowd’s boos get much louder, though it didn’t seem possible. The commentators are in disbelief, as are the crowd and the viewers – Paul Burchill has attacked the ECW Champion! The Ripper looks deadly pleased with his work, and as he leaves the ring, more referees come down to the ring to attend to Captain Charisma, who is unconscious. The arena is silent.

Matthews: I... am in shock. Paul Burchill has brutally attacked the ECW Champion, Christian.

Striker: What cowardice. He blindsided a weak and defenceless man after an incredibly physical match. And the worst thing is, Burchill seems pleased. Sick.

Matthews: I agree, Matt. We expected Burchill to be going after someone in the Battle Royal later after his chilling words to Tiffany earlier. Instead, he has gone straight to the man with the title – he hit Christian with three finishers. Who knows what kind of condition Captain Charisma is in?

ECW goes to a break, the referees attending to the unconscious Christian the last image the viewers see.


As ECW returns, Savannah is standing by backstage.

Savannah: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the ECW Original, Tommy Dreamer!

The old ECW fans in attendance give the loudest cheers for the aged Dreamer, who nonetheless looks in the mood for a fight, which he will get fairly soon.

Dreamer: Thanks, Savannah. Go on, ask me why I’m gonna win the Battle Royal.

Savannah smiles at Dreamer’s breezy attitude.

Savannah: Tell me, Tommy, why are you going to win the Battle Royal?

Dreamer: Well, I’ll tell ya why, Savannah. It’s cause I am the heart and soul of ECW. It’s cause I embody everything that makes this brand great. I put the ‘E’ in ECW. Who better to hold this prestigious Championship?

The crowd cheers as Dreamer smiles.

Dreamer: I am going to go out there tonight, and leave it all in the ring. I want the ECW Championship as if it was my own child. It means that much to me. I want to show the world I still have something to give. I want to show everybody, that just cause I’m not a... spring chicken any more... doesn’t mean I can’t be up there with ECW’s best.

More cheers.

Dreamer: I’ve been ECW Champion before this year – it kept me here. I refuse to let this opportunity slip away... that desire to win, to be ECW Champion, is what’s gonna make me head and shoulders above all other competitors tonight. I can beat them all – I know I can. Whether it’s the ‘multi-talented’ Yoshi Tatsu...

A small cheer goes up.

Dreamer: The Bizarre One, Goldust...

Another small cheer, for Goldust.

Dreamer: William Regal and his cronies...

Heavy boos for the Ruthless Roundtable.

Dreamer: The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin...

A strong cheer comes from the crowd for Benjamin.

Dreamer: Or that joke, Zack Ryder-

Ryder: HA! I’m the joke?

The crowd erupts with boos, and Dreamer looks surprised as Zack Ryder struts into the view of the camera.

Ryder: You’re calling me a joke? Pathetic. For someone with so much experience, I thought you would have recognised talent when you saw it, Tommy.

Boos are fired at Ryder.

Ryder: You are the joke here, Tommy. Not me. You’re a washed up has-been. You need to learn your place, old man.

Dreamer curls his lip and more boos are directed at Ryder.

Ryder: I’m amazed you can stand. What are you, sixty? I think it’s time you stepped aside for faster, stronger superstars – that is, just about everyone, in your case.

Ryder’s insults are gathering some serious boos, and Dreamer looks like punching him more every second.

Ryder: Especially me. I could break you. I should break you, for disrespecting me. Shame I have more important things on my mind. Like the ECW Championship.

Ryder adjusts his shades, and pulls up his collar.

Ryder: Tonight, I’m gonna take that Battle Royal by storm. There’s no-one who can stop me, as long as you don’t try and hit me with your Zimmer frame or something.

More boos.

Ryder: And when you crash and burn... it’ll be me there to laugh. I’ll enjoy watching you cry as it slowly sinks in that... you just... don’t... make... the cut... any more.

Dreamer is staring down Ryder with a look of furious hatred. Ryder is

Ryder: I’m Zack Ryder. Learn it. WOO WOO WOO! You... know... it.

And with that emphatic last line, Ryder smirks, pops his collar again, and sweeps away in the other direction – the camera shows Dreamer’s fuming face, before it cuts elsewhere. Paul and Katie Lea Burchill are walking down a corridor – immense booing greets them, the heaviest of the night so far, and both of them look sickly confident considering what Paul did earlier. Tiffany appears from round a corner, surprising both of them, and they back up, taking a few steps away from the ECW General Manager, who is absolutely furious.

Tiffany: Earlier, you attempted to intimidate me into giving you a title shot. You made me look like a joke. Then, you insult me. Just now was the final straw.

Both Burchills look slightly surprised by this new attitude of Tiffany’s, but they obviously remember how they made her in a snivelling wreck earlier, as they resume their confident looks.

Tiffany: You think I’m joking? I’m dead serious. How dare you think you can attack the ECW Champion? My ECW Champion. He represents this entire brand. I swear... I swear. If you ever lay another finger on Christian or any other superstar on this roster outside of a match, you will be suffering severe consequences.

Paul looks slightly more disturbed than Katie Lea, who seems to have more confidence in him than he does in himself. Tiffany continues, pointing a finger at Paul.

Tiffany: You want an ECW Championship shot? You can earn one.

Paul tilts his head.

Tiffany: Next week, I’ll give you a match. If you win it, the ECW Championship match at Royal Rumble will become a Triple Threat, and you’ll be the third participant.

The crowd boos this announcement and the Burchills smirk.

Tiffany: Don’t you even think that I’m doing it cause I’m scared of you – either of you. I’m the General Manager of ECW, and I’m not scared of you, or anything. So, stop thinking I’m a pushover. You ever take me lightly again? You’ll be sorry. Remember that.

And with that, Tiffany turns and walks away, leaving Paul and Katie Lea humbled. Paul growls, then walks away in anger, and Katie Lea hurries off behind him. ECW goes to a break.


As ECW returns, we see Josh Matthews and Matt Striker.

Matthews: Welcome back to ECW, where just before the break, Tiffany laid down the law on Paul Burchill, who has caused havoc on her show tonight, first insulting and intimidating her at the beginning of the show, then attacking the ECW Champion Christian.

Striker: That’s right, Josh. However, Paul Burchill has a match next week, and if he can win it, he earns himself an ECW Title shot at Royal Rumble, alongside the winner of tonight’s Battle Royal.

Matthews: And that Battle Royal is coming up in just a moment. All evening, we’ve been building up to this – superstars have staked their claim to that match at Royal Rumble, many have claimed they can beat Christian. First, however, they must prove there are the best of the contenders. It all comes down to tonight. Here we go.

The bell rings, and the crowd begins to get excited as the Main Event is about to begin.

Mayhew: The following is an Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal! The winner will earn themselves a spot in the ECW Championship match at Royal Rumble!

The crowd cheers, and a second or two of silence is followed by the music of William Regal – the crowd boo as the Englishman arrives.

Mayhew: Introducing first! From Blackpool, England, weighing it at 240 pounds... William Regal!

Further boos greet the proud, brawling Englishman, who looks around the arena with disdain as he makes his way down the ramp, his black, full-length jacket covering his ring gear. As he gets in the ring, Russian whispers start up, and again the crowd boos as the stage turns red, and Vladimir Kozlov arrives.

Mayhew: And, from Moscow, Russia, weighing in 302 pounds... Vladimir Kozlov!

Kozlov strides down the ramp and up the steel steps. He roars once in the ring, to boos from the crowd, and Kozlov gives Regal a look that tells everyone they’re on the same page. Predictably, Ezekiel Jackson is next to arrive, and more boos are unloaded on the third member of the Ruthless Roundtable as he begins to make his way down the ramp.

Mayhew: And, from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 290 pounds... Ezekiel Jackson!

Jackson uses the steps to get into the ring, and Regal beckons both his enforcers towards him, and they seem to go over a game plan of sorts as the next competitor comes out – it’s Yoshi Tatsu, and the crowd cheer the Japanese superstar as he makes his way out with a smile.

Mayhew: And, from Japan, weighing at 220 pounds... Yoshi Tatsu!

The Ruthless Roundtable are outside the ring now as Tatsu jogs down the ramp, ready for action. He leaps into the ring and tests the ropes. He rolls from the ring as the camera cuts to the stage, which has turned gold-


The crowd roars for the Gold Standard as he arrives, looking pumped for action. He smiles as he athletically jogs down to the ramp to warm up.

Mayhew: And, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing in 248 pounds... the Gold Standard... Shelton Benjamin!

Cheers greet the announcement, and Benjamin slides into the ring, then bounces on the balls of his feet, gearing up for the Battle Royal. His music cuts and is replaced by the unorthodox music of Goldust. The viewers’ screens, and the TitanTron, show ’24 Karat Pictures Presents’ before the Bizarre One makes his way out, to very little reaction.

Mayhew: And, from Hollywood, California, weighing in at 242 pounds... Goldust!

The Bizarre One wanders down the ramp, looking at his various opponents he will be facing. As he glides into the ring, his music fades out, and in comes that of Tommy Dreamer! The crowd goes wild as the guitar hits, and the self-proclaimed Innovator of Violence arrives, smiling a toothy grin.

Mayhew: And, from Yonkers, New York, weighing at 255 pounds... Tommy Dreamer!

A mighty cheer goes up for the ECW Original, who makes his way down the ramp, emphatically low-fiving the fans at ringside with a few strong sweeps of his arm. He gets in the ring, where he looks at the other competitors, who are all waiting on the outside. However, none of them are the man he’s looking for, who arrives next-


The crowd unloads a ton of boos on Zack Ryder, who arrives with a smirk etched across his face. He looks confident, and the tension is clear between him and Tommy Dreamer, who is standing in the centre of the ring.

Mayhew: And finally, from Long Island, New York, weighing in at 214 pounds... Zack Ryder!

Ryder struts down the ramp – a child holds out his hand for him to touch, but he pulls away at the last second with a chuckle, causing more boos to be dumped on him. As he walks away from the surprised child, he yells ‘WOO WOO WOO! You know it!’ and laughs, before making his way up the steel steps and into the squared circle. He and Dreamer have a stare-down, and the other competitors tentatively get into the ring, and they all separate, with a man by each turnbuckle, and a man in each gap between them. The eight men look good to go, and the four referees, on the outside, check with each other, then start the match.

Match 3
William Regal vs Vladimir Kozlov vs Ezekiel Jackson vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Shelton Benjamin vs Goldust vs Tommy Dreamer vs Zack Ryder
Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal

A quick run-through of what’s happened so far: Early on in the match, Goldust found himself eliminated at the hand of Ezekiel Jackson, and few minutes later, Yoshi Tatsu followed, thrown over emphatically by Vladimir Kozlov. As we join the match, Kozlov and Jackson are double-teaming the Gold Standard in one corner, and William Regal and Zack Ryder are beating down Tommy Dreamer in the other. Kozlov and Jackson decide that the Gold Standard has taken enough to punishment to go over without a fuss, and go to throw him out, but Shelton grips on to the ropes with all he has, and the crowd roars as the big men struggle to get him over! Benjamin is resilient, as he is known to be, and he lashes out with his right boot, the one held by Jackson, and the big New Yorker takes the boot to his nose and falls back to a great crowd reaction – Shelton then uses his right boot to connect to the face of Kozlov, too, and the Russian falls back also! Benjamin moves away from the ropes, and Jackson moves towards him, throwing a vicious punch, but Benjamin dives out the way, and it hits Kozlov! The crowd roars as the Moscow Mauler tumbles over the top rope behind him under the force of the blow! Vladimir Kozlov has been eliminated! Both big men are in total shock, and Benjamin takes advantage, tossing Jackson to the ropes, where Jackson falls over the top rope, but his feet land on the apron, and he’s still in it!

Shelton tries to push Jackson over, as the crowd goes wild behind the Gold Standard and across the ring, William Regal turns away from Tommy Dreamer and sees with a shock that one of his enforcers is out, and his other one is in serious trouble! He immediately leaves Dreamer and Ryder, and charges towards Benjamin, but the Gold Standard looks behind him, then darts out the way... Regal collides with his enforcer, and Ezekiel Jackson falls from the apron – he’s out of the match! Regal’s plan has completely fallen to pieces, and he is completely stunned! Shelton Benjamin has completely out-witted the Ruthless Roundtable, and Regal is furious – he throws a vicious right at the Gold Standard, and it connects on the side of his head, sending him down, clutching his head. As Regal begins to pound Benjamin on the floor, Tommy Dreamer is starting to fight off Ryder in the opposite corner – Ryder attempts another of many stomps to the grounded Dreamer, but the ECW Original rolls away, and grabs Ryder’s head, before striking him with his own! The headbutt sends Ryder reeling back towards the ropes, and Dreamer goes to clothesline him out... but Ryder lands on the apron, and dodges the subsequent right hand from Dreamer! Ryder gets his hand behind Dreamer’s head, and pushes him, with the intention of eliminating him, but Dreamer grabs the top rope, and he lands on the apron. The pair exchange blows with their spare hands, each man with a hand on the top rope for security. William Regal looks up from his relentless pummelling of a bruised Shelton Benjamin, and sees the perfect opportunity for a double elimination in the precarious positions of Ryder and Dreamer – he charges over towards them, but as with last time, it ends up badly for Regal, as both men on the apron see him coming, and surprisingly, work together, yanking the top rope down, and sending William Regal out of the ring, and out of the match!

The crowd roars for Regal’s elimination, (the Englishman rages on the outside) and we are left with Zack Ryder, Tommy Dreamer, and Shelton Benjamin. Dreamer and Ryder keep exchanging fists, but it’s clear neither of them are budging, and Dreamer, being the daredevil he is, knows he must try something more daring if he is to get Ryder off the apron, so he takes a step back, and runs down the apron, but Ryder kicks him in the gut, and flings him from the apron... Dreamer connects with the security barricade! The crowd groan with the impact as Dreamer is flung from the apron into the barricade, and Tommy Dreamer has been eliminated! Ryder gloats on the apron, pleased he’s gone one up on the ECW Original, and turns to get back in the ring, but – Paydirt! The crowd goes absolutely wild as Shelton Benjamin hits a Paydirt variation, and Ryder cannons off the ropes with the impact, falling from the apron! Zack Ryder falls hard on the outside and yells out in anger, but it’s Shelton Benjamin’s day! The Gold Standard has won it!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Match Time: 7:19

Benjamin raises an arm in triumph as Lauren Mayhew announces that he is the new No. 1 Contender, and the Gold Standard clambers to the top turnbuckle, sharing his victory with the jubilant fans.

Matthews: There you have it! On a tremendous night of thrills and spills on ECW, Shelton Benjamin has earned himself a shot at Christian’s ECW Championship at Royal Rumble in nine weeks’ time! The crowd are on their feet for the Gold Standard, and he deserves it!

Striker: An amazing night capped with an amazing Battle Royal, Josh. We’ve seen some stunning stuff tonight – this caps it off perfectly.

Matthews: It does indeed. Well, that’s all the time we have, from me, Josh Matthews, and my broadcast partner, Matt Striker, thanks for watching ECW on SyFy! We’ll see you next Tuesday!

The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin, celebrating his victory in the ring is the final thing we see, as the ECW end-of-show logo appears, and the camera fades to black.


Quick Results

Gregory Helms bts. Manu
Christian bts. Big Daddy V
Shelton Benjamin wins an 8-Man Battle Royal

Announced for Royal Rumble

ECW Championship
Christian (c) vs Shelton Benjamin

30-Man Royal Rumble Match


Just one thing. Rhyno had originally been Umaga instead, but I decided I'd use someone else for obvious reasons. Thanks for reading.

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